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I’m cleaning up after having an apartment full of kids this weekend and someone drew an angry face on this grape I’…’s do more than honor fathers one day. Let’s honor them by examining immigration to paternity leave to school/pr…
Retweeted by Jane MonheitThe best dad ever. Patient, kind, silly, gentle, wise. Happy Father’s Day, rickmontalbanodrums ....we couldn’t do t…
@jamesfmase Ok too funny 😂♥️ @Ovitz 😂😂😂😬 @curtisstigers We’ve only just started to see it six months in! Poor lil guy must have been through a lot. ☹️♥️Why👇👇👇 thing about believing someone when they show you who they are is so damn true.
Retweeted by Jane MonheitThis is the face my dog makes when I get out his tiny, ridiculous bowties to put a new one on. He doesn’t care abou…
Just found Pierre’s foster tag. If any of you in the LA area are looking to adopt or want to support an incredible… you have a school-aged child in need of breakfast and lunch this summer, text “FOOD” to 877877 and receive a mes… @Harrill @jazzontheplazz Yay!!! It will be!
This guy was born today. My husband. The best father in the world. The kindest, the most generous, the gentlest man…! September! #Repost @RPlayhouse ・・・ JUST ADDED! @JaneMonheit on Sept 6th! This Grammy Award-nominated… classic
My son is singing the lyrics “poo poo Juuuuuuuullll smo-kerrrrr” to the tune of the Breezin’ vamp and I have never been more proud.Не знаю, с чего ржу больше: с храпа котика или с неудачных попыток сдержать смех на заднем плане
Retweeted by Jane MonheitSomething that needs to be addressed: Ali Stroker was the only cast member of Oklahoma! that was not on stage to ce…
Retweeted by Jane Monheit
@katiecotter56 They are the BEST.The first 10 minutes of going to anyone’s place in LA is them trying to calm down their dogs while telling you this never happens
Retweeted by Jane Monheit @katiecotter56 I did!👇👇👇 you need any plumbing projects handled in LA, Peeps and Charlotte are fully trained and ready to pitch in. (Seri…💪🏼♥️ @VVanGone Sorry to surprise you like that 💜Please retweet! Like needs us!! 💕
Retweeted by Jane Monheit @VVanGone It is. For somebody. ♥️ @VVanGone I guess I do the same.
When you’re gonna go hear @maxhaymer slay his live album samfirstbar YOU BETTER PREPARE AND GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GA… @JaneMonheitFans This is breaking my heart ☹️☹️☹️LOVELY TWITTER! We need you to do your thing and help find bunny. Her owner is inconsolable and has had her since…
Retweeted by Jane Monheit @ZacBissonnette Ann Margret.
@jamesfmase 😂♥️I’m better at starting the day than you
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@LAblesSayre 😂♥️Other wives sext nudes to their husbands. I send pics of muffins I just baked. 🔥💃🏻🔥 #hot #muffins #elderly
No elephant (or human) should live in isolation. It is cruel and unusual punishment. Please consider reading this t…
Retweeted by Jane Monheit @ZacBissonnette Completely different story in English, though....not what Ivan intended. Kind of a totally differen…
@zephyrwood Hell yes. Obsessed with them ha haAbsolutely nobody does it like billwestmoreland lovely of a soul as he is brilliant behind the camera. The d… right here 👇👇👇 kid just had a bunch of friends arrive and the first thing I hear out of his room is “ALEXA PLAY THE SHAGGS”. 😂😂😂😂😂 @katiecotter56 😊♥️
July, Nashville! (We’ll also be hitting up @citywineryatl and citywinerybos that week! 😉) #Repost @citywinerynsh @katiecotter56 ♥️Coming up, LA! @Jamie1729 😂😂😂
This is how my child (who swings as hard as his daddy when he decides to pick up a stick) likes to torture me.… @QueenLesli @DarthStafford Um HOW COULD HEApparently I did something wrong ☹️ rickmontalbanodrums
@adriennelwarren !!!!!!!!!!!! @ZacBissonnette ♥️♥️♥️ @HilaryGardner I AM SO GRATEFULLLLL @Cristalzheat Ha ha I don’t know who she was watching 💃🏻 @curtisstigers ♥️ @momaura @jessepalter @maxhaymer Truly!!! @jamesfmase Sexy. @VVanGone ♥️♥️♥️
This guy gets laid a lot and is a very cool person @jessepalter @maxhaymer He did that to me too!!! 😡 @euanpreston Oh completely. You know how much I love plants.LA!! June! @euanpreston What is she a bat I’m dead ⚰️ @euanpreston Plus, like, who was she looking at? I was 32, schlepping a non-sleeping toddler all over Asia, and sti… @saucypeeps It’s amazing how much the fucks to give over that shit have just flown away in my forties 😂 @jamesfmase I love youuuuuuuI’ve said this before but getting a dog was the best thing to happen to my mental and physical health. Gives you a…
Retweeted by Jane MonheitAppropriate that my Long Island rescue cat chose this book to cuddle up to! @sternshow #adoptdontshop #rescue this video premiered I remember I got a message from some woman massively complaining that she couldn’t listen…
mccomas.reichl and #Peeps have a serious thing going now that he’s afraid of piano instead of bass. ♥️… is blurry but the important thing to know is that my mom sewed the beads onto this dress while we watched the… @cmpac 😭♥️😭♥️
@PiercinMind ♥️♥️♥️ @altobaffa You rule. ♥️Do this. I did.
@frankiestarr @KarenKilgariff Aww, really? I was wondering!! I absolutely love birds too, but don’t know nearly as…’s putting on her lashes 😭
The look you gotta give 'em when they tell you you can't do something
Retweeted by Jane MonheitI’m absolutely sick over this. It has to end.♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍😍 @curtisstigers So, like, dragons instead of balls.Coming up, LA! And thank you so much for posting this, @barbnewphoto !!! ♥️✨ #livemusic #la #vitellos @maxhaymer ri…
If anyone wants $5000 FIND THESE TWO DOGS!!! Hollywood area. Could be anywhere now. Atticus and Roscoe. Desperately…
Retweeted by Jane Monheit @curtisstigers Is it a sports?This rings my nerd bells as hard as if this were the cast of Star Wars ♥️♥️♥️’ll just be watching this all day @curtisstigers What is this “Game”? I’m confused. @curtisstigers 😂😂😂I can’t qwhite put my finger on why this is happening.
Retweeted by Jane Monheit @jamesfmase Terrifying. @momaura @CityWineryNSH Oh my goodness!! I’m gonna be so nervous to sing in front of you!! @VVanGone @CityWineryNSH 😊💛How is this real?!?!?
Nashville! @citywineryNSH July 10th! I haven’t been in a zillion years so don’t miss this one!! Tickets here: