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Javan @JavanMwanyota Wundanyi , Kenya

Christ is Lord over my life. Student.

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Retweeted by Javan @UGmanofficial @JavanMwanyota and @JmMwanyota 👍 @RepAdamSchiff This is a message you should hear @realDonaldTrump Consider this. A very serious message @AC360 Just have a look at the wonders of JESUS. @RealJamesWoods Have you seen this?. The wonders of GOD
Happy day, happy day indeed. Today I thank JESUS for this #MegaLiveVigil. I am born again @realDonaldTrump Kindly take a look at the #MegaLiveVigil @FancyMaritim2 That's the million dollar question;because repentance seats at the center of readiness when it comes… @Reuters Consider this friends @IvankaTrump @realDonaldTrump Consider this friends. @RealJamesWoods Hello friends. Welcome and see this amazing session @ChrisMidamba I am aboard this blessed #MegaLiveVigil @B_Kubasu Locked in there. Am not missing at all the massive #MegaLiveVigil that will be also live @JesusIsLord_R. Very much aboardWe've heard it announced, heard of its start, heard of its power. Finally the #MegaLiveVigil is just about to kick… @JesusIsComing_2 will be carrying the blessed #MegaLiveVigil to all people. Be sure to catch up with the service. T…, all being brought to us courtesy of the @JesusIsLord_R is a very amazing session that will literally prepare… of our LORD JESUS. Feel most free to join me in in following an amazing service that seeks to prepare all… @UGmanofficial @JavanMwanyota and @JmMwanyota always follow backSiga todos que FAV e RT esse tweet 🥊
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Retweeted by JavanNASB Bible. Proverbs 16:3 [3]Commit your works to the Lord And your plans will be established.
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Retweeted by Javan#TheMassiveRevival that has swept the globe is just amazing. Can you imagine lunacy just for one day? 24 hours? The… @UGmanofficial @JavanMwanyota @UGmanofficial @JavanMwanyota @UGmanofficial @JavanMwanyota please @UGmanofficial @JavanMwanyota needs following
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Retweeted by Javan @kylegriffin1 Greetings. Ever came across this? @kylegriffin1 Greetings. Have you ever heard of this? @BoJack39 How about this. Have you considered this? @samstein @mattwilstein Hello friends. Take a look at this @JoeBiden Good people, have you seen this? @EphraimOdhiamb3 @JesusIsComing_2 We absolutely need to tune in. If any human wants to see JESUS then the… @Revelation19vs6 I expect to know JESUS now, today more than EVER. One testimony that I can bear to the whole creat… @ciira_cyrus Very much tuned in from Wundanyi village. It's a blessed evening. #WednesdayLiveService @DelphineEvelyn1 Very ready for this blessed #WednesdayLiveService that is showing us the mercies of JESUS @PstLily Absolutely, this is the only message with the ability to convert Mankind totally. Be sure to catch up with… @OtengoHillary @ElizabethMugan6 @AmbulaDr @rispernnjoki @mwende_shalon @Apples_fruity @RepentinCHRIST @AbihailFaith @UGmanofficial @nasasira_olivia @JavanMwanyotaLet's follow @nasasira_olivia for a follow back.,
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Retweeted by JavanActs 1:8 but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in J…
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Retweeted by JavanIsaiah 30:15 [15]For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said, "In repentance and rest you will be saved… @HermaineM @JavanMwanyota kindly ❤️Less than 200K followers? Drop your handles let's follow you now ❤️
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@UGmanofficial @JavanMwanyota @sue_skyheart @SkySportsPL I counsel you to prepare for the kingdom of God, it will soon realize. Human philosophy… Peter 5:7 [7]casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. #MondayMotivation Today believe Jesus Ch… @UGmanofficial @JavanMwanyota greets all @clementaustin7 @UGmanofficial @JavanMwanyota says good morning @sue_skyheart @SkySportsPL Greetings, I counsel you to take time and hear this.
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Retweeted by Javan @iheartmindy Have you looked at this. @RadioFreeTom @GovWhitmer @RonJohnsonWI Have you seen this @RudyGiuliani Have you heard about this. @JoeBiden Have a look at this amazing move @Ilhan A very stern warning being given @SkySportsPL Look at this @segalink Take a look at this @faitheepony This is a message you need to hear @DaveOCKOP Listen to this @DonaldJTrumpJr Be sure to follow this. @TeamTrump This is message you need to hear @TheRickWilson Amazing word going on. Kindly follow @catturd2 Hello. You need to hear this. @JoeBiden Look at this friends. It's a message you should heed to. @RepentNorway I am aboard and leaning a lot. #TheSundayExpedition @PreparandoDe Hoje é o dia da mudança. JESUS ​​está sendo trazido de volta para a igreja. Siga #TheSundayExpedition @OsumbaJM It is the fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT( the one who brings repentance) that shows who is SPIRIT filled. #TheSundayExpedition @JesusIsLord_R Amazing session. I am following #TheSundayExpeditionThe Ministry of Repentance & Holiness Welcomes you to The 𝐆𝐋𝐎𝐁𝐀𝐋 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐕𝐈𝐂𝐄 happening Live with THE MIGHTIEST P…
Retweeted by Javan @ElizabethTiema @JesusIsComing_2 Aboard, following #TheSundayExpedition @PaulPeace_ It is the fruit of repentance that GOD wants, not babbling words saying that one is full of the HOLY SP… @JesusIsComing_2 Amazing session going on. What a blessing. #TheSundayExpedition @DotySam1 I am very much aboard. #TheSundayExpedition is a very big blessing to the churchIt's another Blessed opportunity that the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has granted us to listen from Him again... I take this…
Retweeted by Javan @B_Kubasu I am choosing CHRIST. The sensitivity of the church is now being restored. Follow #TheSundayExpedition and let us be changed @GithaigaKara Am standing up for JESUS. #TheSundayExpedition is a blessing to meThis Generation is Very Slowly In accepting Jesus and Very Quickly to Reject Jesus It is time to step out in the…
Retweeted by JavanBlessed Friend, #TheSundayExpedition is now on, bringing to us the good news of the coming of our LORD JESUS and e… @ChrisMidamba Following the good news of JESUS CHRIST. #TheSundayExpedition @EstoniaRepent Это очень мощное послание, которое меняет жизни. Я также слежу из Кении Это благословение #TheSundayExpedition @PrNielTeixeira Am locked in here, tapping and understanding great things that GOD has revealed through the Mightie… @mukuba_charity I choose to obey the ruler of all the universe today. Follow #TheSundayExpedition for more @B_Kubasu Absolutely not, the church has become more of a blender, where all sin and filth is thrown in and the chu…