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News editor at Kotaku, co-host of Splitscreen, author of national bestseller Blood, Sweat, and Pixels. New book on the way! (DMs open)

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@kchironis It's worth watching just for episode five @matthewseiji or Blur
@wordngames1 @Durtha @Johughes024 @sendtweetnow Actually, there's something very, very wrong with being a billionai… @Durtha @sendtweetnow Yes @Durtha @Johughes024 @sendtweetnow Capitalism is fine, it's unregulated capitalism that's going to be the end of us… @Johughes024 @sendtweetnow Yes of course it should, and anyone who believes that it's perfectly fine for someone to… @MolaramLives @sendtweetnow Mmm delicious boots @sendtweetnow Dude is worth $130 billion which is supremely unethical and should be illegal - there's nothing honor… @chrisjohnbone "pronouns he/him/attack helicopter" well hey you can go to hellThis is cool and all but it might also help to chill with sending out a single Amazon order in four different packa… @MatPiscatella @Nibellion Yeah don't get me wrong I'd *kill* to get P5 on Switch, but Atlus Japan has made some ser… @MatPiscatella @Nibellion The context missing here is that Sega/Atlus U.S. has no power and this is basically Advin… @stapumausaA113 Finishing it off as we speak. Should be published in early 2021The secret to writing is to listen to this on repeat
Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made (Kindle Edition) is $1.…
Retweeted by Jason SchreierSunday is the Lord's Day!! In 1hr the Roundtable welcomes Lord @jasonschreier from the Realm of @Kotaku to discuss…
Retweeted by Jason Schreier
Mythic Quest (the new Apple TV show about game dev) is fun and all but episode 5, "A Dark Quiet Death," is really s… @BryanRenno RudeMy four-month-old keeps bursting into tears every time she finishes her food so hey I guess we've got a lot in common
@RowaseCarmihara just the animals @patrickklepek Specter Knight and King Knight are basically new games! @MatPiscatella Sounds like another great year for GameStop @MacWalby @Zelcor_ @BillyShibley Yeah I also have a soft spot for that game, especially the Winter Palace section @BillyShibley Honestly Fallout 4 winning over Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 is the funniest thing about that list @mimms @RaveLordeNito So they can hold court documents? @BatManLee1 Yup just came to Switch a couple weeks ago, that's where I'm playing itI assume this game was conceived by someone getting really high and thinking "What if Phoenix Wright was......... actually a phoenix"I've been playing Aviary Attorney, a game in which you're an anthropomorphic bird lawyer investigating murder in 19… @GenePark Sakurai comes out and asks him to join the Smash Initiative? @MarteaniArt This makes me very happy. Libraries are the best
@RealBenGilbert lol the outfit might be impractical but Tifa's actually a badass character @LargeFailson "Cloud, I heard you paint houses" @Nibellion "Rat Problem" does not inspire confidenceI've always thought: I love Final Fantasy VII but what it really needs is a side quest where you help someone clear… @Nibellion Oh man this is so weird. Side quests in Midgar! @LoboDoesGame Yeah agreed. It’s intuitive — the game’s rules and physics function the way you’d expect them to func… @ChrisRackley @yuvalask No lies detected @darwinsdude @yuvalask ty @yuvalask My wife did it! @jadeconl Nah Nintendo can’t afford me
@giantbomb @alex_navarro Well there's that rot you wanted @TweetingAA @RasmusB48 In my experience, adults who are curious about games but haven't played many aren't looking… @rustycjohnson @RasmusB48 Nonsense @BenedictYugaraj @RasmusB48 Maybe? But I think the whole "oh my god there are too many good things to watch" phenom… @BenedictYugaraj @RasmusB48 No way, I always struggle to figure out what to watch next because there are too many good options @aizakow I would've assumed the same until my wife started playing it on my Switch a few years ago, having not play… @RasmusB48 That's a terrible idea - video games are intimidating enough without telling someone to start paying mon… @BirboDomenico It happened yesterday, surprised you missed it @DeputyTrojan You'd be surprisedI get asked fairly often by people who are curious about but intimidated by video games where they should even star…
@marcmarod Well hey I went to Lisbon as part of my honeymoon and it was lovely!Sometimes when I hear about video game productions, I wonder what it must be like to be part of something that ever… have been reading @Kotaku since I was a literal teenager, so I am SO proud that my first piece for them is now li…
Retweeted by Jason Schreier‘Mythic Quest’ is probably the best live-action TV series ever made about video games, but at its core, it’s a work…
Retweeted by Jason Schreier @ZhugeEX @garfep @yosp @ReseteraForum Well there was going to be one but after this tweet I just called Jim Ryan and had it delayed @OnlineZhD @garfep @yosp @ReseteraForum Idk I read online that if Andrew Goldfarb and Shuhei Yoshida are in the sam… @nyymz @garfep @yosp @ReseteraForum I would never joke on Twitter @garfep @yosp PS5 event tomorrow confirmed CC @ReseteraForum @AndyPlaytonic You guys have become a daily read for me - keep up the good work! @GideonsGaming It's a surprise because video game companies don't typically send out press releases announcing that… @NintenDaan Oh wow. That reads like a statement they agreed to publish to avoid legal action @CJMelendez_ I think that was a dick move, but I have a hard time ever feeling comfortable with a company blacklisting a press outlet @RealEliotNess Wow because I've never seen a press release from a video game company saying it was blacklisting a website! @E_Vaan Nope, but this blacklisting is way easier to justify than any of the others I've seenWow - Nintendo says it's blacklisting a Portuguese website after one of the site's reviewers leaked photos from an… official - nice to see that these days, 2K actually wants its game makers to have identities. Just a few years… @candacerthomas Congrats, you're having 101 babies @ssbm04 It doesn't really fit spam emails have gotten dramatic
@GenePark @thegameawards Streaming numbers are also real counts (presumably) as opposed to extrapolations based on magical Nielsen boxes @carolineliddick What's funny is that it was actually the editor of the Styles desk @gamesl10n Final Fantasy XIV, No Man's Sky, Destiny, The Division, Diablo 3... the list goes on and on @seePyou Officially, a few minutes ago, but we reported it in November @Brrunt Nah, I think it's because they still don't know exactly what it's going to look likeNo way to know whether Anthem 2.0 will be as successful as previous overhauls of failed live games (what a trend th… @brunovinhadel The question is whether Anthem 2.0 will have much in the way of story at all"...specifically working to reinvent the core gameplay loop with clear goals, motivating challenges and progression… confirms Kotaku's November scoop that Anthem is getting a complete overhaul: @smokeyjoh I'm 32 @JaLouNav Welcome to Twitter dot com, where accounts with names like "Laura Dern Fan Account" will try to tell you… @GreedyEars That's pretty cheap for Manhattan tbhWriting at a cafe this morning and a few 40-something construction workers just came in and ordered the $12 avocado…
@ToLey88 Good thing he didn't have no-strike claws @smith5849821621 @HardDriveMag (It's satire) @shonboppin It wasn't nominated!Jason Schreier Working Grueling 20-Hour Days to Finish ‘Blood, Sweat, and Pixels 2’ Before Release
Retweeted by Jason Schreier @SenSnowy @mythic_quest Not yet but I am very excited to watch it @DCConnah The absurdity of his bets distracted me from the rest of the movie - who parlays the winner of a tipoff?… @_williediaz I liked Jojo Rabbit but didn't love it. That chubby kid should win Best Supporting Actor thoughKnives Out was probably my favorite movie of 2019 but Parasite was brilliant and should win Best Picture tonight (a…
@caseyjohnston Eat This, Not That: Plutonium is a healthy, delicious substitution for that calorie-packed uranium @DomsPlaying 2K management used to believe that all of their studios should be interchangeable parts with names lik… @ielboy1 Well the makers of Mafia 3 are working on a new IP so I'm not sure who would be doing a 4I poked around a bit - this isn't actually a brand new video game studio, it's 2K Silicon Valley, which was founded… @polimayo @rcmacleod Rare footage of Stephen hiring staff @alexhcranz Oh man I have to watch this show @rcmacleod You're a hero, Riley, don't ever doubt that @cfrancistweet Looks like now I'm Max Power @PaulTassi I just wish the Times hadn't blown up my secret identity @WeirdoeFauna ty travel protection is hard but someone's gotta do it