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The lobster has limited telepathy, though it cannot explain how it came to have this ability. // he/him bottom text

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This is awful advice. Use your PTO, period. If you need time off, take time off. It's a manager's job/leadership's…
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @DieRobinsonDie @THE_Stefano_DLC oh you got the cursed preshowDid you think she was just gonna step on your face and there wouldn't be a price? Come on.
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @DieRobinsonDie @THE_Stefano_DLC I got Quiet Place 2, some Rebecca Hall horror movie, Fast Saga and Bond. @DieRobinsonDie @THE_Stefano_DLC Aw man I didn't get Suicide SquadBuy my books! Also available from your local booksellers.
Retweeted by Chewbaja BlastDear every complaining employer
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @THE_Stefano_DLC I love how big it looks, finally a genocidal maniac! @THE_Stefano_DLC I missed sitting in the theater so much. Also we got a new NO TIME TO DIE trailer. @leboism @AmandaAshPlease @colonelnemo yes I have dialed 9 nd 1 and am waiting to dial the next 1MURDERBEAR FASTBALL SPECIAL
Retweeted by Chewbaja BlastTonight in our Star Wars RPG: my disgraced Mandalorian merc just picked up @HitlerPuncher's Ewok with a knife and c… @treswritesstuff damn dude take the $2700You: "I'm only 35, I have my whole life ahead of me." Sports Broadcaster: "Here comes the oldest player in the league. He's 32. A miracle."
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast.@instagram has limited posts with hashtag #Jerusalem #الاقصي
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @CharlieChu set him up on FarmersOnly @TheDazzlingOne lemme get my Powerpoint deck togetherWRATH OF MAN is like Guy Ritchie saw DEN OF THIEVES and UNCUT GEMS and was like “ok but what if they were utterly Terrifying Nightmares”
Retweeted by Chewbaja BlastNo side mirrors and couldn't fit a 2x4 in the bed. other than that, it also looks like a car failed to render in Ma…
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @LibbyCudmore @TheDazzlingOne Tubi serves up only the finest of trash. @jesse_hamm The first ten minutes of so of JACK REACHER have almost no dialog but are completely propulsive. The re… @JosephFinn @jordannwitt In the book he's like "In the movie, everyone would be here to welcome me on the ship, but… @jordannwitt it upsets me every timeThe plot of The Martian (book) followed by the plot of The Martian (movie) and why all the changes made in the movi…
Retweeted by Chewbaja BlastSince people are discovering the Tick/Invincible crossover by me and @lesmcclaine I will remind you that you can pi…
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @heymermaid that RISE OF SKYWALKER is Good, Actually No, I'm pretty sure Murder, She Wrote tattoos aren't a thi...
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @neokefka_99 I can't wait. Love these dudes doing movies back to back.your occasional reminder that you will never regret looking up the etymology of a word
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @colonelnemo because dads make themSimply as a thing that is happening, this is very, very funny.
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@colonelnemo I arrived too late to see my Maria. @highway_62 It is dark as shit. Almost a horror film. I liked it a whole lot.Goddamn, WRATH OF MAN is A Lot.HBO Max got what you need. @ThatWeissGuy @nicknewt Krust-hopI embrace the great furby uprising From #TheMitchellsVsTheMachines
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blastnice
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blastsome good news
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @DylanRoth Rock n' Roll @ThatWeissGuy @Kevin_Church Getting to log off at 5 and take an hour nap before making dinner is an amazing luxury. @Kevin_Church At least he didn't become a cop.Today, Ian MacEwan @ianmacewan posts an obituary for (and an appreciation of) John Paul Leon, artist on books such…
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @Kevin_Church Never got to use one on my commanding officer, but I can use it on your tastebuds! @tatianawrites tagging in @FrostyJaneamong the many delights of watching broadcast versions of MST3K is the reminder that if you watched it late at nigh…
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @colonelnemo @LongTallJodie I have no idea what is happening here but I am TERRIFIEDthey’re BALMAIN (the most prestigious brand in PANTS)—my shoes are by Ferragamo. Basically, I’m a Sharp Dressed Ma…
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Retweeted by Chewbaja Blastfinally, here it is. this is it.
Retweeted by Chewbaja BlastSolidarity with @washingtonian journalists today who are withholding their labor over the CEO's public threat to th…
Retweeted by Chewbaja BlastThe real minefield is the NY Post trying to bait Billy Crystal into saying something dumb about cancel culture, him…
Retweeted by Chewbaja BlastA reminder that you cannot receive unemployment benefits if you’re not actively looking for work (in many states yo…
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @DylanRoth Castor Troy would absolutely have a SoundCloud if he were around today. @Leask I would wear is bandcamp friday. please buy this song i wrote in college for $500
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @highway_62 @franzferdinand2 it's all VHS rips too @franzferdinand2 oh wow, talk about VHS throw backs @highway_62 @joedistort He does a fair amount of variant covers for DC these days.BEHIND THE STORY: New Mexico only just passed paid sick leave this year
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @colonelnemo Luna definitely becomes whatever the wizarding equivalent of a Q supporter is. Everyone else at Hogwarts is a Tory. @suesswassersee ...and all of this to justify the murder of a person who didn't have a gun and had their hands up @scott_tobias only the best children @BenjaminBirdie @TheKyleStarks sue the very concept of time itself for forcing me to grow old A federal grand jury just indicted Derek Chauvin for civil rights violations related to George Floyd's…
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @ThatWeissGuy @highway_62 I still have my CD's at least, so I'm just gonna have to add to my list once I can start… @BurnBigTexBurn @highway_62 holy shit, I was at this show @highway_62 goddammit Matt, of course all their 90's stuff is out of print and the only LP's on Discogs are in Euro… were Curve not one of the biggest bands of the 90s? I lie awake at night thinking about that.
Retweeted by Chewbaja BlastWalt Simonson, hell yeah. @colonelnemo @depechejoe They need to go back to Tumblr and stay there.You, a nincompoop: Superhero comics can’t be art. Me: Then explain this panel from this week’s HELLIONS—
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blasttfw I sneeze so loud in the basement I hear the cat run away upstairs @BurnBigTexBurn I think I've blocked enough that I am free now. @keithpille @ThatWeissGuy Last time we drove from New Mexico to Chicago we took the route through north Texas and l… something Lady Dimitrescu
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blastsomething tells me to stop with the toilet i don’t listen to it
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @keithpille it is definitely haunted @keithpille I've driven straight through Kansas a few times and there were so few rest stops we straight up stopped… @Learnonaut They've repeatedly surrounded Rodgers with NCAA-level talent and he still makes it work. Imagine if the… it's @BurnBigTexBurn @Learnonaut Yeah, if my wife wasn't a GB fan I would be just soaking this all in. @Learnonaut *laughs in Cutler is the best Bears QB of my lifetime* @Learnonaut Packers fans in for a real rude awakening if dude leaves. They've had, what, 20 straight years of having a top five QB?"You do a lot of unpaid labor when you come into the office so if you don't we'll take away your healthcare" is the…
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @soundingline I want to think an AI wrote this but a computer would sound more human.Did the ghost of William Buckley write this tweet immediately after taking a massive bong hit? What the hell?
Retweeted by Chewbaja BlastI bought all of these except The Eternals. @FrostyJane's happening at The Believer is about more than just a Zoom incident:
Retweeted by Chewbaja BlastSpaceman status #PS4share @BurnBigTexBurn @losthiskeysman @bigredrobot Butter Swim Biscuits
@froonding_loom @colonelnemo Happened to my cousin. @jdkrach @ThatWeissGuy I’m going to fight tooth and nail. But we’re a small office so hopefully I should be able to… keeping the peace on the dance floor was Dalton, the best cooler in the business.
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @ronchronchronch sure hope Bobby gave him some pee cubesAll I can think about is Michael Bloomberg's cameo at Northstar's wedding
Retweeted by Chewbaja Blast @abrahamjoseph PS: I just had my first sighting this year of the muskrat that lives in our pond.