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Unbiased National Baseball Journalist. @BarstoolSports. @Starting9. @Section10Pod. Morning Wood. CCK. Tyler Glasnow Swipes Club.

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@BarstoolHubbs @JeffPassan I was just asking if you remembered. I don't recall laughing. @BarstoolHubbs @JeffPassan remember when you told Alex Cora to die @MooneyTroII I've actually never seen a baseball game before. @JeffPassan @BarstoolHubbs torch that dork Jeff @kirkmin surely someone with talent would’ve found a way to avoid this. @Stickyhands35 that’s not how that stat works but. @Stickyhands35 if you’re going to use UZR then you should use UZR/150 but baseball defensive statistics are the lea… @Stickyhands35 you mentioned — wait for it — zero defensive statistics that teams use to evaluate players. @Jake_Perkins13 they took them off the store but they were hot in the streets for a minute @QWeekChris Justin Masterson in a Dodgers hat for some reasonMax Right Down The Dick Scherzer @LukeEri38225246 did you just evaluate an outfielder’s defensive ability using outfield assists @ATS_2K18 ily @ATS_2K18 277Incredible. SOGO fever is a phenomenon unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. @Tfloyd37 I forget where I got it. it was some canvas website. I think I just googled Pink Floyd canvas. @Theycallmebern Dahl, I could see interest. Schwarber isn’t a fit because JD is your DH and I’ve already heard rumo… @marisathemighty haha I’ve never seen coley laugh that hard in my life @adampellerin just not rightThis video still kills me every single time. #SOGO @BarstoolHubbs how do you not have the hottest team from the goddamn bubble playing on Christmas Day @cedwards1717 it’s been in my blood since 2019 @NathanH1998_ hah that’s amazingI can’t get over this. @YaboyCB5 we get it you’re afraid of needles I’m not here to judge. regardless, I don’t think you can call anyone a… @YaboyCB5 says the dude with this as his Twitter pic don’t think there’s a fit right this second, and I know Cubs fans don’t want to hear this, but Kyle Schwarber wou… @ShankFightClub if you’re not Big Cat, Dave or someone that was hired within the last six months, that group hates… @redsoxnstuff @OldTakesExposed fuck it give me two again.JD Martinez wins another Silver Slugger in 2021. @OldTakesExposed @ShankFightClub ah yes, CCK. everyone’s favorite national radio baseball program. @ShankFightClub we get it. you don’t like baseball. that’s so edgy. @nickcarpino thanks for checking in NickFinally. Matty Backpacks gets tendered a contract and gets about a $1.3M raise. @_the_ritt Drizzly
@DALLASBRADEN209’re on to 2021.
Retweeted by Jared Carrabis @THEKyleMoffatt nah they already have a DH and his defense is atrocious. @KyleL00 it was both. @matthewcarano just sent this to us. Nothing else.
Retweeted by Jared Carrabis @BDavisStanCubs he did.The Cubs are non-tendering Kyle Schwarber after making him off limits in the Aroldis Chapman trade. They included G…, I did by acknowledging his existence. @Ariannnyy_ you can get from the Tobin Bridge to Kowloon in less time than you can get from certain parts of Boston to other parts of Boston @MinifanMafia @QWeekChris it for the show. @RealTristan13 Kowlooncongrats on the lacrosse player. @chadchad0099 oh man this tweet would be so sick if we didn’t also create a shit ton of our own merch.this is heat. @SSMinihane I think I’ve been on once in the last four weeks @QWeekChris I haven’t heard your episode yet but I’m sure it was great. heard good feedback. you are spared, sir. your partner, not so much. @NAT38ROWN tbh I picked the Dodgers bc dallas already submitted the Padres. @Kirkmin_Polls is 94% good @mike_confident having a minority opinion is not a personality trait @kirkmin who is Carano @JustinSh3pley prob because I listen for five minutes to check for sound quality.I asked Joc Pederson what his favorite non-final out postseason memory was....... @Starting9 @Jared_Carrabis @Starting9 Already dialed in 🥴
Retweeted by Jared Carrabis🚨NEW @Starting9 FEAT. JOC PEDERSON IS LIVE🚨 Listen here: @CodyVeilleux oh damn what am I gonna do without Cody from Maine’s respect @TheColinCooper long and straight @CorkdUp @AgentRachelLuba @KleinschmidtJD that’s bc I consume the show via YouTube👀👀👀 @662_dawg why are you bothered by thisJust some absolute quality podcasts. 0.01% is that good @machinegunkelly @Juanj_Lopez25 I’m in. you talked me into it. @numba2sportsfan smhGREGORY POLANCO WALK-OFF PIMP PIECE @DALLASBRADEN209 maybe get a glove that isn’t brand new off the shelf and stiffer than your penis when Matt Chapman… @KevinFo39014208 preciate you! @King_Supreety there’s no “word” here, just facts. he said I did “nothing”. I sent out 27 tweets over Black Friday… @King_Supreety no he said I did “nothing” which is objectively false. @martinonyc if I were to guess, you were trying to say that the goal is to build an organization with annual sustai… @King_Supreety we sold out of both of the new hoodies we released on Black Friday but thank you! @martinonyc what is the context behind saying winning a World Series is a “nice thing to happen” but that it’s not a reasonable goalWhat the fuck is this @Cole_StRomain there's virtually no risk. @FloBos_Theory most teams have done nothing. it's December 1st. @GuySportsLogan not recently. lot of sleepless nights.The Red Sox are doing things. Red Sox Are Reportedly Interested In Two-Time Cy Young Award Winner Corey Kluber Christmas Day with no Suns basketball.......
@ColeyMick KowloonWould not hate this one bit.🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 @Section10Pod @Jared_Carrabis early Christmas present came today
Retweeted by Jared CarrabisDropping today👀👀👀👀👀 @Starting9 @Jared_Carrabis, @DALLASBRADEN209, and @Starting9 followed Shane Bieber around as he won his Cy Young, it was aw…
Retweeted by Jared CarrabisHad to buy some merch for my favorite podcast before the deals ended 🤙 @Section10Pod @Jared_Carrabis
Retweeted by Jared Carrabis @Lick_my_Pic you’re looking for a sign to buy this crop top, here it is
Retweeted by Jared Carrabis @smithlevi2020 that's my guy love himThis idea has already drawn interest from some big name players👀👀👀 a last minute restock in the @Section10Pod crop tops. These sell out quick. The 20% off deal is still good thro… the Barstool baseball merch is 20% off for Cyber Monday. All the Dodgers championship merch, Tatis, Giolito, Cl…
Retweeted by Jared Carrabis2020 Cyber Monday Telethon: Escape Room Edition
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@b_leonard66 @baseballcontext let my man live @MrAlisterFisher hi puppy