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@paeceminusone Mengsong paan anjirEmang tone ngomong tuh apalagi kalau mau bikin orang ngelakuin sesuatu, penting banget ye. Kayanya kalau ngomongnya… pernah gak sih udah mau ngelakuin sesuatu, tapi udah gitu malah ada yang ngomel kek “makanya cepet makan” “c… if I even reply mentions right after I got them in there. But at the same time, updating there somehow feels n… nyaris sebulan tidak online di RP, kalau nengok ke timeline nya juga kayak sepi banget soalnya pada mainnya d… and Stranger Things definitely on the list, not sure about the other 3 because they could be.. anything. the “Your new password cannot be the same as your old password” 💀 have been laughing for like 30 minutes because of this. @parkeronfilm
If Phase 4 is all about mental breakdown, then what Phase 5 is gonna do to us? 🥹 that's related to animals in a movie or series always touched me more than humans.I can tell that this scene gonna break me so bad the moment the movie got released. @zhnngIi POSTER MLEYOT GIMANA DEH, NGAKAK BANGET @aevelilaa Yang Phase 4 aja udah bagus banget apalagi posternya MoM sama Moon Knight tuh, sekarang makin di upgrade 🫶🏻I have to admit the posters for the Phase 5 are getting better. The graphic designers need a raise!So.. when will we get The Marvels' first trailer then if today we seem to only got our first for GOTG Vol. 3.The way it seems like the characters from the old phases no longer have more chances to live now... Studios’ #AntManAndTheWasp: Quantumania arrives 2.17.23.
Retweeted by َMarvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 arrives in theaters May 5, 2023. #GotGVol3
Retweeted by َAaaaaaaaaaah, welcome! IS BACK! MORNING! all the insanity that occured to me this year either came from my partner or anything else in this life. it considered as a flex that I don't have an ex this year? equally love both, though. But yeah of course you would always caught me talking about Marvel more since it was t… other day I stumbled upon a video too, saying how it's widely known that Superman, one of the strongest charact… yeah I noticed that too, the way DC characters mostly have godly powers but they are trying so hard to blen… interests me because it has been so long since the last time I watched a DCU project, and has been occupied with… and... I kinda want to talk about this, which is a statement that interests me. walk around the streets like this for FREE? man is so genuinely in love. have always known Pierce Brosnan is hot, but him as Dr. Fate is just another level of sexy.He is truly the best part of the movie. The depth of his voice, his performance, DAMN. LOVE, WELCOME BACK. CRYING THROWING UP is certain kind of pain whenever I read Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (Colin's book). @parkeronfilm trus castingnya katanya malah baru mulai waktu itu... Yang paling anyep tuh kabarnya F4 sama Blade si… @parkeronfilm YOU DO??? Well I honestly kinda seeing you as either Colin Bridgerton or Gregory, let's see if I can… @allureindiesse Kayanya gegara massive follow juga sampe 2 kali kena limit soalnya buru2 follow nya O__________O @paeceminusone Yh aph Willy Wonky @mysticaltale "He does not listen to me" "You believe I do?" Anthony having to deal with two beings whom he love… could tell him Henry Cavill is hitting on me, I swear he wouldn't get jealous. @parkeronfilm WKWKWKWKKWKWKWK and he would 100% care more about the cats than me 🙃 @sanjuniero IYA, WKWKWKWK GAK BOOM GIMANA SIH wong dia aktif terus dari kapan juga. Emang ni orang si paling pengen…’s darling throughout the year! ꨄ @sanjuniero Ngomongnya ngalor ngidul pula 😭Tambah Chase Atlantic sama Dua Lipa sih. how my relationship is with @from041 if we decided to raise our children (cats) together. this is what I did in May 4th? 🙃 whatever happened in May 4th. think it is confirmed that my favorite genre is Pop, and the word “loyalty” somehow would always be associated wi… surprised that one is gonna be #1 in my Top Songs, because I thought it's going to be Crush by David Archu… @taylorswift13 for spending 2,687 minutes with me in 2022. I couldn’t stop listening to Cruel Summer.… invisible lines and instant dealbreakers over trivial things, which leads to unrealistic expectations and a l… bring the freedom you owe to yourself all this time, no matter how hard and painful it could get. • There's no…• You obviously don't owe anyone the explanation you have about yourself and how you do things in life, then again.…
2022, B, C, D, E Bridgerton., indeed. kind of photoshoot has always been my favorite. @mysticaltale Got a child through marriage ❌ Got a dog through marriage ✔️🥹 ARE SO😭 literally would faint if someone looks at me like that. is why Sophie is so whipped. keren masa. juga. really haven't had some in a while because of the cough and sore throat (I'm all recovered now, though) Grocery… couldn't stop laughing, dear god. @convomf Ngantuk @apolinax @ssefnum NGAKAK BANGET WKWKWKWKWKWK @apolinax Jennie lebih tinggi dikit dari ak keknya Don..Irene Red Velvet, I think 🏃🏻‍♀️ somehow seems to be running so slow whenever I'm in the office, and also when I happen not to bring my earphone with me. @meowforamada Lebih nyolot kalau cuma “KELA!” WKWKWKWKKWKWKWK @meowforamada "Sakedap atuh" juga bisa WKWKWKWK
If the writers are smart enough to really make them together next season, they will somehow have the same vibe as t… have been thinking about this for months then. I am currently in my Bridgerton brainrot... Whilist Enchanted is Benophie's anthem, You Belong With Me is o… @meowforamada I read them only briefly since I got reader's block way too often 😭 BUT since Colin's season is comin… I discovered a new ship from a movie or shows, I always looked for their edits afterwards... with Taylor…