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Writes about: movies + literature. Fellow of Higher Education Academy. Visiting Lecturer on MA Screenwriting at @lfsorguk. New books for '20/'21

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“A friend is one to whom one may pour out the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that gentl… @johncosgrove405 It sure is. @TicoRomao @Dr_JLW Would it be fair to say that another film that relates to the run of Vietnam ‘war at home’ movie… come across this very nice image in a folder here from a short film that I directed for the @ShakespeareBT all…’m keen to see #TheCalloftheWild; not just because it’s a Harrison Ford movie but also to see the latest work fro…
“I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.” Say Anything is so rewatchable as the years roll by.This is a good read: a conversation with one of my favourite writers: (PS: his fantasy nove…’s puppet-theatre work is ace. Check it out if you have the opportunity. 👍
The 40th anniversary issue of Cinefex is printed, bound, and will be shipping soon! We're putting the finishing tou…
Retweeted by James ClarkeIt's #ValentinesDay2020 and a very happy birthday to @GreatOrmondSt! 💗🎂 #OTD in 1852, the hospital's doors opened f…
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Duke University Press has put the introduction to Eric Smoodin’s new book--"Paris in the Dark: Going to the Movies…
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On March 2, I'll join a panel in London's most profoundly decent room — the @BFI Reuben Library — to discuss why we…
Retweeted by James ClarkeI had the chance to study and live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh for my Erasmus year. It still feels like home…
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#TheFrenchDispach poster is splendiferous.#WesAndersonLooking for some captivating reading to take you through the almost-over winter nights? Then check out the books th… many delights in this year’s @borderlines programme - brilliant to have this festival in #herefordshire #shropshire #powys
Retweeted by James ClarkeWhen I was a teenager and on into my 20s I would often go to the cinema just by myself and was as happy with that a… so work quietly begins on a new writing project. :)
This festival is fab...always has been.👍 Cinema? Save The Cinema Museum - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange @TicoRomao I got into it as I was a big fan of Paul Auster's writing. @TicoRomao Another one I watched repeatedly when it was first available on ...I think it was VHS...not even DVD. @simonbrew It's a terrific film, isn't it ?
@FanthaTracks This was a quasi-Star Wars album( got from Wollworth’s in Wimbledon I would imagine), but it was the… piece by ⁦@ScottFeinberg⁩ on the legendary marketing and distribution exec Ashley Boone Jr who launched the v…
Retweeted by James ClarkeFinally caught up with two recently released movies this weekend and enjoyed them both a great deal : "The Sisters… @EddieRobson A true Novelty Island of a shop.
@MarshaOM @SirWilliamD I’m sure that I’ve posted this link before , but, for the John Bulmer fans out there, here i… Williams - Dry Your Tears, Afrika from "Amistad" via @YouTube @Lauzirika I agree: it is a perfect rainy day album of music. @lucindahawksley @Aiannucci @DickensMuseum @DickensFellowHQ 👍 @Dolorestierney Thankyou, Dolores.👍
@TicoRomao Buster Crabbe was our go-to space adventurer on BBC tv in the mornings of our summer holidays in the lat… over a month until the new book I have been working on is published. Thanks!👍#007 Hawksley is brilliant and this is a week in Tuscany, for goodness’ sake: what’s not to love?
Retweeted by James ClarkeBILLIONS. Let that sink in.
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There was an NPR interview with Sergio Pablos about Klaus's Oscar Nom this morning & the utter surprise in the inte…
Retweeted by James Clarke“I am more and more convinced that Man is a dangerous creature, and that power whether vested in many or a few is e… @Guide2Londonbks @Selfridges 👍
This is a terrific exhibition that I am visiting but still no sign of the Staff of Ra....ALSO: people trying to break into writing about film. Reply to this with what else you need to know. If I can, I'll…
Retweeted by James ClarkeIda Lupino #BOTD English-American trailblazer who directed social message films during the classical Hollywood peri…
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@amblin @BAFTA This is great to see. I had the chance to interview Kathleen Kennedy, albeit very briefly, for a mag… film? @borderlines are looking for a Festival Assistant to work during the Festival duration of February 28 to…
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This is a good-news story:‘Producer David Saltz said, “What would you do?” Prince looked at him and said, “Sir, follow me, please.” We follow…
Retweeted by James ClarkeSuper Bowl and the evolution of animation: this is fascinating:
This is so cool to hear (my former lecturer, Prof. Helen Taylor): next month is a new book that I have worked on. If you're a fan of James Bond movies and / or Terry O'Neill's p… read here, and some fab images, too, about John Ford and Monument Valley: @BFI #library pleased to receive the Borderlines Film Festival @borderlines. Contains info on the B…
Retweeted by James ClarkeHere's a useful piece about what would need to unfold for us to rejoin the EU: next month is a new book that I have worked on. If you're a fan of James Bond movies and / or Terry O'Neill's p… new conversation here with the composer John Williams: all former GOSH patients! 📣 For the GOSH Teens Careers Festival, we'd love to hear where life's taken you s…
Retweeted by James ClarkeI’ve been a big fan of John Ford’s movies for the longest time and today is the anniversary of his birthday. There… episode 2 all good.👍 I was entusing last week about my discovery that #MichaelChabon is a writer and produce…
Here's our Graduation 2020 trailer, screened for the first time on the w/e at @BFI. Congrats to our most recent coh…
Retweeted by James ClarkeTwenty there years ago today and this all began., @cheshellen: I heard about this on the radio yesterday. Do you know about it ? :
These images of the Sun’s surface that have been made available ( today, I think) are wondrous. “O so amazing and… @LASTEXITshirts Wimbledon Odeon on a dark and rainy night. 👍I'm an insecure writer myself, and I've done the same thing. But please please please: don't think that your words…
Retweeted by James ClarkeIf you’re looking forward to the new #JamesBond movie, you might like to check out the new book that I have been wo…"Going to London Film School was the turning point in my life. It was the moment I started discovering purpose to m…
Retweeted by James ClarkeSuch an important part of our community. Play matters! 🎨⚽🥁
Retweeted by James ClarkeLast year, @Resurgence_mag published a piece that I wrote about Mary Hunter Austin and her book The Land of Little… nice it was this morning to give a talk about history on film, using the film Empire of the Sun as a lens throu…’ve been interested to see this ever since it was first announced as going into production.👍
@classic_film It has to be: The Mosquito Coast (I like his Sabrina very much, too.) And his 'supporting' role in Th… looking forward to this new Harrison Ford movie. I think it's the latest film that Janusz Kaminski has been… new movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote is released this week. Here’s a piece I wrote for @bfi a little while…
ICYMI: On @KPCC's @theframe, Ryan Linkof, @lucasmuseum film curator, explains the importance of the #SeparateCinema
Retweeted by James ClarkeBack in 1999 I visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and the power of it has not left my memory. #HolocaustRemembranceDay#Increasethepeace @simonbrew BFI film academy scheme might be worth checking out. 👍The @Starwars Archives: Eps I-III: 1999-2005. To give you an idea of the process of making this book: For Ep III al…
Retweeted by James Clarke @TicoRomao Like fifteen years a while back, Tico. And feels like yesterday, too. @TicoRomao I remember you talking to me about this film with such enthusiasm the morning after you had been to see… come to this so I’m not talking to myself 🙂
Retweeted by James ClarkeLast year during a visit to the @NPGLondon I learnt that artist Doris Zinkeisen recorded the liberation of Belsen… are plenty of ways to visit London Film School, 2020 - join one of our tours, Jan - Mar. #filmmaker
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@TicoRomao Another favourite from my teen years. Also the first movie on DVD that I bought.Last year during a visit to the @NPGLondon I learnt that artist Doris Zinkeisen recorded the liberation of Belsen B… @rachsyme The Professor’s House by Willa Cather. @TicoRomao My brother and I loved watching this when we first discovered it on tv when we were kids.No question about it, Helen Taylor who has written this ( was one of the most supportive an…
@Dr_Dimitra_Fimi @IRSCL_News @issclblog @UofGFantasy I remember reading this when it was first published and enjoying it greatly.👍 @andyeduardo77 @TicoRomao Andy, do you describe yourself using those nine words, too?👍The first episode of #Picard was hugely enjoyable. I had not realised that one of my favourite writers, Michael Cha… @TicoRomao It is a real achievement.👍As we mark one year since his passing, we wanted to share a note from Jonas about his - and our - beloved Anthology…
Retweeted by James Clarke#otd in 1849 Frederick Douglass addressed a Burns supper in Rochester, New York:
Retweeted by James Clarke @TicoRomao Have you see Terence Davies’ movie, A Quiet Passion, Tico? 👍Good to see this confirmed: 🐋
ALCS is very concerned by the Government’s announcement that they will not be implementing the Copyright Directive.…
Retweeted by James ClarkeIt’s good to be back in at @lfsorguk today working with the students on their screenplays.