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@Elliott_Frank Classic Morn.the idea that democratic socialism and white nationalism are equidistant from some imaginary political center is fascist propaganda
Retweeted by Jason Heller 🌹 @MuseZack @writergeekrhw I did not know this! Rad.
The greatest thing about DS9’s “Call to Arms”: When Sisko gives his rousing speech about how everyone on Deep Space… really needed this little pick-me-up today. @ethereallad You have! @brockway_llc Ha!I can say this: It’s an urban fantasy novel! @mikezapata01 Thanks man! @Richard_Kadrey Thanks! It’s an urban fantasy novel. The book I’ve wanted to write for years.
I read this in a Dead Milkmen voice. @ellodees Thanks! @C_Piveral Thanks! This one’s a novel!I signed a new book contract today. I am super stoked. Details soon!
@jmacfee *clapclapclapclap* @Timmys23 He didn’t take any questions from the audience! But it was amazing anyway. @jgclingenpeel @Denverkosta Seriously. @ErikStorey He was so amazing. After the screening of the movie he talked for almost two hours. I got emotional, for real.
@rustbeltjessie !!!!!! @justkellyrae Rad! Pinch us, we’re dreaming. @chasemiddaugh @snapcasetheband Ha! I’ll be missing that show. No offense to the mighty Snapcase. Last time I saw t… @Denverkosta Sadly it’s one of those events where they lock up everyone’s phones. Then again, I’m glad I won’t have… @ian5446 Like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building...Guess who I’m going to see in person tonight? I’ll give you a hint. @JohnMisk Yes, there’s that too!Three cheers for the @StarTribune! "Reading Stephanie Gorton’s smart and engaging 'Citizen Reporters' summoned rhyt…
Retweeted by Jason Heller 🌹And even if “arguably” WASN’T a copout, it’d still belong to that wretched lexicon of stuffy, cliched, critic-speak… an editor and a music critic, the widespread use of “arguably” in contexts like this really irks me. It’s a copo… got a press release for Morrissey’s new album and it quotes a critic who says it’s “arguably his strongest col… @jasonpwoodbury Totally, and I also think it's a misconception that TOS and TNG are utopias. There's not as much in… @kphipps3000 Heck yeah.I'd be remiss if I didn't remind everyone of this great piece about ska from a couple years back. My old friend Hut… Trek we deserve. @MeganEOKeefe Nice!That image, btw, is from the time-anomaly ep “Children of Time.” Sisko is holding his great-great-great-great-great… @MuseZack Totally. There are so many moments of tenderness, idealism, and hope throughout DS9. The darker backdrop… @PaulNerves @gjeffzombie Will do!This goes out to everyone who’s ever reductively dismissed Deep Space Nine as nothing but a relentlessly dark and g… @gjeffzombie I’m watched the first two eps of Picard, but I’m having a hard time getting into it. You?Also: the best Martok episode? I tend to think so.Watching DS9’s “Soldiers of the Empire” for probably the fifth time. A perfect 45 minutes of television. Not one li…
This is all to say that The Suicide Machines have a new album coming out, their first in 15 years, and it's fantastic.Sliver Negative Creep Milk It to overstate how incredible it was to hear a man on national television tell a billionaire capitalist to his f…
Retweeted by Jason Heller 🌹Sure, I was listening to Tortoise and Pavement and Massive Attack and GYBE and GBV and MBV and Wu-Tang and Jawbreak…’ve been hearing music snobs and critics bash ska since the ‘90s, but I’ve never once heard a legit gripe against… @arthousepunch Ha! @HelBell Awesome! One of my old bands opened for Superchunk back in the ‘90s, and as expected, they were the nicest people.Two middle-aged dudes with beards and flannel shirts are talking about Superchunk next to me at this coffeeshop an… @KapustaDiamond It really looks gorgeous. And the snippets I've read so far are equally so.I know we’re all fist-pumping about this, and rightly so. But I also have to add: For people like me who grew up in… just received a copy of The Merman and the Book of Power by Musharraf Ali Farooqi (@microMAF). What a gorgeous bo…
@vonsigg Mmmmmmoist...I just ordered my copy of RUST BELT FEMME by @reblgrrlraechel. Really looking forward to reading it! @Jason_Sheehan Oh man. Not just a gross word, but a critical copout. @EmmaJGibbon Ew, yes.
The Rezillos are utterly brilliant and, since they’re also one of the premier science-fiction punk bands, I wrote a… @Grimisham You went there.I know some people loathe the word “moist,” but honestly, “enrobed” is way grosser.Expressing how much you love a thing is not an invitation to others to express how much they hate it.
Retweeted by Jason Heller 🌹best science fiction story of 2020 love that people are talking about women who write horror but please remember we're still here when February ends…
Retweeted by Jason Heller 🌹
@cynthiadotorg Haha! Yes, I’ve been getting that since the ‘90s.Our climate crisis has been described as a hyperobject pervasive across space and time, so big as to be barely visi…
Retweeted by Jason Heller 🌹 @burnstand @amvanimere I was an even bigger Spacemen 3 fan than I was a Spiritualized fan! That said, seeing Spirit… @EeleenLee I bet!Whenever I feel trapped as an extrovert rants obliviously in my face, I flash back to the scene in Le Guin’s “Solit… @amvanimere Ha, I can see that. Especially Spiritualized, with all the obvious gospel overtones. @thetophus I grew up in a drug-dealing, drug-taking household, so in a weird way I’ve always been drawn to drug-fue… was a little weird, though, being a straightedge kid in 1990 while getting into all these epic drug jams!Whenever I’m DJing and I spin a ‘90s set, I always play Primal Scream’s “Loaded.” The song kickstarted and defined…
@AlexDaltas Total tease!Condolences. someone who loves screamo, I sure do hate people who talk too loud.
Retweeted by Jason Heller 🌹 @moorehn That’s why so many new period pieces set in the ‘70s or ‘80s ring false to me. The frump, funk, and muss is too immaculate.Same, except for me and my record collection.
Today all my love and respect go to those who say "revert" instead of "revert back."Solution: Strap guns onto pit bulls. Then they’ll never be regulated. off, extrovert. Give us more room, not more social minefields.
Retweeted by Jason Heller 🌹 @JByrdInNYC Yes! @TheFictionILive Yup, I’d agree. @cantrell_oren Likewise! @Hylaeus93 And they’d all by pretty damn good!
@cantrell_oren I am here for you, sir. @Hylaeus93 Exactly. Now if we each made our own essential Fugazi playlists, bam, masterpieces would abound! Of cour… @meddlingmage I listen to The Argument way more than any other Fugazi album these days. I still hear new things in… @EldritchGirl I’d love to hear your take on them after you’ve checked them out! @ArthurNoShoes It is a fantastic record, and one that’s grown on me a lot over the years. @EldritchGirl Start anywhere! They have lots of different moods and levels of complexity and intensity. If pressed,… @TheKizmet Yeah, totally, see my other comment about this — I think Red Medicine has the highest highs of any Fugaz… me, Red Medicine is the perfect example. If the entire album had been as overwhelmingly stunning as its best son… my mind, it’s Fugazi’s first and last albums that come closest to being bulletproof masterpieces: Repeater and T… mean, some of their albums come close to being masterpieces. But as they evolved and got stronger, each of their… I alone in thinking that Fugazi — as incredibly great and life-changing as they were to so many of us — never ac… @Tabitha_Layne @vonsigg Thanks! @mhanch I went for the low-hanging fruit!I bet you’d never guess from this photo that she and I both used to go to tons of ska shows. 😆 @scootmagapril Ha! @KatWithSword Yes! Rad. @jason_m_heller Not to sound like a bummer or old or self righteous or whatever, but I watched Instrument again rec…
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