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@ewarren's iowa state director. highly caffeinated; extremely Midwestern. formerly @iowademocrats @hillaryclinton @terrymcauliffe @barackobama. she/her.

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Dial in to TONIGHT AT 8 PM to hear Elizabeth Warren's vision for what America can be directly from her! (also I'm…
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The American dream is at risk—but @ewarren is ready to fight for it.
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @danbrampresents @KaneMillerYall @lilliecatlin @lilliecatlin @KaneMillerYall @danbrampresents bought it for five years, which I just learned this morning @KaneMillerYall KANE
Bailey Warren 🤝 Drake’s Griff The only content I care about today
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @thederekbehnke Great question - is the best place to go to help us!Ready to go knock doors? Find your closest office and grab a packet today -->
MASSIVE crowd on hand in Cedar Rapids to see Jonathan Van Ness and Elizabeth Warren!
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @jvn told us that he’d loved @ewarren “ever since she set up the consumer financial protection bureau hunny” and TH…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg“Coming off the major endorsement of the Des Moines Register editorial board, Warren has several dozen new endorsem…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg8 days to ensure that Iowans won’t need to do another caucus for another 8 years - because they’ve nominated the on…
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Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @Kfroehlich22 @ewarren Thankful you're doing what you can! (And tell that Iowan aunt we'd love to have her and anyo… @BaileyBishop2 It will linger in your car for months. Maybe years. Once lit goes in it never really comes out of the crevices @Kfroehlich22 @ewarren Thank youuuuu for joining the texting team - appreciate you and your help!!I won't start tagging people right away but to all the DC campaign fam - you know what to do @itsmorganburris I absolutely love this @hypebetsy @DanielBiss @ewarren An amazing dinner rec. way to take care of a fantastic @ewarren surrogate!I just knocked on Rachelle’s door to talk about @ewarren. However, Rachelle had other plans. We talked a lot about…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @monicavenzke Hang in there! It happens. And in 3 months you'll remember this time as the best part of the campaign :)The kicker on this @DMRegister editorial says it all. It's exactly why I'm in this fight.
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There are 607 billionaires in America. There are 328,000,000 people in America. Right now those 607 people have…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg9 days to fight for union rights, free public 2 and 4 year colleges and trade schools, and universal healthcare. Th…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @lenorecho you have to spell it right lenore
.@KurtLMeyer is an Iowa political institution — and he's caucusing for @ewarren
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergThe reddest county in Iowa loves @ewarren, loves @JulianCastro, and LOVES @RowlandRobinson
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergComing soon to @KCCINews: @ewarren!
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @ksg_ia #LFG is right!! Happy to have you on the team ❤️❤️ @ksg_ia I think @1kyletaylor and @alyssa_7_nicole can help!CAN YOU BELIVE THAT @jvn FROM THE HIT NETFLIX SHOW QUEER EYE WILL BE IN IOWA CITY FOR @ewarren on Sunday at studio…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergThe moment that @JulianCastro shouted out and thanked individual organizers by name in western, IA >>>>
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @latteash I think you mean no one ever says this to you because you always fix the printer?
11 days until the Iowa caucus
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@Herb4Warren As a treat?Listen up #BachelorNation - @PethDerek is @TeamWarren! @SydneyGass This is my favorite guilty pleasure song and I'm thrilled to read this exchangeKnock doors this weekend! It’s going to be the warmest weekend of winter!!!!! 35 degrees y’all! This is not a drill!
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After Elizabeth Warren's most recent trip to Iowa, we are excited to announced 27 new endorsements from elected off…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergRealignment started early this year in Iowa. Elizabeth Warren has pitched herself lately as the candidate who can…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @lenorecho @suzytweet wutI've spent months fighting to ensure opportunity and justice are part of the presidential conversation, and I belie…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @tomochs @ewarren @IAforWarren @TeamWarren Thank you so much, Tom! @christinafreund @seanlhoey happy to be of serviceIn an amazing thread that you should read every word of, this is my favorite part - @ewarren is special because she… @seanlhoey i was visibly pained when the days-until-daytona count and the days-until-iowa count matched up @seanlhoey warning: i just finished it and watching them count down the days until Dayton really messes you up as y…👀 @ewarren is coming back to Iowa, and so is @jvn
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14 days
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @hannahbfine @molly_banta @adinofacollege @alexbn27 @skirshbaum @StephanieSamp26 @rcowell14 thank you for this
Like this tweet to help @IAforWarren lock in a caucus night volunteer! It's that easy! will be standing with @ewarren at the #iacaucus on Feb. 3. She has a vision for fundamentally changing how we sho…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergWhat we do at this moment in time matters. Our kids are watching. I’m glad that my kids got to watch me endorse…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergNot only is 3rd time the charm, but definitely one of the sweetest yet. Stoked to know you’re back on our team 😁…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg.@IAforWarren team is doing great work getting leaders like @janet4iowa and @Josh_Mandelbaum on board. #LFG everybo…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergI love this story about how the campaign to expand Social Security got started, because it shows how Elizabeth Warr…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg.@IowaSenate leader @janet4iowa on her decision to endorse @ewarren for president: "I've had some sleepless nights…
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Here are your action steps for the day: 1. Watch this video 2. Get chills 3a. If you're in Iowa: go knock doors -…
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Hello from Newton, where there’s a blizzard and the room is packed waiting for @ewarren
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergThere’s a place for everyone on @TeamWarren! DM us and we’ll connect you with your field organizer to find out how…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @lolasanti @Iowayankee20 @ewarren All true - and a great reason to support her - she knows how to bring people toge…“the only mistake we can make is to be timid. the only mistake we can make is to let this moment pass us by. you go…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergGood morning, Warren Democrats! It's snowy today in Iowa but we've got Jared-and-Davis Energy.… @IAforWarren - all about clipboards, solutions, and clipboards as the solution @TeaganMPH @ewarren @phillyforwarren Thank you, Teagan!A peak Elizabeth Warren story, in which she hems a sweater with scissors.
@_Punya_ @kevinsxu PUNES did you do caucus math 101 without me?!?! @itsmorganburris 😮
Become a Road Warrior! See you in Iowa:
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @kassie_fotiadis go get that bread! aka precinct captain @lilliecatlin @sdvorsky1 @jules_amin good morning from snowy des moines!! @ZoeMarie299 @Wellness4You13 that's so kind of you to say! and much appreciated. @JacksonBoazCA @DvnMichael @RealAmandaPatel @Herb4Warren i could honestly tell some wild stories @lenorecho @sloansharma i did 3 today and i have 21 left in the pack you sent so next week my dude @Handserifed @emilylhauser thank you - your support is so, so appreciated!!hope & courage @emilylhauser wooohooo!! thank you - we're so grateful for your help and all of Team Illinois!I work for @ewarren with a heart filled with hope!
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @norakatekeefe @PethDerek @kassie_fotiadis can tell you about her ongoing efforts to get him committed to caucus @ilanagain Yes! That'd be @QuinnDunlea (and they have a form for that)!I'll be voting for Elizabeth Warren in the CA Democratic primary.
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg9 to 5 on full blast in my car. 20 days, Iowa. outwork, out organize, outlast. #Warren2020 @RealAmandaPatel @Herb4Warren we talked about no doors after 10 PM, folks @vanweezer @Herb4Warren @IAforWarren let's f*ing go :) @ewarren noticed so many of the people whose daily fights were left out of tonight's debate - that's the kindness I… no 2) this is the spirit @IAforWarren is bringing to the last 20 days 3) LFG Warren’s answer on her phenomenal child care plan is one of the biggest reasons I’m on #TeamWarren. Not o…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergI'm deeply proud to have helped elect women in 2018 - and know that when women run, women can and will win. 'We have farmers here in Iowa who are hurting. And they are hurting because of Donald Trump's trade wars...…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergEvergreen. Liberty green. 🗽
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg.@ewarren has been looking out for veterans for a long time. When she was building the @CFPB, she created the Offic…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenbergmost powerful statement of the night so far
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergA Caucus Strategy Sesh is the best way to kickoff Debate Night. S/O to Organizing stars @Amelia_Cheeto &…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberghappy iowa debate day, folks
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"I've been looking forward to one of you calling me because I just decided to caucus for Elizabeth two days ago, an…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @itspearcey @IAforWarren @ewarren'm a simple man: I see this video on my feed, I watch it, I cry, I retweet it.
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergPowerful stuff right here from @AmberForIowa #IACaucus
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergTeamwork makes the dream work at @IAforWarren!
@CoryBooker and the @CoryForIowa team are the kind of people I'm proud to be in Democratic politics with.