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@Monalicious__ 😂leave that crack alone kid😭😭😭😭😭🤯
Retweeted by Javthey never wanna discuss what triggered you ... just how you reacted
Retweeted by Javit’s gone fck they head up when you really done with em ...
Retweeted by Javbe direct so there’s no confusion
Retweeted by Javwish I can say the same 🥺
Retweeted by JavI will really sit up here and eat an entire cake by myself 😂
Retweeted by Jav😂😂 butt so fat😫😍😍😍
Retweeted by Jav @Pudda4rmdawick 😂 i hope yall do
I'm just coming clean, I was being mean, I ain't posed to be meanDrug sex, she calling me daddy, I ain't even her father yet🗣🎤Drug sex, I ain't even have water, I ain't even pop it yet 🗣🎤Put my finger in her, when I take it out her, we just gon lick it together🗣🎤 @doskii8 Fuck Instagram 🥴😂🥴 what?🥴 Harden on KD: "I know what type of player Kevin Durant is. He’s one of the best players to ever touch a baske…
Retweeted by Jav @Pudda4rmdawick With everybody yall stole this year yall better win againDude in the back got me dying 😂😂😂
Retweeted by JavYou in ya 20’s. Live ya life.
Retweeted by JavTake care of your skin and body it’s with you for a lifetime
Retweeted by JavMy wife & kids really funny as hell 😂😂
Retweeted by JavI wanna be wealthy not a fucking celebrity.
Retweeted by JavShe gorgeous gorgeous but she on that toxic shit
Retweeted by Jav @Pudda4rmdawick We got blown out by the knicks with half our team on covid constrictions, yall lost with yall whole team to kelly oubreFucking bums i hate them‼️
Retweeted by JavShout out to the bitches there when its bed timeBouta put LA on every ticket bc they love losing when i pick them to win😒I like being happy and yall like being toxic🥴 we dont match 🤷🏽‍♂️🗣😂 @Pudda4rmdawick 😂😂 he really cant shoot for shit🥴Rich homie Quan and Young thug times was Immaculate ♨️
Retweeted by JavAs soon as you feel unhappy, LEAVE.... cause they ain’t gunna do nth but manipulate you the rest of the way
Retweeted by JavI hate that shit dad voted against making MLK Day a holiday
Retweeted by JavThey say time heals...
Retweeted by JavMaybe🤷🏽‍♂️ really sad 🤦🏽‍♂️ yo lady the world has nothing to do with money
Retweeted by JavSome of y’all pics be hard, y’all followers just don’t be fw y’all at all
Retweeted by JavI’m abt to be 27 ion got time for them lil ass kid games
Retweeted by JavYou locked up?!
Retweeted by JavLike why do you have to be corny , mean & shady just because we aren’t in a relationship anymore? lol
Retweeted by JavWhy is it so hard to break up & not have beef ? 🥴
Retweeted by JavI’m at the age where checking Gmail is part of my social media routine
Retweeted by JavSometimes I talk proper. Sometimes I talk ghetto. Both times you heard wtf I said.
Retweeted by JavYou run to internet wit yo problems yo ass a goofy...
Retweeted by Jav🥴🤗 “you want me to come over?” Men: “yeah if you want to” Women:
Retweeted by JavI love u lil lady ❤️🥺
Retweeted by JavIt’s the way she ride the dick , it’s the ass for me
Retweeted by Jav😂😂IM SCREAMING just wanna stay out the way 4life
Retweeted by Javbeing free from all toxicity is the best peace you will ever feel.
Retweeted by JavStephen Jackson says Kyrie Irving bought George Floyd’s family a house (via ‘The Rematch’)
Retweeted by JavBouta start trying that blocking shit bc 🥴 how you ignore somebody that wont go away🗣🗣
Retweeted by JavWho told me death was easy
Retweeted by JavTo my soul🗣🥴😒 need this shit jersey rent prices is really od. why would i pay $2450 a month to live in EO?! TF lmfao
Retweeted by Javthe power of the mind is not a joke.
Retweeted by JavPeople who put you in a position to win >>
Retweeted by Jav‼️‼️ mind my OWN business i could careless about what the next mf got goin on .
Retweeted by JavOnce i start feeling some type of way that’s it.
Retweeted by Jav @Monalicious__ I never deny the truth 😂her pussy bomb
Retweeted by JavI can’t match fake energy. I’m too real for that .. ima just stop fwy
Retweeted by Javtwitter today
Retweeted by Jav‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ and carti
Retweeted by JavNever have i ever had a bad experience at chik fil A😂 line be long as hell & ima still wait... “my pleasure” 😭😭
Retweeted by Jav @Monalicious__ 🥴 i do and i dont think they can be fixedI’m gonna share this video every time I see it. So many people struggle to conceptualize how large of a number one…
Retweeted by Jav😂😂😂
Retweeted by JavLove on your people while they’re here.
Retweeted by Jav“Goofy” fuck funny I really hate people🥴 it just dont make sense to become real unavailable.
Retweeted by JavLaMelo Ball's name is all across the rookie leaderboard early this season: ♨️ 154 Pts (1st) ♨️ 90 Reb (1st) ♨️ 82…
Retweeted by JavDespite the loss, De'Aaron Fox had a career night 🔥 ◾️ 43 PTS (career-high) ◾️ 13 AST ◾️ 4 STL ◾️ 17-27 FG
Retweeted by JavBetter me than somebody else😂🤷🏽‍♂️ thing i cant do is let hoe control me🗣I’m Jeepers in Jersey Gardens years old lol
Retweeted by JavShe mad cuz i hit her friends and im like fuck it 🤷🏽‍♂️
@Monalicious__ You doing drop offs?😂 @jav_pluggedin Fr fuck it gang in there 😭😭
Retweeted by JavIf u ain’t a Pisces I suggest u get one
Retweeted by Jav @MyNameIsAjee_ Stimulate your mind lil bro it’s Friday and you aint got shit to do😂 @doskii8 😂😂 playing hot pota hoeI can be gone by the morning 🗣
Retweeted by JavSo im keeping it on me🗣 don’t dickride so getting where I need to be may take a little longer 😅
Retweeted by JavYea whip sum up lil bro🥴 want some Rasta pasta 😩
Retweeted by Jav