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Jason @JasonTheAzn_ California, USA

700 lp gm teamfight connoisseur #HOLEHOMIES art:

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see u guys in 6 months :) @swatolini HAHAHA @swatolini legit @givemeurdog do u still need a New Years kiss @taylordoubleu love u bro, we're gonna kill 2021 πŸ’›πŸ’› @chessloser97 ? @AsycLoL love u bro @macawcaw123 @DisguisedToast dude the year just started @handstomyself happy new year lisa ^_^ @handstomyself wtf i didnt get the memo on the new ear.. @basedlilV im poogers @akbulletsv3 i helped too @mcingintesco bro where am i @Hyyydra1 happy birthday :DDDD @JungleMan72 @PIacidium GDSOUIHYGDSLNK @ausaja__ happy new year
@Yassuo thanks yassuo <3 @swatolini now we are here @holdmybun @swatolini yea I’ll def pick one up πŸ₯° @swatolini rly clean back layout I think maybe add some microtext under the front graphic and it’s perfect @JungleMan72 jungleman never missesおθͺ•η”Ÿζ—₯γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†πŸŽ‰πŸŽ #GenshinImpact #原η₯ž #ιΎι›’η”Ÿθͺ•η₯­2020 #ιΎι›’η”Ÿθͺ•η₯­
Retweeted by Jason @MewooTm mordekaiser πŸ–•πŸ“ˆ @Hyyydra1 @incelweebtrap hello. @timo77lol insta +400 lp
@basedlilV my friend poogers needs a blitz skin @pokimanelol meowwwwwwwww >^_^< @AsycLoL @bighiss well why is he a graphic designer. #useless @bighiss I think doctor poggers knows the answer @xWholeGrain 🀝 @jjxeun I hope u enjoy the gift I got u here’s a picture of it @jjxeun @MewooTm what was this for @bellzmi facts πŸ’…πŸ’… @MewooTm get it cuz he’s hella greedy @MewooTm my jungler @swatolini @bighiss HAHAHAHAHA @bellzmi nvm. @bellzmi how is this me @bellzmi yea go ahead @ForestWithin @bellzmi @JungleMan72 I legit thought he tweeted it HAHAdragonite if he was a djungelskog :D
@akbulletsv3 @basedlilV @swatolini instacopped i rly like the graphics @asyyyc Got a good tweet idea for the cs heads.. my New Years resolution is 1024x768 no bb 😭😭 @asyyyc @asyyyc can I be meowth @bellzmi he wouldn’t tweet this. @Hyyydra1 @incelweebtrap suchh a funny gif HAHAHA @Hyyydra1 @incelweebtrap we become british the second lyss is tagged @Hyyydra1 @incelweebtrap ello mate! @Hyyydra1 if any girl wants the polar opposite im right here @lolponyoo @JungleMan72 @Hyyydra1 thats me lol @lolponyoo sounds like a job for @JungleMan72 @Kaim_Sa
Retweeted by Jason @poutkid THE DU MA AT THE END DSAHLKGHADLKG @poutkid I’m about to go watch some Vietnamese simpsons @poutkid ? HAHA @givemeurdog can I buy it @givemeurdog why are u crushing my dreams
@Hyyydra1 @incelweebtrap @asyyyc she’s thinking about me lol @asyyyc yea i know thats why i cant believe iti cant believe 2012 was 5 years ago @swatolini KAJSHFKENSNAJJ @JasonTheAzn_ Jason Nguyen 😈 is typing ... Yooooo warzone tonight?
Retweeted by Jason @ayeyuhayeyuhaye @akbulletsv3 @bighiss @ayeyuhayeyuhaye @akbulletsv3 @bighiss 900 dollarsi cant escape this torture @incelweebtrap @Hyyydra1 @incelweebtrap @Hyyydra1 cop? @swatolini me me ^_^ @incelweebtrap hey I legit have a question @asyyyc @poutkid @incelweebtrap she’s 15?? @WardComrade clip studio @floptropolis dude.. @mangocherry26 me too >_< @mangocherry26 did Spider-Man not announce @SoaringOG choncc i drew earlier ^_^
@Sanchovies hey sanchovies did u enjoy this boba shop? gonna hit it up this week wanna hear your honest review @imcoty later I’m drawing rn :3 @imcoty no πŸ™„ @imcoty cs @MewooTm @MewooTm nice πŸ–• @Chainbody_ 😑 @JanuWilliams40 🀫 @Sssnakeepit @Sssnakeepit guys don’t like this tweet he is 34 with 3 kids