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Big morning for all those studies which show that sociopaths are over represented among the CEO classes. @lisamarkwell This is officially the Hellhole Sinkhole and if this were the 90s we’d just look at each other signif… @HanniRT quite difficult to move on fromDecca Aitkenhead has been our finest interviewer these ten years and Tracey Emin truly iconic, but God the rawness…"I think I can see why her friends’ concern would be so overwhelming as to feel like a burden, more than Emin can b…
@alexsakalis Some of our finest local journalism is “what happened when I went to Rio’s” and I’ve read every word of it @PaulChahidi One way no way?? @bellamackie Let me just run you through a couple of slidesAs this story enters day 3, I'm just glad we can finally have a national debate about the no right turn from Grafto…
@ladyhaja If they dont’ get it they don’t deserve it H @yngvlgrn I think it’s the full stop @yngvlgrn I'm finding every single one hilarious
@YinkaWrites There are few bad versions. It’s a great piece of writing @katebevan No Kate. I’m a huge Diamond fan and I appreciate his version. But Neil is too clean. Please watch Sammy… you for your application. We have no suitable vacancies at this time.
@Sathnam @TimesMagazine just the cleverest most interesting man and he schooled me so gently on a lot of stuff I kn… @OliviaAlabaster the way you do anything is the way you do everythingIn which Prince Andrew proves to be as incompetent at menacing FT editor Lionel Barber as he is at giving interview…
@nicksallon Filthy but fineScenes reminiscent of an unexpected England win on penalties in quarter finalsArea reporter confirms Camden curfew is, to use a technical term, a shitshow @matthewchampion I’m just saying we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that Jeff Goldblum discovers the deadly thin… @matthewchampion Alt prop: honestly why notI’ll be with @FareShareUK tomorrow to support the real superstars, our volunteers. The food banks are in for a ver…
Retweeted by Janine Gibson @IanDouglas @Eurocentrique YepHow Africa fought the pandemic — and what coronavirus has taught the world  via @FT The concluding chapter of the s… It’s hard to tell Muppet and master apart at No 10 @guyadams Guy she’s Wonder Woman I think this one’s on you @Allen_Upper I was just musing on the extremes of human nature and there you areMarcus Rashford’s Twitter feed is the opposite of doomscrolling
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Retweeted by Janine Gibson @PickardJE Have we got a Maldives bureau?New York wants to be seen as a calm and competent leader in Covid-19. But in this investigation, @Edgecliffe and I…
Retweeted by Janine Gibson @MarinaOLoughlin @edcumming Needs a stroganoff but I’m ready for these to come back tbh @annaknicolaou you’ve got to allow a week per billion spentInterviews with dozens of people at the centre of New York’s Covid-19 response show that its leaders were warned of…
Retweeted by Janine GibsonIt’s my turn to read the letters to the editor today and I just approved one that opens "I once interviewed Kermit… political rivalry and corporate power in New York led to mistakes which let Covid-19 overwhelm the US by…“His voice italic with derision” get an estate agent to sponsor me to make an empty palace on Bishop’s Avenue TikTok famous. Please apply with… a 16 member household in an ugly but doubtless extensively bathroom-ed house and somehow monetising the en…
@scottygb I see it lightly fictionalised with Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci reunited as Whitman and Katzenberg. Fe… @benyt Assumed you were waiting for the verdict @lucyprebblish *sets notifications*with fortuitous timing we are today running an @ft long read on how the pandemic has highlighted cracks in the UK d…
Retweeted by Janine Gibson @TomDavidson09 @scottygb Yep @scottygb Most of series 1 skippable. @Tabby_Kinder @JoshTANoble “josh has muted Tabby” Tabby: Tabby: “josh has left the call" @JoshTANoble public service @edmorrish ok i regret this @edmorrish SOMEONE IS TYPING UNMUTED.. AND 47 OTHER WORSE THINGS THAT HAPPEN ON ZOOM. Reckon we could get this in the shops for christmas?SOMEONE IS TYPING UNMUTED ON THE ZOOMFrom our six part series. Today: @robertshrimsley @pmdfoster and team show in remorseless detail how handling coron… many be other relations need resetting as well ..
“A lot of what we’re trying to do is just square the actual technology with people’s intent.” Fascinating profile o… @katie_martin_fx @emmavj I can’t help but feel abandoned. What hs happened to the sisterhood @katie_martin_fx I’ll remember this thanks Katie @laurafleur If someone deploys ‘buggerlugs' I’m off to fight for the motherland @jonathanchait Delete the link. If they don’t hear it they don’t deserve it @rexparker Eno @mccanner @lisatozzi Not weird. Very normalStrongly recommend setting aside 15 minutes for this via @gqmagazine @sandiegardener That was part 1 about china. The UK is tomorrow!Tomorrow... the UKThis is day 3 in @FT's coronavirus series in which dozens of specialists have spent months reporting the global res…, France, Spain, Germany and the EU. How coronavirus exposed Europe's weaknesses.
Thoughts and prayers with whoever who has to conduct the investigation @ladyhaja Looks like you went to school with a bunch of kids all born on the same day who developed... powers @ladyhaja @MarinaOLoughlin You are correctThe @FT is offering a six-month paid Internship supported by the @MarjorieDeane Foundation. This is a great opportu…
Retweeted by Janine Gibson @AngelaELL staggeringThe first days and weeks of the coronavirus pandemic were crucial. So why did China wait to alert the world? The FT…
Retweeted by Janine Gibson @helcatwill Same! Thrilling @HannahAlOthman !!!!!!!!!
NEW: today we've published the culmination of a weeks-long @ftdata team effort, summarising everything data has sho…
Retweeted by Janine Gibson @benatipsosmori Definitely worth perseveringArtemisia Gentileschi exhibition at the National Gallery as good as everyone says. Think this one was called “Woman… @e_gran I did! It wasn’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever baked but it has gone down well. @jdportes This is the one he finds embarrassing? @yngvlgrn Get drunk and snog the teacher just to show ‘emDay 2 of the FT special on whether the pandemic could have been prevented Terrific work from the FT data team
Retweeted by Janine GibsonThe FT has spoken to dozens of medical professionals, government officials and ordinary citizens in Wuhan to find o…
Retweeted by Janine GibsonAfter many months of reporting by FT team the first piece in the mega series on whether the pandemic could have bee…
Retweeted by Janine GibsonHere's an online exclusive from Monday's paper. Part one of a global series, Coronavirus: could the world have been…
Retweeted by Janine Gibson
@itsjensworld There’s one every day next week. Spoiler: it doesn’t get brighter. @yngvlgrn Look you’ve nothing else to do. Consider your week filled (you’re going to love Europe day)It’s an extraordinary piece of reporting. (Don’t take my word for it)'s an online exclusive from Monday's paper. Part one of a global series, Coronavirus: could the world have been… @Nigella_Lawson Definitive thank you. Everyone can relax now @e_gran Maybe if it Was 30” I wouldn’t have lost it @NeilMull Just bring it back and we’ll say no more @gingerdisco99 Lol I am deeply flummoxed and dimensions are the first thing to go @staceystowe I absolutely meant no disrespect to her or her work. Just that through the prism of a British tabloid… read up to 10,000 words on how this story about a former diplomat and a fairly obscure US CNN reporter came i…
@HannahAlOthman Look Angel of the North, we’re inferior. There’s no need to rub it inDonald Trump says he doesn’t know what QAnon is. Happily @izakaminska and @tomhannen made a brilliant film that wil… real takeaway here is that Piers Morgan and Alan Sugar (and Andrew Neil) are all going to have extremely lucrat… to have to tell you that Alan Sugar hung up on the FT when contacted
@ChrisWojtal When I first discovered it I watched so many back to back the UKTV website gave up serving me ads. @heidistephens Start at the beginning you will not regret