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small dick stan account :') only replying to dms on & all links at

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@KhoiVietLe say sike rn @GHoustonComedy where where does he say that wait don't show me my brain blocked it out for a reason @kbuddyartist 🥺 @tropicanapussy moodevery time i come back to this i discover something worse and i just realized he turned off auto capitalization for… @nicothe420th oh god i didn't even catch that @MNateShyamalan me but sexual @Coll3enG happy birthday my love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @vinn_ayy gm yes @milkinhisbag u are such a cutieanyone want to call and we talk for hours and i kiss u goodnight and we fall asleep on the phone together @brainwxrms ok and @emonormie the best anime fr @torweee people are so nasty and ugly and hateful and sad @mamsyers honestly maybe it hasn't remember this is all within one dayanyways this is why i don't talk to men for free and if you would like my time or energy you can subscribe to me on @optiuh ya that's disgusting don't tell me u use it
@queenjoheen as they should @queenjoheen @dinoman_j pls drop the fanhouse link @queenjoheen send her money so she can get a tracy's dog vibrator pls all women deserve one @queenjoheen if we had sex i know it would be meaningful @notchaselyons a perfect gentleman like yourself would never do this @ballerguy i'm "you're welcome ;)" @dancow SUCH A PET PEEVE WHEN PEOPLE JUST THROW IT EVERY FOR FUN LIKE IT'S A GARNISH @bIondiewasabi no ualso to clarify this is not me bc i would've blocked him after he used ";)" unironically. i read this online and u… @ebmainsigh block him too @jazz_inmypants you're going back and reading all of this. i read all ur fucking tweets even though you delete them anywayshe's still cute and since i only roast dumb men on my page i haven't talked about him much. nothing to complain abo… @jazz_inmypants what does this mean @RobDenBleyker nah rob i'd say you're a solid 6.7/10 @BiggDaddyyDeess 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 @yellowspoongirl these men are insane @AlexHodges ok sure this is acceptableidk i'm disgusted by this in so many ways and this is really veiled incel shit the way he keeps trying to guilt / m… @AlexHodges that is not any kind of mood nor will ever be ever @badgirIkiki in ur defense those totally look microwaveable and also same not replying to a hinge match for 2 hours because you're busy studying and then they send you this (thread) @Keefler_Elf yea @queenjoheen ❤️men are sick @tropicanapussy write a book please @thegallowboob 😏 @KylePlantEmoji 😐 @nateandmufasa :o where @jodieegrace this is true @jereenalynn ILY PLEASEnot you tweeting this from an iphone
@sarahschauer iconic @baemax oh so u want to date @thegallowboob @Shopify congrats!!!!!!!i'll let u fuck but i'll also talk about dismantling the patriarchy while we're doing itany men want to date @albert12798 need me an alberta short story @c_clemenss i am tired!!! of bleeding!!!! and having to pay for it!!!!!!!bro i'm tired of paying for pads and tampons if walmart doesn't let me walk out with my female products i am straig… @Sanchovies legend @PremiumSimp like a good simp does @jazz_inmypants @KylePlantEmoji @objsucks ok just stay single i don't even care @jazz_inmypants @KylePlantEmoji @objsucks aha wanna discuss it over dinner and dessert @jazz_inmypants @KylePlantEmoji @objsucks and interestingly enough i am an onlyfans girl 😳
@liv_cowherd omg liv @badgirIkiki oh ur watching season 8 :/ @pant_leg @gabby_frost omg @l3avem3alone it is literally always down @thegallowboob :O @jennifermerr not in your heart that's all i know ☹️ @awhalefact @badboychadhoy don't be sorry he had a chance but he took too long to reply and i am horny Now @1followernodad thanks for the heads up! can't wait @awhalefact @badboychadhoy counterpoint: i am a girl and want to fuck a whale @badboychadhoy counterpoint: i have a puppy and i am a girl @albert12798 @snootid @jennifermerr oh so our group chat means nothing to u @aubviouslynot says more about how they don't understand how communication works in healthy relationships @snootid this tweet so deep it hit my gspot @CXL_27 this is so good can i use this for my next tweet @kuroyukihime666 🥺 @cowboij the word wow was invented for ur pictures @itsonlyaubrey LMAO @queenjoheen the second she said coolest bitches i knew she was referring to me @aubviouslynot ppl r so DUMB and misogynistic bro @MichaelaOkla love that for you @liv_cowherd omfg @reallifevan @queenjoheen i like this one @queenjoheen omg same i was thinking about this
@VinMan17 what's your linkedin @notchaselyons me too @Keally22 mmmmmm @notchaselyons me too @albert12798 damn @chunkyfila which one @chunkyfila SIWJN SEE JDKWNZKEK @basedthao @WowAmazeName @Ben2Chu2 @7upsoda7 @aWesoMe_CSGO @SlothMyMango @SukhmeetSingh33 omg get his ass. dry lo dit type shit @FireBeets mega link is a site that leaks the feeds of any OF account it's fucked up loljust realized there are a ton of men who message people asking for leaks of my onlyfans.......y'all are so sad and… @Zarkai4PF anyways the answer is yes & that's a really good size honestly @HotPaperComics go martin!!!!!! @Zarkai4PF @meztu what the fuck