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jaren πŸ¦• @jarenclee Nashville, TN

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going on a walk don't trust the keebler elfhe has manifested himself in physical form this is the first sign of the coming apocalypse don't think i've ever laughed as hard as i did at "doofenshmirtz quality bratwurst" @kroptopking21 @YaLiekJazz jaren @Kbob332 all of the above @JesusChrist_alt @laswagna thank youwhy are you not allowed to be a president until you're 35 when we all know that life is officially over at 30the guy who played all the piano music for soul also did the piano version of green hill zone for the sonic movie l… gang πŸ’• my god @megg0_ oh my god lmao @JesusChrist_alt gn genna nice gifnext halloween i could dress up as ronald, @CooperEbel could be the hamburglar and the rest of my friends could be… just realized that if i dyed my hair red i could pull off a good ronald mcdonald and i don't know how to feel about that rn @Dusty_Daddy_ true!
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Retweeted by jaren πŸ¦• @JuanNotSoBot it isthe fact that people on here think my last name is clee is so funny lmaooo"Jaren fucking Clee" is the new "Jesus fucking Christ"
Retweeted by jaren πŸ¦• @megg0_ we are the edaters that be likeedaters be like
Retweeted by jaren πŸ¦•"documentary guy" bf and anime watcher gftalking about mario games in the gc got me like yip yip yipeee wahoo wahaa it'sa me oh yeah letsa go @fellawhomstdve he's the only character in the moviegrowing up i thought that there were certain topics people almost never talked about except for to their closest fr… @sh3riffwoody jarentwitter would simply not melt @leakybrain_ @gayassswag @sh3riffwoody it's because he's shorter than melmao picsart's advertising bernie stickers on their homepage @abby_smutny28 irl daren i love itso true! it's not he's not wearing glasses @abby_smutny28 let's gooo @CooperEbel let's fuckin goooooooooooo πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😎 @ltpenguin_ @adamgreattweet @ThaMagicDragon @bigsharkguy @takeiteasyjack @brandonslaterr @memetazaa @sh3riffwoody… @Dusty_Daddy_ @jack_r0420 @tolfpeck @lovemedeerly @evadingmytaxes @megg0_ @TheJakeneutron @yingdark @leakybrain_… guy just put 8 pumps of syrup, 5 raw sugars and extra heavy cream in his earl grey it was a monstrosi-tearic rico just came through the starbucks drive thru
@megg0_ @onyekaorise hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @micahkrueg hell yeah @Ghost7Bunny @CooperEbel πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈthe only good one longer you stare the more fear you feel going to become the Jokaero
Retweeted by jaren πŸ¦•the sonic fan to mario enjoyer pipeline @megg0_ @onyekaorise wow she's so pretty what's her @ @onyekaorise classic jaren fit @YaLiekJazz that's awesome man, hope your day keeps going wellthis is why i hate twitter trends, not everything is an opportunity for a hot take some things are just things lmao @YaLiekJazz pretty good how about you manhe's literally just cold and old let him be cold and old @badjokecenter i existi was into littlest pet shop for one year in early elementary school and some of those fuckers still live in the back of my mindif this is what satire is now i've been saying ben shapiro and ted cruz are dumb idiot shit brains for years so i g… gang 🏰 and trainpilled choo choo πŸš‚ @CooperEbel LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOtweets are better in lowercase
Retweeted by jaren πŸ¦•Imagining the guy whose whole job was standing at the sidelines with a Diet Coke at the ready, lest Trump pressed The Button.
Retweeted by jaren πŸ¦•the village people near my house should tell stories about mei aim to gain more and more cryptid energy as i ageit also had the scary stories to tell in the dark books in that corner it rockedmy happy place is the corner of my old middle school library with all the ufo and sasquatch booksjoe biden's america to the horrifying realization that all of my words carry meaning
Retweeted by jaren πŸ¦•coming to terms with the darkness
Retweeted by jaren πŸ¦•whoever put the lightning item in mario kart please dm me your personal info, i just wanna have a conversationhow does skeletor talk where the fuck are his vocal cords @IsIamicYoshi good take @notndrew also mine is funnyi'm so sorry everyone i caved for the update tim! πŸ‘'m still wearing a mask after this covid shit is over if you wanna see my face follow me on twitter @megg0_ 😳hello followers who are only around for the hunger games how are you guys @megg0_ let's gooooo βœ‹ @YaLiekJazz it's all jokes nobody's actually being mean lmao @22brolian thank you! more of this!people are being mean to me on the internet, in my opinion you should all be nice to me and maybe give me high fivesthe main reason i want to have a viral tweet again is to shout out all my twitter friends in the replies @MrGoodally he definitely fucked around and found out @joseisnotfunny ow
just found out about trumps diet coke button
Retweeted by jaren πŸ¦• @WAluigipants i'll have em scrambled instead @WAluigipants we can tryflat earthers don't call it global warming, they say the earth's turning into a hotplate @chardonyay this is inspiring hold onposting is so low effort and low stakes i can just post whatever on here i love it lmao @bad_composer omg you're so right he's on his way out @bad_composer ben is next @daze_gaze lmao he's such a losermilo yiannopoulos disappearing from the public consciousness fact that milo yiannopoulos is an absolute nobody with no platform now owns so hard