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Real/AR born/Professional Educator/Daughter/Wife/Mother/Manager/Director/#kyxpress #SocialJustice #Advocate /A Teacher's Teacher #equity #KyEdCo #IAmSuccessLex

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...but I was reminded of the power of our words and our actions. Years later that moment still has impact. So this…
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Retweeted by Wyattrjk @MrTomRad For the first time ever I baked a pecan pie. Actually I baked 2 pecan pies.We administered a very unscientific survey asking the students what were 5 things they like about the school. Sever…
Retweeted by Wyattrjk @DulceFlecha You have put in all of that time and effort. If you don’t eat it send it to me. I’ll eat it for you. @MrDevyDev Leading adults is H👏🏾A👏🏾R👏🏾D. I am determined to succeed. The students deserve my advocacy. I have grown… @ChristieNold I can’t even get enough umph to lie to myself and say it’s fun.
@TMikaTeaching That would be my suggestion. @TMikaTeaching Is this new interest something that will change your timeline of completion? Is this new interest s…
@KissProducts You are right about that. It is clearly stated on the package but in reality it just seems so wrong. Thanks for responding. @KissProducts should be ashamed of themselves. This bottle has never been opened. As a matter of fact, I can’t get… @CruzanChoklate No she was at day care. @sirovy_allison I’m trying to think of ways around telephone communication that parents could keep up to date like email. @vkheartnmind I did that but the most recent post was two years ago. I took that to mean that Acct is no longer active.
Why do some parents not think to keep their contact information updated with the school office? The children don’t… to be a part of the Learning Network Cohort. Can't wait to network with like minded colleagues and to get v… @Kohls Lexington, KY 405096/ I am thankful for my retail experience and I would never treat customers that way especially if they are standin… The look on her face was that of utter disgust. I should have voiced my opinion but I did not. I was going to m… The gentleman behind the lady spoke up and asked if he could check out because he had socks. The "nice" lady sai… "This line is for jewelry only. If you have merchandise you have to checkout at the regular check out line." Sh… My Big Girl and I had selected two pair of pearl stud earrings and I was trying to see what else I could find. I… I usually do not partake in the Black Friday "festivities." This year I ventured out because my Baby Girl needed… Columbus for showing me some 💗 yesterday. isn’t always about referrals, just a need for care.
@ladoctorasusana Thank you for doing this. @missdaisyICS 💓💓💓 @MarciaMentor 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 @DrDonParker1 Thanks so much for sharing. @Laura_A_Diaz It is just a part of what we do. As I read these examples I see that no gesture is too small, or too… @artesepam If it helped it was not lame. It was just what somebody needed. @peachsandgrades Absolutely! My high schoolers 💕💕💕 building gingerbread houses. @JaniceWyattRoss I would say the ‘trend’ is — (most) teachers keep their hearts wide open all the time. We step in…
Retweeted by Wyattrjk @LeticiaTrower 🤩 @jay9mac What a nice story. @GuptonFCS_LHS @IamRashodw_ 😉 @AP_KRachel It is but often times we do these acts in private because that’s just what we do. I want to give us a c… @MsBrownCHS 😍 @susmcmur 💕 @TeacherOnTopic @Skittles saved the day. Thank you for sharing this gesture. @jamesjavery 💓💓💓 @ShanaVWhite Thank you for that. @AyaAcademy That is an amazing story. @YourPlanningPal That is nothing to minimize. You never know, that may be the first bite of food some child may have had for the day.I'm ready to introduce the #ClearTheAir Spring 2020 Semester! 1/
Retweeted by WyattrjkWill you give me a specific example of a time when you were kind to a student? I’m trying to discover a trend.
@ItWorks164 😂🤣😂 Right @JarrettHill I 💕 it @violadavis can come to my house anytime she is in town. We can keep it real together.What’s the difference between boneless wings and chicken nuggets? @GuptonFCS_LHS All the way behind me. @peachsandgrades Take your time. Live your life. Delay is not denial. You may just be in the preparation stage.
@mrsleban @gstew2 I could use two of those. @GuptonFCS_LHS #TeamSweetPotato #teampecanpie @GuptonFCS_LHS Dressing, ham, and seven layer salad. That’s all I want.
@BookDiva79 🤔 I have never seen anyone bid 9. 😂 @TheGaryMcCollum 🤣Sounds like your mom is worse than I am. No ma’am. She can just watch 🤣 @educatorjedi Well alright then!I know I won’t post anything g before “dinner” tomorrow. But here’s to everybody who is “hangry.” @MisterWhitaker @iamDrWill Ok, 6 and a strong possible. @iamDrWill @MisterWhitaker Awe naw. That’s a good 7. @ProudEducarer @JessicaFHarding I would be heated. @MisterWhitaker Gut bucket 🤣 possible 🤣 @JessicaFHarding You are under bidding for sure. @mcbride_edutech @CoachGoodman 🤣 @Ayodele_Har78 Right @GuptonFCS_LHS Never doubt how much those children love you.
@mrsrichardsonrv @jamesjavery I can see 7 for sure. Well, like you said “6 and a possible.”Let the games begin. @MooreMurphy76 She did. They were caught in wreck traffic for an hour or more.When the college girl’s ride cancels at the last minute, what does any good daddy do? He leaves at 6:00 PM and they get back at 2:00 AM. @vivettdukes The depth of their research is very impressive. @GuptonFCS_LHS I read it like you meant it. @GuptonFCS_LHS She is right 😂🤣😂 @GuptonFCS_LHS At least you will be full 😂One thing I like to do before a school break is have a meal with the students and be sure we have enough to go plat… @GuptonFCS_LHS I’ll slip you a benedryl before and after dinner. You will not remember a thing. @GuptonFCS_LHS Why?
@TeachLikeALady It would be me but now I tell SIRI to remember where I parked. It does not work for parking garages…
Happy Birthday 🎊🎉🎂 @lang_jackson9 @DaniW_Speaks 😘I want to speak life to someone today. If you are dealing with something that is not working out the way you want… @DaniW_Speaks I woke up with you on my mind. I am so thankful that you are here and sharing your story. My heart is… the story is compelling, the pain was excruciating. This is a story of persistence and perseverance that all…
Culturally Responsive lesson 1 @BethaniPhoenix7 I don’t get it 🤷🏾‍♀️ @ClearTheAirEdu @jennphillipstx @BeaconPressBks I am so proud to be distantly connect to #cleartheair @TeachLikeALady This late?
@TeachMoore Case-by-case is my preferred way of dealing with students who plagiarize. @caitteach We have been dealing with cheating at my school. @TomMcCandless2 I agree. @briggstough Middle schoolers just want to get the assignment completed as fast as possible. @Lynchteaches I don’t think Ss plagiarize because they are lazy. I think they don’t have any confidence in their ab… @Gaylee4205 Did he answer why he chose to take the shortcut? @reedteaches We get a lot of that too.A4: To ensure that #equityisnotabuzzword we have to continue and consistently call out inequities and keep telling… @charay I love the part of identifying source narratives. How do you personally address this? #wocedchatA1: equity includes the naming of barriers, addressing root causes, identifying source narratives while dismantling…
Retweeted by Wyattrjk @kelisa_l2teach @Redhdteacher People have to be willing to acknowledge that they have privledge. That’s the tallest…