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Actress, writer, coffee lover. Ann Kelso - Companion to #DrWho for Big Finish. Agent:

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@leathaface31 @briantylercohen @realDonaldTrump A cold in his brain stem?
@BeingBoycie @mabelpartridge1 To you two too xxxxx @Daniel__Bach @Lokster71 Red balloon. Is that what you wanted to tell me? @Daniel__Bach @Lokster71 Telepathy? @PeterKennyVoice @matthaig1 No, it’s a parody account. @Lokster71 Wrong! *insert trolly comment here @Lokster71 But then how will you be able to tell how wrong we all are about everything? @c_wickham @jonnymorris1973 Oh thank godThey use surplus food and train up staff who may themselves feel a bit surplus. They’ve already won awards and now…
@Sideshow_Matt @DougMcfarlane3 @Caorthannach @towed_in_a_hole @Bernicessities @AliciaABayly @MikeFinleyMusic’ve got the tree up. It’s beautiful but a little squashed looking this year, rather like our political dreams. We… @darrenwhitfield @AmazonHelp Mine is just a permanent black screen with a little infuriating white swirl. Been like… @darrenwhitfield All. The. Time. @PrimeVideo @AliciaABayly @towed_in_a_hole @MikeFinleyMusic @Baddiel #teamwork #BetterTogether @Baddiel Made the mistake of reading some of Carlos’ thread and now I want to run his feet over with my car. @IAMKEVBISH @kateford76 @CHIMPSINSOCKS Or you could use an actual corpse to distract the moths from the cashmere. N… @IAMKEVBISH @kateford76 @CHIMPSINSOCKS Vintage dust. @kateford76 @CHIMPSINSOCKS I can send you some of mine if you like? I have plenty.
@ReganKirsty We need a feasible dynamic opposition. We did not have one. But great debating skills you’re showing there.
This is not the worst. Worst is yet to come. But a story: 2 months ago, I hit deep low. Realised: journalism had fa…
Retweeted by Jane Slavin @nickmurftweets Actually heartbreakingly avoidable @BeCo74 I am not interested in his personal journey, only the country, which he has helped fuck. @TimRideout1 @mabelpartridge1 She went to bed early. Wise. @ChrisSlavin3 Completely. Also refusing to apologise when he needed to. Plus not having the support of his own part… @BeCo74 I don’t think so. He could not lead. He could not win support so no matter how much you love him he was the… feel like Corbyn commited an act of violence on the country by not standing down six months ago. Fuck this catast… @beatieedney He would, alas, still be leader. @SeanDromgoole good luck today xx @Terrier7n2 @DavidLammy Is that the best you could come up with? My moral compass is fine thanks. How’s yours?I’ll be voting for @DavidLammy today who will hopefully still be being a brilliant man and a fabulous MP long after…
You’d think a journalist would know this, and also why it’s necessary. This has been a disgusting, low election rac… happened last night... a perfect storm of great local and TV journalism, and then Peston & Kuenssberg blown off…
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How long till one of the Tories says ‘His Mum wrote This Article’? As a doctor I have to… @allisonpearson The hospital has apologised, plus it wasn’t GOSH so what are you even talking about? I don’t know i… Tory bots. God but it’s a sad state of affairs. The whole mess.
@giffordscircus She was wonderful, I’m so sorry for you all xIt’s just all too horrific. #Election2019 #GetJohnsonOut @standardnews Whereas the Tories are bringing everyone together?! Oh fuck this nonsense.Tried to show @BorisJohnson the picture of Jack Williment-Barr. The 4-year-old with suspected pneumonia forced to l…
Retweeted by Jane SlavinHappy birthday @mariamcerlane an actual Queen xxxx @BigFishUK Meanwhile other members of the crowd... who has seen the absolute magic that is Gifford’s circus will know this woman was remarkable.
Loved them all this year, but especially @andywhyment81 #ImACeleb @artistcerystf I have only watched it 80 times @Boothmazdon You did. As did I. #wesinned @Boothmazdon Nobody doesWTAF??? Hannah. Whatever the Tories say they’ll pay back is never quite as much as they cut. #GetTheToriesOut
@E20Launderette They don’t want us all thinking. Perish the thought.
Not to mention the loss of opportunities for those people who lost the facility for free books and everything libra… @barnaclebelle I want it @alexwickham How about @afneil has an hour on air analysing clips of @BorisJohnson - he could pull apart the ones i… @mwrightwriter Also if you get the front seat at the top of the bus you can pretend to drive it. @mwrightwriter I so prefer a bus these days. VERY slow but so much more pleasant. @shiv_shivinder Tell that to the salad drawer in my fridge. X @TimRideout1 You too Tim. All my love x
@barnaclebelle I had a lot longer with my grandma and am very proud to be a bit like her. X @susanna664 My grandma told me when she was a girl she’d read a book under the budgie cage and when the budgie got… @standardnews Did he ‘misremember’ how long the Tories have had to fuck the country over?Thirty years ago today my mum died. I worried that one day she would be just a story and perhaps that happened some… @Minghowriter @Baddiel Or that we need to celebrate more artists instead of just one winner. Esp as one winner gene… the brilliant @HornseySchool girls are taking in an item each for the #Foodbanks tomorrow morning and this is… @mouthwaite @Lin_Anderson @BorisJohnson Exactly. He has no idea. He has contempt for everyone, it would appear. Als…
@jennyeclair I loved that book so much. I used to re-read it every year.
@moviegoblin Let’s hope she did not put them in your pillowcase as a little surprise. 🕷🕷🕷 @matthewdowsmith They did. Long time ago now x @matthewdowsmith Good luck. I once knitted so many jumpers one year to sell my fingers actually bled. But it more t… birthday @maryhalton I do miss you xxx
@exitthelemming Great list. Boys from The Blackstuff. So important. Remember it vividly. Everyone at school talking… @Kerry_Gooderson @_CatChapman_ I’m so shocked by this remark I can barely speak. @misspeers @mabelpartridge1 imagine crawling out of this...You'd think he'd know better but then you remember him. always go a bit mental inside when people say they have the flu but are walking around, because you really can't.…🔵TAKE OUT A TORY🔵 Johnson > Uxbridge > Lab🌹 Raab > Esher & W > LD🔶 Patel > Witham > Labour🌹 Mogg > NE Somerset > La…
Retweeted by Jane SlavinI love this so much. Prime Minister has basically copied and pasted my blogpost into a thread and passed it off as his own explanati…
Retweeted by Jane Slavin @riannablair_ @YanaBirt @NaturaleMystix They are clearly the type of person who would not answer till the next day. @misspeers So exciting and scary and beautiful. @misspeers Love to you in that beautiful mysterious fairytale fog. X @Minghowriter Because the cheaper stuff does not look as good after a wash and the pesticides etc are used for jour… @misspeers I love this. @Minghowriter Also some of them are sprayed with anti mould anti moth anti all sorts.
I’m just now remembering how we all fell for Stanley’s bullshit in the jungle. @ingridoliver100 I give my daughter daily bullshit lessons so she knows what to expect. @SarahJaneSJS @Terri_White Thanks, I’ve done that and this chump still got through. Perhaps part of the process mus… @SeanDromgoole I watched a bit. They were both terrible. Marr had no control and Johnson was unsurprisingly awful and I had to switch off. @LizRamsell They should’ve switched his mic off every time he lied. @Havanamarking @Terri_White Entirely possible. @audiowho1 You’re right. I need to bleach my kitchen floor. @BarnabyEdwards Yes. Yes. Aaaaaagh.Considering watching #AndrewMarr this morning but worried it will give me a stroke.
@Terri_White A guy with no followers who followed nobody once tweeted some awful thing at me and that was his only… @Iankershaw and the insanely lovely @juliehes moving us all to tears against our will. Go and see it. Saw… @cononeilluk As if any of us could get and apt before the 12th....#torycutsLet’s be clear, he admitted the more serious charge of arson and ‘being reckless as to whether life was endangered’…
Retweeted by Jane Slavin @jenericrogers @DavidWohl It‘s ridiculous. You are ridiculous. @jenericrogers @DavidWohl An absolutely ridiculous argument. #GunControlNow @DavidWohl The single most idiotic remark I’ve heard all day. How many people have died from gun violence in the US… @Strategichamlet Totally. Lovely woman. @stella_tracy We could start in the ballot box.