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E Se io Muoio Da Partigiano; O Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao!!

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@PoasAlajuela @Reggiej57954895 @Jayhood1985 @Bradfle01956912 @BuffaloBills Bills running game is bad!? They are 5th… @Reggiej57954895 @Bradfle01956912 @BuffaloBills Every other team, w/o a top D can figure out how to let henry try &… @Reggiej57954895 @Bradfle01956912 @BuffaloBills Um adjust? Played almost entirely the softest Man D ive seen. I get… @Jayhood1985 @Reggiej57954895 @Bradfle01956912 @BuffaloBills Angry? 🤨 Im not a bills fan. Its a fact. They have a #… @Reggiej57954895 @Bradfle01956912 @BuffaloBills So ur answer is "we're the only team, with a #1 defensive that cant… @Reggiej57954895 @Bradfle01956912 @BuffaloBills Well tonight they've looked absolutely soft and dog shit. AJ brown… @tyler_brotz @ReginaldBotley @Van__Man @BuffaloBills No theyre not. @BuffaloBills #1 defense looks fuckin pitiful tonight. Giving tannehill ZERO pressure. Not one single sack. Just absolute garbage. @jmanloe @snackgod @sonofsabbathh @RealSkipBayless Lmao exactly. The one stat that specifically proves unselfishnes… @Eliza41662463 @RoguePull @safemoon @TheFudHound @CptHodl Dudes got straight pedo vibes heavy i wouldnt be supris… @safemoon Lmao this dumb ass "team" is getting so many of their n00b holders scammed from this is lack of informati…
@keepitfreshdog @MurphDatMan7 @RealSkipBayless So much so he got a re-do of 1 & lost AGAIN. Theres no "shoulda" any… @keepitfreshdog @MurphDatMan7 @RealSkipBayless Should be 10? Are you drunk? Theres NOTHING about those 3 losses tha… @packers33015447 @ItsRafRod @ivannxvi @RealSkipBayless Lmao exactly.
@XXL Fetty Wap .... @DanishA17616688 @safemoon Ill give u something
@RealSkipBayless I hate texas and even ill tell you BR wasnt outplayed by JW. 1st of all, OKSt has better D, Texas…
@DigiPappi @sxnwvbile___ @XXL @BigSean Bet bet bet say less @DeFiLoon @RobsCryptoYT @JeffordDaniel @phillipderenzo "Da prise is lowur, bi abowt haff so dat muss be da having e… @DeFiLoon @RobsCryptoYT @JeffordDaniel @phillipderenzo Ur an idiot i CaN uSe tErMs hOweVeR i WaNt. wE aRe iN hAlVi… @cryptoexotique @RobsCryptoYT @TheFudHound U b-b-b-better sh-sh-shut da f-f-fuck u-up about a stranger nobody fr-fr… @RealSkipBayless Woah! Woah! Woah! HOLD UP! You been 🗣️ bout his preseason play NONSTOP like it matters AT ALL &… @XXL Idiots in the comments: tHe cHrOnIc - dR dRe Reply - bruh, theres no color in that title. Response - duRr… @ARKATECHBEATZ @XXL The amount of stupid in this world is ridiculously unbelievable @RichBTSi_2 @XXL Dark is NOT A COLOR lmao @THERobBec @XXL Of course it count. Blue is blue. The reason a blueprint is called a blueprint is cuz of the color… @sxnwvbile___ @DigiPappi @XXL Lol dude think dark is a color hahahahah im dead @mexxdidit @XXL Facts 🔥🔥🔥🤙 @QuezzyQuez707 @XXL Ahhh so i picked it already in another comment... bet bet bet. At least u chose blue & black &… @XXL It blows my mind how many dumb ass braindead ppl dont understand what color in the title mean. Da fuq.... thro… @QuezzyQuez707 @XXL You're REALLY gonna throw a J album in this discussion but NOT pick Blueprint? I mean...what ty… @XXL Purple Haze @moedoubleed @Kentucky_Sparky @atrupar Im sorry, was pondering how a man figures out how to breastfeed a baby meant… @_Kel_Varnsen_ @SykesCharlie Brilliant lol @_Kel_Varnsen_ @SykesCharlie Im guessing you signed up to their email list as deez nuts? Just a wild guess. Lmao
@TrstmeImadr @wenmoooooon @CloudzOverCali @CptHodl Lmao. Got 'em. Altho even better of a tip: just ditch this shi… @NevettJason @ShaneWarne For sure. I didn't say that to diminish or belittle ur opinion. Just shared mine. ALL art… @NFelixzirv @OnlyFansPostinL @lvl80waifu She musta deleted her shit lol @XXL @sarahbeanz @ShaneWarne If you're into italian shows i suggest you check out Romanza Criminale, The Trial, Cacciato… @hiteinrao @ShaneWarne If you were a fan of Élite, i suggest you watch Baby. Its sooo good @Xieshanmumtax @ShaneWarne Underrated. @deepu_tweetz @ShaneWarne Caliphate was brilliant. I love swedish shows. Have you seen snabba cash? @NevettJason @ShaneWarne Oh no no no nooooo The sheer fact of it being a basic cable series and unable to show gri… @burdinho @daviechips @ShaneWarne You cant compare succession to something like curb your enthusiasm. It just doesn… @piyush_77_ @ShaneWarne If you liked Elite, check our Baby on Netflix. Soooo good. @saahil_taurean @ShaneWarne Looks interesting. Added to watchlist. @littlejohnny35 @ShaneWarne Half hour episodes? Thats a bummer @ShaneWarne Netflix? Bloodline has to be the most underrated series they have ever released. HAS to be... @RealSkipBayless @undisputed You had so much trouble saying Pythagorean Theorem lmaooo
@SteelersMafiaa @Ravens_Realest @RealSkipBayless @undisputed Colts are much better than their record shows. I dont… @AaronWild33 @Schnelly1187 @Fella50523932 @RealSkipBayless @undisputed Now do the chargers 🤣🤣 The only legit good… @IndyBred85 @___IsgI___ @RealSkipBayless History been good to who recently? Lmao...cuz it aint the cowboys.. @IowaRamsBets @Brian81277 @alec_zamora Was never private. Its a WFT work email. Which obv falls under NFL rules whe… @alec_zamora @Brian81277 Wasnt a private email. First off. If it was private it wouldnt be in the hands of the NFL.… @B_Yale That would be on the owner of the raiders. The way i see it more was leaked by NFL specifically because the… @cpoliticditto Uhhhhh when youre emailing a work email and an email server thats the property of an organization, y…
@snackgod @kingjesus17 @RealSkipBayless Hes never referred to the bucks as "my buccaneers?" Sure...
@RealSkipBayless Texas plays football like Matthew McConaughey's acting career. At one moment, brilliant; The next,… @2018SBChamps @BigBadMoV @dotard081 @hhhoustonk @Mitch_Cobb @WeismanG Dead 🤣🤣 @killakam2323 @safemoon Yes @BigBadMoV @dotard081 @hhhoustonk @2018SBChamps @Mitch_Cobb @WeismanG I dont know that country ass motherfucker 🤣🤣🤣
@killakam2323 @safemoon Yes. @mark49487922 @safemoon Makes sense considering there aren't anywhere close to 2.5m holders lolYa think...? Lol @BigBadMoV @2018SBChamps @hhhoustonk @Mitch_Cobb @WeismanG 🤣🤣🤣🤣 with the advanced auto parts promo shirt lmaooooo @BigBadMoV @hhhoustonk @dotard081 @2018SBChamps @Mitch_Cobb @WeismanG 🤣🤣🤣 @PM69SafeMoon @right_history82 @safemoon Fancy way if saying absolutely fuckin nothing @hhhoustonk @dotard081 @2018SBChamps @Mitch_Cobb @BigBadMoV @WeismanG I guess ill be here when u need a shoulder to… @hhhoustonk @dotard081 @2018SBChamps @Mitch_Cobb @BigBadMoV @WeismanG y u worried bout whether my shit limp or hard… @BigBadMoV @2018SBChamps @hhhoustonk @Mitch_Cobb @WeismanG Clearly. Dudes a weirdo. One of those country faux mach… @BigBadMoV @hhhoustonk @dotard081 @2018SBChamps @Mitch_Cobb @WeismanG Shits weird asf lmao @hhhoustonk @dotard081 @2018SBChamps @Mitch_Cobb @BigBadMoV @WeismanG Lol you assumed i gave a fuck enough to see w…
@Tom_Winter @jonathan4ny @SKooter84 @safemoon No there isnt and yes it will @BigBadMoV @2018SBChamps @hhhoustonk @Mitch_Cobb @WeismanG Bro.... U just fucked my bfast up dogg @BigBadMoV @dotard081 @hhhoustonk @2018SBChamps @Mitch_Cobb @WeismanG I dont know that country ass motherfucker 🤣🤣🤣 @paolof76 @CryptoArch3 @BTC_Archive 🤌🤌🤌 @2018SBChamps @hhhoustonk @Mitch_Cobb @BigBadMoV @WeismanG Hella gay vibes. @dotard081 @hhhoustonk @2018SBChamps @Mitch_Cobb @BigBadMoV @WeismanG Yo i swear this dude stalks & beats his shriv… @dotard081 @hhhoustonk @2018SBChamps @Mitch_Cobb @BigBadMoV @WeismanG His choice outta 3 he creeped to find public…
@jas_cot @_FleetwoodMike @ProFootballTalk Haha its all good. Really dont take these "power rankings" serious at al… @rickinabox1 @Newyorkred01 @thehill "new york red" lmao @jas_cot @_FleetwoodMike @ProFootballTalk Oh. And if youd really like 3-1 team comparison Rams beat Buccaneers by… @jas_cot @_FleetwoodMike @ProFootballTalk I mean i could easily argue that chargers, cowboys & panthers are all bet…
@jas_cot @_FleetwoodMike @ProFootballTalk The entire point is head to head do not always equate higher or lower ran… @_FleetwoodMike @ProFootballTalk So? Lol. Saints beat GB too. You wanna move them ahead too? Oh. Giants just beat… @KaylaChowShow Just spit on it @hopeformaybe Looks like he gets some good ass neck from her...😬
@Not_Tim_Burton @BadPlucky @AaronParnas @GovRonDeSantis THEY'RE FLOATING ALL THE WAY FROM MEXICO AND PASSING UP HIT… @johniadarola Erm. There is one... @RealSkipBayless Brady was absolute dog shit tonight. Looked like a rookie without gronk out there
@AthanPiprr @MLB When? Next year? @marshalisepic @SlighterJ420 @MLB There will be no such thing. @htxg4b3 @MLB Get used to it? Its already over... That was a waste of getting used to... @bythadip @MLB Well, they are. @SeagerAB @yordanplshomer @MLB Def front running bandwagon jumper. No doubt about it. Pathetic.TheeEeeEEeeEeeeEeee YANKEES WINNNNNNNNNN!!!!! @TheJudge44 hits 1st walk off hit to punch ticket to AL Wildcard Gam… @TheSent62943446 @OnlyFansPostinL Roflmao. For real. Tell this ho to grow up and join a real industry. like porn. @PeterArcher37 @cubana_ingrid @Acosta Most definitely