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Javin @Javan_Murphy Vallejo, CA

Its a dog eat dog world out here and im eatin 💯 that/nigga

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@22lexi_ @graham527 @Layymooon @Yuhuuur @SkreetMan @xoxabstract @reaIlylexi do you want to get dunked on? @w6heeda shut up @graham527 @Layymooon @22lexi_ @Yuhuuur @SkreetMan @xoxabstract @reaIlylexi now did you ask the white woman if this was okay @Layymooon @22lexi_ @Yuhuuur @SkreetMan @xoxabstract i could help with that whats the @ lexi @Yuhuuur @SkreetMan @xoxabstract @Layymooon same @ongnitro @h8Iey huh @xoxabstract @Ultra15151 @SkreetMan @may_wedda @Class @boomtvesports can i take you @xoxabstract @Ultra15151 @SkreetMan @may_wedda @Class @boomtvesports *sucks it out with a boba straw* @nCaustic_ @awiannuh forgot @xoxabstract @Ultra15151 @SkreetMan @may_wedda @Class @boomtvesports why ya cheeks clap so loud wtf @nCaustic_ @awiannuh you are lonely i am happy get that through your huge thick monkey skull @xoxabstract @Ultra15151 @SkreetMan @may_wedda @Class @boomtvesports can you send me a video of you twerking naked @nCaustic_ @awiannuh why did you reply to this please tell me @awiannuh delete this before my girlfriend sees itI present you guys with Twitter Users' 3v3 MW Gunfight $601+ Tournament!! Been wanting to give back and do someth…
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@Boy1drr @starlovesuu what is your cash app and how much @reaIlysexy @starlovesuu yep im off twitter for today! @starlovesuu no @afemeje @koordell hentai is anime buddy you aint safe @SkreetMan @JhbTeam salma creamed on that “burger” fr @awiannuh ? @dracubina hello lina @Layymooon @FelonyPS @nCaustic_ @awiannuh this thread is over gn! @FelonyPS @nCaustic_ @awiannuh they mad im spinnin 😹😹😹 @FelonyPS @nCaustic_ @awiannuh come tie it @nCaustic_ @awiannuh @FelonyPS 🧑🏽‍🦯 @nCaustic_ @awiannuh @FelonyPS wow bring one clown and the while circus shows up! @awiannuh @FelonyPS she really doesnt stop interrupting us lets take this to dms @awiannuh @2dfanta @Daymeeein @starlovesuu @beckalols @marzbtw BRO @FelonyPS @awiannuh @starlovesuu @beckalols @marzbtw can i move in with you @awiannuh @FelonyPS @starlovesuu @beckalols @marzbtw say nigga @awiannuh @FelonyPS @starlovesuu @beckalols @marzbtw no you cant. @awiannuh @FelonyPS @starlovesuu @beckalols @marzbtw he said javan move lol @FelonyPS @awiannuh @starlovesuu @beckalols @marzbtw yo @awiannuh @starlovesuu @beckalols @marzbtw stop @starlovesuu @beckalols @marzbtw you tagged me on accident i didnt even know you streamed @xoxabstract can you send me $5 @xoxabstract just finished @2dfanta @awiannuh no the fuck we are not 😹 @2dfanta @awiannuh okay bet remember this next time you ask me for something fr @awiannuh @2dfanta reply to my friend not me!!!! @2dfanta @awiannuh ? @xoxabstract yep this will do @h8Iey ok @h8Iey 😎
@KittenElise with other guys or females? @starlovesuu @awiannuh grrr woof woof arf @awiannuh so a furry @22lexi_ @mackenziereynaa @thegingerbatt id swallow it with ease😹 @22lexi_ @mackenziereynaa @thegingerbatt ? @xoxabstract check dms @starlovesuu @itzzcoco ok @starlovesuu hi @liImorg @liImorg @liImorg @dracubina whats he streaming @KnownAsLit @_artcue @stereoberrys with out a doubt @Boy1drr @ELPWSwastaken LMFAO @KnownAsLit @_artcue @stereoberrys gay @slamongfIobo @dizzy @nmgreen57 @w6heeda yeah @starlovesuu what is wrong with you @2k2sammy NAH WHAT IS THIS @starlovesuu where is harry. @Nefertidddy post ya titties @liImorg i just watched you block yourself in a corner as sage.
@SamManlol happy birthday @jackiereyz nice
@IHATEVIRGlNS yo i meow hello yo yo hello me @IHATEVIRGlNS thanks vera @IHATEVIRGlNS @IHATEVIRGlNS can you send me a dollar @IHATEVIRGlNS thats you dumbass @xoxabstract @yeaclapp @xoxabstract idk i was just asking @xoxabstract can i put a baby in you @xoxabstract hi salma
@waitdremo LMFAO @waitdremo @waitdremo bro its on ss @may_wedda @koordell @snyyrid @may_wedda @koordell @snyyrid start it up @itsfuckingaddy sup addy @may_wedda @koordell @snyyrid what time @waitdremo CP @xoxabstract what does it look like without the shirt @awiannuh both tf
@aldo0ooo @__Weezer___ @Nefertidddy @aldo0ooo @__Weezer___ @Nefertidddy talk that talk weezer @Nefertidddy yo titties big @Schovee @may_wedda @itsWaddles_ @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @lexieyuh if you play against us dont forget what happened to serna 🤫 @dracubina @iMercii_ have a nice day @Gavpai @iMercii_ @dracubina 👀 @dracubina @iMercii_ need to get on kovaaks fr @Gavpai @iMercii_ @dracubina sup gav @dracubina @iMercii_ @iMercii_ @dracubina holy fuck she sucks