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Topic 5: Scaling Your Culture @jacqkd and @ashleyraewg talk about the importance of setting it, leading, hiring an… it comes to a high performance culture, @ashleyraeWG (@LAUNCH Managing Director) suggests... - Setting a revie… my lord, the world is awesome @jchybow @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack I love twitter and @jack — just want to Be treated better than the hackers… are going to stop our advertising spend and move it to Instagram and LinkedIn — they would solve this problem f… @lanewood Oh, sorry... DM failI spend $100k+ a year on @twitter ads & when our accounts were hacked, by someone socially manipulating… @AlmostMedia @hunterwalk Comedy is over, Twitter killed it.
also, @ToscaMusk is in a three-way tie for my favorite Musk! Proud angel in @PassionFlix (which is so romantic) @AlmostMedia @hunterwalk He’s actually a comedian... so there’s that. 😂 Why is anyone looking at him as anthing but what he is?Let me make this easy for folks: James Bond is a person, 007 is his employee number If Bond leaves MI6 his name is… big deal, just getting a cappuccino at the @Tesla supercharger while adding 373 miles an hour! Nice @elonmusk 👌👌… said I couldn’t eat a cannoli for breakfast for three days in row. got a great audio book for me? @ReformedBroker Co-signedOnce you have your core values and understand what your company is, you can then start hiring. @jacqkd breaks dow…, @jacqkd and I talk about the core values at @LAUNCH & why as an investor it's much better to be resi… Managing Directors, @ashleyRaeWG and @jacqkd join me for the 10th and final episode of Scaling Your Startu… emotional but important plea from my many @andymilonakis episode of ⁦@TWistartups⁩ specially important as ⁦@Jason⁩ ⁦@JacqKD⁩ ⁦@AshleyRaeWG⁩ discuss #culture for…
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We recently had 5 company Twitter handles stolen in a coordinated attack, and @TwitterSupport has closed 20 of our… would love to meet some family offices if you know any high-quality ones. feel free to introduce me at jason@ca…’m in love with my @onepeloton Tread — it’s the greatest product ever. Just ordered the bike, because my wife & I… there ever was a reason to subscribe to Netflix, it’s to see how on earth Eddie Murphy’s time-capsule 80s standu… done ✅ @justinkan Kill it, or be killedthe firm can 20-100x revenue from here, so this seemingly overpriced round might produce a 5-15x cash on cash in 7-… @joelgascoigne @bryce Might seem crazy on the surface, but could be a good bet My guess… @amir @NotionHQ @danielgross @akothari @joshk @eladgil @naval @lachygroom @asenkut @mvernal Seems crazy, but some b… @AaronSuplizio @balajis @Zappos_Hsieh I’ve stayed at the trailer park 5x — it’s more fun than a hotel.So... ~1% of @NotionHQ for $10m.... let’s do some math Good bet/bad bet? 1m users x 10% paid (assumption) X $9… caught me on video discussing a ridiculous series B term sheet last week... don’t agree with @AOC’s anti capitalist / socialist beliefs, but I am very impressed with her ability to flay wit… opinion: we should not allow Chinese or Russian apps in @GooglePlay or Apple’s @AppStore. Far too the crazy love warrior lady in the democratic debates? That's the only one i'm watching.
In order to build a 🦄 with a 10% take rate you need to hit $1b a year... is this possible for a crowdfunding sites… @rycaut @Patreon Typo, thanksHow much have the employees of the company been allowed to sell is the most relevant question here. If sophistica… @balajis moments like this, I realize things are also awesome #TerminatorDarkFate @nick_lagrange I’m old, fuck off“I’m Garbage, a memoir” — by James Dolan @KevinOConnorNBA “I’m Garbage, a memoir” — by James Dolan @semil Please don’t share my master plan with these journalists 😂’re also murdering communists bent on destroying democracy... but who’s counting. 🤦🏻‍♂️ @garrytan @Initialized @0xHorizonGames @SkyWeaverGame RadFair warning @launch team: I’m coming in hot!! #cannoli time! @bgurley @ricfulop @jpm25 @a16z forward to my keynote at the Family Office Association event I don’t know any fam… @avg070 Swisher/Calacanis 2032I am the law. — 😂’m going to make a great Vice President #FaceApp @christiangeorg @m2jr Thanks pal... nice to meet you Mr. Maples You can find my startups at’m going to turn into Robert Redford in 30 years! Awesome #FaceApp #faceappchallenge @VideoGames @FlappyRoyale @lazerwalker @orta @helvetica here's the site: and here's the iO… @eriktorenberg @KDTrey5 @kawhileonard 4. Magic can happen (see 8th seed Knicks making the finals with spreewell 5.… @eriktorenberg 1. Ticket sales 2. To show a star like @KDTrey5 or @kawhileonard that if they join you have a solid…’m sad to say I’ve lost the opportunity to read two important books to #flappybirds — so i will NOT be downing… opportunity — @netflix is not going anywhere, and they have many subscription driving shows in the pipeline… @AKGreenberg @BalloonrHQ Thanks palAll true! Investors always ask me how available and supportive @Jason is, and the answer is endlessly. He makes the…
Retweeted by 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄Thanks everyone... working on the follow up right now! @OneBandwagonFan @rrhoover @tferriss We are doing ad free version on @patreon for fun and $1-10, it’s tiny but a fu… @TheRealOJ32 Any progress in finding Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman’s killer?TMW a murdering sociopath seems more reasonable than @POTUS @SirCharlesQ @LAUNCH 🤦🏻‍♂️ @peterpham @guhlo @LiquidDeath Mom! @karaswisher It’s going to get very very dark @pourteaux @singareddynm I’ve owned it for a decade... I’ve been planning a company called @libra in fact 😂😂😂 Mayb…
#AngelUniversity tour followed by 2 Days at #AngelSummit @LAUNCH @Jason 🦄 Exciting week! #startups #syndicate
Retweeted by 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄I’m sharing this with you in confidence, please keep it between us. @danmurrayserter @secretleaders1 Thank you for your discretion in this matter.@neyborly Co- Founder and CEO Ben Seidl talks about how @neyborly works, what it costs to rent and what the top 3… @Jasoncalacanis @impcapital @LAUNCH @ycombinator @techstars @sequoia @WhatsApp @sama To be clear, this is…
Now 🐎 @ Napa, California @tferriss Amazing quote. @VideoGames You should always tag folks in tweets and photos @andrewluong_ @eightsleep Amazing product. @howardlindzon It’s amazing, I love itWhat a disaster... I told y’all @wikileaks and Assange were traitors. We need to pick this kid up and have a looo… @ThomasJWyatt @msavino @AshleyRaeWG @LAUNCH Thanks for coming to @paydayloanguy I wish I could share this plan, but it’s proprietaryI. AM. SHOCKED!!! Julian Assange wasn’t a benevolent force for good in the world this whole time?!? How Julian As…, how can you sleep at night while allowing @rickygervais to tweet these micro aggressions all day long on y… @john_s_harman @AshleyRaeWG @msavino @LAUNCH We love doing
@PreetBharara @AnneMilgram I love your podcast — please keep doing it!!! @tomwatson We don’t have enough fat to taste good — wasted bite. 🦈 ❤️ @giomate F@#$@k!!!!If you’re wondering why shark attacks are on the use, it’s correlated with the number of people moving to costal to… @Bosefina It’s correlated with the number of people moving to costal towns, population growth and more folks partic…!!! 👌👌👌@tewy @acton check this awesomeness out!!!! Go @calm go! @richardtitus @LAUNCH Send great founders @alexisohanian I’m 5’ 8.5 (on a good day), and I’ve learned this lesson—mainly from watching my wife get treated th… @monksymagic @LAUNCH 😂😂😂💪❤️🦄 @henryyoshida @rabois @rocketdollar Not surprised. @rabois is one of the few investors I take notes from — would li… @Wolfmansblog Interestingly, 19 of 22 people who we shared @uber with at our angel event said yes No one would bac… @thiagoleych Always free for founders @fromedome @CJN @qz ... and which get us the highest affiliate commission. @atytse Please keep it between us.🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 🚨 TOP SECRET!!! 🚨 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 🦄DO NOT SHARE🦄 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄