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Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology, @UniDivinity | Curator of @ArtTheology | Lover of Ents | Researching: Trauma, Music | Writing:

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It will be refugees that will be the last to recover from impact of #COVID19 due to the Australian Gov. abandoning…
Retweeted by Jason GoroncyJo Dixey, a professional needleworker, made this group of ‘viruses’ during Alert Level 4 lockdown. The collection m…
Retweeted by Jason GoroncyJemena, a climate-wrecking #gas company, is planning to expand its dirty fossil fuel infrastructure. @CommBank and…
Retweeted by Jason GoroncyThe photo used on the BBC's story about Boris Johnson's pledge to increase the area of the UK's "protected" land il…
Retweeted by Jason GoroncyApproaching bushfire (1968) Fred WILLIAMS
Retweeted by Jason GoroncyPlus, having played for South Melbourne and Essendon, and coached Essendon, Collingwood, St Kilda, and Carlton (c'm… Hird schmird. I vote for a Terry Daniher Day. (When I was a kid, he was my favourite player. And he's never… @AdamBandt Donald Trump not paying any tax is bad? Wait until you hear about Australia's billionaires and the mining co…
Retweeted by Jason Goroncy @GreenJ @SkyNewsAust You kept reading after: 'AFL legend Sam Newman says ...'.'This is how it happens. Precisely what you’re feeling now. The numbing litany of bad news ... People suffering, dy…
@KenKovacs They're against money in schools? @RootAndrew 'Against Trumpism and political extremism'? But Trumpism *is* the political status quo, right? @thomasmepham Klaus Heymann, as cited in @adamkotsko Nadda. @clairegcoleman @NickFeik Yes, but lots of new nutcases though.When people ask me to define colonialism, I always respond with this 1938 picture from Giza.
Retweeted by Jason Goroncy @GreenJ Well, Andrew knows a lot about art.It takes a community. Well done Victoria. Thank you Dan. Let’s do all we can to avoid a third lockdown, people. Don… @DrDreHistorian True. Dunedin is the best placed I’ve lived, but was one of the low points on a trip to NZ many years earlier.“I lose billions.” – ‘45 “I’m looking for loopholes.” – Mr Fields @Gracejisunkim @danielhill1336 @Zondervan Even NewsCorp’s getting into it. You make it, then you exploit it.‘NT police are trained to fire as many shots as necessary … and to keep firing until the threat has ceased … There…‘Judge Barrett’s nomination has merely renewed attention to a fundamental conflict, centuries underway, between Cat… piece on Clive James
Retweeted by Jason Goroncy @adamkotsko @DanielAndrewsMP “We’re only at risk [of a third wave] if the authorities in Victoria are pressured into lifting re…'He never went anywhere, he saw almost nobody, he could eat almost nothing – and yet, every aspect of his life was… barca bajo la lluvia en San Pedro. 140 figuras en representación de todos los que tuvieron que huir a lo largo…
Retweeted by Jason Goroncy @GreenJ Not to be confused with ‘dicko’, who is a legend. @MarkEll28729739 If you happen across this bootleg album, grab it. It's beautiful. @Glenina57 @RevDrPaul And people are worrying about the guy with the stutter.c. 1940. @ChrisABooth @M_Julius13 First time I’ve laughed in a while. (The wine probably helps too.) Thank you Chris. @adrianjackson I really miss giving lectures on Knox. @PatsKarvelas Amen! @ChrisABooth Plectrums. @PatsKarvelas Bless. @DanielAndrewsMP ... not very many of whom, at all, are bothered by the fact that they can’t play golf at the moment. @DanielAndrewsMP Health workers – some of whom are wearing masks and shields for over 50 hours a week – thank you t… @DanielAndrewsMP Thank you Dan. Keep following the science. Ignore the buffoons. #IStandWithDanAndrews @Cranky_Old_Guy @DanielAndrewsMP @richardmcolbeck @sallymcmanus Williamstown @StateDept @SecPompeo ‘And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam t… at UN warns of the “judgement of humanity” over the release of any COVID vaccine. Just imagine how humanit…
Retweeted by Jason Goroncy @InsidersABC @AdamBandt @David_Speers Book reco for @David_Speers:
@InsidersABC @AdamBandt Actually, Adam’s main point on this question was that Dan Andrews has followed the science.… @AdamBandt @InsidersABC @David_Speers Well done, Adam. @adamkotsko Oh dear. You’re really setting yourself up very nicely for disappointment. @MarkEll28729739 Great song. @philosophybites Adorno knew about bullshit.Note to ⁦⁦⁦⁦@DanTehanWannon⁩: ‘tapping into the power of diverse data and insights ...’. The next pandemic is on… @clarecurranmp @samdastyari @sallymcmanus Because it’s not only about power & winning at all costs. Michael Woodhou… @samdastyari @sallymcmanus And @Greens senators. How much poorer is our nation’s parliament without @Scottludlam’s… night sorted. #melbournelockdown any heads in the Andrews Government should be rolling, it should be over this, and not over its action vis-à-vis… hacks at @abcnews have already run as many stories on @JennyMikakos than they ever did on the #RubyPrincess. Just sayin’. @sunshineaus78 @JennyMikakos Thank you so much for your service to our community, Jenny. I am very sad to see you g… @David_Speers @DanielAndrewsMP Why would he resign? And why would anyone want him too ... especially now? @camo2572 @David_Speers @DanielAndrewsMP Ita’s boy.On #Melbourne: ‘I am so proud of my city, its resilience and deep sense of community and shared responsibility. I r… the same time as we’re relying on these researchers to find a vaccine for COVID. Unbelievable.
Retweeted by Jason GoroncyOne day in 1995 ...’m not usually a fan of the compilation, but some exceptions can always be made. This one’s excellent. @JonRCoutts It’s not diverse enough. @JonRCoutts The list.
@JonRCoutts @JonRCoutts Is that the same list where The Beach Boys were #2? @kweh I’ll email it to you.Freedom is not choosing; that is merely the move that we make when all is already lost. Freedom is knowing and unde…
Retweeted by Jason GoroncyDear @JacquiLambie, Please #BlockTheBill & #FundUniFairly. For so many reasons, but mostly this: the bill discrimin…
Retweeted by Jason Goroncy @NaomiWolfeAU I don’t believe that’s the correct face. @KKeneally ... ; cf. this: news! Archibald Prize 2020: Vincent Namatjira named winner for portrait of Adam Goodes @kailaswild HT: @JohnRHewson @theage Does that include @ScottMorrisonMP's $3.1 million travel and accommodation expenses? you @Nathleigh. Nice work.Student strike Bowral today
Retweeted by Jason Goroncy @KKeneally @ScottMorrisonMP Speaking of 'leaving Aussies stranded overseas', you and your mob have been a bit quiet on Julian Assange. Why?What's a #melbournelockdown2020 without an #IStandWithDan anthem? Thank you @DanielAndrewsMP. 'meeting the greatest moral challenge of the twenty-first century with the greatest technological advancement [s… @KKeneally And under the ALP, who can buy Australia?
@dtsmith_sydney Cf. There might be something useful here: @_BenMyers_ The little Wormwoods.‘... listening to those stories about the land and the First Australians, changed the way we heard music, and proba… @_BenMyers_ And then there’s that whole how good is Tom Waits thing you do, where you show your slip. @_BenMyers_ True. DBH is far too rude to be Satan. (Thank God for that.) I suspect that Satan is much more like you… READY for a HUGE day!!! we have more than 500 ACTIONS happening today all across australia - don't miss out on…
Retweeted by Jason Goroncy @jonkudelka Vanilla slice.Can you be an ethical omnivore? @springsteen Thank you, Bruce. @docdanz007 It cost *much* more than you paid for it.The #justiceforwalker committal hearing resumes tomorrow. @justice4walker are calling for community support and att…
Retweeted by Jason Goroncy @Steve_Bevis Rupert. @TheTrick_AU @BurdeuJanine @PatsKarvelas @normanswan @RadioNational Charming.
Carbon capture. Antarctic ice will raise sea level by 2.5 metres – even if Paris climate goals are met, study finds"We know today that the greatest danger of tyranny is from the executive." — Hannah Arendt
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