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@bravesjt Both pretty sleek tbh @FatalError52 @solo_nite @RegiSparrowhawk It would've been great if they had done some sort of proper reveal event (with games) beforehand @fuzzypickles_ @solo_nite @RegiSparrowhawk Try reading the first line of that tweet again you bore @FatalError52 @solo_nite @RegiSparrowhawk Maybe, but it was bizarre even before covid-19 and that Mark Cerny GDC lecture was always planned @solo_nite @RegiSparrowhawk I have absolutely no idea what Sony is thinking with this slapdash marketing plan, but… @RegiSparrowhawk What, you're saying two Wired articles, a programming lecture, and a PlayStation blog post don't g… @SolHammer2 I'd rather see some games already tbhSony here just randomly dropping the PlayStation 5 controller on a Tuesday afternoon @chrisgayomali
@108 Whoa what if we talked about it?? On a podcast????? @jakewarsaw Strong disagree - this is how kids act! @demian_linn Rock kills scissorsThe animation in Final Fantasy VII Remake is so good @TeeReno @Samer Nah, in the Sopranos it's a reference to Henry Hill turning his story into a movie @pwbuffalo @Samer It is, but Scorsese existing in the Sopranos universe suggests that Goodfellas does too, and that… @Samer More evidence for this theory is that Martin Scorsese is in the second episode! @biglipsmcguee @banaag_alvin Because they're barely a fraction of the game. It's not an open-world RPG where you're… @WarOfTheseRoses @jo5if Yep my review went live this morning @jo5if This is emblematic of the game's meticulous attention to detail, so yes @TunaCats2 Also, those two little girls turn out to be manifestations of JenovaThe best part of Final Fantasy VII Remake is these two little girls dancing on a rooftop @gulder_ Impossible to explain without spoilers. I'm excited for a few weeks from now when we can talk about the game more openly @banaag_alvin Not quite as tedious but yeah they're all pretty boring @GrosChocobo Enjoy the ride @plumley_landon Nah, but the end has made me more excited for future episodes than I was before @JackCHF You'll need to have played the entire game to understand what the remake is trying to doIt's also worth noting: Final Fantasy VII Remake is completely accessible to people who haven't played the original… Fantasy VII Remake is a phenomenal game. I came in skeptical about the developers splitting it into episodes,…
@jdesmondharris Jealous that there's a Starbucks inside your grocery store tbh @Soren_0248 @Kocobe Whoa @Nuggernaut77 I get it -- you came to hear me talk about the New York Jets. I'll make sure to deliver @KipEnyan Fair pointHard not to be in a constant state of rage over stories like this -- at the president, sure, but more at the feckle… really, really miss Deadspin
@THEREALRTU @YouTube Just in case it wasn’t clear: the YouTube comment by Jeff Rickel is complete nonsense @FairlyMagicMan @THEREALRTU Yes let me be unequivocally clear: this is nonsense @THEREALRTU I'm talking about the original YouTube comment @THEREALRTU @Daniel_Rubino @JezCorden I thought it was pretty obvious that comment was fanfiction-level nonsense
@JeffLoveness Holy SHIT Jeff!!! Congrats!!!! @jeremypgordon Jesus, I'm so sorry Jeremy @dan_plays_drums @icscomic And MGS5! I was reviewing it at the time and shocked at what they included in the final trailer @icscomic Ugh yeah why do Japanese companies always do this? Every single highly anticipated JRPG always gets some… - absolutely do not watch this if you care about spoilers (not just 23-year-old spoilers, but new twists and tu…
@weggles I dunno, it has its pros and cons. I'd rather crunch from home where I can wear sweatpants and cook my own… @deefran69 I couldn't disagree more. I think video game companies should be more transparent, not less, and gamers… @mjgault @AlexJamesFitz Fair point, although there's something to be said about the fact that all everyone wants to… @martin_rener @DNAbro I think nobody knows what's going to happen this fall because nobody knows how long this is going to last @AlexJamesFitz Caused by a pandemic! @DNAbro All of them @SHoTaS17 1) Sony is already throttling PSN download speeds - imagine what a catastrophe it'd be if millions of peo… TLOUII was on track for May, multiple devs say. The primary reason for the delay is the challenge of printing, sh… @DMC_Ryan Nah, this delay is mainly due to the logistics of printing, shipping, and selling physical copies of the gameBREAKING: Sony is delaying The Last of Us II indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. A Naughty Dog source tel… this post... @macphisto96 @exstuhsey @Daniel_Rubino @iH888Hi @GabeMartiniLive You console warriors are so boring @exstuhsey @Daniel_Rubino @iH888Hi @GabeMartiniLive @macphisto96 What a coincidence that the person making these cl… @stephcask This looks incredible - congrats! @hankmotion What do you mean? A new ep just went live this morning!
@reed_indeed_98 @SageWaterDragon ty Shiv Roy @SageWaterDragon The game sold well, but was more expensive than expected because of decisions by Randy Pitchford a… @panecasio They get quarterly bonuses. Last year, Gearbox told each employee they'd be making X throughout 2020. Ye… @SageWaterDragon Randy Pitchford took a $12 million bonus in 2016, as I said in the article and on Twitter. I think he's pretty happy @SageWaterDragon Gearbox and 2K have both said Borderlands 3 is one of their most successful games ever. Employees… Gearbox developers say they had made financial plans based on the bonuses they were promised last year -- thos… @DamionLondon If only there was an article you could read to find outNEWS: Gearbox, developer of Borderlands, pays below-market wages. To make up for that, the studio offers profit-sha… @b00ch @shinobi602 @kirkhamilton @MIDImyers Yes @RealBenGilbert I mean, he does try to keep the prices low for his records and his showsreally helpful info to have right now!
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@kirkhamilton New intro music?As a form of stress relief, I picked one of my favorite chord progressions and wrote the happiest melody I could co…
Retweeted by Jason Schreier @TiMrozek Nope! @Cromwelp @chowrad1 @Mkq_01 Nah, this isn't great advice. P5 Royal's script is completely revised and it's full of… @Cromwelp It's the equivalent of Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition except instead of getting it for free… @Itani If you're not worried about spending $60 again, then yes -- if you're going to play any version of P5, it should be Royal @nightygale 2 has become a real slog - still trying to decide whether I want to finish it or just skip to 3 @Susporilla I mean, noPersona 5 Royal is out today. It's the perfect quarantine game -- a 100-hour JRPG in which you can actually hang ou… it how every commercial on TV now is like "In these challenging times, what you really need is a Ford"
@ThomasKAgar A lot of studios were slow to move to remote work, and some of them insisted on QA coming in for a few… feels like it moves differently these days. Days rush by. Weeks drag. Everything seems unreal. Here are some…
Retweeted by Jason Schreier @zordiblitz I thought Andre did a fantastic job - he asked some fascinating questions @SMGTunes That's very true, which is why people should still do things that are funny @minimaxir True but I'm sticking to my beatIf you're a video game company currently having emergency meetings to decide whether you should do your *truly hila… @JCernAlves Yeah man they pay good money for me to post links to leaks of their 2020 plans @CKortJester I sure hope they go back to the style of Thousand Year DoorCannot wait to replay Super Mario Galaxy on my Switch @RealBenGilbert A British games site that's been consistently breaking news for some time now
Every night at 7pm, the streets of New York City erupt with cheering and applause for our medical workers - here’s… @MikeIsaac Some recs: Bloodborne, Bloodborne, Bloodborne, Jedi Fallen Order, God of War, Hollow Knight, Assassin's…
The flip side of this is that every night at 7pm the streets of Manhattan erupt with clapping and cheering from peo… @TheFeenMachine_ Yup that's where I'm at too @StepKickKing2 Plenty of people - if not for so many of them wearing masks it'd look like normal. Which is also grimOne of the creepiest things about being in Manhattan these days is the ambulance sirens -- normally you tune them o… @rejectedjokes FF6 next??
@jbouie Unrelated but it's also astounding (and terrifying) to be reminded of how much more coherent he used to be
@tosh0kan @floofyboi64 I mean, no, that's my point. It's not that it'd be too bothersome, it's that it'd be too exp… @tosh0kan @floofyboi64 I know. Do you know a lot of companies that make decisions based on laziness? It's all about money and time