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I am a mother, wife, sister, aunt, friend, daughter-in-law & #RESISTER. I block MAGAts. Folks need to learn to vote in their own best interests.

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@Cubfan13241 @TomJChicago The thing to watch will be his condition when returns. He came back in terrible shape aft… @eugenegu @TinaMarie_80s @realDonaldTrump @JudgeJeanine @FoxNews Nobody blocks testimony & documents that will clear them. @AEinsteinphd @atrupar This Einstein person is a troll. Blocked. @Bornabrit1 @62WalterP Our last chance is 11.03.20. We have to #FlipTheSenate and remove the liar in chief. Otherwise it’s game over.
Retweeted by 🍑 Janice Claire 🌊 @golferjohncan @Boogaloochooch1 @OfTwittah @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar I wish Trump would have this meeting in the DMZ… @Boogaloochooch1 @golferjohncan @OfTwittah @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar Trump’s been documented as telling well over 15,… @golferjohncan @Boogaloochooch1 @OfTwittah @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar Trump bragged about doing this on the Howard Ste… @golferjohncan @Boogaloochooch1 @OfTwittah @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar Only a selfish pig would’ve taken something like that. 🐽 @AEinsteinphd @atrupar Well, gee, Einstein, if you know what the Space Force is protecting the US from, please shar…
😂 @DonIAmYrFather @Incatnito1 @downunderguy2 @UnfollowTrump #HanateeI love these maps! ❤️ Thank you, @jzikah for drawing & sharing them. @daveweigel @CookPolitical Funny thread.Trump has 7 lawyers on his impeachment team. Most people wouldn’t have 7 lawyers over the course of a lifetime. Ou…
Retweeted by 🍑 Janice Claire 🌊As the historic trial of President Trump gets underway, count on C-SPAN to bring you LIVE, unfiltered coverage — fr…
Retweeted by 🍑 Janice Claire 🌊 @SteveCo89062225 @DevinNunes @CNN @ATT 😂 @amazinmind I’m pretty sure Melania is currently paid by the hour to accompany Trump anywhere. @sandibachom @DevinNunes @CNN @ATT Excellent reply, Sandi. 🐮🐄👨‍🌾 @DevinNunes @BoneDraft @CNN @ATT Pre-2016, you would have been forced to resign from Congress already. You betrayed… @r8dr4lfe75 Beautiful decorations! Congratulations. 💙 @RTrump36 It’s almost fishy how the Repubs appear to be abandoning the House. I believe Meadows will be replacing M… @joanschulze @DerekCressman 😂 @VincentJuarez69 @rsm3919 These women are fakers & so is Joe Manchin. He’s a DINO. @amazinmind That has to be the most unattractive group of men I’ve ever seen. Not one of them could be with a woman… @nwsister2016 @windmillcharger Pre-2016, a representative of the US Congress who got caught in so much egregious ly… @barr_chicken @newtgingrich I meant to say “you’re cracking ME up” Chickie. 🐓 Sorry! @RobertMaguire_ @atrupar Did you guys see that Lev Parnas was sending suggestions for talking points to Donnie Jr.?… @garyonwater @ashlie_weeks 😂 🛸Fantastic! Speaking of the budget, didn’t Trump already move money out of the military & into his vanity Wall proj… @slotguy777 @mama2fluffs @Debbie64816382 @fred_guttenberg @realDonaldTrump Ludicrous lies like that insult the inte… @stacy_ferrairo @Deedo_70 @atrupar Reported & blocked. These people are sick. Thanks, Stacy. I gave you a follow & hope you FB. @PoliticusSarah @politicususa Hmm...Is this as incriminating as when President Clinton talked to AG Lynch on the tarmac? @ARogueEngineer @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar Blocked. Aaron, you need to block these clowns too. @mfstern FWIW, he is losing his ability to speak. It may even be the thing that forces him to resign. @ARogueEngineer @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar I am not the idiot in this conversation. @ARogueEngineer @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar Sorry, but if you need more “proof” that Trump is a con man after 15,000+ p… @TeaPainUSA @malinablue No legit lawyer will work for Trump. Even Pedo Douchewitz is saying he’s not really on Trump’s legal team. @ARogueEngineer @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar I’ve lived & worked in the NYC/NJ area my entire life. I’ve even met the ba… @atrupar No. They sound stupid cuz that’s what they are. They do not recognize what a con artist Trump is & they ap… @ARogueEngineer @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar No, my last sentence is 💯% correct. Trump is a scam artist & kickbacks are… @SinCityFC @the_max_fm @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar That’s an interesting take. Our institutions were working for 116 ye… @kylecassidy @davematt88 Prepare to be told off by a MAGAt for posting that. They are apparently very knowledgeable… @tltwarriior @kbartness 🤢🤮I think he needs to resign from Congress. Period. #DevinNunesGotCaught @AShifflettguy @TomJChicago If all this Lev Parnas stuff didn’t start coming out, I would totally agree with you. W… @AShifflettguy @TomJChicago I hope we can pump the brakes on his impeachment trial a little bit so that he’s not ac… @the_max_fm @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar Gullible much? His salary is peanuts compared to the kickbacks he makes. Why do…
Retweeted by 🍑 Janice Claire 🌊 @SinCityFC @the_max_fm @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar No, I am going to “deal with” allowing this corrupt fool to break my… @the_max_fm @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar Gullible much? His salary is peanuts compared to the kickbacks he makes. Why do… @barr_chicken @newtgingrich You’re cracking up, Chicken Barr. 🐓 😂 @johnlundin #DevinNunesGotCaughtAgain! I love that the article called him a “Trump stooge.” 😂 @kateneuropsych IDK how I missed this! It’s fantastic! ❤️Thanks for ReTweeting it Dr. Kate. 💙 @jayjq6 @factsonlyplse @Cubfan13241 @Marie13779991 @joshgerstein @emptywheel @RodRosenstein I love how we #Resisters think alike. ❤️ @factsonlyplse @Cubfan13241 @Marie13779991 @joshgerstein @emptywheel @RodRosenstein President Pelosi needs to have… @Julio_Rosas11 @atrupar Perhaps you can educate us on purchasing procedures? It may help us figure out where in the… @atrupar That uniform is so groovy looking I’d sign up for the Space Force if I weren’t too old. @MollyJongFast This thread is gold! 😂 @RepMattGaetz @realDonaldTrump It’s Liddle Matty! Didn’t I hear a rumor that Papa Trump is mad at you? 😉 @Ciruelasverdes My husband & son do that. @shannonrwatts Ferris Bueller isn’t at all funny to me.Oh, my! #DevinNunesGotCaughtAgain @AShifflettguy @TomJChicago I’m wondering if they’ll try some kind of accommodation. Like maybe in the Oval Office… @AShifflettguy @TomJChicago A complete meltdown at the SOTU would be spectacular. @JohnRMoffitt @pamwallace @SpaceForceDoD @EsperDoD @SecAFOfficial @SpaceForceCSO @GenDaveGoldfein @DeptofDefense @jontbath @TKinMB @DevinNunes @DevinCow @TalCloud @LincolnFresno He should resign and/or face charges for all the l… @AShifflettguy @TomJChicago I can hardly wait until his SOTU speech.Imagine the hubris of this man to be suing Twitter accounts at the same time that he’s talking to Lev Parnas & spre… @TomJChicago This has to be investigated. If Trump & Pompeo even knew about an assassination & did nothing, that wo… @ThisFlyin @TomJChicago #DevinNunesGotCaught @1urbanecowboy Gotta love Hammer pants. 😂saying he never saw him when he was not drunk. Parnas is one of Rudy Giuliani’s goons. In one way or another, he ha…
Retweeted by 🍑 Janice Claire 🌊 @megkeosut @candies2639 @trishtra3 Douchewitz says he’s doing only an intro & he’s not actually on Trump’s legal te… @joceemox7 @candies2639 @xmagicmomentsx #KentuckyVoters #DitchMitch #MoscowMitch @candies2639 @Grammie13096941 On the plus side, could one of his reasons to lock it down be so that Trump can’t see it live? @confunctionist How many flushes did you have to do? 10? 15? @TomJChicago If we get witnesses, I want testimony from the State Dept. employee who called Amb. Yovanovitch & told… @SenKamalaHarris @cajunsicily I have complete confidence that you will make US all very proud, Senator Harris. Go get him. 🐅I am actually looking forward to the snow that’s forecast for today. ☃️❄️ Got my dinner planned: NY strip 🥩 from Co… @secularcitizen2 Sorry to read this. I hope you get better. @LindaViking77 @ragincajun592 There isn’t much happening in the head under that hat, is there? @ejk1007 @grinningbamE @kylegriffin1 IDK about anyone else, but I consider the family friends who I invited to my s… @FurburgerMayor @DeliliaOMalley @LindseyGrahamSC 😂 @KLGLASS2 I want to hear testimony from the person in the State Department who phoned the Ambassador & told her to… @Scaramucci I’ve grown fond of you & your lovely wife, Mr. Scaramucci, but McSally & #Hanatee are low quality human… @BetteMidler @mrsd946 It would be delicious! I was robbed of seeing the first female president in 2016.🤞🏻 @kylegriffin1 @grinningbamE Lev & Trump go way back. The photo on the right was taken at a birthday party for Eric…’t it the truth? 😂 @samhlee @kylegriffin1 Bwahahaha! 😂😂😂 @seanhannity You’re pretty good yourself at manufacturing “truth” #Hanatee. @seanhannity Thanks for the profiles on these shysters, #Hanatee! @realTuckFrumper That fat bastard! #Hanatee @Eugene_Scott @MillerCrime Boy, this thread really brought out the Bots! Statistically, one of every two white wome… @Oneday70457021 @karencollinsnyc @Eugene_Scott Looking in a mirror, Botski? @AOC @LucyHoneychurc6 Wow! Bernie actually took the time to vote against it. Must be pretty bad. @SethAbramson @neveragainFL Great thread to read. Professor Abramson, at the end of the day, you have your integrity & that is priceless. 🙂 @funder Remember Nunes’ faux outrage during the House proceedings? All while knowing he was guilty as sin? #DevinNunesGotCaught @BlueMark55 @Britpoptarts Membership card for NAMBLA. @GovRonDeSantis @flcourts Good thing you figured this out before the next election & nobody will be stealing votes… @DHD2500 @Idle0ats @JDRucker @IlhanMN RWNJs lie every time they open their mouths. We are sick & tired of all the 🐂… @tribelaw @GeorgeWill @HardballChris @AlanDersh I’m no legal or constitutional scholar, but I knew this was total 🐎💨💩.