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@KCBlueGal Does the app open the umbrella remotely for you? @realDonaldTrump Donny boy is going to jail after he leaves office. @realDonaldTrump You're going to jail Donny.Look what showed up in our backyard! @Watchful11 Ahhh sorry. We're working in crafting an announcement on some coming changes. The max size was reduced… @Watchful11 Unfortunately I get so many messages I can't possibly keep up with them.The mods of /r/epstein are going all in on this new conspiracy theory regarding maxwellhill's account. Socially irr… @bkeegan @maelfyn @ChenhaoTan @eegilbert @asbruckman @shagunjhaver @eshwar_chan It's not her simply from the fact t…'s important to note that this is exactly how conspiracy theories get their legs -- amplification and sharing via… entire thread is a good example of confirmation bias gone wild. I do not know Joe Leonard or what his objectiv…
Honestly, at this point I think Trump is taking orders from Putin to do as much damage and risk as many American li… is really interesting. / top load calculation has always been some black magic that I never really understood. 16 core machine with a… @realDonaldTrump Almost 150k citizens dead from Covid-19 and he is cheerleading for the stock market....One of the hardest things to do is be yourself because every one of us fears disappointing friends and family by no…
Retweeted by JSON BaumgartnerThis is a helpful thread, and the oped advice is particularly helpful. Fight the #StudentBan!
Retweeted by JSON BaumgartnerIf you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the things happening in our world, remember that you are not alone and t… @mtchurch @Newsweek I think they accidentally dropped "hospitals" ... "56 Florida Hospitals have full ICU bed usage..."6 feet may work outdoors, but indoors (especially not wearing a mask), you could breathe in particles from far furt… @seinecle Yes.I have re-added the calculated and reported moving average to the new admissions chart after @AustinTexasGov retroa…
Retweeted by JSON Baumgartner @gwsuperfan ALWAYS.
................ @kevinkrim How do we even begin to combat an issue like this that is so widespread? Better education? Anger managem… @kevinkrim Yeah -- if I've learned anything while Trump has been in office, it is that racism in this country is fa… 👏 BEING 👏 SO 👏 RACIST. What the hell is wrong with some people? Good lord this is a pandemic in itself. you are working on the same file as 5 others in a github repo and trying to manage merge conflicts but start g… Twitter -- On average, what percentage of graduate students (R1 universities) are international students / visa students? @favstats So does this mean if we all stay out of the water, shark attacks go down and COVID-19 drops? I'm on board. @olafurw Does he have a sister? Was he trying to transformer, too? @voguemaster @olafurw He's just going through a phase. Like 60 a second. @mjhendrickson The 20 was a typo on their end. :) Nice catch.What I miss most about Denver. 7-10% summer humidity. @mjhendrickson Someone recommended this: rep(c("a","b"),20) %>% sort() [1] "a" "a" "a" "a" "a" "a" "a" "a" "a" "a…
Update: Masks mandated on campus! USG backed down! A victory for activism, solidarity, and science!
Retweeted by JSON Baumgartner @olafurw Wakes up. "Well, that's 8 hours I won't ever get back."This new ICE policy is pure evil. is bad. ICE just told students here on student visas that if their school is going online-only this fall, the…
Retweeted by JSON Baumgartner @DonnaIreneG1 @drdavidsamadi @realDonaldTrump Not in reality. @Kaltenjay I'd imagine most were students of a Monastery.Wrong on so many counts. What? How could an eighteen year old from 800 AD know more mathematics than a current univ… disabled "Public" page API access back in 2018 and now requires pre-approval? That's amazing. @RogerHerbert14 @RitaPanahi How miserable is your life that you have to turn a video about helping to put an animal…
2020 made two tweets that simply said "LAW & ORDER!" approximately a week apart. What's interesting is that both t… @realDonaldTrump
...with this project, we will eventually have a front-end for people to add Parler accounts to track along with has… Thanks to the hard work and contribution of many amazingly talented people, Pushshift is targeting July 17t… #twitterDev #💙
Retweeted by JSON Baumgartner @Ben_Guinaudeau @favstats Thank you! Would you mind taking some time out for a voice chat online sometime in the ne… @mappum I am curious what rate limits they have in place.Is anyone actively working on Tiktok ingest code to get comment data from Tiktok?Did anyone else just feel a small earthquake in MD? @olafurw Context is king.I apologize for the delay in monthly Reddit dumps. This weekend I plan to process the backlog and put the past seve… is it that the democratic party cannot fight back against right-wing extremism as effectively as the Lincoln Pr… @hackerfactor @letsencrypt From same IP?...but the user.verified boolean is set to false. This is the account: There are apparen… this is certainly strange. Twitter verified is supposed to only follow accounts that are verified. However, it…
Today the EU officially banned all travel from the US into the EU due to this administration's colossal failure in… you make a quick change to a script in production which you are sure is correct and minor and then come back… @KCBlueGal @rava Hope everything goes well -- stay healthy! <3 @KCBlueGal Does your boss even care about your well-being and health? @KCBlueGal That is ridiculous. @Breza Let me know if you have any questions! @MarkGraham Mark, That's a really powerful one that hit me hard, too! hard is this shit for so many governors? - Mandate masks in public. - No large gatherings. - No political rall… didn't say which groups/pages/ppl were banned today so we have to piece that together. For example, Citize…
Retweeted by JSON BaumgartnerHi Mr. Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX), I found a better Twitter banner picture for you. I hope you consider using it. @djnemec 2020 has gone off the rails. @alexdunsdon Unfortunately what you said is a bit of an understatement. @djnemec Ugh .. what a mess. I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy!Here we have Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott while listening to Fauci explain that there is a problem in Texas. @JRehling @AnniePdD Narrator: "He did." @octonion Their ignorance is going to end up killing a lot of people. @JRehling His ignorance is going to kill people.If I lived in Texas, I would be terrified of the leadership there. @botvolution Damn, Challenger and Chernobyl were only a few months apart. '86 was a crazy year. @botvolution I was too young to remember it directly but I do remember seeing my mom upset over something on the TV… @JasonSCampbell "Daddy, what's the scariest part of a pandemic?" "GOP controlled leadership." @McMcgregory What's the temperature on Krypton? @beigealien Yeah that was another one that really hit hard.I was doing some analysis on Twitter volume during Kobe's death earlier this year and discoveree this tweet 8 years… interrogation scene was one of the best moments in cinema in my opinion. @pleasantsmell Oh yeah! Wasn't he the CEO of Nintendo at the time?Also Heath Ledger. He was such an amazing actor and had just finished one of his very best acting roles as the Joke… think one of the toughest for me was Robin Williams. He just had so much positive energy and was such a good soul… @SimonCopland Yeah, David Bowie was a tough one to swallow. Did he die during that year that took a bunch of celebrities?What celebrity death hit you the hardest? @EvrenWiltse That's six words. @lefticus (Which is perfectly acceptable in many situations) @BenLeChialeux hahaha! That's true. @realDonaldTrump You're getting vetoed on November 3rd.This is amazing., I'm not drunk)Hey @Jupton80 I just want to tell you that I love you man and I miss working with you. We had some fun times togeth… @medburnbook To aid researchers explore data. @thejtlewis @realDonaldTrump Keep smoking that good stuff. @realDonaldTrump It is a good thing to help against segregation so of course your racist ass wants to get rid of it…