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Real/AR born/Professional Educator/Daughter/Wife/ Mother/Manager/Director/#SocialJustice #Advocate/ A Teacher's Teacher #equity #IAmSuccessLex

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My daughter is aspiring to be an athletic trainer. I just signed this petition on OrganizeFor with @ColorOfChange Nageotte surprises with pole vault gold for U.S. @NeeKreates @Queen_AbovItAll @LaymansLinguist @OriginalToastie @heymrsbond I think that’s the point. The perception… @NeeKreates @Queen_AbovItAll @LaymansLinguist @OriginalToastie @heymrsbond I think the conversation has moved beyon… @AkieaG Congratulations! I am so happy for you. @Queen_AbovItAll @NeeKreates @LaymansLinguist @OriginalToastie @heymrsbond I agree that a lot of Black educators pe… @LeticiaTrower Wow @Queen_AbovItAll @LaymansLinguist @OriginalToastie @heymrsbond I agree with you. So what if other Black people like…
As a building leader my attitude and behavior set the tone for the climate and culture of the building. Unless you… @OriginalToastie @heymrsbond I was just getting ready to type something like this. She is trying too hard to “relat… @RachelLitLady1 That is funny!Folks, our department is hiring! We are looking for an assistant/associate professor of Indigenous Environmental Sc…
Retweeted by Janice Wyatt-Ross, Ed.DBumped into one of our #IAMSUCCESSLEX graduates working hard at @HomeDepot. His manager came over and bragged on h…
Retweeted by Janice Wyatt-Ross, Ed.D @Simone_Biles Proud to call you my daughter. This morning I saw the Simone that we know, never giving up a caring h…
Retweeted by Janice Wyatt-Ross, Ed.D📢 Have you reserved your spot for the 2021 Kentucky Education Summit? Join us along w/guests @PedroANoguera
Retweeted by Janice Wyatt-Ross, Ed.D @PASSNetworkOrg It is. They don’t trust easily and tend to avoid “strangers.”I'm team #GIF. How do you pronounce it?Sydney Mclaughlin with the WR!!! 🤩
Retweeted by Janice Wyatt-Ross, Ed.D @emilyvalenza I tried subbing about three years ago. I subbed in two elementary schools and one middle school. All…'re going to the podium, @ItsGabrielleT! #TokyoOlympics
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Infographics that explain the Olympics - Apple News Spotlight Mu Becomes the First American Woman to Win Olympic Gold in the Women's 800 Meters Since 1968 @Educator_Hustle 😆That is so funny to me. @theLITsensei 😂 with fidelity 😂Students in my school avoid substitute teachers. If there is a sub in the building they avoid that classroom at all… @heymrsbond I had SO many embarrassing moments when my girls were toddlers. I would ask very loudly, “ whose child… @MoniseLSeward
SACRAMENTO AREA—My mom is missing. She was last seen at Garcia Bend Park on the Sacramento River on July 31st aroun…
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Or if I have to put something in or take something out of my pockets.I get extremely nervous and anxious if I am shopping in a store and my purse is unzipped. Then I am terrified to z… @helplessduck 😂“You got any games on your phone?”
@helplessduck No one was harmed in the placement of that envelope. @helplessduck You are just helping a child achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship. @helplessduck Me don’t. 😂 @helplessduck @helplessduck Oh I’ve heard swear words before. I work in a high school, remember. 😉 @helplessduck I am the support 🥳For the first staff meeting of the year we discussed our vision and what we are doing well. What do you discuss?
@DingleTeach @MoniseLSeward I know. I can’t wait to try it. @ECallawayBio This makes NO sense. 🥺 @MoniseLSeward @MoniseLSeward I’m gonna make lemon zucchini bread this time around.For the Cricut crafting teachers, will you share a pic of your back to school crafting ideas? I want to make something this weekend. @toni_walk Congratulations 🎉 @unprocast 🙋🏾‍♀️
@jennthetutor @wokeSTEMteacher I 💚💚💚 school supplies. @wokeSTEMteacher @jennthetutor If you need gently used supplies let me know. I’m not arguing with anybody over pett… is #NationalInternDay @DrJChand @HeyDrMcCloud do y’all gather the energy to argue with strangers on the internet? Ain’t enough coffee in the world.
Retweeted by Janice Wyatt-Ross, Ed.D @philbilly100 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Combination fried rice and if I’m feeling rich I get fried chicken wings or spare ribs. Otherwise I get spare ribs… @EricaRPeyton My Cricut has been a lifesaver.17-year-old makes color changing sutures that detect infection via @YouTube @EricaRPeyton I like playing games, scrolling through social media, crafting, eating, and sleeping. They are not al…
@DrSurvivor @Delta I’m going through something similar with American. Will they give you a voucher?Simone Biles won nationals w/broken toes in both feet, worlds w/a kidney stone, and has carried the burden of being…
Retweeted by Janice Wyatt-Ross, Ed.DA Hidden Figure from my home town. She was not featured in the movie but was mentioned in the book. My hometown is…
@edifiedlistener People willingly express their complaints and displeasure. If they are pleased they say nothing an… @bess_georges When the “yes” finally came I was scared to death and wanted to back out.
@MobleyintheMix None. We started last week but we are year round anyway. @LoriGetsCrunk @AlwayZ_Queen They have been doing a lot this season for sure. I always play catch-up during the week. @GoGoGoing Absolutely! @TeacherRunner42 Yes, my mama is 88.Hi, friendly reminder from your neighborhood Spanish teacher- learn to PROPERLY pronounce the names of your student…
Retweeted by Janice Wyatt-Ross, Ed.D @CallMeMoprah 2, 3, and 4 for me. @GoGoGoing I don’t know about dinner but they are an excellent breakfast 😉
@GuptonTeaches I’m always available. @ShanaVWhite @knowKMD choosing the easy route makes us take 40 years to get where we should have gotten in 11 days had not not… @helplessduck @drunkenminion Yes sir, can't wait to read it! @AkieaG Ain't nothing wrong with keeping to yourself.
On Thursday I tweeted about the students were setting up their STEM cooking class. @catmccune told me yesterday tha…'s not too late to join this powerful and engaging conversation on dealing with racial trauma. @barbarawhye Call me. I’ll talk you through it. @helplessduck I know and that is what makes the story so compelling. My heart is right there in each installment. A… @DrTDeas @barbarawhye Just take my word for it. That flat sheet can be rolled into a ball and smashed down. The cor… @DrTDeas @barbarawhye Never 🤣 @helplessduck I’m so deeply invested in this tale. I’m clinging to every word. @helplessduck No rubric just go for it. That’s what will make it special. @barbarawhye Folding fitted sheets is the only task I am anal about. They have to be folded nice and neat but I wil…
@AmySalgo 😬 @AM_SCounselor That’s the same way we feel. @ChadHigginsISIT No thank you. I’m still holding on to my mama’s house for that very reason. 😬 @ChadHigginsISIT Leave my teacher alone. @helplessduck It is just the platform for that. I just want to see them all together. @CodingWCulture You are a student centered educator. @MoniseLSeward Child please. @helplessduck you should create a thread of some of your wildest tweets. I can only image the stream of consciousness. @MoniseLSeward We are the weird ones? Okay Boomer 😆It’s amazing how easily I wake up early when I don’t have to go to work. 🤷🏾‍♀️ @MelaninandLit @CallMeMoprah Proactive is the goal and the students always compliment the teacher for actually caring. @MuzakLisa That is true. @CallMeMoprah @MelaninandLit You know I going to ask the students what they prefer if they even care. @helplessduck That’s not funny but it’s funny. You got in TROUBLE. @CallMeMoprah @MelaninandLit What connotation does Dropout Prevention Center have? @helplessduck 😁 @helplessduck I actually like that response 😜