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Actress, writer, coffee lover. Ann Kelso - Companion to #4thDr #DrWho for Big Finish. Agent:

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@DMinghella Also, how we meet and find people we love and admire and get to tell them in an instant how wonderful t… @TracyWiles @EquityUK @EquityDS @IMDb Me too @abigailthaw @happycakesuk Oh my god. A thing of beauty. @TracyWiles @EquityUK @EquityDS I had no idea. @EmmaKennedy And the papers say ‘but Meghan, flights...’
@EarlyModernista Absolutely gorgeous. Eaten it all. Thank you so much xxxxThanks right from my heart to @EarlyModernista for sending me this from #OneOutTheOven to plump up my tits and also… @deli_segal I bet you could get it cheaper on EBay. WHAT EVEN IS IT? @_BadGary_ Glorious x @Johnmcardle22 She’s a goddess. @KathyBurke @C4Press Why would they do this? What next? A 30 minute feature on barge holidays with Rolf Harris? @lucyjbriers Happy birthday xxGrief has shrunk my tits by two inches. And no, this isn’t a new play at The Vaults, it’s just what’s happened. #titshrinkingmisery
@AlexJordan406 @jackthorne This is the answer. I’m adopting this. @helenraw @emily_glenister Omg he looks so like John. XI love this. We’ve all been there. @Scernow @depressionnote Yes. @joncanter3 Tentacles. @lucyjbriers Sorry Lucy xxx @mataharifilms Only 23? This proves nothing! #sendthemalldown @charlesTdale @depressionnote It’s during the darkest times when the laughter tastes the sweetest. @depressionnote Ooh no. Laughter a great medicine. Also, in the states, cheaper than chemo. Can be used in conjunct… @mikephilpott @stephensackur @PhelpsieSarah @pollykemp @official_jcc @BBCRadio4 It was because of you I listened and I loved it so much.Has everyone heard the #JohnCooperClarke @official_jcc #DID Desert Island Discs yet? It’s BEAUTIFUL. He is BEAUTIFUL. @BBCRadio4 @RockyRoadKing Thirty years and I just learnt this today, from you. @jackthorne @WeeMissBea I agree. It’s like a window into the darkest moments of my twenties only prettier. @MikeFinleyMusic @CHIMPSINSOCKS This is like an advert for why we should make our MPs take a basic IQ test. @NadiaKamil @HelpRefugees Happy birthday - hope you had a good one xxx
Oh my. For @mabelpartridge1 @blytheface He is over for me. I’m with Uma.
@dannyleewynter Ah, I see. Well, I think that’s for a different doc. @wildrid Love, luck, mental health. More love (less love). @dannyleewynter But isn’t that a whole other episode? I don’t know anyone who is pro surgery just for the fun of it @dannyleewynter Well, they all wanted recognition, all had some kind of dysmorphia and all felt insecure in some wa… @dannyleewynter No, I really don’t - it’s a genuine question @dannyleewynter I’m sure - but who? @dannyleewynter But their reasons for doing it may well be the same/similar and therefore have the same point. Also… - @ERA50_50 @EarlyModernista IKR @EarlyModernista So sorry. Is it because they realised you are actually a doctor of jelly tots or do you think it w… @LeonieMellinger Oh but I love that Mac. @cononeilluk @davidsoho1 Happy birthday Con you sparkling beautiful human xxxx @ChrisVobe1 @bigfinish I’ve never had a Tinder date. @ChrisVobe1 @bigfinish Thanks Chris. So glad you’re enjoying it.
‘Should bellend be hyphenated or not?’ staff ask Jacob Rees Mogg via @NewsDumpUK @authorstlaurent I think I’ll be ok actually. @KathyBurke @PPhunt #Britney @IAMKEVBISH It’s so like mine. @Son_Of_Ray Twitter saved me a little when my dad died a few months ago. I hear you. I’m sorry. I get it xxxYou know it’s the end of days when Ken Clarke and Harriet Harman seem like the ideal choice to run the country for a bit. #itstheendofdays @brendanjharkin Two artisan sausages from Borough Market @boroughmarket @EricD14 @jaykisokay @DiscreetLatino Send him this thread. #thenrunChrist. Wonderful. @OrachaelO @PhelpsieSarah You’re right, and I’m guilty today as charged, because this was a new low. But you’re still right. @Roisinconaty @andrew_chaplin @Izzymant @Objective_Fic It’s brilliant, you are brilliant, so where’s season three? It’s been days. #slack @Scernow Agreed, but this is a new low. @JaneSlavin @lfwons_eka It's a baiting bot account. (Read 'her' name backwards.)
Retweeted by Jane Slavin @peterbreda2000 @lfwons_eka Ah. Ffs. @KathyBurke I loved it. X @lfwons_eka Just say thanks next time.You don’t get much more despicable than this. What a small, terrible man. @theolandey Zounds man, I agree with thee. @ChrisLangWriter Tell him I love him for this remark x @RichardsonBF I love it so much.Happy birthday to this wonderful man. @RichardsonBF
Oh I fucking love @KathyBurke @IAMKEVBISH They’re bringing rainbow back? #bungle @CastingAsst Props - paid for, new Mac products for the MU artist - paid for, food - paid for, actors - yeah, sorry.
@emmagafielding I’ve got some snide oestrogel if you’ve got half a monkey - two pumps £35. I’ll bike it over. Tell no one.Sad to hear of Prince Andrew’s sudden heart attack next month.
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@lucyprebblish Are you a Real Princess? @Cosmopolitan Promoting self harm now? Ffs.Who are these knobs we keep seeing on here spouting this jiz?
@JessRuston We’re living through rancid times and the likes of CL are spouting more vile bile-for-clicks. For sanit… #puppies anyone? @mataharifilms Oh. Sad to hear this...x @DMinghella One reason to never use cash again.#kittens and #chicks anyone? The news is revolting. @Jenkins100Rose Thank you - and we’ve all been there x
@mataharifilms @bella_violetta Omg I’d forgotten Kevin. @Jenkins100Rose I agree. 100% @Jenkins100Rose I absolutely agreed with you and didn’t mean anything other than agreement. I’ll delete it x @clarkdaddy09 @FauskeTappe @Franklin_Graham @777hen777hen777 @Disney I hope they see it and know that if they’re ga… I love this. @GaryRJDuncan Crying for his victims. @artistcerystf Tell them you’re welsh and there’s been a mistake and you want a new one. #anghyfiawnderI’ve seen this brilliant show by @JOJEHARVEY starring @francesbarber13 and this review sums it up. Go and see it! T… @Leanne_Ashley The first bad man @Miranda_July I mean I’ve recommended this to 10000 people already and probably yo… @lazysusan ‘I hope this baby doesn’t render you slightly incontinent’ @lazysusan That’s the best she can hope for. Good work. @DMinghella *bile @DMinghella I blocked that terrible woman so long ago yet still I see her bike everywhere. I LOATHE her. @stella_tracy These are dark times we’re living through. @holliepoetry This just sends me running to the hotpants stand with my tits out. @JasonWiltshire Trump and Prince Andrew could carry his coffin?All those people he was bringing down with him? Anyone surprised he’s dead? #JeffreyEpsteinDead @eliistender10 My daughter’s face. @mabelpartridge1 @butlerce @WhoTarget Totally @butlerce @WhoTarget Manchester centre is like a weird Armageddon drama - people lying on the ground in broad dayli…