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@Blernt Ty for having SENSE @bmluse TIN FOIL HAT ON AND TIED TIGHT AND IM ABSOLUTELY WITH YOU PLUS WHEN YOU RECALL HOW MUCH THIS COUNTRY HATES… @LordMca206 You know when I think about it, that album did come out right before the plague happened 🧐🧐What about your ph? You’re not worried about your ph? said “dark skinned women can indeed wear red lipstick, in fact may I suggest a shade of fenty lip bomb which works for most if not all?”No way lol @iTerryTommy It’s coming, auntie @Ethnography911 Gonna try reading aloud and see @laurenzcollins She’s already going through so much and im on page 1! @yoloethics Good crazy? @notalottamani Love you! Let’s watch the Mariah and ponytail Christmas xtravaganza💞 @notalottamani Happy birthday! 🥳🥳🥳 @iTerryTommy See how his life went to shit after he blocked me???They were right @NoSwaggT No you/they def do lol for being GENDER NONCONFORMING and im sorry the club ppl were discriminatory 💞 and… was in gender crisis for a bit at the beginning of quarantine so I tried on a du rag at my friends bday zoom gath… FREESTYLE DRIVEN PRODUCT OF SUB PAR QUALITY @NoSwaggT I will when you remove your CORK WEDGES, niece @_jaysonpsmith @iTerryTommy No this wasn’t it lol it had more...dora @NoSwaggT Bye girl @iTerryTommy @_jaysonpsmith FEDORA THE EXPLORA @iTerryTommy You say “cracker” and wear fedoras babe, embrace it @xoMinnieJo Oh absolutely! Glad to have outgrown that one lol @KylePienaar I dropped the discomfort of evening because it was too much, the passages were literally making my sto… @LloydWise look at his pants Lloyd lol he’s wearing pants started Milkman because I thought it’d be good cold weather lit plus all the royal intrigue has me curious about… whole “Africans come here and get ahead of us” is wildly xenophobic, like they aren’t also facing poverty in t…
Retweeted by Small Crimes @ItsYourBishAng Oh same lolWhen Harriet Tubman catches me singing Slave 4 U
Retweeted by Small Crimes @JayElHarris I will simply walk up to miss girls home, ring the bell, and demand that she be held accountable. Simple!My sources tell me that madame didion is suffering from dementia :( very bad, if true, don’t like this for her :( @JayElHarris Were you personally THERE for the moon landing Jamie, hmm👁👁👁👁 @AsteadWesley He simply did not over stand smh father Wesley said my third eye will remain snapped SHUT, tyvm🤧I had an NOI teacher who called us HOUSE SLAVES because we moved at the sound of the bell ringing to dismiss us fro… @AManYouLove_T Oh yes, my very ridiculous family sent me to “Ujima Summer Camp” one year and I similarly returned h… @iTerryTommy Terry you literally are a hotep, remember when you had your fedora phased and I called you “Fedora the Explora”🧿
Retweeted by Small Crimes @WrittenByHanna Oh I did as well lmao HOTEP TWINS @surlybassey When I say “a while” I mean like...till I was 20 lololol not a full grown adult SUBSCRIBING😂Lolol I tweeted “anti vaxx” and the algorithm showed me this within 5 minutes 🥳 ppl, This is a safe space, Tell me about your hotep phase. We all had one! I’ll start: when I was in 10th gra… @GeeDee215 I think it’s like the bastardized (but not that off!) vestiges of 70’s esque black nationalism lolol @angelicabastien Who do you think killed Marilyn 👁👁I keep that Mfn thang on ME (tin foil hat, the thang is a tin foil hat)A huge part of my identity is being a hotep auntie, which means I love a good conspiracy!The moon landing? Didn’t h…🤧🤧🤧 one can remember whether I got it! Mom and grandma say yes. Sister and aunt say no :( let people enjoy things fran lebowitz:
Retweeted by Small Crimes @me_im_chloe 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 wrote about the campy allure of Iyanla Fix My Life for my substack
Retweeted by Small CrimesThis was poor Diana watching Charles and milla 🥺🥺🥺 be the apps when they bout to get deleted
Retweeted by Small CrimesLetitia Wright’s publicist right now
Retweeted by Small CrimesWho decided it was time to use Hilary in the swirl agenda pls @domnotdom__ I’m dying a little bit, just a liiiiitle bit! But I did have a buddy who told me once that the majorit… @angelicabastien I’ll beat your co workers assesWait, WHOS an anti vaxxer? Lmao @NicholeGunz No no, this simply won’t do! Pls, find your seasonal stride, we need you, I’ve already lost a critical… to Make You Happy when I’m up, Everytime when I’m down 😌 in the morning trying to process the intense symbolism that appeared in my dreams
Retweeted by Small Crimes @youdoingtoomuch I WANT REVENGE I WANT BLOOD BRING ME THE HEAD OF CHarles ARTHUR
Is it possible one of you could connect me with Queen Elizabeth’s accountability team? I’ve a few QUESTIONS and CON… @CharoShane @theferocity She suffered so much 🥺🥺I know I’m 24 years late but THE QUEEN MUST PAY FOR MAKING DIANA SUFFER 🤬🤬🤬 @Mepbon She’s a lady 🥰 @ashleyjamesart I’m so sorry, Ashley, this sucks and you have every right to be pissed :( @drakemotel Just a bite 😌Yes I got drunk and posed my coat on the couch and had a conversation with it, how’s you all’s quarantine 😌When my mama asks what I've made in the air fryer she bought me...
Retweeted by Small Crimes’m sooooooooooo sorry this is sendinggg
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wrote about folklore and hillbilly elegy lol
Retweeted by Small CrimesMy field is “being a dumb bitch” and I’ve been at it since birth 🚬 😌
Retweeted by Small Crimes“The church took away my right to be Middle class!!”-Sarah
As others have said, donating directly to folks who need it is a perfectly good way of supporting community on…
Retweeted by Small Crimes“During the meeting Tuesday, CDC officials said there is currently no data on how pregnant women will respond to Pf… @bookforum, i wrote about marie ndiaye — a genius!
Retweeted by Small CrimesDecember 2020 is live: John Waters, @perfumegenius, Jo Baer, Yvette Mutumba, @HONEYDIJON, Paul B. Preciado,…
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Retweeted by Small Crimes @joanjettdidion No it’s different, your beauty makes anything else in the camera...disappear ✨ @me_im_chloe Yours is beautiful, it’s chic 💕Mariah Carey songs original remix
Retweeted by Small Crimes @NatashaOladokun Yes I realized it was too much when I was too afraid to speak honestly in session and also kept wa… why you on zoom with ya house like that girlIdk I’m no cleaning ELITIST, I once had a depression that left me unable to shower for a month, but idk if homegirl… @jeremyoharris Wait she’s white?? I thought she was just light skinned lmaoMaybe the idea is she’s at zoom happy hour? IdkOk my house has only looked like this when I’m in deep mental anguish and like...not just casually having a Rita, l… @nopecon Here and accounted for🤝Therapy is truly so much better and more productive now that my therapist isn’t a black woman roughly my moms age w…
True Kitchen and KocktailsPls father god, I am begging at y'alls brunch after the Panasonic is over:
Retweeted by Small CrimesI once visited cape cod, where the water was the same shallow depth (to my knees) no matter how far i walked from t… protesting brunch security from escorting twerkers out
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