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Retweeted by 🤮 @nightMairC @ToddThaGod Lmao well it serves as an example of how not to live. #value @1900JEZEBEL Lol bombI cant sleep. know this bitch I can still be sickening non surgedugh seriously... how do i find out if there are secret dark web porn sites with my nudes and sex videos taken of me…, this is perseus right? how did he manage to approach medusa with the clap of those asscheeks??????
Retweeted by 🤮they still be trying to do this in ny ... @PrincessPanocha preachewww ppl can literally stalk you on twitter.... oof @zewmageddon teaEvery tiny bit of this huge world is filled with life.
Retweeted by 🤮Goodnight everyone. I hope you all wake up tomorrow with clear skin, a text from someone you want to hear from, and…
Retweeted by 🤮 @mistervacation oofjasmine infiniti CDMX Live Stream via @YouTubeOmg go off Grindr go off @cordill3ra Lol @girlpouts 💜Me when my extrovert batteries run out 🙃
Retweeted by 🤮 @HistoryMuppet Was the orig version modeled after a Shoebill Stork maybe?!?
Retweeted by 🤮I would just lay on the floor and expect the worst like come on man
Retweeted by 🤮Shoebill Stork Appreciation Post!!
Retweeted by 🤮Turns out this bird is real and not the result of a creepy #photoshop competition... #ShoebillStork
Retweeted by 🤮 @MawaanR Or SHOEBILL STORK.
Retweeted by 🤮Bangweulu Wetlands, Zambia hosts over 400 bird species throughout the year including the iconic yet vulnerable Shoe…
Retweeted by 🤮I would absolutely hug a shoebill stork if that was a viable and safe option for the bird.
Retweeted by 🤮Shoebill stork is my favorite animal right now is too real. I hate fetishists*three @AlanWattsDaily @GEWZER But who is making the movesYou yourself are the universe which you are observing.
Retweeted by 🤮 @yu_whoooo Yes we did ... it made me wish I had a boo thing to cuddle with @girlpouts Oh you really did slay this unit @rafiaswrld Take me with you @thecoldest__1 Ooooo @cutist_cultist Lol I ordered Popeyes and haven’t left my bed all dayWatch our documentary on 6 Figure Gang. The Face went on the road with the crew compromised of @Iamsherelle,…
Retweeted by 🤮Does a Trvns Mvfxv exist? I’m starting it... the girls need not be fucked with!
Retweeted by 🤮Omg actually scary ppl talmbout all lives matter but don’t wear masks and act like literally only thier lives matter. @MC_Nyberg @nightMairC @ToddThaGod Lol let’s not call him a victim ... I’m sure the government historically and cur… @EvolvedSeer @nightMairC @ToddThaGod I mean if he was murdered by the police then maybe it’s safe to say it wasn’t… @nightMairC @tengomangos @ToddThaGod Well isn’t that the crux of it all. Who cares about whom? All lives matter you… @tengomangos @nightMairC @ToddThaGod Boop @OptimismIsBunk @nightMairC @ToddThaGod I hope so! If not I hope it spread it to thier racist asses too. @lux1992 @nightMairC @ToddThaGod Atleast we know it wasn’t anyone black @lux1992 @nightMairC @ToddThaGod This part @BenjiCJ24 @nightMairC @ToddThaGod Purr @nightMairC @ToddThaGod What does that have to do with him putting lives at risk by not wearing a mask and ultimate… @nightMairC @ToddThaGod Not really as sad, hard to have sympathy for such and ignorant terrible person who’s ignora… I’m soooo tired of this literally being a thing. I feel like men have traumatized me beyond repair. It jus… @williamvercetti I sure as hell hope soresident evil 3 is game of the year period
Retweeted by 🤮Lol at the American flag being a red flag for ppl and places I should avoid.
This looks cute : Eryka Lanvin is an icon and such a sickening mother!I just want a 60 inch full lace unit to carry inWHEN IS THE NEXT #BANDCAMPDAY ?
Retweeted by 🤮 @bl0wnoutbussy 💜💜💜Thoughts on “Cancel Culture” and a Response to “A Letter on Justice and Open Debate”
Retweeted by 🤮 @AAPolicyForum @UMFANG What’s worse is that video of the lady actually trying to paint over it @djswisha_ @UMFANG @washingtonpost @hausofaltr Lol I can’tGlad we got a write up on @washingtonpost for the @hausofaltr compilations but the comments ppl left on the article…
Retweeted by 🤮 @UMFANG Thank youSome thoughts on white accountability & working through racial conflict
Retweeted by 🤮 @grumpylovesu Truth tea I feel like I’ve given up the respect of “men” for the respect of my community and fellow music ppl and Dj… made this is going to hell.
Retweeted by 🤮Can we start some kind of document on what people are being paid in the music industry when people reach them for w…
Retweeted by 🤮I knew that Telfar logo looked too familiar🤔🤔🤔
Retweeted by 🤮this isn't fair.
Retweeted by 🤮how u hate on trans people and want to use ballroom terms ......................
Retweeted by 🤮I think its time i start playing RE3
Retweeted by 🤮Ugh I just want a bf to be cuddled up with while it rainsOmg should I really order McNuggets?I’m literally still waiting to see my own yak tapes! Apparently it’s all over the blogs. 😭
Retweeted by 🤮 @thecoldest__1 Yea... just curiousI walk in saying “it’s hot as a bitch”
Retweeted by 🤮 @thecoldest__1 Hmmm why?I can't stop watching this 🔊 #cruftz #dogsoftwitter
Retweeted by 🤮 @GOUL8DE I’m traggerdzzzzzhunyddubjbfddfkWe were carrying wow I’m working on new shit I’m finally starting to realize it isn’t always about making ppl dance but it’s nic… - Jasmine Infiniti
Retweeted by 🤮SOUNDSOFNOW #082: Fresh tracks for your Friday evening from DUBLAB HQ in Los Angeles! Listen 🎧 to this week’s selec…
Retweeted by 🤮Lorddddt @JasmineInfiniti Day 3 of @dwellerforever at @BossaNovaCivic in NYC 💯📌
Retweeted by 🤮I’m literally still waiting to see my own yak tapes! Apparently it’s all over the blogs. 😭 @GOUL8DE Mood @GOUL8DE If you cashapp meThe acoustic version of Do It by @chloexhalle is everything. The vocal breakdown is just mesmerizing 🤩✨
Retweeted by 🤮Can you teach me how to feel... real... can you turn my power on, on, on, on... @ashwaryamusic @pornoqueer @MileyWoo @DaiBurger @Jaewynnmusic @dounia @ayonimusic @nessnite @SheaCoulee Wow ty 🤩
@cordill3ra Ty sis xoxoUgh why is rekordbox trying me! It keeps crashing and/or pinwheeling and/or failing to force quit @GOUL8DE Maybe things might actually be better or easier or whatever. @HouseOfJCurtis ✋🏿