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hi I'm javi, I make illust & comics | contact: | commissions closed | rep'd by @jenazantian

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Bye suki 😢 @drunkenfix It’s your fault for always drawing hot characters @drunkenfix Me reading this absolutely tragic backstory: so is he single
I can stop laughing at this Among Us VO with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Kermit, and my man Lightning McQueen…
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻Some of my favorite cinematic slice of life photography I've taken.
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻How.... how does he look like all of them @rianbowart 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @my2k I’ve never had Brie... I want to try it @jenazantian @JennRavenna It’s on my list to draw 👀👀👀 @Alythuh Accusing you of gatekeeping your own home that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard
@SA1NTCAKE He’s really good at amoung us apparently @FroggerOW Let him in @JennRavenna Bookmarking this 👀I feel like I need to address this cuz it’s been happening too much now: I don’t mind when people take inspiration…
Omg 😌💜💜💜 PROM 2 IS OUT I drew Brian. I'm so excited to play the next game. Got any recommen…
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻pepper for @javi_draws !! again BIG CONGRATS!
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻 @JennRavenna Go to sleep Jenn 👁👁 @youreacatboy U SO BEAUTIFUL @roseflarea just yeet me to the moonMONSTER PROM 2 IS OUT I drew Brian. I'm so excited to play the next game. Got any recommen… thank you so much for the kind messages 😭💜💜💜💜 ilu all 💜
So erm.. I got engaged 😳 @LightAlFheimArt you’re the winner! Please DM @xppen_uk to claim your prize 🥳 @lunettawolffe Yeah this was th first chibi I’ve drawn in 8 years probably LOLTo everyone who has ever felt unsure to comment under an artist's work because 'Will they care?' Literally nothing…
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻 @Phandy_Porter The lighting on this is super gorgeous 🥰A More Nuanced Look at QRTs: A Thread -- Disclaimer: I asked for and received @/Fulemy's permission to conduct th…
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻 @CaraidArt With click through the QRT anyway. @CaraidArt THANK YOU CARA! I had to delete my thread cuz people were going out of their way to misunderstand me or… as a client you ever wondered what the best type of reference is for your Very Specific Complex Idea:
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻Some spoooky mercies and cheeto breath soldier!!! @PlayOverwatch
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻
Some spoooky mercies and cheeto breath soldier!!! @PlayOverwatch VIDEO! Today we talk about AGENTS!! I absolutely adore my agent and I wouldn't have the career I have without h…
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻Glad we’re having this conversation about the realities of having an art career. I would 100% not be able to do wha… @arvalis we're all just walking boobsGhosting is unprofessional & causes a lot of mental stress. I've talked about this before but we should receive the…
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻 @404er_ Same same @Stratogeist @burger_bunn yes!! exactly what I mean, thank you @burger_bunn You don't have to take my advice but... all of my following wasn't a fluke, and I would believe I some… @trashcanime yeah im bracing myself LOL, will prob just delete if that happens @neonlanterns Isn't it the complete opposite tho? twit sees regular RT as endorsement, it sees QRT as possible disa… @burger_bunn I get you but at the same time I wasn't always this number, and I remember the first viral art tweet I… @CaraidArt me shaking cuz I hope i don't get yelled atIndustrial meat production is a monster that is destroying the rainforest. Share this video and demand companies an…
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻Giveaway is over! Thanks for participating! Gonna choose a winner today is 💗💞💓@javi_draws #drawthisinyourstyle
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻fashionably late to @javi_draws #drawthisinyourstyle i love your daughter Pepper 😘💖
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻 @pinkchup Google INFJ personality typeカセットテープの女の子
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻 @ColouredBraids I’m just so bothered when western Muslims make sweeping statements about hijab as if their experien… am an Indian artist working in animation. #PortfolioDay
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻 @ChrisHackneyGGK The 16personalities one as a test you can finish relatively fast!!Howl's Moving Castle + Techwear🔥🔥 . . #뇌말랑프로젝트
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻I feel ATTACKED (infp) @ArtsyJed It doesn’t bother me either way 🤷🏽‍♀️
Don’t ever hesitate to QRT my art if you want to. I like reading the comments I get in the quote retweets ☺️Just saying it here I personally don’t mind QRTs on my work at all. I’ve always seen it as more of a “person takes…
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻 @CaraidArt Same 🤷🏽‍♀️ I like reading the comments I get in a QRTI don’t have the new QRT update thank god @alciedoodles @AOM1NE I love it so much 🥺🥺🥺 @ice_witch_13 I thought that meant they’d use samples from his old songs @SA1NTCAKE He’s about to look into a crystal ball and tell me how many kids I’m gonna have @SA1NTCAKE Same exact shit happened to me. Im so sorry you had to go through that
What is thisssss 😭😭😭 1st: I should draw a Halloween themed icon!! Oct 15th: I still have the rest of the month! Oct 30th: theres al… @SaraAlfageeh Velma - mage Shaggy - cleric Scooby - bard Fred- knight Daphne - assassin @Juuniversum I literally saw first hand that the people most likely to believe conspiracies have never actually stu… @hiyoshua here, sorry, should've just googled this from the start FOR COOKIEE KAWAII
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻here’s a page from my sketchbook, since i haven’t posted one in a while! 🌿
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻Character design of water goddess 😇
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻[#Blacktober Day 12 - Cat/Neko] My cat witch oc Noire!
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻
@KLLiiNNG Always carrying the weight of knowing your child is a disappointmentI regret making this tweet @Selmat94 This is... simply false? Wat LOL @AshiaMonet T-this is a joke right— @hiyoshua It wasn’t moving it’s shape was disrupted from them waving it around before they stuck it in the ground—… @void_pumpkin Yuppp lol @onemegawatt LMAO @ArtsyPabster Yeah I’m really disturbed lol @KikiDoodleTweet Idk why Americans are so into conspiracy theories? Like u said stuff like isn’t harmless cuz it ex… @acubedblog EXACTLY @notblumee Invite me for dinner 🤓 @notblumee U cooked it???Why are there so many ppl who think the moon landing was faked @explodikid LMAOworking on a new thing
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻Tiny Witch! 🐾🕷🕸🌹
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻Matilda
Retweeted by 👻 Boovi 👻 @Pockicchi You play as son of hades trying to escape the underworld and find your mother and get help during your j… @Pockicchi Play it play it!!!!
@xrev06 @LarasMariechen Oh god 😂😂😭 @heyjenbartel so did they think songs like side to side were not about sex...? lmao @almag1cc THE FIRST ONE @Tyamuffins bad answer but I honestly went with pics that inspired me the most + aesthetically pleasing photos of i… @thespodarman i havent since uni days and I don't think the methods i used were very optimal >< I just had a big pa… @Tyamuffins you should take any photo, drop the opacity and extend the lines already present to where they intersec… all ask how to get started on backgrounds and my advice always is: start with small rooms, less detail and basi… @LarasMariechen Smth tiny lives there tho idk what!