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Once and future king of the road

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@garretdillahunt I owe you a beverage GarretA whole lot if the artist is willing and able to take advantage @russbengtson Long as you’re ok with missing weddings and funerals, but yes.It’s good for artists who have a smaller live audience. Gives them the opportunity to chart alongside “legacy” acts… in the day you didn’t hear from the ones who didn’t get rich and famous. There are many who don’t make it now,… @jamesonguitar It will.Ok alright
Hate is weakness not leaving the body my wife doesn’t stop me dude a penis certainly won’t @martycoultas So happy to hear it! Y’all take care and hang in there.Now we’re gonna have to agree on the definition of “hurting anybody else”, I think the 64 Civil Rights Act should be expanded to include sexual orientation and gender but not a p… 3 go to the polls for Meg! @thedavidcrosby It’s a boxer’s robe!Watch @JasonIsbell's conversation with @KasieDC.
Retweeted by Jason Isbell @WillHoge Thanks Will. Love to y’all, my friend. @AngelaKinsey @thirdmanrecords @garthbrooks I saw him at the fair! For a dollar! It was a great show. Probably around the same time.
This needs to go viral
Retweeted by Jason IsbellThis doesn’t bode well for my pending restraining order against the Internal Revenue Service @bananalise OftenOh how I wish that was still my nightmare ya David
Probably Billie Eilish @thirdmanrecords there was a bustle in my hedgerow and I was totally alarmed now but it was just this lady, cleaning @Strandofoaks I’d love a tiny Dale @MJMcKean Generation GeneThat’s a good fella right there happy birthday there were still little babies named Gene @MarenMorris I know that’s right. @MarenMorris Seriously wish you’d photoshopped a butterfly knife in his handNew recording! From our 2017 artist-in-residence series at the @CountryMusicHOF, 'Live at the CMA Theater' is a str…
Retweeted by Jason Isbell @SherylCrow @PeterStroud @FrazePavilion Happy birthday Peter! Miss you, my friend!Yes yes thank y’all @JasonIsbell joins @kasie live to talk about his new album, “Reunions”
Retweeted by Jason IsbellJoin us as we welcome @JasonIsbell on tonight’s episode of #InTheLight 7pm EST, only on Volume!
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Cheer up, sleepy jeans100 Vibes from Jason Isbell, Zack Bia, Acyde, and the Corporate Lunch Crew | ⁦@GQMagazine⁩ good friend @RufusWainwright's new album #UnfollowTheRules is out now. I had the pleasure of hearing this record…
Retweeted by Jason Isbell @ltggoddess @amandashires Get well soon! @ProfessorHamar Yes they’re great @TheCaitlinRose @tomhanks @thirdmanrecords IndeedHappy birthday to @tomhanks and Jack White @thirdmanrecords both nice guys and not as different from each other as you might think
@JoeCarsonJr @Lindsanity50 I know it’s hard to imagine but some people on this app actually know each other in real lifeHappy birthday to the great ⁦@davecobb7⁩ who is one of them big time producers who can actually rock out @drivebytruckers See that’s a film and music goal right there- make burly tears okPeople coming after Hayley Williams on this app must not realize she survived half a dozen warped toursNew recording! From our 2017 artist-in-residence series at the @CountryMusicHOF, 'Live at the CMA Theater' is a str… during @JasonIsbell's 2017 artist-in-residence series at the @CountryMusicHOF, 'Live at the CMA Theater' c…
Retweeted by Jason IsbellNewport Folk Fest announces livestream weekend w/ Jason Isbell, Mavis Staples, Sharon Van Etten, Leon Bridges, Phoe…
Retweeted by Jason IsbellOn this episode of World Cafe Show & Tell, @JasonIsbell shows off his portrait of #LarryDavid, that he says keeps…
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Strangely enough he didn’t fall message from Del McCoury.
Retweeted by Jason IsbellNew cases, yesterday: Germany: 298 Denmark: 10 Norway: 11 Sweden: 57 United States: 55,442
Retweeted by Jason Isbellyour brother, your children, and a stranger who works at the Cinnabon at the Indianapolis airport have all called t… @LoganCarver11 The @HenderScheme alien stompers in black
74 years. That’s some loyalty right there. someone translate this
Retweeted by Jason IsbellHappy birthday @ringostarrmusic. It makes me happy just to think about you out there being Ringo. Peace and love, man. Peace and love.
@ShortFormErnie @espiers Nothing slicker. @golikehellmachi Now there’s a good point. Touché“The slippery slope we will be going down” is behind us. We are at the bottom of the hill covered in owl shit and e… @Kmarmi Fair enough. I think will do some synchronized swimming live-streams @Kmarmi I’m not concerned with that. I’m more interested in process than result.Imagine a fireman saying “This suit is heavy and it restricts my freedom! It doesn’t really work anyway. I saw one… @LaurelSnyder Indeed @Nate_Griffin Strong strong identical thingsAh yes the historically powerful trolley dodgers, dolphins, red stockings, cardinals and metropolitans the last month, @k_crutchfield has been doing full-album Waxahatchee livestreams. Tonight is her last, for this…
Retweeted by Jason IsbellI'll never forget the way Ennio Morricone described music as “energy, space, and time.” It is, perhaps, the most co…
Retweeted by Jason IsbellReally good point for songwriters/musicians, Dan. Especially right now., the “mob” loves Crosby’s only one of me and I drive pretty slowly, Eddie. I think you’re looking for Facebook it was two exits back
@kimholcomb Sam said “I was born by the river in a little tent.” @JLynnJohnston Ohh yesMust be how they won the battle of Timber Lake @truthaddict76 How about just play it right and use a slideEither ignore him or Spartacus him and everybody runLotta people confusing barre chords with power chords here @HemiGindrix Keep your thumb right in the center of the back of the neckZoom rally.
Retweeted by Jason IsbellPlease join me in supporting @elizabethfortx in her run for TX State House. She is a single mother, and an Iraq war…
Retweeted by Jason IsbellVampire Weekend is the only band that still makes full barre chords and I’m here for it1. A change in your opinion of whether or not the virus is real said Freeman, the team leader, get COVID-19 was wakeup call to everyone regarding how contagious it is, sinc…
Retweeted by Jason Isbell @capncrash It’s funny, it seems like you understand the language I’m speaking but not what I’m saying or why @JD_Rhoades That is part of the point I am making.What percentage of Americans died in the 9/11 attacks? How many times have you taken your shoes off at the airport…'s a great time for men to do more housework
Retweeted by Jason IsbellProud to announce that I am running! Not for any office, just for exercise and it’s really hot and this sucks so I… Freeman isn’t lying to you he really has COVID it’s real the virus is real Freddie Freeman isn’t doing a liberal hoaxI too will be opting out of playing Major League Baseball this seasonNew business idea: 5th of July relaxing horse massages
Remembering Bill Withers, born on this day in 1938 in Raleigh County, West Virginia. Here he is performing “Grandma…
Retweeted by Jason IsbellCampbell with the “what guitar can I play in the video that could be the most different from the one I played on the song” flexThen there’s this @pattymo I’m thinking it’s from the perspective of a baby singing to the au pair @aaronleetasjan1 The most perfect of fitsAll this work to get to the heart of the rock and roll truth then You Shook Me All Night Long comes on the radio an… @shelbeyeyey @bluskabucknut TruthA couple hours left of Bandcamp Day. Act fast! Use code "FOURTH" to get 25% extra savings.…
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