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@SasaWrites Blood test. Abbott. @JamesLamont Relying on data. @moiness No — private and pricey. @moiness Private (and pricey). @kateflett Privately. @CharleyChetto Tell me more, Charley.A Washington Bishop writes:
@MrKenShabby Christ.Remember when Johnson stood up for the virus? He actually took a side — and sided with the disease (current UK deat… @ConductorThrift The cantata, big and broad and bold; the Sinfonietta, tiny and taut and supertense (and recycled f… then, @ConductorThrift — bumped into this on your travels? years apart
Retweeted by Jason Hazeley @Andr6wMale We love you, amigo xxxIf the young Michael Gove had been a character in Grange Hill he’d have been trampled to death by the school donkey.
Retweeted by Jason Hazeley @CGdoescomedy Me and @gralefrit, so it is. xxxThis brilliant, beautiful man. @ShreddedReTweet @framleyexaminer I don't know the answer to this question but perhaps @unbounders can advise.This is so spectacularly damning. of the Framley Examiner pages together in a wipe-clean hardback book for the first time ever:…
Retweeted by Jason Hazeley @mrsnodes Desperately fucking foolish, actually. I should NEVER be allowed near anything.I am plumber. Hear me ROAR.* * Swear** ** Fail miserably
@DellAnnaLuca @grahambsi From 18 June — so not now. Schools here open tomorrow.I know they’ve told us to move on but two quotes stand out in today’s Sunday Times piece “Boris has always been cle…
Retweeted by Jason HazeleySpain deaths y'day: 2 UK deaths y'day: 324 Spain won't open schools until September
Retweeted by Jason HazeleySeen so far today: a primary school with a Lavazza franchise at its front door; a 1958 Chevrolet Corvette; a woman…
Phenomenal. @shauneen23 Good question. Total lack of answer.Ten pages into this on NetGalley and already crying with laughter. Which was...needed ❤️
Retweeted by Jason Hazeley @LucyMangan Aw fanks luv xxx
@jetfury Na zdrowie xxx, @Boosey — me and @robertkatz61 would love to know who originated your buff/green/Gill pocket scores design. Please advise.Totally non-partisan comment from me - this is how a President speaks
Retweeted by Jason HazeleyLOOK HERE BOOK HERE @jounwin Back harness.Fans of Framley, take note: it can be outrun by any number of local news stories. the news in the US gets even worse - THEY ARRESTED A BLACK CNN REPORTER LIVE ON AIR - reposting this piece on wh…
Retweeted by Jason HazeleyHey, @baxterdury – is this one of your Dad's? on @Twitter. Just go all the way and kick him off.
Retweeted by Jason Hazeley @IanMartin "I have locked you out and am advertising very loudly what you are missing inside and it's not very good… @jonholmes1 @TheOneShowShow @gralefrit EAT YOUR GREENSHeadline of the day.
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@xtine_rose I mean, an out of breath decorator – that's surely a thing to witness? Like a plumber who's just run up… @alexbell I think it’s a qualification. @WoodgatePaul @IAmTheEggPod Ah, the photocopied coloured paper cassette inserts and smell of frying onions. Proust had nothing on that shit.Nominative determinism dealt Chris a hand he couldn’t ignore. @WoodgatePaul @IAmTheEggPod 1988-92, Paul.Just watching a documentary about the making of the Children's Film Foundation production High Rise Donkey. I do li… @DavidHHeadley WTF?🎶 NO SURPRISES PLEASE 🎶
Hopefully @maitlis will be back in about five minutes. A proper scrutineer. Anyone should fear her.Emily has been reprimanded. And Dominic Cummings hasn’t.
Retweeted by Jason Hazeley @IanMartin Impartial ≠ balanced ≠ equivalent.Proper, righteous anger. — ‘Move on’ 16.10 — ‘Move on’ 16.11 — ‘Move on’ 16.11 — ‘Move on’ @LBFlyawayhome Identical frame to this. Same source? @NadiaKamil Bi-rilliant. xxx
@tubbsmcguire Got a paddling pool here. Suspect it’d not meet standard. @jdaukes @richard_king @AlanKelloggs 400% jealous.Alerted to it by @richard_king, endorsed by CJ, hymned by @AlanKelloggs. WHAT an album. @Andr6wMale Courage, mon brave. xxx @jondrytay Fair point. But on a rolling background of dominoing indecision. @jondrytay Was thinking this yesterday: every one since Blair worse than the last. Blair and Major look like bionic…
This is LOADS OF FUN. Subscribe and SHOUT. (You have to shout at it to get the most out of it.) @i_am_mill_i_am @worldoftelly @WhenIsBirths No, but FUCK A PRIEST I’d like to. Where’d it go?Bullshit upon bullshit upon bullshit. @WhenIsBirths @worldoftelly @i_am_mill_i_am ‘Something’s Coming’ was the last song written for WSS, when someone (R… @alexbell Seeing the firemen burn may have been a bit proto-9/11.Oh but — @i_am_mill_i_am @worldoftelly @WhenIsBirths He has dissed the lyric to ‘I Feel Pretty,’ saying that if you write ‘I… @alexbell Christ. Much as it pains me, Gordon Murray may have been right to make a bonfire of everyone in Trumptons… @evorover You are ill.Those giant fucking heads are sitting in a loft or warehouse somewhere, half rotted and mothblown. Don’t have night… @Joshstrangehill God, but this is *WONDERFUL* Josh. @idilsukan This is why I like you. @idilsukan Attagirl.I’m worried about my hearing so I’m waterskiing to an earthwork. #SpitefulGibberingCunt @Nowpats @mitherer @richard_littler Actually IGNORE THAT – I'm wrong. THE HOOP is in what's now called Superclarend… @Nowpats @mitherer @richard_littler No idea about THE HOOP (some sort of slab serif) but FINCH is English Two-Line… Minister Boris Johnson has defended Dominic Cummings, saying: “The advice makes it absolutely clear that if y…
Retweeted by Jason Hazeley @skwoolley @Pisci @CuriousUkTelly Funny pub, The Falcon. So much to like and yet so fundamentally scratchy. @BoakandBailey @ArchReview @Gueuzel @tania_nexust Grats, J&R xxx @Trilexis @richard_littler Campaign to get the term ‘fork dishes’ back into circulation starts RIGHT HERE.Writing in 1964, Ian Nairn says The Hoop at Notting Hill Gate has ‘the best modern pub interior in London’. Can’t f… @MrRossBurman GULPThe horrible timing that will likely see America ticking off its 100,000th COVID-19 death on Memorial Day is quite something.
@AnitaBroad Solidarity, Anita xxx @sharonodea Oh shit.Fucking hell. This is knock-down devastating. (And the number wasn’t a surprise; but the presentation really is.) was a test of the Prime Minister and he has failed it. It is an insult to sacrifices made by the British peop…
Retweeted by Jason HazeleyPopped out for some chips earlier
Retweeted by Jason Hazeley @guywalters The crisps are touching the crisps.Journalists, now concentrate on what it was exactly Boris Johnson was doing away from No10 in early Feb, as the vir…
Retweeted by Jason HazeleyI couldn’t quite believe this was real... but it apparently is 😳
Retweeted by Jason Hazeley @guywalters You saw this, of course?'re being taken for absolute mugs. Our parents, our kids, our carers, our health workers, every one of us. It's such a sad day.
Retweeted by Jason HazeleyThere’s a spluttering lymph-heap on my television blinking and overflowing with bullshit. I miss normal TV. @pimlicat @SophyRidgeSky Hear, hear.For those of you reading this on a phone... mean you didn't read the smallprint? @Andr6wMale @Claudinerou xxx