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My paintbrush you cant touch...I seat you at your Bulls table on @NBCSChicago.

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It's a Roc-a-Fella records day. All day... birthday, dad! #noTwitterDedo 👑 love DC had for John Wall far exceeded any that he received on a national NBA level Not many stars embrace a pl…
Retweeted by Jason GoffI think Russell is probably best consumed at this stage of his career on somebody else's team. league better.
Story from Day 2 of media week on Coby White appearing poised for Bulls' starting point guard job
Retweeted by Jason GoffClippers: “Yall gonna show up to practice on time?” Kawhi and PG:
Retweeted by Jason GoffThe people in my life who eat McRib's have unearthed themselves again. @Jason1Goff on resulted in two things: 1. Some pure, uncut fire on the state of the Bears and the future o…
Retweeted by Jason GoffRead this. Britain becomes the first western country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer.
Retweeted by Jason GoffThat was the example of sending a tweet. Starting something else and finishing the tweet. Gonna be one of those days.Thanks for checking it out. And thanks to the guys for having me. @JJStankevitz and @KingsleyEllis for having me. of y’all didn’t get roasted by your family growing up and it shows
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That was atrocious. Like I'm lightweight upset it happened.'s a horrible call on Zaire Williams. That ref should be talked to by the Pac-12 as soon as this game is over. @Jaybirdman5 @ShaeMG3 Take the down before someone gets mad at your happiness. Congrats, man. Good vibes only.Most definitely, Paul.'all are cool. I dig it. @Jokediggy You already know.I'll be riding shotgun, my man. Be well. rather die enormous than live dormant! That's how we on it! (Side note: I actually thought about getting these ly… like a different man walking out, huh? king.'m just proud... asked men to stop lying about their height and he pulled up like, “NOW YOU LISTEN HERE, PAL!”
Retweeted by Jason GoffWhen the family walks into the arena... not. knew talking to my sister on here would be an issue. Y'all think I'm ruthless... of em hurt him. Thats the answer. All of em. Barr walking into the Oval Office like
Retweeted by Jason GoffI mean. That applies. I snuck 6'3" out there in my younger more available days. @ShaeMG3 #GivingTuesday, help me honor the memory of my dear friend Stuart Scott with a donation to @TheVFoundation
Retweeted by Jason Goff @ShaeMG3 no...whenever @thetonygill is means I'm gonna be in trouble. messed up and threw me in the mix on The Under The Center pod to talk about the Chicago football team.… coming up. @wyche89 only people who can break that stereotype are the people doing the hiring. Until they do...they too can be lump… @Jason1Goff @SAINtJHN @SkipMarley @snohaalegra @giveon Interesting. I thought it was just me. Has to be a generatio…
Retweeted by Jason Goff4 zooms in. You guys aren't as weird as I thought you'd be. Really sad nobody has let me in to a meeting yet though… feelings exactly. Anyone getting into my ride wanting to hear the Weeknd is gonna get these @SAINtJHN,… I respecrt his run. He's been dominant. I like a few of them and if I dug deeper I'd be more convinced. Just…😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂 there's ever a mood in trying to set with his type of music...I always find the other people. And if we're being… percent. And I know I'm gonna get killed for it. I do...I dooooo! @ChrisTannehill I tell no lies. I just know things. 😎It's one of my more endearing qualities. That and my humility. the pod was recorded before the Otto Porter video tha'ts floating around in a crowd living it up caught my attention.I have no idea when the podcast actually starts recording these days. And he told me he was keeping all of that in… it is! Bam! Then ya say... it.'s including your work zooms. I'll just sit in the meeting quietly too. is giving Tuesday so I'm hopping on any zoom link sent my way to put a smile on someone's face hopefully. Als… @camronsmith @MailmanJack65 @ATCQ @BeverlyRecords @RecklessRecords @PinwheelRecords @RedscvrRecords @ValshallaRecord .@606RecordsThe NBA has entered into Phase 2 of the Health and Safety Protocols for the 2020-21 season: 🏀No more than 4 player…
Retweeted by Jason GoffThis is the wildest thing I'll see today. remember draft day/show wanting the bears to draft Jamal Adams. The man is a missile.No game days. No bars. The pandemic is forcing some men to realize they need deeper friendships.
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What are y'all doing out here?’s so much happening here
Retweeted by Jason GoffThe two-game series between Boise State and New Mexico men’s basketball teams that was scheduled for Dec. 3-5, 2020…
Retweeted by Jason Goff6 pressing questions facing the Bulls entering the 2020-21 season
Retweeted by Jason GoffI learned this month how many great Chicago writers, radio hosts and others rock a November birthday. HBD all!…
Retweeted by Jason Goff @mikedyce @Jason1Goff there's that word again
Retweeted by Jason Goffhere’s an interview i did with nba commissioner adam silver during the nba playoffs for the @gq moty issue.
Retweeted by Jason GoffYou thought it was only for the weekend? Nope... doubt. Didn't feel like it that night.'ve reached the point in the night where @thekapman gears have been grinded to a nub.'ve come a long way from that Sunday night (9/9/18) with the T-Formation and Khalil Mack changing our lives. A long way...That question at the end about David Montgomery.. yeah been bothered. What ya gonna do about it? Kncok it off, fam..@AdamHoge with the dunk the gate! for the motherf'in win.Feels good to be on a wining team. @NBCSChicago got 92 chips in the last 20 years. 92! Cold world, man. Happy for @bigjimmurray though. The Football Aftershow. Players love playing and coaches love to coach. These dudes are lining up and prac… is a long damn time ago. I went to Atlanta and one of the first things out of my mouth was how can you be this… a bad team in this city aint as tough as we'd like to think it is. People are more comfortable with mediocrity than they let on.I never liked it for them, man. I produced a lot of those shows. Laughing and getting fired up momentarily through… about working? Y'all are getting weird. I'm out.'s wearing off. Might be the wine.'ve made a living thinking of and asking questions for 21 years now. That's why. question was quite simple and clear. Just clarifying on both fronts. All good. ask it every week. And I'm not your bro. living in Green Bay, Wisconsin and thinking that deep dish pizza separates us.How do you feel about the Chicago Bears right now? dont think this team is as bad as its record. It's way worse. And Justin Fields is already getting fitted for that Jags uniform.Who thinks that? a lot for a former coach to say a team has quit. A lot.This is the "get your ass fired' game.