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Has a shop selling presents & gift wrap and as for the greetings cards - there are beautiful ones, funny & quirky ones, some from local artists - oh lots!

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@AndyPalw Rudbeckia family? Some if them grow very tall! @SomersetDStudio @katkit1974 @ANGELACHARDING @artangelsltd It is😃😃 @ecofriendlycard @thekandletree @CatsWhisker6 Got mine thanks 🙂 @katkit1974 @ANGELACHARDING @artangelsltd Good description and spot on!! @jcurtisart Thank you. I’ve never noticed those pretty purply bits in the middle!I might have to treat myself to one of these too. It’s stunning! @ANGELACHARDING @artangelsltd @jcurtisart Ooooo. Nice! Any idea what it is? @jcurtisart *settles back and waits to see the fab print they will make* 😃😃 @SusanLocke7 Water!! Thinks it can just take over!😂 @SusanLocke7 Um.... is that water supposed to be there?!😳 @gingerfig You are very welcome 😁
@Cyclistwife2067 @FromPaperchase @RocketandBird Hurray! Thank you 😃 @BumbleesJam @visit_taunton Great words. 👏😃 @RocketandBird @FromPaperchase 😃😃 @Jo_MacD40 @FromPaperchase @RocketandBird Thank you! 😃Love your shop @JaneTrading. @RocketandBird have posted cards for me which was a godsend. Small traders…
Retweeted by Jane Armour Trading @costgarduk @RocketandBird Thank you. 🙂Just spotted this on Instagram, it’s great to have a new retailer move into town so a big welcome to…
@priddy @littlewineshopp I did and I did thank you. Busy day, fab customers 🙂 @priddy @SomersetLife No glitter in the shop so it def won’t change me 😂😂😂 @priddy @RocketandBird @SomersetLife But it won’t change me!😂😂Saturday is a day for treats isn’t it? Coffee and pain au chocolat from next door it is then! 😋😁 @littlewineshopp @gingerfig Hope you have a fabulous last day! @jcurtisart @RocketandBird @SomersetLife 😃
@LucyHarrison62 @RocketandBird @SomersetLife Thank you 🙂 @JaneTrading @RocketandBird @SomersetLife Saw that today, we sell magazine 😊 great mention of a lovely shop
Retweeted by Jane Armour Trading @GeniusSomerset @RocketandBird @SomersetLife 😃😃 @DonnaPottsFire Hurray! Some good choices there #notbiased 😁 Please do introduce yourself when you get here.More excitement! This had just appeared on my sadly neglected fb page! Today has been good - much laughter.... actu… what’s just been shown to me😃. Thank you @RocketandBird @SomersetLife
@The_Bottle_Bin @gingerfig @HARTYS_Gifts @hyggecrafts @Thombs1 😃😃 @gingerfig @The_Bottle_Bin @HARTYS_Gifts @hyggecrafts @Thombs1 😂😂 @The_Bottle_Bin @gingerfig @HARTYS_Gifts @hyggecrafts @Thombs1 Brownies?!! 😁😁😁Dear #Somerset Towns/Villages - Can u help us please to spread the word about our wonderful #Vegan Restaurant in#Ta
Retweeted by Jane Armour Trading @The_Bottle_Bin @mummyblogger @HARTYS_Gifts @hyggecrafts @Thombs1 @gingerfig Thank you. Yes I have placemats. I’m h… @mummyblogger @HARTYS_Gifts or @hyggecrafts if it's wood you're looking for. @Thombs1 may be able to do some beaut…
Retweeted by Jane Armour Trading @PNH_Hotelier @EnglishHeritage Fab photo 😃😃Highlight of each day right now is the journey to and from work. The 🍁trees 🍂are 🍁looking 🍂SPECTACULARL🍂🍁🍂. Sadly I…
@MrsNHcakes Oh wow. Is that ‘seasonal cake’? Lots and lots of seasonal cake?!😃😋 @edenmaylettings @littlewineshopp Ah! You might need to approach your day a little differently.... maybe you should… @PNH_Hotelier @littlewineshopp More information required! You know I’m slacking or you know I’m working?😂😂Been working for about 3 hours, running up and down stairs, moving stock around, filling shelves. Time for lunch I… @edenmaylettings @littlewineshopp Oh no!! I’m so sorry!! Good job I was ok, I had the busiest day of the year so fa… @naomiwilson75 I’ll keep one back for you incase ‘I may need’ turns into ‘I must have’ 😂 It can always go back in the shelf! @paulrob86 Thanks Paul, I hope so. My colleague put the display together - I’ll pass your words on. @Jan_Proud I love that part of the world too. @DonnaPottsFire And I would happily sell them to you😃 I’m in Riverside Place in Taunton. Bonus - we have new neighb… @JennyKeoghArt 😂I keep saying I must visit this glorious place. Maybe next year.... the interests of fairness I thought I ought to share pics of the side window too. You know what windows are like… a difference daylight makes! The lamps are on in both pictures!
@priddy One day! @HESomerset The work of my fabulous colleague Paula 😃Excellent news!😃 @MrsNHcakes Aw thank you. 😘I stayed late for a customer who had been delayed so took the opportunity to raise another glass to our new neighbo… I did a quick spin round .... my window looked particularly pretty last night as I left (note to self - a picture needs straightening!) w…
@jcurtisart Fun!The Somerset mugs have arrived!😃 @sammylouhome @littlewineshopp I know! Almost sunshine too! And coffee on the terrace this morning - almost like th…
@akasimonsearle @littlewineshopp @sammylouhome You were missed! @PNH_Hotelier @Augustustaunton Like a warm up routine! How wise!! @MrsNHcakes @littlewineshopp 😁 @blackdownbirder @jcurtisart Lucky😃It had to be done. Got to support your new neighbours haven’t you. Proud to be amongst the first to raise a glass… @robinmmorrison @jcurtisart Oooo. Interesting. I’m still at work..... have just had another look at picture .... it… @swanjohnAus @jcurtisart Dynamic it most certainly is. @jcurtisart is the artist.Oh my word! Look what’s just arrived for one of my customers! I think she might be picking it up this weekend so if… everyone. I'm having trouble with my main account @CarlBovisNature & I'm sorting it, but it may take a few days.…
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It's all action at Riverside Place as the Social Wine Bar is set to open tomorrow with their normal offering and al…
Retweeted by Jane Armour TradingIt's October (October)! Seems appropriate to do a giveaway so just follow and RT to win a copy of October, October…
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@LizzieBiggs1 Perfect gif for the occasion I feel!😂 @EmmaGibson95 Oops!
Been given a few Quince from a lovely customer. But sadly my local grower doesn’t have any available for me this y…
Retweeted by Jane Armour TradingThe Hestercombe Plant Sale begins this Saturday 10th October! Lots of late season interest plants are on sale inclu…
Retweeted by Jane Armour Trading @gingerfig Thank you😃
@BumbleesJam Oooo! I like the sound of blackcurrant and sloe gin jam 😋 @robinmmorrison I didn’t know that! @1010peggylane Thank you🙂 @EmmaGibson95 😂😂😂 @habgood Ha! Considering the variety in sizes that’s pretty darned straight!Took less time than last year so I started this corner.... don’t panic, all the non seasonal cards are still on di…! All calendars that have so far arrived are now out on display in their usual spot. Nice neat job there J… @EmmaGibson95 You might as well leave till this winter now 😂😂 @emmaballltd Darn! Too late, I’ve finished but thanks for the offer😂 @gingerfig I’ve got a plan😂 @JaneTrading @Chillysbottles Those water bowls are just fab and I love my Chilly bottle #BirthdayPresent @naomiwilson75
Retweeted by Jane Armour Trading @jcurtisart @Chillysbottles @naomiwilson75 Brilliant. I’m so pleased you like them. Cassie looks pretty enthusiastic too😀Lot of water falling from the sky right now! Tempted to curl up with a coffee & a book but today is the day I need… @jcurtisart Bit different from last week!Woohoo! I have another product placement model! Jack who demonstrated use of a travel bowl last week is joined by h… @robinmmorrison 😂😂😂
@jcurtisart @naomiwilson75 @HoodArmsKilve Sand!! Easier walking than Kilve! @gingerfig @MFootePottery What a fab surprise 😃
@jcurtisart Lots of space on the wall for more. It’s like a huge jigsaw puzzle! @robinmmorrison Ooo fab! Moody and mysterious! @emmaballltd They did! One of the ones shown.... best not say which one incase the recipient is a follower!😂Kilve #woodblock circa 90cm long - printed a few more of the series last week
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