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@danawhite @ColbyCovMMA GREAT.
Internal DialogueLoyaltyLife @DarkTriadTheory Wow. Awesome.Genesis 13 : 1 - 2 So Abram went up from Egypt, he and his wife, and all that he had, and Lot with him, into the N…
Evening 12 : 1 - 2 Now the LORD said to Abram, "Go from your country and your kindred and your father's house to t…
What a person thinks about life? Look at the way they live life. And it might be the clue.Life is _____________.IntensityOrdinary is great? No Great is not most of the time ordinary.A sports car better than an average car And Self driven people better than average people.Seek Greatness.Words are Attractive.Live LifeMovementSunday Holy Day.
AbCdEfGhIjKlMnOpQrStUvWxYzMad Genius Crazy Passionate Eccentric EnthusiasmMove Forward.MoneyVirgin MarySaint Michael The ArchangelAlmighty Heavenly FatherBody Outside Soul Inside.After a While A Human In the Game of Life Reaches Another Level And Moves in Ranks to Heaven Or Get Punished to Hell.Attitude if Great Then Life is a Game.How an Atheist respond when suddenly the plane gonna crash? Some might pray to God.EnergyWas Atheist for a while Until I Experienced Some Energies of people And I starts questioning about Existence of an Invisible Power.AttitudeWhen a Male behaves Masculine, Automatically The Female might respond Feminine But if the Male is Whiny Then gu… Male friend of mine whines to me and Asks me why his female buddy Friendzoned him I said how she cant when you… seems Intense White seems Pure Black seems Mysterious @Caesar_VICI Wow 🤔The Bible Is the LORD God Talking.Many Things in the World because its magnificient. So live bravely Because otherwise Life might be boring.Read Books Know the Ideas of Authors.A Leader might be a Talker But Also A Doer.Genesis 11 : 31 Terah took his son Abram and his grandson Lot son of Haran, and his daughter in law Sarai, his son… @DarkTriadTheory YEAH. I believe its very under rated too.
Attitude radiates.Body Language Communicates.Eyes Communicate.Almost anyone can tell About love But almost anyone might show love Through what they do.Actions louder than words Because Actions reveal the truth and words may hide it.People May Lie in Talk But Actions might reveal the truth.In Genuine people Most of what they talk match their actions In Fake people Most of their talk wont match their actions.
Ignorance might be costly.BODY LANGUAGE Read books about body language Its language of the body I practiced reading it Practising improved my… BOOKS I read a book one day Doubted the ideas Tried the ideas The ideas worked Doubts cleared Started reading more booksLeadership leads.Talk attracts And words attract.Naturally Masculine attracts feminine And feminine attracts masculine.Practice and Progress.Direction of life is Forward.Eccentricity Might be friends with Genius minds.Poems Might be Songs of the mind.Tough decisions Often executed by Tough minds.Integrity Might be Doing whats necessary Irrespective of feelings. @TwizzyFlizzy @DarkTriadTheory But here you said about Fathers not about nuns.
@DarkTriadTheory But what about nuns or celibate spiritual people? 🤔Genesis 11 : 27 Now these are the descendants of Terah. Terah was the father of Abram, Nahor, and Haran; and Haran was the father of Lot.
@MasculinePeak @alpharivelino AGREE @FitFounder To Live not disobeying Gods spiritual laws.Soul after death, Either in Heavenly Kingdom of Almighty God, Or in Hell along with L_c_f_r and demons. @PistolAndreas AWESOME @AmanShivhare0 @Th3Brainiac Mahatma Gandhi. Father of the nation India. Made non violence Ahimsa movement popular.
@MasculineTheory INTENSE 🔥A Believer in God might not live like an Atheist because he Desires for Eternal Life Hence he Tries to Follow the Spiritual Laws.Atheists might live in any way because if there is no God then why Morals?I am Terrible in Many Things but since I remember I have an irresistible Cusiosity in the Supernatural realm.Life is Valuable to Heavenly Father and thats why Murder is a Grave sin in the LORDs eyes.Life doesnt end by Death as the Soul is Eternal.According to Me Life Wont End by Death as the Soul continues even after that because its Eternal. @creation247 Artwork with deeper meaning
@DarkTriadTheory What is Kino? 🤔Pyramid 11 : 26 When Terah had lived seventy years, he became the father of Abram, Nahor, and Haran. @alpharivelino Subtle ways? Their perspective about things? 🤔 @PadrepioSaint Interesting 🤔
Genesis 11 : 9 Therefore it was called Babel, because there the LORD confused the language of all the earth, and f…
Personal Desires = Personal Obsessions = Connected To Personality and AbilitiesNatural = Mostly Visible Supernatural = Mostly Invisible = Might Be Felt Energywise by Energy Sensitive PeopleEnergy Sensitive Person = Maybe Attracted To Supernatural RealitiesSupernatural = Different From Natural Natural = Natural Properties Supernatural = Not Much Natural PropertiesSupernatural = Little Bit Experienced by Energy Sensitive People = Might Not Be Experienced By Those Not Able To Sense EnergiesWay of Thinking = Way of PersonalityBoy = Playful Man = Masculine Girl = Playful Woman = Feminine