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Kayley @JanekKayley Indiana, USA

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

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@WomenInTheBurbs @RGVresists @Hongkon86675385 @JoeBiden Same. I don’t even respond. @repuglicanssuck No. 🤣I have zero faith Bill Barr will stand up to Trump. @txsguy09 So many trolls. I noticed many accounts haven’t tweeted in years then just started tweeting a few weeks a… am a gun owner and a huge proponent of the 2nd Amendment. I hear this every election cycle. "They are gonna take…
Retweeted by KayleyLike 80% of contemporary conservative jurisprudence is simply pretending that the 14th Amendment was never adopted.…
Retweeted by Kayley @MarthaR94546872 @LambWithGuns @StevenD00911536 @GeorgeWept @HeathMayo @MelissaAmour72 Or they actually make it eas…
2016, family wedding w/ cross-section of folks, Trump was all the rage. Folks kept telling me, unsolicited, they we…
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Your daily reminder that President is claiming to have had someone aassassinated, and the right wing is shrugging o…
Retweeted by Kayley @KevoftheDesert I love this.This is basically what I’ve been seeing in Trump Country as well. @the_shoe_yes It appears this person hopes to make people angry. I don’t get that.
@Snowayout It is very conservative. @WahcaMia This wouldn’t even be an issue for them if they truly cared about defeating Trump. @ClistonBrown @TexasBluein20 @LMTHLaney Even in my non-suburban small town, women I talk to are done. Their husband…, Bill Clinton appointed the most black judges in US history.
Retweeted by Kayley @Dlstoke How does this man get elected? @kalmyadown @jbradye4344 Night friend. @paulesq711 Yes @paulesq711 Very rural county. @HeadAsploding Oh yeah. He was extremely popular here, but he actually campaigned in Indiana a few times. Not many… live in one of the Trumpiest areas of an already red state. I’m seeing more Biden signs every day. I do not think…
While we're speaking about Mr. Rogers, watch this clip from 1969 of him testifying in front of the U.S. Senate Subc…
Retweeted by Kayley @COConstitution1 They didn’t have a problem with Trump refusing to denounce the QAnon nutters?Oh, fuck off. She did what no one else did. She wouldn’t let him get away with his bullshit. Good for her!
Retweeted by Kayley @Zee97052831 I already voted for joe..@maddow kicks off her program tonight holding nothing back: “Well that happened. Let me remind you that what you…
Retweeted by Kayley @MLK_859 @danedwardburton This is absolutely true. We’ve purchased items from that vendor.Switching back to ABC now that the Trump thing is over, and I see Joe Biden being grilled about fracking, because t…
Retweeted by Kayley @ClistonBrown It took me awhile to realize that when I received a package, Pumpkin and Spider followed me around th… @CTVoter 😂 @ClistonBrown Exactly! It makes them so happy.Were any of her facts wrong or did she just hurt your feelings?
Retweeted by Kayley @jamesdwilder I am. @Lcmwriter100 @apoorpoet Same, both I and my parents absolutely adored the man for his kindness and humility. @FabricBig Oh my.It shouldn’t be shocking to anyone who has been watching Biden’s speeches outside of the right wing conservative me… missed both town halls. I’ve already voted straight Democratic ticket, and continue to donate to Democratic candi…
@jordanroberts8 @reesetheone1 I’ve been donating.Nice.
Retweeted by Kayley @ClistonBrown Joe is a kind person. When I see people criticizing him for not playing dirty enough, I don’t think t… @reesetheone1 Interesting. I threw money at Hillary in 2016 because I knew she had an uphill battle. I still give t…’ve never been so invested in a candidate to restore decency, honor, and justice back to the White House! I voted…
Retweeted by Kayley @mikemahony @UROCKlive1 @pcdillard @Timodc How, specifically, are you better off than you were four years ago?Easy there, Senator. Don’t start caring all of a sudden about campaign finance violations, or you may have to look…
Retweeted by Kayley @WomenInTheBurbs @Shackelford1055 Same with much of my family. It’s not worth it.
@WomenInTheBurbs @Shackelford1055 I used to live in TH.Wow. That's really close for indiana. Not good for Tromp.
Retweeted by Kayley @OrganizingHere It looked just like a political sign, and it was displayed among other political signs. You don’t find that odd? @Time4ChangeNov I guess that’s why I found it odd. It looked like a political sign, and was next to other political signs. @SenorDarkDream No one named Jesus was on the ballot when I voted. @SenorDarkDream He’s running in 2020? @proudliberal63 I have no idea. @GooglMaeBrussel Ugh. @douglassander Maybe. 🤔 @MonsterGooder What I found odd is it was displayed among other political signs, thus the Jesus 2020. Like he’s run… @Mike_Olmstead It didn’t specify. @Cabernetguy 😂 @marcf_t @jlh_12 @ContentedIndie Correct.I think it’s appropriate to call Americans, waiting for hours to exercise their right to vote, heroes."I was a stranger and you did not welcome me" (Mt 25).
Retweeted by Kayley @hughes_45 🤦‍♀️I love this chart! It's proof who's better at running an economy.
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@AnitaMRausch There are fewer Trump signs. I’ve also noticed far more Biden signs than I did for Hillary in 2016.If you’re a Republican president scrambling to keep Georgia’re currently not in the ballgame.
Retweeted by Kayley @BuffTucker Agreed. @Lcmwriter100 ❤️ @etorsay @JulieMetcalfe16 Great! @ProphetWalrus I understand, but my hope is there are thousands of people like her who will be motivated to vote this year.First day of early voting in Texas, 6:30 AM, about 100 people in line. I’ve never seen anything like this.
Retweeted by Kayley @Lcmwriter100 I’m so sorry.My first op-ed explains why I can’t vote for Trump again: Trump made it hard for me to protect America
Retweeted by KayleyIt's not easy to design a voting system that creates 11 hour lines. Nobody else in the developed world has managed…
Retweeted by Kayley @amyriscool I will. 💕 @NieceyBoBC If you were the first person I encountered as someone who had never voted, I would assume everyone on t… @NieceyBoBC So a person who has finally seen the light angers you? Wow. That speaks volumes about your kindness and humility. @MeDyJoLo @KoaCalifornia It’s not meaningless imo. @ClistonBrown @clayforamerica You’re exactly right. I see more political signs for local and state Democratic polit… is why I think Democrats are going to blow up every "Likely Voter" model the pollsters are using. They don't…
Retweeted by Kayley @winningmatches @JRehling She’s voting early in person. @louern @JRehling She is part of a whole Facebook page of Indiana women against Trump. ❤️I talked with a family member tonight who had never registered to vote until this election. She’s 36. She’s voting… are no super-secret procedural tricks that will stop this train. When you’re in the minority, you lose. This…
Retweeted by Kayley @annlemaiyan Absolutely.
I keep checking @GovHolcomb ‘s tweets to see if he’s said anything about this ongoing rise in Covid19 cases in Indiana. So far, silence.
Retweeted by KayleyNetworks want drama arguing and round the clock coverage. I expect them to drag this out unless Biden wins FL or O…
Retweeted by KayleyShe’s not wrong.
Retweeted by KayleyAs of 11am, voters waited 5+ hours to cast ballots @ the main Cobb Co. early polling location (736 Whitlock Ave, Ma…
Retweeted by KayleyTrump’s rally in FL today is not for his campaign. It won’t help him get votes. It is for him. He needs it. His ego…
Retweeted by Kayley @legaleagle48 Elections have winners and losers friend. @legaleagle48 Well, we need to start playing dirty like Republicans. @leftcoastbabe Oh they will.That’s over. Democrats have had enough. @kjmn58 I have as well. I wonder if they follow to troll. @ClistonBrown @LudwigjoyJoy She did the wink emoji so I’m not sure either. @NorgeDan That’s the perfect meal imo. I might throw in some olives and figs.Exactly, Republicans play dirty. Democrats are finally paying enough attention to the Supreme Court to be angry, an… @realDonaldTrump I notice you don’t post your approval rating with women. We will end your Presidency. @teddyD66 Congrats! @JbkJbk1234 Republicans