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English. British. Remainer. ProEU. Labour. Atheist. Feminist. 🌈 America, #voteTrumpout. #blm #refugeeswelcome Language matters.

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@IanMaher7 Couldn't agree more. "A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones." Mandela @MariaEHerrera1 2/3 months. Yes. @Sneaky_Castro @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Yes. You win. Because you have a....a...cap with a....really shitty slogan.
@toxicjohnny @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier DefeatIST @toxicjohnny @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Nothing if not witty and incisive @toxicjohnny @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Bots do cars now? 🤔 @NowDiscuss @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier "zealot" 🤣🤣 @Sneaky_Castro @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Lol. Says random insult person who clearly doesn't understand either th… @jejjer1 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Who? @Schuhby @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Not really @JasonGood @AITA_reddit Exactly! @AITA_reddit You thinking you're not TA because *she* didn't check your hidden design carefully enough VERY MUCH makes you TA @SamanthaMalin As long as it doesn't involve warheads 😬 @MrMackanacky @RachelDelahaye 🤣👌 @MrMackanacky @RachelDelahaye Yes! Absolutely. Total madman. @florencerounda2 @Elaine_Lanie78 @DrewLawDesign @RachelDelahaye I always love Billy Bob Thornton. Find him mesmerising. Even in otherwise crap stuff. @florencerounda2 @DrewLawDesign You'll be in trouble for that! 🤣 @mgacramer @DrewLawDesign 🙌🙂 @stevietgrant @DrewLawDesign Hope you enjoy it 🙂 @DrewLawDesign Hot Thing Prince, Sign o' the Times And here's a properly funked-up live version for anyone wanting… @TraderTropical @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Sssshhh, tiresome person @SemperTyrannis @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier I wasn't giving advice @TraderTropical @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Weird comment seeing as you know precisely fuck all about my negotiating skills. @Sazzer1959 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier One union, yes @DerekBartrop @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier That was never the case @Sazzer1959 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier 27 Vs 1 for a start @AnthonyLloyd123 @RoryPower2 @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier I'm not talking about overturning the brexit result, nor do I think we should. @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier Oh look. Here they are. Laughing at you. In plain sight. Setting the agenda. And holdi… @DavidGHFrost @MichelBarnier I am pretty convinced that it's not the EU that needs to make any changes in their app… informative, and somewhat scary thread, by someone who knows, about how Covid is different from flu. Worth… @DrewLawDesign Cader Idris. Final answer. @DrewLawDesign Just going to rattle off various national parks now 😆 @DrewLawDesign Snowdonia @DrewLawDesign Yeah. That was stupid. Further north, I reckon. Lakes? @DrewLawDesign Actually. Scrub that. @DrewLawDesign Derwent Valley?I am going to be honest. I am struggling. I cannot find work and I have bills and it is all getting to me. If you…
Retweeted by Jane @julhat @DrewLawDesign This is more like it! Exactly! @julhat @DrewLawDesign Absolutely! But if I roll up there and it doesn't..😆 @julhat @DrewLawDesign It's Grimsby, apparently 😆 @PlumWodehouse1 @DrewLawDesign 🤣 @Mistywoman1 Me too. Cool as. @DrewLawDesign Cloud cuckoo land 🤣 @Lena_Clare Hope you're starting to feel a bit better 🙂 @TheCurrentMrsC Wow. That feels like a lifetime ago. What a brilliant day that was!!! @thecarolemalone Would you like to DM my husband, the 36 yr old Heart Surgeon Stu mentions, who led ICU Teams in 2…
Retweeted by Jane @Lena_Clare Never alone! Hi! 👋 @jomcd70 You'll have whatsisname on in a minute asking what we've already done. Better start making stuff up now. 🤣 @jomcd70 Ha. Me too! @EmmaKennedy And then goes on to say we DO have a deal. I think it's a combination of rank naivety and deliberate l…
@campbellclaret @jacindaardern @JoeBiden Exactly. America is more than ready for basic human decency. #BidenHarris2020Landslide @PippaPippapoppy Lack of sleep is a terrible thing, Pippa. Makes everything all the harder. I hope you feel loads b… are nailing parodying the parodies today. @ChrisCooks9 @NadineDorries I seriously checked. @DrewLawDesign @NadineDorries I do try to ignore you, but you keep popping up. Oh! You mean Nadine. 🤣 @RexChapman "He who saves one life saves the world entire." ❤️ @WoodAbout @DrewLawDesign 👍 @WoodAbout @DrewLawDesign Oh no! And that would have been an amazing night. Yep, I think it was because he was in t… @chek16chek @Blatehelm And rich tea biscuits. Disappointment biscuitified. @WoodAbout @DrewLawDesign Fantastic. Actually, I think mid 90s would be when he was touring as "Artist Formerly Kno… @WoodAbout @DrewLawDesign Yes! I'm sure I remember that. Would it be Diamonds and Pearls? That was early 90s though. @NadineDorries When the real account meets the parody account more than half way @WoodAbout @DrewLawDesign I saw him at Earl's Court...just trying to work out which tour it would have been 🤔🤔 @mariana057 This is real, isn't it? @MichaelRosenYes #BidenHarris2020Landslide @DrewLawDesign @julhat My thoughts exactly, Julie 🤣 Sounds painful 😬 @julhat @DrewLawDesign Exactly! 😬😬 @DrewLawDesign @julhat Hmm. Most reassuring. 🤣 @julhat @DrewLawDesign Nor me. Bad, is my guess 🙂 @gavinjohnadams 😊 @gavinjohnadams He did. Unintentionally hilarious. A very impressive idea / word contortion to end up making entire… @gavinjohnadams 🤣 Part b might be a good rule of thumb for Ian, though. @getnorthern Lovely, isn't it! I go there a lot! 🙂 @bearz1066 Congratulations! Fabulous photos 🥂Pinched, one of the funniest things you’ll see today 😂
Retweeted by Jane @SueKassab @JeremyCom 🤣🤣🤣👍 @JeremyCom Crowd control @gavinjohnadams Perfectly understated 🙂 @Anthony47968185 @derekjames150 Ah. Right. That makes sense. Thank you. 🙂Agreed. The eradication of small pox is a significant infringement of my liberty and I'm not standing for it any lo… @jonvoight Weird but truth how you entitle your own video "evil" #BidenHarrisLandslide2020 @florencerounda2 @DrewLawDesign They look beautiful!!! @DrewLawDesign Baby, I'm a Star Prince, Purple Rain And this is a properly electrifying live performance of it fo… @Cstuartunitt Same here, Clive. Absolutely the same. @OnCroft @moominfan44 @_dandell_ My statement is factually true and, at this point, entirely uncontentious. @TractorAngus Hilarious and very very satisfying 😂 @DrewLawDesign @tobiashaines 😬😬😬 @tobiashaines @DrewLawDesign Lol. You can't trust a thing he says. 🤣 @derekjames150 I love the idea, but I don't understand how it will kill Brexit when we've already left... @DrewLawDesign Which is a different thing from beautiful obvs 🤦‍♀️ @DrewLawDesign That's besutiful @The_Real_TNK Love this @OnCroft @moominfan44 @_dandell_ The entire leave campaign was based on lies and disinformation which the remain ca… @slaveto5cats I want those boots!! @OnCroft @moominfan44 @_dandell_ Is that to me? I'm not cursing democracy. Democracy cannot function when we are pe… @_dandell_ That might have been the case in areas of twitter, but it wasn't the national campaign strategy nor ones…'t think it was possible to like and respect @mrjamesob any more than I did, but there we go. It is. Placing o… absolutely know how to do campaign ads. @DrewLawDesign How does Drew run his quizzes?