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Helping others navigate uncertain futures. Design Partner @group_of_humans. Leader @ixdalondon. Co-chair at @euroia 2020. Shaper of Designers.

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@stuartfrisby I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way. But you’re not alone. So many of us are struggling in our own d…
@inkblurt We’re proper fucked.
WOW! I reached level 8 in Oczilla!!! 🐙 #Oczilla
The proposals are streaming in for this year's #DesignOps Summit (virtual in late October). And they're looking FAN…
Retweeted by Jason MesutHey folks, there are lots of amazing Designers and Design Leaders out there looking for work at the moment, so plea…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @dug Yep, you couldn’t really think of many countries that could be as much of a bad idea in.#LetTheMusicPlay #saveourvenues ❤️❤️❤️
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@dawuss There’s a whole series: and some talks that are worth a look. Nothing else public b… @jkolko No. And, a bit. Not the end of the world but in a Primer workshop last week there was some weird Miro stuff…
Yeh. I’d be having a go at this too if I had a treadmill. #lockdown
Retweeted by Jason MesutWe're building a world class Design team @BT - join us! #BTDigitalFuture Newbies incl:…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @bruised_blood @TwitterDesign That’s great advice. Even though it’s delivered on Twitter. As per your post yesterday. @TwitterDesign Don’t take advice from anyone on Twitter.
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Great to see what has been done before and the intent ahead. Been weighing on our conscience as well @euroia this y… @andybudd @jongold Design TwitterThe Near Future Laboratory presents the COVID ZINE - available now in our shop (free PDF download). Design Fiction.…
Retweeted by Jason MesutPull up a chair… To expand the community we don’t yet know, and to give back to the community we know and love,…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @darkejon @andybudd CULTivatingFAO: Aspiring designers.
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @ldebett I have no idea why Americans love a British accent. I’ll really ham it up for the next call. @DeanVipond Yes. It’s a major pain. @ldebett That’s a big moment. Not sure I’ve had mine yet.
@movito @special_proj Cue gushing. I love @special_projAwesome news. I got a sneak peek and some mentions. So very thorough. And @erova is fun too. Can’t wait to grab my… is a friend and mentor and one of the most thoughtful people I know Run to pre-purchase this book 👇
Retweeted by Jason MesutDESIGN THINKING! QUICKIE #designthinkingcomic
Retweeted by Jason MesutHard to believe the theme for Interaction '21, "Design in Perilous Times", coalesced in November of 2019. We need y…
Retweeted by Jason MesutHas anyone worked on website information architecture for any mental health charities/ organisations and be willing…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @lorenzowood @NickClement And also that the previous design talent may not be that helpful. @lorenzowood @NickClement To be honest re-reading, I don’t disagree with what’s said. But my objection is that it i… @NickClement FFS. Where is this from?
@andybudd Ouch!I know it’s hard to believe that ‘Design in Perilous Times’ was the #IxD21 theme before this pandemic hit … 2020 is…
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@petetrainor Thank you. That means a lot. @redditships Butter boy. I have never ever considered this but it does make some sense. Humans are interesting. Especially butter boy. @mlukanuski @Futures_Design @NellyBenHayoun Brilliantly crazy and smart. So much energy, and ‘pluraility’ ;-)Love it @iotwatch Really good idea. We need more non-visual critical independent content. @laura_yarrow @GloryvilleHQ The feedback was 90% about one of your talks. @laura_yarrow @GloryvilleHQ Oh sorry wired crossed. Someone who went to sofaconf was talking about a talk she watch… @laura_yarrow Some @GloryvilleHQ made me feel better this morning as did writing this - thank you. Heard your SofaConf talk was brilliant @fosta Listening to a disco classics show from @gillespeterson in the car the other day and he highlighted that thi… @janee Twitter helped me. It wasn’t perfect but it was bearable. For watching a conference talk at least. @quiffboy You’re welcome. Knowing it can help others helps me. Thank you for your thanks.No-one needs another pandemic post but I needed to reflect on another rollercoaster week for my own sanity. “Takin… @ldebett @design_museum @Michael_DiTullo How was it? @clearleft I wasn’t able to catch all of it, but what I saw was excellent produced, valuable and really nicely pace… @djjjfrost Cheers my man. Just hearing about a few of these and was speaking to my mate who is promoting one.Today months of work culminated in Gov. @GavinNewsom’s announcement that we’ve opened up a ton of our State’s…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @djjjfrost Can you share details?
@Casablanca Bad arrows? The shifts accelerated by Covid19?
News! I made a tool you can use to score your service against the 15 principles of good service design Behold Good…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @peterme Yes, unfortunately we’re not doing a lot better. But I’m extra twitchy about people from the US coming to UK.
Incredibly strong day 2. Respect is due. classic from the archive, thought that @r_audrey talk was incredible. I'm not a researcher but took away SO much as a manager of people.…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @thompsonsimon @r_audrey So good!!!! Huge fan I am @r_audrey already rocking it #sofaconf @brendamontreal @euroia Well done. You know, @robscottsays used a bit of software that someone we know might have s… @redcrew @lissijean A ‘decision making framework’Digital diary studies are an excellent way to gather deeper insights from your participants overtime, exposing what…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @ballantine70 @dominiccampbell ExactlySo excited to receive this. One of the best workshops I’ve experienced over the last few years and a reminder of th… @jennytheolin Oh I’m so sorry. Is there a way to reframe it? Do the deed, and then plan an awesome party as anniver…
@MatthewGodfrey You have spokenSneak peak of our behind-the-scenes research; when any moment brings a new frame and a new way of looking at the wo…
Retweeted by Jason MesutWe've been working on an intense critical sensemaking activity, charting threads of nested trends and signals acros…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @stephenanderson Far mightierI've got something exciting to announce… After months of general planning and setting up infrastructure… The Migh…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @pnts The iPad was for taking notes. Bad in sun. I can’t watch them all at the same time but I was trying to. If I… @pnts Trying to. It’s like a dual track. Primer lighter today and I messed up on the workshop for tonight so back a… comfy conference ever. #SofaConf
Retweeted by Jason MesutWe @IxDALondon won’t be hosting an event on our usual schedule this month, but you should check out what our Berlin… @creativeTodd Bit better. Watching @jseiden reliving some @ilaconf memories form Medellin @creativeTodd Let me try it. It might help a littleSetup in the sun for my dual track conference experience this week #sofaconf #primer2020 - can’t really see the scr…
@robscottsays Yeh felt fake to me @vickytnz @petervandijck Exactly that. I think it’s a healthy way forwards. @petervandijck I actually started creating an Airtable for my work as a reminder of what I’d done and various categ… @rufflemuffin @Jo_zinaC @danielyep @ImmyKaur @AlastairParvin Thanks for sharing. In other news, I found this in a F… clip
Relax, its a pine cone
Retweeted by Jason MesutThis cheered me up. Let it do the same for you. this you working on your UX portfolio? You definitely want to tap into @ifenn’s expertise and wisdom on this. I’m…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @JoLuehmann Yesterday @jpichs @Adrian_Bee I’ve taken one and I didn’t knowThe front of the line to get into the Trump Tulsa rally at 7pm CT. It’s not yet 8am. @NBCNews @MSNBC
Retweeted by Jason MesutAmazing! @Adrian_Bee Thanks so much. Where are they from? Are people distancing? Wearing masks? @Adrian_Bee Where’s that? @gillesdemarty I am interested actually. Tell me more...Hey hey. If any of you doing any non-essential shopping this weekend would love to hear about it and see any photos… @joelbaileyuk Yes. I get that. Shopping with other people is certainly less pleasant at the best of times. Worse now. @joelbaileyuk Need new queue and pause hobbies. I did one of my first podcasts for a while.Couple of kind folks sent me this, which is a start. Be good to see race/ethnicity and gender identity in there too…
Retweeted by Jason Mesut @joelbaileyuk Oh where?I can't believe people are still arguing about wearing masks. My mother died of COVID last Sunday. My father is go…
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@Folletto Tease = saying interesting exploration but not expanding. There are many reasons why I can’t (shouldn’t) do it too ;-) @willsansbury 42. Basically today.