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Award-Winning Latino Writer/Director Andrew Jara (The Last Ones, Borderland and the upcoming The Empty Space.) 🇲🇽

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@galyphyrine @kenklippenstein Not only are they checked but they’re quarantined if positive. Thanks for playing thoToday, I was supposed to have surgery to remove cancer from my neck. It won't happen, because hospital beds are ful…
Retweeted by Andrew Jara @LuckyMcKee It’s such an odd filmThis is one of the things I learned with my one struggles. Just because I’m struggling with my mental health doesn’… @erinisaway
Retweeted by Andrew Jara @DDumbify @arttavana That’s also good
So awesome to see this! makes everyone a winner in the Loteria of life. Art credit: Lalo Alcaraz @laloalcaraz #covid #artist
Retweeted by Andrew Jara @idontlikejake @justsheavassar Yeah complaining about movies that came out years ago is so dumb. Anyway DIS YOU: @monikagobaira Also the main character repeated every thing that was happening in a way I hope isn’t in the movie?… @gorycoryhorror I was just thinking the same thing @erinisaway You literally get cooler every second of every dayI’m currently editing @KelseaMcCulloch’s episode as we speak! @erinisaway I’m sorry but you’re helping people realize it wasn’t just them. Maybe some solace there. And if you ne… handing my credit card linked to my bank and my driver’s license with my photo, name, address, height and weight… @erinisaway @tonytula The Jersey really cements the whole vibe @signupfortitter @Wiggs_64 @marcellacomedy You give minimum wage workers your credit number and driver’s license lo… someone say they’re boycotting any business that requires proof of vaccination to enter and it’s like babe it’s…
Retweeted by Andrew Jara @nomstrositi @nickeldoodle Braces. And it’s about time @bugposting Great job!#alien1979
Retweeted by Andrew JaraWell I’ll be Godsmacked cause I stand alone* *this joke brought to you by 1996I’m just gonna start making my movies even slower. Your movie weird guy @MhiaLeeFoSua @jauregui_sawyer @TmarTn That’s not what HIPAA does @horrorwriterang Me to my friend: this edible sucks. Me and my friend minutes later: going to my centralist family’s house to gloat after Cori Bush and the progressives just helped save so many peo…
Just In: El Paso judge grants federal government a temporary restraining order against Abbott's migrant order. Orde…
Retweeted by Andrew Jara @PostOpinions @marcthiessen I’ve said over and over, you can’t expect Biden to do the right thing. He has to be pressured! every migrant gets a COVID test. Those test results account for around 1% of all positives in Texas. That m…
Retweeted by Andrew JaraFor the cuomo thing, no it wasn’t just hugs. BUT even if it was, unwanted hugs are also gross and uncalled for. Don… @erinisaway He sucks so bad.Okay so I just thought of the perfect fleet @TonyBakercomedy Cop Land @DerekSykes17 Happy Birthday!Today is the anniversary of when someone failed to break the spirit of El Paso, instead he only succeeded In not sh…
Retweeted by Andrew Jara @daniellefrack @SchreiberEvan @AP Hopefully now they’ll be encouraged to do itBREAKING: New York City will require proof of vaccination for leisure indoor activities at restaurants and gyms — b…
Retweeted by Andrew Jarathere was just a cat on the field at yankee stadium that evaded multiple groundskeepers and fans were chanting “MVP…
Retweeted by Andrew Jara2! Una Vez Mas: On the day of the dead or Dia De Los Muertos, an elderly woman waits for her ghostly husband to re… @erinisaway There’s a huge subset of people our age that are just like really Puritan and I’m so confused. Like how… @hilcamtay 🥳🥰Yuuuuuup interesting moment in today’s hearing was when the judge said that she, like many Texans, lives on the border. S…
Retweeted by Andrew JaraRemember that last week conservatives were calling those officers cowards, liars and needed to “toughen up”
@erinisaway You’re the only person that seems to be watching this show other than me lol it’s so good
Retweeted by Andrew JaraWhen a movie says “only in theaters” during the delta pandemic: knew that Twitter wasn’t Cormac McCarthy cause I didn’t have to read it twice to understand what the hell was going on.Social media moves so fast you’re only able to say you won’t apologize then tapologize then take back that apologiz… @erinisaway Can’t wait to read it!When will this tweet stop being relevant this house, grocery coupons are good mail and bills are junk mail.68%!’m losing my mind over this
Retweeted by Andrew JaraCheck out this cool poem! Also you can buy a whole book of them soon! @erinisaway Me looking at the work I have to do tomorrow which is what I was hired to do, what I went to school for…
Retweeted by Andrew Jara @erinisaway Me looking at the work I have to do tomorrow which is what I was hired to do, what I went to school for… was a good day @joshuaWWWWWWWW @FranklinLynam @_zr_zk_ @WhitlessWonder @queeralamode @EliasCepeda The US Government has never had… @erydejong @JLisaJay Your experience does not equate to a “wrong with our civilization” argument. Bars, restaurants… @erydejong @JLisaJay You can golf and social distance. You can’t go to a bar and do the same. I sincerely doubt tha… @nomstrositi Destroyed“Why are you like this” on @netflix is one of the funniest shows of 2021!
Facts“Why do you wear a mask if the vaccine protects you?” I don’t know, why do you wear socks if your shoes protect you? @jzux @Rappin4Safety Me watching cruella “yes it’s hip, yes the costumes are great but where in the world is the vaginal confidence.”Do both. Send unvaccinated to Florida and Huntington Beach. I don’t care what it takes. Just get them vaccinated @gorycoryhorror With that many people, I don’t think masks would matter..@AOC to @CNNSotu on the idea that voter suppression can be out-organized: “No. I appreciate the White House’s opti…
Retweeted by Andrew Jara @enolalugosi I can believe it. I think cinnamon walks a weird line between delicious and gross @ContraPoints Can’t wait well actually I can. Whenever it’s ready @ContraPoints Take all the time you need! It’s your art, you deserve to be satisfied with it @inkedwerdsmith Anxiety is the worst but if you need to talk to a stranger on the internet I’m here @clairewinniem How can you watch fight club and be like “yes capitalism is good.” @pythonpatsy Yeah I’m shutting down. I just don’t wanna risk it @AmandaArdenNews Hope you feel better soon! @AngelicaKATU Ghosts. It’s science @enolalugosi I think they’re super easy to mess up @cyberliyah I just know they forgot and debated turning around or not before just taking a quick pic @DerekSykes17 @horror4kids Right I literally just saw new beginning. I think FvJ should be counted but not any rema… @VinceMancini It’s like segregation except for the parts that matter. @DerekSykes17 @horror4kids Are they counting the remake, FVJ and the original? Cause I feel at least two of those shouldn’t count. @jithongchy Paradise! Perfect for you!
@LuckyMcKee Also I feel every pulp book has a brown background because they take place in El Paso. It’s the adobe lookGoogle “pulp book covers” plies your name and share. Finally someone who gets me. @OOCCouchGags you killed zombie Flanders Homer: he was a zombie? @Veronique956 Love it!We hereby demand all Equestrian events at the #TokyoOlympics be commentated by @SnoopDogg and @KevinHart4Real 💀
Retweeted by Andrew JaraOkay I’ll swatch Florida has reported 21,683 new cases of COVID-19, the state’s highest one-day total since the start of…
Retweeted by Andrew Jara @horror4kids Freddys dead starts with Freddy having killed all the kids in spring wood @jzux “Oh so this is about you now? Cause I thought we were still on me?” @erinisaway Happy to hear! You deserve it!