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Analysis of NBA bubble data by @StephenKissler et al suggests SARS-CoV-2 infections without symptoms have shorter p…
Retweeted by Jane Merrick @leoniehirst Thank you. Yes I keep saying “it won’t last forever” but I’ve been saying that for months which must seem like forever...!Absolutely worth stealing from Facebook. “Hope that answers your question” 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Jane Merrick @Sellypaws @huwbtaylor @greenmiranda IncredibleI should add that she brought it up, I try not to talk about the pandemic over breakfast! More like “do you need your PE kit today” @JulieOwenMoylan Amazing. The 50s and 60s must’ve seemed a breeze after that! @disappoptimism The real estate/business property question is so interesting. It’s tempting to think within five ye… @Sellypaws @greenmiranda Did they? I will tell her! @disappoptimism Lol no! Sorry I should’ve expanded... just a reassessment of how we work, our treatment of the elde… @noise_random Sounds awful. My dad was living in digs in Liverpool and was telling me how the pipes inside the room burst. @greenmiranda Yes we did that a bit. When I told her scientists developed a vaccine in 10 months she said “Edward J… @disappoptimism It’s a really interesting question. I still think there will be a great “reset”work out how these once in two generations events happen and whether they feel “unlucky” that it’s hit just as they… was also reminded of the great freeze of winter 1963/64, which my parents remember and which was a truly horrendo… better than they were in war, plague and so on. So, yes, people will look back at her childhood and still thin… told her that we are living in the most extraordinary time - that science is so amazing that they’ve created a va… asked me yesterday whether people would look back at this time in history - just as we look back (for her,… @theipaper Brexit talks now 'well into extra time', warns 🇷🇴 PM @LudovicOrbanRO But he predicts a deal will s…
Retweeted by Jane Merrick
@LeapfrogMark @TheCrownNetflix I think it was really him because I’ve heard that broadcast a few times and unless t… to hear the original broadcast of John Cole’s reporting in the final episode of the Crown @Marthakearney 😁Someone messaged me on FB to say the vaccine contained a microchip because Moderna contains the letters 'RNA' - so…
Retweeted by Jane Merrick @JulieAMcDowall Oh no! Maybe I won’t tell her that 😀 @JulieAMcDowall Blimey!! Thank you. How about Amelia @JulieAMcDowall I’ve just realised I heard you on the radio the other week talking about your synaesthesia! I was i… @janemerrick23 You might like my podcast which looks at our preparations for nuclear war. Shelters, abandoning the…
Retweeted by Jane Merrick @JulieAMcDowall Thank you!Strong opener from the veg box founder this week.
Retweeted by Jane Merrick @JohnRentoul @Independent I got a column out of my own missed scoops once. One of which was being invited to the Pa… @Joanne_Lake Ha! I don’t think I could either @amyelizgray I can imagine @RichardVaughan1 Interesting theory @DavidHenigUK Lucky you! When were you 14?I guess kids today will be writing about pandemics won’t they? @scribblercat That’s interesting. It also reminds me what an amazing period 89-91 was, for a teenager, after all that fear @craigthomas1 I clearly had an issue with my neighbours 😁 @HouNorman Don’t think so! @imran_1 😔 @kenningtonkitty Very 1970s! @wtfrench76 This was in 1988, so yes still intense @BriW74 Threads was awful @Raouligan Yes! Good godMetaphors of doom @vickihird I know! So much neater than nowOk not *all* about it. We had great pop music tooBeing a teenager in the 80s (and 60s/70s) was all about fear of nuclear warMy mum has sent me an essay I wrote when I was 14 about rushing to a bomb shelter in a nuclear strike. Love this bi… #wato today also had people reminiscing about the great freeze of 1963/64 which I could’ve listened to al… bits listening to Julia Donaldson’s Christmas tree poem on #wato @SpeakSarahSpeak Not sure, never seen Buffy! @exitthelemming Yes agreedI haven’t read the full research but this seems like a load of rubbish... on the basis that even four-year-olds can… we get Father Christmas to take it live on camera, we can kill two birds with one stone is JVT’s wife, what does she earn, does she like yoghurt? to this please @Channel4 - maybe with @MrGeorgeClarke presenting spare a thought for lectern stalwart Steven Powis, who has done more of these press conferences than any oth…
Nominations open now for these great awards...
Retweeted by Jane MerrickThis is so true. It should go “Hands, Face, Space, Windows” @Tristan_Palmer Yes I agree. There were two days in August when that happened (according to date of death). No deat… @Ed_Dorrell SameThis was a bit of a heart-stopping moment and one that was gently slapped down by the PM. Van-Tam did “clarify” his… ceci n’est pas un yaourt @GraemeDemianyk III @Jsorene @DHSCgovuk 👏All gone green on the dashboard
Retweeted by Jane MerrickPlanting some spring bulbs. As far as I know there isn’t a Narcissus ‘Coronavirus Sling Your Hook’ but this will do McGovern says it best, this will be a huge shot in the arm for the sector & great news for kids in our city d…
Retweeted by Jane MerrickThis is what cold, hard fury sounds like.
Retweeted by Jane Merrick @JoelTaylorhack Yes! I’d forgotten that. A metaphor as cool as her delivery (in a good way)Dr June Raine’s concise, verbosity-free language and delivery is so reassuring. Not a metaphorical hair out of placeThe independent regulator authorised the first vaccine for use against COVID-19. This is excellent news and a step…
Retweeted by Jane MerrickA proud moment.
Retweeted by Jane MerrickSecond biggest story of the day is that Felix the cat is no longer stuck up the tree in Hartley Wintney @MartynWilliams2 Haha me tooI can’t see the sunrise from my kitchen but it’s making all the buildings around me orangey-pink. GorgeousPriority list is as follows: Care home residents and staff Over 80s Health and social care workers It’s then expec… UK govt has ordered 40m doses, enough for 20m people and ministers have said they’re ready to start rollo… statement breaking news from the government: Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has been approved for use in the UK. Happy Christmas @jennycolgan In this year of all years tooAlso Coco is a lovely film but after openly and noisily weeping in the cinema to the horror of my daughter I don’t…, stop all the Netflixes, there’s a Celebrity Sewing Bee on Boxing Day! 🙌 🧵
Clip here: @uncleporkie I hope he’s getting enough breaks. I don’t think any other minister has put in as many hours as him over the pandemicHealth Secretary Matt Hancock is close to tears at the Despatch Box as he reveals that Derek, his step grandfather,… is a cat called Felix stuck up a tree in Hampshire and he won’t come down for anyone: not the fire brigade, R… @ThomasWPenny @PickardJE I came here to say this! Yes beautiful @marybootrixie 😔
This is a huge and rare leak of documents from China to CNN
Retweeted by Jane MerrickFound the damned thing after nearly an hour“What if you just have one smartie per day from the packet? No?”Just realised the wooden advent calendar is at the back of the cupboard under the stairs*unwittingly photographed I should add. Papped.I say this as someone who at 18 was photographed in a newspaper alongside other pics of litter-strewn streets and s…'s quite a weird position to be in, and I say this as a proud Scouser, to spend my life generally thinking the re… you @NicolaSturgeon for saying this. I know few people who have not suffered mentally, if not physically, thr… honest from Nicola Sturgeon: "Politicians usually run a mile from admitting human frailty, but these are not norm… per 100k! Well done Liverpool @Rob_Joyce_ 😁 @__LaoiseBlossom Yes maybe different in London? I’m not aware of a specific rule, just a practice