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Jasper Renema @JasperRenema Herpt, Nederland

Cycling and NFL punter. Like to ride TTs

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@timothyvdsteen1 @Sportmind3 They are both fast, at those odds I like them for sure @JFrijling Ik koop al mijn hele leven mijn eten in de supermarkt or Chaves for me stage 1 LA Vuelta @WiebeWouter @ammattipyoraily KussNoob! Always check the cameras first @James_A_Wood @wielervrspllng 😩 @wielervrspllng @James_A_Wood Woods is leaving @Jonatha80909111 @cyclingmole Indeed @BettingCycling @Eritropoetina Bagioli 🙏🏼Sepp kuss @justprocycling Backed Aru for GC back then @bsirnik Jumbo? @MadsTauno I don't worry! Why does he need to 'save' himself? He is a professional rider who already won one stage.… @i_am_iain the French really love @cyclingmole @ToreandreFlo7 The thing is.. what i've learned saturday -> if almeida is there as well, they work for almeida sprint @ToreandreFlo7 Doubt it, honore mightThe zoomed out finish of S16 looks like a summit 13km from the finish and a flat run in, but it really is a very sh…
Retweeted by Jasper Renema @cyclingmole @sporza_koers Groot fan van deze heren @jonys92735296 for real? wow @bartdvries @InsidePeloton96 Ulissi will prob find a way to dissapoint all his backers. @JoostJacobus Neuh @jonys92735296 He had a good sprint indeed @larra851 Not for my taste. Hasn't finished podium once this giro so far.Stage 16 giro Guerreiro 15 (main stake) Felline 24 Kangert 21 Castroviejo 29 Konrad 19 #giro2020 #bets @funderingskaart Jullie website ligt eruit? @JoseMar96968638 I don't know, he can win tomorrow imo. Good uphill kick. @Finchh92 @clivusmaximus Wow was hoping 2/1 but 10/1 is a steal!My goal is to use this meme one day on my graph @DarkoMar5 @irishpeloton @EvenepoelRemco Yeah such a shame, i'm big fan of Remco. @DarkoMar5 @irishpeloton @EvenepoelRemco We do not forget! @ElijahSchaffer what the fuckk @T_Chappers1997 @BrodieTalk Exactly! @fietsenmaker69 @ShashiRoopram Halal slager. Goede optie! @WagerMatches123 @bsirnik No, can't see a break winning tomorrowIf Mahomes made this throw the internet would break
Retweeted by Jasper Renema @JumboVismaWomen @marianne_vos @Riejannee @anouskakoster @NancyvdBurg @romykasper @Aafke_Soet @BeekhuisTeuntje @HektorsInSight Yeah? Why? Dalton < Dak, o-line sucks, defense sucks.. Browns trashed cowboys.. Murray and drake will have a field day @HektorsInSight Good pick! Kupp couldnt catch shit last night.. cardinals will trash the cowbyoys though @BlakeMarquesR @clivusmaximus @tipsnstars @bsirnik @pronoland_ I keep a P+L chart and to me 1pt = 10 euro :) @BlakeMarquesR @clivusmaximus @tipsnstars Ah yes, i seen that with @bsirnik he uses percentages and @pronoland_ as well i think @ShashiRoopram We moeten deze jongeren opvangen en naar ze luisteren. Een goede kop thee met ze drinken en kijken n… @tipsnstars For some 1 pt is 10 euro others 1pt is 100 euro or 1pt is 1 euro :) @tipsnstars Wow! Lot of points @LaRomanBomber @MiaFarrow @MiaFarrow Trump is even more handsome than Reagan!
RoDgeRs MVp After tonight: HenRY MVP Fucking disrespect to Russel WilsonOn one miserable fall afternoon, #Packers show they’re pretenders while Rodgers removes himself from MVP considerat…
Retweeted by Jasper Renema @ThibaudChmbr Maybe send him uproad just in case? @BreakAlways Yup! Guerreiro Tuesday @ChrisVLV To honour Bill o Brien 😭 @YannickVDS Yes I am wrong. Good bet, everything clicks at Steelers so far @TheRogersUK Came across a list this week, seahawks lower than them i thought.NFL Powerranking PaTrIoTs are RaTed BettEr than SeaHaWKS morons. @JVerlaeckt Four days in a rowStage 16 giro Guerreiro 15 (main stake) Castroviejo 29 Konrad 19 Let's go @ThorKJ197X LolHmm maybe Steelers aren't as bad as I thought @JoostJacobus Binnenkort weer applaudisseren!First grandfather - father - son to win a Monument: Raymond Poulidor - 1961 Milano-Sanremo Adri van der Poel - 1986…
Retweeted by Jasper Renema @JoostJacobus You on fire @i_am_iain @velo_bristol @clivusmaximus What did he tweet? I'm blocked @TommyBick 🤣 @bsirnik Yeah, it's lame. But sometimes a one day race is treated different than a stage race. @bsirnik did you got void?Ah.. did inplay giro almeida 17 but he's cracking.. hope he can come back :P @mikefeith hahah, ik deed hem om deze reactie @Jeff_d_j I have been on that side quite often lately!Now switch to giro! @TommyBick @JoshuaCarnn 🤣 @JarleBK He is so elite!Updated graph on the year. Two big spikes.. Chiefs superbowl and mvdp flanders! @rapouw Both! :DMVDP I LOVE YOU MAN. BEST STYLE ON THE BIKE. LIKE A PISTIER IN THE FINAL 400 METRES.GET THE FUCK IN!!!! 195PTS PROFIT 💰💰💰💰💰🇱🇺🇱🇺prob no tweets from me next 40minutes. sweating and screaming like a mad man. come on mathieu,!Saying it now: mvdp wins solo. I think wout is hurting.I win big with MvdP, but i have to say i was very very scared of alaphilippe. He was flying, didnt expect that. Wit… a shame for alaphilippe! he was flying..WOUT FACE IS HURTING!! MVDP BABYVAN DER POEL!!! LETS GOJogging pants on 👍 @ThibaudChmbr @JoshuaCarnn Chasse patat @cyclingmole nutella sandwiches, Espresso, icetea, bag of kettle crispsOuch. #RVV20 #CouchPeloton
Retweeted by Jasper Renema @rohmm338 Mvdp or senechalGeen gootjes! @JoostJacobus @timothyvdsteen1 @tipsnstars Nah, cant see it @Benavra @frgroenendijk @sDebNB :') @faustocoppi60 @AngryMatilda lol @tipsnstars Dunno! @tipsnstars Hahah, i love it @jonys92735296 Perhaps @JarleBK Agreed! @EFprocycling @AlbertoBettiol PASTA DI MAMA! DAJE ALBERTOMy opinion: Alpecin-Fenix team stronger than TJV team today in Flanders. Rickaert and Vermeersch will be there in final. Maybe Dries also.