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Jason @jason1749 Infinite Tarantula Island

The lobster has limited telepathy, though it cannot explain how it came to have this ability. // he/him bottom text

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Just a reminder that Bounding Into Comics is a far right website with ties to c*micsgate that you should absolutely…
Retweeted by JasonFirst, no she didn't Second, this is the same G*mer G*te textbook horse shit they've pulled on me and countless ot…
Retweeted by Jason @BenjaminBirdie would shank a man for a bamf doll @highway_62 @neokefka_99 @neokefka_99
Retweeted by JasonOur heroes just mowing down waves of 8 year-olds. @thedenature Yup @bigredrobot It’s trash but good?Some real cool old school stop-motion stuff too.Another WEEKEND means another comic raffle! Please LIKE, RETWEET & be sure to FOLLOW ME for your chance to choose o…
Retweeted by Jason @Prof_Matthew I do work. Sometimes.For my writing media criticism class this week's prompt is "favorite trash movie". So come on internet, what would…
Retweeted by Jason @Prof_Matthew Horror Express. Cushing and Lee in an Italian alien/zombie flick and Telly Savalas parachuting in wit… movie does have some baller matte paintings.Turned on SCREAMERS, I haven’t watched this movie in a long ass time. I miss when direct to video trash went to theaters.Somehow I missed this.
Retweeted by Jasonwe're nelson dunking on muncher
Retweeted by JasonGoddammit nerds WHAT DID YOU DO the rat. an elegant weapon for a more civilized age
Retweeted by Jason“Sounds like a bird but it’s a fucking ant.”Although I will give Jane Krakowski credit for what might be the best publicity denial I have seen in a looooong ti…
Retweeted by Jason @chance_second 9! @PeterSmart Thanks! @PeterSmart What app is this?Always credit the artist.
Retweeted by Jason @Lazybastid Yeah he hasn’t made an all the way good movie since THE GUEST but I am pulling for him. @sequentialmatt @kenlowery “Ken has had the Third Cocktail.” “Then all is lost.” @Lazybastid I hope KONG VS. GODZILLA takes some cues from it. @Notintheface1 I mean, I could probably turn my comic art collection into a few Rolexes and I’m broke.Hey Scarlet Witch, what’s your favorite sketch comedy show on Netflix? Is it ASTRONOMY CLUB?
Retweeted by Jason @LongTallJodie Yeah it was absolutely changed in post.Maybe the most crazy-making part of the Yang campaign is that some people are treating him and the lobbyists runnin…
Retweeted by JasonI refuse to believe that Charles Dance in KOTM isn’t Hiddleston’s character 50 years later. @kenlowery Ken, the Fourth Cocktail lurks. @Lazybastid I love this movie. @droog811 We literally just saw him on an episode of BANACEK.Fuck it: KONG: SKULL ISLAND.This is quite a headline
Retweeted by Jason @franzferdinand2 I did inherit both off of my dad’s real Tag Heuer and it’s knock off equivalent where the crest is crooked.The “IS THAT A ROLEX ON BIDEN’S WRIST” take has me thinking of my dad, a man who could absolutely afford a Rolex wh… list: @bradcandoit Inside Macs? The cat is wearing a black turtleneck.Current Age: started keeping a notebook of movies I think “huh, I should watch that tonight” during the day then in… inside of every computer. what the Hell.
Retweeted by Jason @FrostyJane @eugewarrock He’ll wear a visor for like five minutes before getting contacts that do the same thing and immediatel… dot com debunks Krakowski/Pillow Guy rumor started by British Daily Mail, finds Jersey angle for the Parsippany…
Retweeted by JasonOnly Chewbaccas can vote.
Retweeted by Jason @neokefka_99 I it’s not exactly what you’re looking for but it’s a bonkers 80’s horror movie so well in your wheelhouse. @neokefka_99 Have you seen DEATH SPA? @joedunn721 Phillistines!WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING?
Retweeted by JasonNormalize Muncher @mikesterling @ARTofCOOP Soon: @chance_second @TheOtherJeff @THE_Stefano_DLC “CHET HAZE-KENT GET OVER HERE”New Urasawa. sign you’ve made a good viewing choice. @THE_Stefano_DLC I hate even looking at these kids.Yup... Wolverine #50 definitely came out in 1991...
Retweeted by Jasonlol they seriously did it
Retweeted by Jason @THE_Stefano_DLC Stefano, watch JADE instead. @TheSickness85 The other side had a supermajority and couldn’t repeal ObamaCare because it was too popular. @TheSickness85 Yeah and the alternative is that nothing gets done?DC needs to get on a Barreto collection. part about working from home is clocking out at 5pm and taking a nap before fixing dinner.The "I didn't come up here to read" story is my fave about Gramp & @HenryLouisAaron, because it's SO true. Hank was…
Retweeted by Jason @mikesterling @ARTofCOOP did you ever get over your chromium poisoning? @DerfBackderf @andrewfarago Yeah, I got that set and I'm glad that I have access to all three. I hate it when the d… @TheOtherJeff @nicknewt whatever the first movie that I can go to see in a theater again will be the Best Movie I've Ever Seen @colonelnemo @THE_Stefano_DLC Still laughing that he got fired off his HBO show before it even started filming. @TheOtherJeff It just doesn't have a reason to exist past FRANCHISE IS. @THE_Stefano_DLC @colonelnemo Little bits work real well, like Vision casually picking up Thor's hammer but as a wh… @DieRobinsonDie @depechejoe "Egon's grandkids find his stuff" is very much an animated series.The Marvel Studios fanfare is just way, way too long to put in front of every episode of a 30ish minute TV show.
Retweeted by Jason @THE_Stefano_DLC @colonelnemo (I still maintain he should come back in GOTG3) @THE_Stefano_DLC @colonelnemo Spader was so good that it makes me wish Ultron would come back. @andrewfarago Blade Runner's directors cut is definitely the superior version.of course they drive directly into the midst of a Chinese New Year paradeWilliam Friedkin making a movie in San Francisco, "Well, of course I need to insert a crazy ass car chase." @Prof_Matthew @nicknewt I guarantee that t-shirt is custom. @TheDazzlingOne @PnxNotDed Pay the $5 to buy it on Vudu, you will watch it again.Good interview with @minakimes. Includes this background on the Jared Porter story.
Retweeted by Jason @BenjaminBirdie YES @PnxNotDed @TheDazzlingOne @PnxNotDed @TheDazzlingOne oh my god it is incredibleSpoiler: It will be called Assassin's Creek, and you have to kill Dawson.
Retweeted by Jason @THE_Stefano_DLC I am into this. @THE_Stefano_DLC (also Kelly has said that if SOUTHLAND TALES is a success on rerelease, he wants to recut THE BOX) @THE_Stefano_DLC THE BOX was a Twilight Zone episode."It's a fuckhouse." @Sir__Duque @THE_Stefano_DLC OK, now I'm interested. @Sir__Duque @THE_Stefano_DLC oooooooooooWatching JADE (1995), the Governor of CA just threatened the DA with, "If this gets back to me you'll have as much… @THE_Stefano_DLC Giving Toby Kebbell the line, "is that a monkey?" is very meta. @THE_Stefano_DLC Yeah, he just keeps missing making an all the way good one since those. @THE_Stefano_DLC I just want a King Ghidorah/Charles Dance hybrid. @THE_Stefano_DLC @ronchronchronch Cut to Catherine being like, "oh yeah he did"