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I am an author, an EdTech Coordinator and theatre director at Lexington School for the Deaf, and foster parent to over 1,000 books. My opinions are my own.

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Please share and support the @LexforthedeafNY Drama Club! We’ve got a fabulous show coming up next month! #Deaf
Bravo to @MrsDPatt and @PhilipPulley for hosting this fabulous #SchoologyChat tonight! @Schoology
Retweeted by Jared R. Lopatin @techie_teacher1 @techie_teacher1 It’s okay. I know you don’t like me...A5: Giving multiple options for demonstrating competence. Also, letting Ss determine their own timeline. #SchoologyChatA3: I Wish someone SHOWED me how to do "pedagogy first, technology second" instead of just TALKING about it but usi…
Retweeted by Jared R. Lopatin @robert_schuetz @Schoology It’s a revolution. 😀 @PhilipPulley @TeachingMD @techie_teacher1 Hi!! @techie_teacher1 with embedded Slides and @flipgrid with videos. #SchoologyChat @PhilipPulley @TeachingMD @techie_teacher1 And then retweet. @TeachingMD @techie_teacher1 Reflect, revise, repeat. #SchoologyChat
Retweeted by Jared R. LopatinA2: Create a page on @Schoology and provide your directions in steps using terminology and easy to read font. Embed…
Retweeted by Jared R. LopatinA1: I try to actually use videos and google slides to deliver some lessons while in person, I help with activities. #SchoologyChat
@Schoology Jared from NYC; love me some gamification and I’m going to attempt a makerspace this year. Holler at me…
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I entered the Lottery for #PublicWorks #Hercules on @TodayTix! Tap here to enter too:
Thank you, @MrChemGeek, for a fabulous #SchoologyCHAT! Visuals. I need to make sure my Courses are not filled with overwhelming text. How drab. How boring. How unhelp… Reflection and self-regulation. Part of voice and choice, but more of a conversation check-in. How are you feel… Student voice and choice! It's all about what they want to explore and developing off of that. If Ss feel they… STANDARDS! I plan to backflip into standards-based learning and hope to bring a few teammates onto this routine… @LizLubeskie The gem is the lady next to me in that picture. @macnbeans @MrChemGeek Oh just tearing it up as usual. Lol. You, Coach? @MrsDPatt Always possible. 😜 #SchoologyCHAT #SchoologyNEXT #SchoologyMusicals @MrChemGeek More about meeting their levels and interests. It can be physically localized as that usually helps wit… @willingworthy @Schoology @PhilipPulley My biggest takeaway this summer was about meeting Ss where they live. Helping them discover information at a le…! Jared, Teacher and Director for the Deaf here in NYC. How's everyone doing? #SchoologyCHAT
Update to tomorrow's #SchoologyChat ! We will be starting at our normal start time of 9PM EST. Sorry for the confus…
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@Catlin_Tucker @Schoology @MrNunesteach @macnbeans @PhilipPulley @HancockMayfield @MrsDPatt @EllenGammel
@vambaketesa @mrmatera @mradamwelcome @MeehanEDU @irvspanish @Schoology @Gameboydrew @KatieJMcNamara @macnbeans @amusone @irvspanish @Schoology @mpilakow @mrmatera @Mr_JSpike Late chime in from the other one, but @irvspanish is… @amusone @irvspanish @JaredRLopatin @Schoology @mrmatera @Mr_JSpike Oh, and #games4ed is Thursdays at 8pm ET :)
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@macnbeans @RiggsRealWorld @ektedtech @techie_teacher1 @Schoology @MrsDPatt @irvspanish @LizLubeskie @techie_teacher1 @Schoology @MrsDPatt @irvspanish @macnbeans @RiggsRealWorld @LizLubeskie @Ms_Shovlin_DASD @macnbeans @RiggsRealWorld @Ms_Shovlin_DASD @irvspanish @LizLubeskie @MrChemGeek @Jeremy_RMahoney @AJBabc @Ms_Shovlin_DASD @ektedtech @LizLubeskie @MrChemGeek @irvspanish @Jeremy_RMahoney @AJBabc @Mr_Halterman @irvspanish @LizLubeskie @MrChemGeek @Jeremy_RMahoney @AJBabc @Mr_Halterman @RiggsRealWorld @janssenburns @FrauSusi't think anyone will be forgetting "Gamification, the Musical" anytime soon. 👏 @JaredRLopatin 👏 @irvspanish 👏…
Retweeted by Jared R. Lopatin @Schoology @misterwashburn I guess I got caught up in the excitement! 😜 #SchoologyNext
@SraDoster @mrsgrun4th @irvspanish @Mrsbarczyk @Schoology Hi! Happy to share and discuss ideas with you. What kind…
@marcus_ac_ Lol!!
@mrsgrun4th @irvspanish @Mrsbarczyk @Schoology It’s our pleasure! Thank YOU for singing along! Please share any gam… @itsmeivan @Schoology And more! Thank you for another incredible #SchoologyNEXT! @RiggsRealWorld @Schoology @irvspanish @MrChemGeek Love me some Bette. @klillico72 No problem! Love great gamification ideas.
@RiggsRealWorld @Schoology @irvspanish @MrChemGeek Moms ARE superheroes. @RiggsRealWorld @apptasticteach @irvspanish LOL! When did THAT happen?! #SchoologyNEXT #fAMBily @MrChemGeek 😳😳😬😬🤪 #SchoologyNEXT @vambaketesa @irvspanish @macnbeans @MrsDPatt @PhilipPulley @Jeremy_RMahoney @MrNunesteach @Schoology A pleasure me… @macnbeans Thanks, Coach! Always glad to have you singing with us. 😀 #SchoologyNEXT @LytleDiane @RiggsRealWorld @PhilipPulley Nah, it’s totally #fAMBily!
@Rainbowsin3rd Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. Please share any and all game ideas you come up with! #SchoologyNEXT @MrNunesteach @DocStock14 @PhilipPulley @misterwashburn @irvspanish @MrsDPatt @macnbeans @RiggsRealWorld are you wrapping up your @Schoology school year? Today I am saving courses into my resources. Even though I hav…
Retweeted by Jared R. LopatinThanks to all who came to the musical yesterday! The slideshow has been added to the Boca Course, with the Game Cre… @EtterEnglish Please share what you end up doing! I love to hear more about gamified elements in classrooms. Mutual…’s Gamificiation: The Musical session. So creative and fun, and it helped spark an awesome idea for next y…
Retweeted by Jared R. Lopatin @EtterEnglish Thank you! Glad to have had you partying with us! So excited to take ideas from YOUR session back to my school. #SchoologyNEXT @MrChemGeek takes #SchoologyAMB of the year! Congratulations to this amazing #fAMBily member!! #SchoologyNEXT @tishrich @MrNunesteach @Schoology @Mr_JSpike @mrmatera @Gameboydrew @irvspanish Thanks! Hope to have you singing w… @mrnickcusumano @msfilas @irvspanish @Schoology Next year! #TheatreNerdsUnite #SchoologyNEXT @LytleDiane Me too!!! He was awesome! #SchoologyNEXT @MrNunesteach @tishrich @Schoology @Mr_JSpike @mrmatera @Gameboydrew @irvspanish and I are totally gonna start a ba… @misterwashburn Thanks! We’re missing you here! @courtne40851158 @irvspanish Thank you! Following you back!
@techie_teacher1 @MrsDPatt @irvspanish @Schoology Absolutely more than a mere PLN. 💕#fAMBily #DoesThatLookStupidAsAHashtag @MrsDPatt @irvspanish @Schoology Wouldn’t have been the same without you. No doubt. #SchoologyNEXT @MrsDPatt @irvspanish @Schoology @techie_teacher1 Honored to be your favorite tools. 😜 #SchoologyNEXTHey #SchoologyNEXT! If you liked @irvspanish @JaredRLopatin session then check this #edchat out! #games4ed #xplap
Retweeted by Jared R. Lopatin @ConklinPatrick @irvspanish Thank you for singing with us! #SchoologyNEXTOh @irvspanish and @JaredRLopatin , you had me at the power of SchooGooglegy. And then you're also musical #theatre
Retweeted by Jared R. Lopatin @msfilas @irvspanish @mrnickcusumano @Schoology From one theatre nerd to another, thank you!! So happy to have you… incredible cool to have these kind words from the creator of @GimKit himself. :) #SchoologyNEXT @JoshGimkit @HancockMayfield @irvspanish @gimkit Absolutely agree with @irvspanish! Love @GimKit and so happy to sh… @MrJCreamer @irvspanish Huzzah! Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need resources! #SchoologyNEXT @MrsLeslieBCMS @irvspanish So exciting! Let us know what you come up with and if you want any help getting started.… Rubrics for documentation of those observable skills at the kindergarten level. @techie_teacher1 @MrsDPatt +1000! #SchoologyNEXT due dates, Ss don’t have to go looking in a Course - everything is on the side with a due date.…“It’s a non-negotiable: use Schoology for communication.” @MrsDPatt @techie_teacher1 #Schoolittleogy #SchoologyNEXT“If you have to start with just an Update, do that. Start small and plan for problems. Know that technology doesn’t… want elementary on board? START SIMPLE. Don’t be afraid to create things at first for Ts to get them interested… to watch @techie_teacher1 and @MrsDPatt rock it out for littles AND I’m sitting next to @LizLubeskie!… the man himself!! @jnfriedman #NerdChills #Starstruck #SchoologyNEXT met up with Sarah and saw the new Student Choice product that’s coming. So very excited!! #StudentVoice I keep almost all activities (or challenges) open for my students to do over and over & ask questions until the… @Cropperl03 @LizLubeskie love how Adam Larson sneaks retrospection into the laughs during his keynotes. Found myself reflecting on my own…
Retweeted by Jared R. LopatinLearning so much from an incredible speaker and teacher: Adam “Hot Fudge” Larson. #BePassionate #BeInvested“What did you learn? What made you laugh?” The questions that Adam Larson’s mother asked him at the end of the day.…’all! Remember this last year?!! I can’t wait to see what @JaredRLopatin and @irvspanish bring this year!!! See y’…
Retweeted by Jared R. LopatinLove what’s coming and yay for recorded audio answers, but don’t forget about the students who don’t use vocal resp… @iamDrWill @Schoology @joelhames No more Flash!! @irvspanish Amen. I’m seeing so many #gamification possibilities here. Makes me wanna sing... 🎶😜 #SchoologyNEXTNew video capabilities will be a game-changer for us. Yes, a thousand times, yes! @Schoology @joelhames and item banks for Assessments in @Schoology OMG!!! #SchoologyNEXT
Retweeted by Jared R. LopatinMore graphics and image-based user experiences will be awesome for accessibility. Thank you, @Schoology and @joelhames! #SchoologyNEXT