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I write about art and make films. My favourite artists: 1/Pontormo 2/Manet 3/ Gauguin 4/Njideka Akunyili Crosby 5/Reading FC

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Fans of Waldemar Januszczak’s reviews for @thesundaytimes, will definitely want to watch his video tour of the Nati…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKFascinating room in the museum in Perpignan devoted to the French-American painter Daniel de Montfreid. A keen coll… @RestauraUK @harleygallery @alyyou8854 Let me know! @SharonS81707478 I'd love to go! @Bhrigzz @nee_shant @goldsant @ShaliniElassery @manishariprasad @OrnithophileI @pnkjshm @rdrakesh Now that's a beautiful bird!#Birdsofindia Post: An Indian Pitta (Adult+Juv) [hope u r not bored with them already] Missed u yesterday, but uni…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKSteve Madge: 1948-2020 Tim Inskipp pays tribute to a true great of British birding and conservation, who recently…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @JANUSZCZAK Good morning 🤞for the start of the season. Make the most of the day. Nigel
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @TheNigelAdkins Thank you Nigel. I hope things work out for you too!I'm happy for this guy. And Tanzanite is a beautiful stone. But what's this about 30 children?! Get it tied Saniniu… @TheNigelAdkins Good morning Nigel. Thanks for the positivity. Let's hope Reading FC have a good season when they start again! @StigAbell @timesradio @AasmahMir Do you do requests Stig? I'd like to hear Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire. De… the moral to this 👇 is - going round art galleries is good for the figure! @ChrisMoyles Good!The art critic @JANUSZCZAK has battled the bulge for years. Since lockdown put an end to gallery exercise, however,…
It is important to stand up at least every half an hour. Sitting too long increases intradiscal pressure and just i…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK🥖🇫🇷 😋Just like wine or cheese, the #baguette is an unofficial symbol of #France...but where does its iconic shape c…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @Emma__Wallis @suzanne_moore Who says there aren’t?Take care if you have to phone @LaRedouteUK I just parted with £34 for making a phone call to their customer servic…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKFrom the forthcoming @spectator magazine and tonight’s Evening Blend newsletter (sign up here:…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKThis presidency, summed up: While the country hit 154,000 COVID-19 deaths, the jobless rate soared, and an evicti…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKThere’s nothing virtual about the big Polish hugs I’m sending Janina! You’re special! @DrJaninaRamirez @JANUSZCZAK @simon_schama @wmarybeard @DavidOlusoga What lovely company. Blowing you a virtual kiss, Nina!
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @ConstanceMT Yes! @salvatorRosa It’s happening! @judithmackrell Month! @ElmParkRoyals Never mind. At least the nation voted for Brexit. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @Wiblicks Will do!Art lovers, here's a sneak preview of the sleeve for the Singing Art Critics EP that we recorded during isolation.… @Wiblicks Don't know that one. Will have a look. I love tapestries!An astonishing show. Do anything to get a ticket
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @marge8 @hotelalphabet @benlukeart Marina is lovely. And her son was our best ever Arts Minister! @marge8 Brilliant. I used to edit Guardian Review. I was the first person to use colour there - a purple background…'There’s a powerful wind blowing across the land. It could be the wind of change.' Art lovers, if you missed me in… @marge8 @hotelalphabet @benlukeart I knew Adrian Flowers a bit. Through his wife and kids. Bailey I met more recent… @marge8 @benlukeart Thank you Marguerite. Great book! Ben, you should read it. @hotelalphabet @marge8 @benlukeart The Picasso and Paper show at the Royal Academy is such an excellent tribute to… @benlukeart Can't we all? @JANUSZCZAK with freeports in the news I wonder what they hide
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKIts really beautiful. Thank you for ‘finding’ it for us. X
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @marge8 @benlukeart I've reviewed it a couple of times! Fascinating book. And not all negative! news - Tate Modern has found a way to reopen the Steven McQueen exhibition, after all. I had some issues w… @jennyeclair I didn’t know anyone was filming me! @StigAbell @timesradio @AasmahMir Good advice! @theAliceRoberts Or art critics! @benlukeart Not by people who love art. @Stephenabounds @DrJaninaRamirez @theAliceRoberts @simon_schama @wmarybeard @DavidOlusoga They’re sort of doing it.…
@aholgate Moth. Butterflies sit with their wings OPEN!Fascinating and beautifully frank piece in @thesundaytimes by our friend Waldemar Januszczak @JANUSZCZAK. Just a re…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @edvaizey I met him once. He’s a friend on my cousin - the talented sculptor Tadeusz Mandziej!I believe an early Rebus (season 1, episode 2) is on the Drama Channel tonight at 10.20...
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKSomething for @bbcarts to consider! @Jesseleanor Deeply recommended!Art lovers, I’ve come across the greatest tapestry I’ve ever seen. It’s in the treasure house at Narbonne Cathedral… @JANUSZCZAK We miss Waldy and Bendy!
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKAnd you can’t leave because you’re right next to Swedish royalty
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKWrite something about being fat, they said. How you put on weight in the Poundelic. ‘Why me?’, I asked... no answer… lovers, I popped into Narbonne yesterday. Thoroughly recommended. The cathedral has the tallest nave in France… @rosiekinchen We fight on Rosie, we fight on!I love this piece by @JANUSZCZAK on his lifelong battle to beat the bulge
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @AlanPar46565002 @LauraCummingArt @1964andallthat I used to know Adrian Wisniewski quite well. Lovely guy. Haven’t seen him in years. @videorojas @relic57 Thank you Mauricio!
There is no truth in the rumour that the Baroque painter Caravaggio, on the right, looks like the wine-loving actor… @JANUSZCZAK This makes me think of one of the great missed opportunities in artist biopic history: why didn't anyon…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKThere is no truth in the rumour that the French Baroque painter Hyacinthe Rigaud (right) looks like Ed Norton (left… @BRIANARNOPP I’ll have a look.
Art lovers, if you missed me in the Sunday Times writing about the kimono, it's here. Who doesn't love putting on a… @phurstclass Lovely. We get baby swifts dropping onto or balcony in France. It's always a joy to send them flying. @judithmackrell Oui! Must see! @LauraCummingArt Laura, big love to you over this medical stuff. If you need someone to carry your bag - that's me! @judithmackrell You must be in France!🇫🇷🥖 Is #French #bread the best in the world? What are the rules of "baguetiquette"? @GenieGodula and I explore in t…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK🇫🇷+🇺🇸 = 🧐 In an upcoming French Connections @GenieGodula and I are going to explore Franco-American relations (as a…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @Austin_John46 Rigaud. @v_page Far away.
@Igotnutthin Thanks for watching John! @federici32 @JasonRoberts30 @mfcbulls Bravo Feds. I still have the Man of the Match champagne you gave me! @maitlis Did you leave, or were you pushed!What. A. Strike. Throwback to when Marek Matejovsky scored an absolute screamer for us at Anfield 🤩🚀 #readingfc
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @PhilipHensher @spectator Tony Blackburn? @1755Dictionary Ah Dennis Thorpe. Such a nice guy. He took the cover photo for our single when I was in The Jazznecks.Very good those few who genuinely recognised Hyacinth Regault’s self portrait in Perpignan. Minus 10 points to all… did this self portrait? Where is it? @JANUSZCZAK @TheTilehurstEnd @ElmParkRoyals If this isn’t a thread of all footballl kits compared to art by the beg…
@hughkeogh @TheTilehurstEnd @ElmParkRoyals An art critic writes. Stevenage FC have managed to do something in thei… art critic writes: Reading FC have released the designs for the new kits for next season. The home kit is APU. B… lovers, if you missed me in the Sunday Times, writing about art on the lockdown, it's here. are MACHO Pass it on
@JANUSZCZAK @LozzaFox I am over 70 and overweight so technically at risk, my wife is taking an immunosuppressant dr…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKFlo gets it right. She always does! @LozzaFox Because less than 1000 people have died from covid in Japan, where they all wear face masks. Meanwhile 46… @HowsonOfficial Come on Peter - don't hold back! Show us what you really think!We nee new leaders!
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAKRecord for a Rembrandt self-portrait at @Sothebys cross-category evening sale:
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @LWIMTH @AFHStewart @TifoFootball_ think @JANUSZCZAK would enjoy the graphics, remembering his line from a renaissa…
Retweeted by WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK @superemmelina @michaelhogan @Alan_Measles @BBCTwo You need to tell Mark Bell @bbcarts He needs persuading that I’m a good thing!
@michael1952 @ZCZFilms Hmmm. I think you mean The Dark Ages.In his review of the exhibition "Cranach: Artist and Innovator" (@ComptonVerney until 3rd January 2021),…
@Mark_BeerArt @bbcarts No, I wasn't being sarcastic! I was being grateful! Thank you for your kind words! @Mark_BeerArt Mark - you have a way with words! @bbcarts