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@JarBomb . Art Deco. Very cool train.
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣 @SphaleriteMz Whoa! Love it @HrothgarOlafson 🤣🍻 @NilsvanOtterloo I’d be too busy fighting in it (with a large smile on my face no doubt). ...hmm, it’s prolly best… @rubrics4life @toppan_jane @MargaretHardwi5 @JarBomb Look at the races photo!
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣Tbh, anyone that talked as affectionately about beer as Kavanaugh did... ...I’d hire on the spot. #SorryNotSorry 🍻 @HrothgarOlafson Ugh. No. I’m... *sigh* renting for a year. Hopefully 2021 sees me in a new house. ...with a trench. @lauferlaw @JoeBiden Nailed it 🍻Listen to Tom. We are not stopping ACB from being confirmed. Use that anger and frustration to get @JoeBiden elec…
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣Another favorite of mine: Austro-Hungarian soldiers rest in a narrow trench dug through a cornfield near Skala on t…
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣💥T-R-E-N-C-H-E-S💥 @SirBedivier @roundingfourth Good man! @chey_cobb Interesting article 😁 @SpiralCow Haha! On point, Spiral!NOOOO! 2020 just won’t let up! H/t @marinamaral2 In the 2nd century, the infamous Palace of Tiberius on Capri had become a dark-tourist attraction to the Roman…
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣Stolen Valor, ISIS edition. This is a seriously weird case. Bad look for @nytimes too.
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣Cheri is replying to Faux Wolverine here... ...and it is a very good point... @chey_cobb I feel like Dems are being baited into attacking a decent choice for the seat... ...and that it will en… @chey_cobb Confused by your thoughts, here. Do you really think we’re under threat of Papal rule?? @rubrics4life @EC_Carstens @sewimperfect @DilemmaOfEve @BarbaraJMay2 @ABrat626 @Ginger624 @wokyleeks I got sidetrac… @sewimperfect @_youhadonejob1 @StacyMichelleB @thsteele @rubrics4life @MinivanPunk I see a future @giantcat9 recrui… @roundingfourth Keep us all updated!Prayer-bombing raid incoming... @NilsvanOtterloo I have been for yearrrrrs! Lol @NilsvanOtterloo I’ve seen this before but I’m almost certain it was in B&W. Cool find!Magnificent, early footage of Jerusalem... Big H/t @NilsvanOtterloo! @sewimperfect @DilemmaOfEve ☺️ @sewimperfect @DilemmaOfEve She’s lives on PEZ sooo maybe... @snarkychicklet @DilemmaOfEve @Jackiewaltman1 @DilemmaOfEve Tomorrow :)Tomorrow is International Observe the Moon Night! H/t @DilemmaOfEve 🌙 @DilemmaOfEve Sorry I’m late to the party! held up talking to this pretty lil’ southern gal. morning all & OTD in 1917, in the depths of the worst fighting of the #GreatWar, the Australian Corps suffers…
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣
@sewimperfect @BarbaraJMay2 @Ginger624 @ABrat626 @wokyleeks @DilemmaOfEve Tea & tequila it is 🥳 @BarbaraJMay2 @ABrat626 @sewimperfect @Ginger624 @wokyleeks @DilemmaOfEve *kazoo @sewimperfect @TbBrame 2020 hasn’t been a TOTAL wash ☺️ but I know what you mean. @omnomdream @DilemmaOfEve @Geurtie Ich verstehe ein bisschen Deutsch! @Geurtie @DilemmaOfEve I’ll have a backpack. Eve though... @DilemmaOfEve @Geurtie 🤣 No problem @Geurtie @DilemmaOfEve Ooo I’m in! @LouiseMensch I would do that pro bono! @AltNellGwyn Agree. Nothing he says can be taken at face value. @TbBrame @BajanYoda 😳Give DeSantis some credit here—at least he’s not recommending people inject themselves with bleach. ...he’s not, i… Birthday to one of my dearest friends, @vprofessa!!!
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣 @TbBrame @BajanYoda Locked account 😢 @rubrics4life I’ve really gotta read the Viking Sagas! 😳 @Pinche_Pi SAME! @Geurtie Seriously!? I’m going to plan a trip, too! ...gonna drag @DilemmaOfEve with me 🥳#TeaTime, Could 2020 Get Any Worse edition ☕️ H/t @TbBrame! 😍 🇦🇲 @GiveNoFuxMichy I love Templar lore! @DanBalitewicz Drinking Iraqi chai & listening to Molly Hatchet rn. Thanks, Senator!"Flirting with treason?" Such a weird way to put it. I think she's listening to too much Molly Hatchet... @TeresaCCarter2 Ouch, indeed..."The discovery has validated the Viking Sagas as important historical documents..." @JarBomb ouch😬
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣 @KerriRawson @AngletonsMerits 🥳 You will not be disappointed!'ll have to leverage assets to purchase Isonzo, though :)Isambard Kingdom Brunel was an English civil engineer who is considered "one of the most ingenious and prolific fig…
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@sewimperfect @DilemmaOfEve @Remote_Interior Well, I know nothing about Medusa- derrière 🤣 Just felt compelled to… @DilemmaOfEve @sewimperfect @Remote_Interior Fake news @JenNWCbus @joemamma_1 #Team43 🤠 @DilemmaOfEve @artistvaro Female artist, too @DilemmaOfEve @artistvaro Celestial Pabulum, 1958Star Maker #spanishart #surrealism
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣 @artistvaro @DilemmaOfEve I love this one! @DilemmaOfEve @Remote_Interior Yessss dearThe whole one goes down Sing 'hup fol-de-rol la la' And he who doesn't take the whole Doesn't get the half one eith… @DilemmaOfEve @Remote_Interior I feel stressed 😬😙 @sewimperfect Ha!! @AltNellGwyn @DilemmaOfEve Looking into it rn 🤣 @sewimperfect We shall @sewimperfect My defenses are substantial & I’m hopped up on tea. I wish the furry little critter luck—it’s got a tough road ahead of it 🤠 @SpiralCow @DilemmaOfEve @wikivictorian 🤣 @sewimperfect Here’s a boss from my backyard just now :) @DilemmaOfEve @SpiralCow @DilemmaOfEve @wikivictorian Don’t make me say it please😎 cc @thespybrief @JarBomb @chey_cobb
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣Why don't you have this dress, @DilemmaOfEve!? #TeaTime ☕️ @SpiralCow @DilemmaOfEve @wikivictorian ugggh the "g" word 🤣 @Sartor1836 @motherenergy__ Loose leaf, strong, black and steeped at 212 degrees! @GrayConnolly @Geurtie I would very much like that 🍻 @Sartor1836 @motherenergy__ Locked account. Can’t see. ...good morning, Strahan! @GrayConnolly @Geurtie “We are all pilgrims here.” ...that really resonated with me.VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! harvest in the Armenian Highlands 📸: Andranik Keshishyan
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣Coins were placed under the foot of some masts on #Roman ships, to protect the vessels at sea - a maritime traditio…
Retweeted by Jarami Feith💣Stay alert, stay alive... @GrayConnolly I no longer buy it of course as it somehow tastes like Russian depression and old sweat-soaked saddle… @GrayConnolly I hope you continue to tell stories about your parents, brother. Strange the way their memories live… @ChiefCovfefe Marina is the best. Unparalleled talent. @ddp The colorization is as incredible as the photograph! ...just amazing......I am in total awe... @byrdshouse Wallet? @seaghost78 He got lit TF upWe’ve all been there! Wait. Maybe not... FIRE! area *not* clear! 😳 ping @smarmyEOD