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Northern Irish, working in comms. Background in PR, political comms & public affairs. CIPR Member. Views mine, unless you want them? RTs/likes not endorsements.

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To be fair to Martial that would have been some finish at the other end of the pitch.Scott McTominay looks like the bad guy from a 1980's film.Maybe United have been playing really badly since 2012 to give all the other top teams in Europe a false sense of s… the first ever @tenx9 I went to, it's such an amazing concept, done so well, with such care. Blew me away. @brendanjharkin Red dead redemption 1
Hold on...HOW MUCH FOR THE JUMPER!? 2020 elections - results
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Parliament Buildings is being lit red tonight to mark #AntiSlaveryDay. Anti-Slavery Day provides an opportunity to…
Retweeted by Jason AshfordThis is absolutely brutal., well, well look who's talking read that Van Morrison is worth €66m UP €2m this year, yet when it came to providing support for the arts he w…
Done and because I hate myself I included Stormont in my route which is my excuse for not being quicker. Thank you… right I'm away to do the #rbcraceforthekids
Things you should be careful about pulling A threadYOUR COUNTRY WAS WORRIED SICK YOUNG MAN
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We've started watching thd first season of the Sopranos and it's so dated; the CD players, the old computers, the p… Committee on Standards is undertaking a wide-ranging inquiry into the rules for and regulation of All-Party Par…'s not a country, it's a state of mind."As with all things, this too shall pass." Is doing a lot of heavy lifting this year.
Scottish independence voting intention: Yes: 58% No: 42% via @IpsosMORI, 02 - 09 Oct
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Look at that, that's incredible.
Quick reminder that next week I'm doing a run next weekend to raise money for GOSH Children's Charity, if you're fe…
@CLeonard1212 Thanks Catherine, think she's loving it! Mad how she's grown up so fast. @CLeonard1212 Thanks Catherine @dmcbfs It's her first communion David, how could I not wear a suit?My oldest niece is making her first communion today and we have to watch from home. Went and got a hair cut this…
Is Mark Devenport just the nicest guy? enjoyed @matt_hfoster's first London Influence today. It's a "weekly look at the world of lobbying, campaig… big is that cat?! @BBCevexNice to have the 1st London Influence out there. You can sign up below (Politico Pros get it a full 24 hours early,…
Retweeted by Jason AshfordThe Commission on Presidential Debates announces the second debate between President Trump and Joe Biden will be vi…
Retweeted by Jason AshfordI love Twitter. @geoff_maskell @ClodaghLRice Thanks! @ClodaghLRice @geoff_maskell Geoff how come the clouds look so cool?!Mad looking clouds over the mountains this morning, would love to know about clouds to know why they look like that.
NEW: Facebook says it will temporarily halt all political and issue advertising following Election Day, following i…
Retweeted by Jason Ashfordme: it’s okay to be a person struggling with productivity during a prolonged crisis my brain: not u though me: not me though
Retweeted by Jason AshfordIf you have tested positive for COVID-19 you must isolate for at least 10 days from when your symptoms started. If…
Retweeted by Jason AshfordPolitical Editor @MarkDevenport to leave @BBCNewsNI Mark D is a giant of political journalism. His presence on o…
Retweeted by Jason AshfordYou asked for it....we delivered 🙌 We're excited to announce that @EasternAirways will be commencing flights fro…
Retweeted by Jason Ashford no, not the Duke of York
Do you live in the Derry City and Strabane District Council area? Localised restrictions are in place to control th…
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We’re hiring a top political reporter to join our brilliant team at @BelfastLive - here are all the details 👇
Retweeted by Jason AshfordWe've extended the deadline to submit written evidence to our 'Cross-border co-operation on policing, security and…
Retweeted by Jason AshfordThinking about February
absolutely losing it over this picture
Retweeted by Jason AshfordReplacing Sunday Politics with live coverage of the London Marathon is an insult to all of us lazy political nerds still in bed.
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@Chrisryder47 So sorry for your loss Genny. @mgtruth @jasonashford89 Amazing strength and support for the vital work of @MindCharity
Retweeted by Jason Ashford @mgtruth That's her! Incredible interview.Pretty sure it was Tina, my memory is awful and it was on like an hour ago. She was fantastic.Really powerful interview on @TimesRadio earlier this morning with a woman called Tina who's doing the London Marat…
My son Caolàn is doing a survey on attitudes to electric vehicles as part of his Master's dissertation. I'd really…
Retweeted by Jason Ashford @bernardmccabe's coming back to play against them in the CL. Never mind, back to everything just being absolute chaos. @bernardmccabe Aw man! you've ruined my morning! I loved Rafael!Interesting idea on a "British Development bank" which would be owned jointly by UKG and devolved admins to "ensur… @bernardmccabe @StephenStitt @AGRMoore It's the same reason I'll always have a soft spot for Ashley Young @StephenStitt @AGRMoore lol! I like Rafael though!Deciding to focus this morning solely on the news that Rafael is coming back to United.
⏲️There's still time to submit written evidence to our 'Cross-border co-operation on policing, security and crimina…
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@jandraderocha Never even heard of brave @jandraderocha HOW have you got it down to once a day?!Friends, this is why tonight’s @BBCSpotlightNI programme is so important. People have left because of this. And wor…
Retweeted by Jason AshfordI've signed up for the global virtual #RBCRacefortheKids to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Childr… cubes feels like one of those big Twitter moments we'll all remember next year and be like "what was that about?"
Studies have shown that listening to the sound of beavers enthusiastically munching on white cabbage can temporaril…
Retweeted by Jason Ashfordso what you’re telling me is you’re all starting big new cable news channels but you’re still not getting on TikTok?
Retweeted by Jason AshfordNICS are seeking to appoint a new Director of Public Procurement Policy who will "ensure that the benefits of moder…, social media marketing isnt hard, all it takes is starting channels, verifying the channels, developing chann…
Retweeted by Jason AshfordWent for a Click and Collect this morning, guy at the shop told me he'd had someone come in last week who had order… @brendanjharkin If you've got a plant you can hear moving, it will eventually eat you.
@aaron_skinner The one silver lining out of all this is your reign of face licking terror has ended.God Thirty Rock is so good. don't want to sound like Jack Donaghy, but does anyone else miss handshakes?BREAKING: Boris Johnson has asked former Mail editor Paul Dacre to run thr broadcasting watchdog Ofcom. Charles Moo…
Retweeted by Jason Ashford @MichaelAodhan @AwareNI Good man yourself!
The equivalent of 20 football pitches I should say, he wasn't specifically focusing on football pitches full of landmines.Oh your rat wants to cook and follow his dreams? My dude here cleared 20 football pitches of landmines and got a medal.That award winning landmine detecting rat has set the bar phenomenally high for the next Disney movie eh?Magawa the landmine detection rat given gold medal for bravery
Retweeted by Jason AshfordAndrew Neil to chair a new British television news network day 24 years ago - 25 September 1996 - the last Magdalene Laundry in Ireland closed. It is estimated that 30,…
Retweeted by Jason AshfordGoing to be stuck in my head all day.. @newschambers Dune was the guy who prevented nuclear armagedon in 1983. thought for the day on @BBCgmu about Stanislav Petrov that line about "every life lived, every song sung.… that that's a thing US Senators feel they have to say.
The Liberal Democrats are appointing a Leader's Spokesperson.
@aaron_skinner Cute @MWilkinson168 Yeah I like that!Picture me storming into the Cabinet and slamming down an A4 piece of paper that I've dabbed with a tea bag to make… good thing about Kent being in the news is that it very often focuses on Ashford, which I'm fairly certain I ha…'s got that phrase they wish they could ban from public discourse, mine is "let me be clear"Coronavirus: Autumn Budget to be scrapped this year
Retweeted by Jason Ashford👀Big news potentially tomorrow 👀Chancellor @RishiSunak will now make an economy update statement to the…
Retweeted by Jason AshfordGetting in early