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@MedasinMusic I’m asking because I spent so long dialing in a perfect equilateral triangle w my speakers but it rly… @MedasinMusic The distance between the two speakers has to be way longer than the distance between your head and ea… @MedasinMusic Ur monitors def cannot be triangulated at all set up like this???? Do u just not give a fuck??? Askin… @IamTrevorMay Not the giants which is L, but also not the dodgers which is W. My dads from Brooklyn so chief tells… castles in the sky 🤍
Haven’t felt much like smiling the last week or so. But today is @mrsjauz and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary, she surp… sm love u 🤍
2020 supposed to be making posts about my merch sale but haven’t been able to bring myself to for obvious reasons B…
@silly702 Link me
@kennybeats Carson and Downey shelter both have SO MANY amazing young pits right now. We’re probably going to foste…
This Saturday we celebrate the life of @i_oofficial. 🏴 Come together with us for a special Legacy livestream, inclu…
Retweeted by JAUZ @zenrae_yap Thank YOU so much @Laidback_jo I’m here for you and you are loved 🎁❤️❤️🥺 always have the good times Me b2b jauz b2b i_O b2b dr. Fresch Edc 2019
Retweeted by JAUZI am very thankful for you 🖤
@Wuki This is fucking beautiful man. Absolutely beautifulOur biggest Black Friday sale ever starts now Up to 50% off everything Stay safe & stay swaggy my friends ilysm <3…
Still holding on to a sliver of hope that Garrett is gonna pop his head into the door of my studio and hit me with… almost forgot. You can all thank @i_oofficial for the Baby Shark x Sandstorm mashup from Coachella as well. He to… for context 444ever dog Bailey has always been so good at knowing when Jo or I are crying and coming to comfort us. I haven’t been… real day 1 friend @Jauzofficial. Excited for people to hear this new album
Retweeted by JAUZ2018 was an example of what happens when you take relentless work ethic and combine it with a driven team with an o…
Retweeted by JAUZTRUTH 🦈x🏴 @Jauzofficial
Retweeted by JAUZDeleted because I don’t need to keep reading that trash anymore. It’s being handled though don’t worry @gbuck @i_oofficial Back when @FKAtwiitch was a DJ and the Golden Box was still a thing 😔 I remember this night man. The golden years💔
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Seeing so many fans, artists and more come together to remember Garett and show how many people he affected and how… also want to specifically thank @deadmau5 because you were truly Garett’s number one inspiration. Getting to watc… want to say thank you to @mau5trap , @Armada , @astateofhalil and his manager Roger for believing in Garett and h… Garett become @i_oofficial and finally have his talents be fully recognized is one of the proudest moments… Garett there is no The Wise And The Wicked. He sat by me for the entirety of the production of that album a…
Retweeted by JAUZToday I lost my fucking brother. My best friend. The person who I trusted more than anyone when it came to music.…
2020 yr has been tougher than most so wanted to make sure this would be our biggest Black Friday sale ever. I know… @IamTrevorMay Area 52 horde come find me and @woolimusic running around in circles
@brosafari Dude YES @DIRTYPHONICS Linus is normally pretty anti-Apple or at least keeps them in check, he makes… @marcrebillet Holy fucking what are you sure these aren’t just you faceswapped onto pictures of people from the old… @Di3seL_ @mrsjauz @craymusic I’m trying to picture Mae as the big spoon right now and I’m fucking DYING
@seeson Yep :/ I had to add a 50$ package to get fully unlimited but yolo @MUSTDIEmusic @Subtronics @ferryrtx Same
@partythieves I’m on windows now brohAnyone else noticed crashing from recording on @Ableton 11 beta? Changed my bit rate for more on time recordings and that’s what did itI just recorded myself playing guitar on a track for the first time in like 8 years and I haven’t been so excited a…
In the Tank with @DukeandJones starting up now!!! Come hang @TrevWall @woolimusic @woolimusic @woolimusic @woolimusic @woolimusic @woolimusic @woolimusic @woolimusic episode of the podcast today!! Interviewing my m8’s from across the pond @DukeandJones at 1:30 PM PST, should… @imyetep @ProximityM @kyreynoldsmusic @zephuremusic “Love that rose song petey.... but your KDA still shit son lear…
@paulineherr 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @EVANGELOSmusic @matttytel THANK YOUif you've been saying "oh ableton 11 isn't even that different" you haven't watched this yet. I AM LOSING IT this s… @Darlington @Twitch @Monstercat legendary @matttytel plz help i want to give you money for the making of bass wobblesi just wanna be at a @Jauzofficial set but the old metronome mix will suffice for me
Retweeted by JAUZNow Twitter has Stories?!?!? Another app I have to try to figure out more content for that lasts even less time????… Roulette live now. Come send me ur songs and maybe I will hate them but also maybe I will love them 🤷‍♀️…
@habstrakt VibesWhat kind of fucking boomer am I that I’ve been streaming on twitch 3 times a week for almost a full year now, and… continually am shifting between: -my undying hatred of all people reselling the new Xbox/PlayStation consoles fo…
@i_oofficial Cursed for tonight I made a 90 minute 100% original live set, have custom lighting hanging behind me and am VJ’ing for…
It’s party time!!!!!! Gonna be playing a set and doing lots of fun activities tonight for the @Twitch GlitchCon aft… @ohdagyo Man are U talking about the one on PCH just off Newport Blvd??? Because if so SAME @hutchinson Being from the bay how do you feel about Aubrey Huff? He and I exchanged some... interesting words a few months ago 😂
@tarannicole @mooselabs_ ya know right when i hit send i thought that and shook my head in disgust as I've realized… @tarannicole @mooselabs_ what the fuck are you putting that filter on, a cuban cigar????? those things are THICC @HairitageMusic I know, and that's what makes it so crazy. That that has to be news. It's blowing my mind lolThis is either a poorly written headline or we've finally made our final transition to actually living in Idiocracy…
@borndirtymusic missed the 12pm. Guess it's all or nothing in an hour lolI’m so done ☠️ @borndirtymusic idk man my morale is so low IDK if I want to go thru the pain again LOLMan i don't even care that much that I missed out on all of the Xbox Series X and PS5 Preorder/Day of sales [JK I r… @borndirtymusic DUDE SAME
@woolimusic @chrislake Fake shitty elephant @chrislake Hi
PS5 : ❌ Xbox Series X: ❌ RTX 3080/3090: ❌ Self Respect: ❌ Ability to make good music: ❌ Dog that loves me: ✅🐶💪🥰🙌 @Di3seL_ Guess I’m not so mad abt missing out on the 3090 now 😂YO THEY FINALLY DID THE THING
@Zedd @Xbox @Microsoft Then give me ur Xbox @Zedd @Xbox @Microsoft I HATE you @QUIX Holy shit!!!! Dude you’re gonna be the sickest dad. So stoked for you guys! Homeboy gonna be the next Mozart
Raise your hand if you’ve also been personally victimized by Daylight Savings @MedasinMusic Who let u drum in BirkenstocksI know it was a joke 😂 but still GG’s to @KygoMusic that was legendary first two speeches in 4 years that didn’t make me scream “what the FUCK did he just say?!” -sick drone/firewo… @MUSTDIEmusic 100% yes
@ILLENIUM Damn I wonder where this tweet will have your position in the list changed to 😂 “suddenly we realized all… keep counting?????? Idk which it is anymore 🤷‍♀️Me too!!!!!! STOP THE COUNT @Lorenzosbeats See I almost tweeted something like this but then I realized it wasn’t funny because DJ mag is actua… what an ironic ass day/week for DJ Mag results to happen 😂😂😂😂😂😂 absolute gold @MUSTDIEmusic I’m expecting F U C K 🇺🇸 T R U M P across ur 10 toenailsBet!!!!! @MUSTDIEmusic Feet pics when??