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highly caffeinated; extremely Midwestern. GOTV for @JoeBiden + Dems; formerly @ewarren @iowademocrats @hillaryclinton @terrymcauliffe @barackobama. she/her.

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Retweeted by Janice RottenbergSeeing a line in front of the Hamilton County Dems on Webbland brings me back to 2008. Cincinnati is fired up for…
Here are the *48* seats we need to flip *10* state houses red to blue. Contributions will go directly to candidat…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @MichaelinPHL @JoeBiden YAY GO MICHAEL!! @MorganRSperry @jewelldporter @courtneyflynn21 A great collection of human beingsFrom a Facebook friend. This, multiplied by thousands of us pulling in the same direction however we can, is how we…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg🔔 PHILLY PHILLY!!! 🔔 When you receive your mail ballot jawn, be sure to: 🖊Complete that jawn in blue or black ink…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergWhy are so many powerful people trying to make it so difficult for us to vote? Because they know the power of our v…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @chelseakcarrier It was my honor to be invited to your team gathering ♥️♥️♥️ @flemsace gotta keep it exciting and unpredictable
Wherever you are, make a plan to vote.
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergLiterally this is what we are doing...🤨
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @JDahmanIII um where was my invite. i'm a policy championVery cool that Gov DeSantis is willing to waive fees for anti-maskers but not fees for kid's school lunches or poll…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergYour vote for @JoeBiden is a vote for building back a stronger economy, for getting this pandemic under control, fo…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergA tale of two Wisconsin headlines.
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@lizchar i just assume someone wanted to expense a skydiving trip and had to build out an idea from thereWhen have you ever seen a homemade sign with a link to the Secretary of State’s website? We’re in a fight for our…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenbergwalked in on the dogs discussing how desperately important it is that we vote early and in-person if we can
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergToday, the edges of this most recent shard of injustice are especially sharp. I am gutted. I am heartbroken. Br…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergMy favorite part of this stellar ad is that it’s not just about voting - it’s about how important it is to vote for…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergDon’t let him discourage you. Don’t let him deflate you. Just keep working, and vote. We can end the nightmare.
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Let's elect a president with an extremely boopable dog please'm thinking of all the ppl who knew Breonna Taylor before she became hashtag. The people who raised her, the peopl…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg"it affects virtually nobody. It's an amazing thing"
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergI’m voting this morning and the girl in front of me is a FIRST TIME VOTER! The security guard made an announcement…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergIf you care about the Supreme Court you should be volunteering for @Fight4NC.
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergMy husband John lived by a code: country first. We are Republicans, yes, but Americans foremost. There's only one c…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @akclarke_ @lacroixwater precisely @akclarke_ @lacroixwater This is blasphemy @wssrstrm @lacroixwater Limoncello could never be too much @SamKovacs9 @lacroixwater Those are my other two favorite flavors so I think limoncello might be up your alleyHey @realDonaldTrump, Pittsburgh is Biden Country 👋
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @snarecha @lacroixwater I don't know and it's both troubling and comforting @ashleystauber @lacroixwater Free!! Highly recommend @SRottenberg I can always buy more! Don't worry @lenorecho @lacroixwater @annaikucher has alerted me to some kind of worldwide shortage? @MichaelCeraso @lacroixwater The right answer is, of course, muffin @JosephOHern @lacroixwater Zero, I just have an office chair with very little padding. Same aesthetic
@SchumacherIA @lacroixwater oh i lost it like 2 moves ago. it might still be at @JosephOHern's apartment.The last four years come down to the next 42 days. This is our moment — and if you vote, we’ll win. Head to…
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @schaboii @lacroixwater ty chibby, your support means a lot to me @whateverzoe @lacroixwater as an Old Millennial i am not super into the tik tok. but if it's trending on the bird app, i've seen it @SchumacherIA @lacroixwater i am! i'm still drinking water so that's promising @ccorbisiero @emilyparcell @lacroixwater i feel seen @Adrienne_DNC i SCREAMED this out loud at my desk @emilyparcell @lacroixwater i think the kicker is vanilla, which is confusing but exciting. my other favorite flavo… @Dgonderman @lacroixwater it's so good and it's so weird. kind of like lemon plus vanilla? it makes no sense and it's enthralling @ccorbisiero @christinafreund @lacroixwater it's so good and so weirdI now have 48 cans of Limoncello @lacroixwater I purchased on Ask me anything 6 month anniversary to the “14 days and we’ll flatten the curve”
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg.@JoniErnst to the @DMRegister Ed Board in 2018: The Biden Rule is "precedent set. So come 2020, if there's an ope…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergIn 2018, Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi openly joked about public hangings and voter suppressio…
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@jewelldporter GOOD JOB
@emcurtiz @bjgregory1 that spin though! HBD @bjgregory1 <3I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.
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Today’s LFG’s are the LFG-iest LFG’s out of all the LFG’s I’ve ever said.
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergHundreds of people are already lined up to vote early in Fairfax County, spanning across the Fairfax County Governm…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergME: IA: NC: CO:
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @MorganRSperry Absofuckinglutely. @MorganRSperry ♥️♥️♥️feeling scared right now? take that feeling and help the brilliant @OneCampaignMI team win Michigan for @JoeBiden rbg. for john lewis. for ahmaud arbery. for breonna taylor. for george floyd. for tony mcdade. for them all. th…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergNo, Senator. We already saw your real statement. #IASen
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergWe need the highest youth voter turnout in American history to save our generation.
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergWe have this saying in Hebrew יהי זכרה מהפכה May her memory be a revolution. Let pull up our sleeves. Seems like…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergScrew it. I'm not letting fear set in. This woman took on, overpowered and overcame every single damn obstacle in…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergHer rest is earned. It is our turn to fight.
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Retweeted by Janice RottenbergContact information for Republican Senators, a thread
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergRuthie was my friend and I will miss her terribly. The t-shirts simply labeled “RBG” made her notorious. But it was…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergI know the popular analysis is going to be “we’re screwed,” and I *feel you.* But nah. RBG didn’t go out like tha…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergNow more than ever, y’all. Truly.
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergRuth Bager Ginsburg’s entire life and legacy is a testament to what it means to fight like hell for this country. I…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergThinking of her family, and may her memory be a blessing. זיכרונו לברכה
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergCry tonight. Rally tomorrow.
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“Americans have never, ever, ever, ever, ever let the country down” why am i tearing up 🥺
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergDiana, Alexander: you are my new heroes. first day of voting, Minnesota! Make your plan --> first day of voting to the Commonwealth of Virginia!
@emmalarata @WisDems @orgcorps2020 oh this is REALLY GREATELECTION DAY STARTS TODAY, WISCONSIN
Retweeted by Janice Rottenberg @EleshaLea @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @TheDemocrats thank you!!! @SawyerHackett @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @TheDemocrats that's so kind - thank you! please keep tweeting during these… @amandalitman @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @TheDemocrats thank you!!! that's so kind <3 @ScottSyroka @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @TheDemocrats just like i truly love to see you on hangouts every day 🥰 @rockmore @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @TheDemocrats thank you!! @SamuelRLau @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @TheDemocrats i hope election day is exactly like making level three of burgertime @MrMikeBlake TY for the RT! You know I learned from the best. @_taylorpacker @Wellness4You13 @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @VinnieChant @PlanForThatPod @OpFDouglass yessss! love to be in the company… @horwitzben i was raised right @AlexPiper thank you piper!! WELCOME BACK"If you take the blue states out" will be remembered as one of the most callous sentiments ever uttered by an Ameri…
Retweeted by Janice RottenbergJust a reminder that Joe Biden’s dog is the Joe Biden of dogs.
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@klein_izzy @vkgreg @wutrain Yes please!I want Joe Biden to be our President! I want Kamala Harris to be our first WOMAN in the White House! I want respons… 6: Check your own registration and make your personal plan to vote at - your vote matte… 5: Some people don't pick up campaign phone calls - but they talk to their friends! Help your friends and fam… 4: If you're a lawyer, law student, or someone otherwise interested in efforts to ensure every voter can cast t…