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“my pretty chocolate ass”
can they have rapper edition esex or sum, im tryna see sum tittiesda baby and megan e beefing rn😭 @CommentPeasant @CARTlSCHOPPA when i make it, i’ll remember you🤧 @Jvrxxn nights 😍 @CARTlSCHOPPA they bIckie agenda @Hellotweety_ do you match her energy 👀 @plxyboihurting man i probably wouldve folded too😩💦if you love Frank Ocean music follow me imo 🤷🏾‍♂️ @ihyjuju real recognize real fr someone really like like me, i be like “aight whats the catch” @Sadcrib @antlovesmilfs he got a good point @Sadcrib This is exactly why i do, I love Feces🥵🥵 @playboyylos until they get it down packed @NlCKSMINAJ dismissed @ihyjuju they ass is going inside a dog kennel 😤💯 @khal1ss 🤧if my kids mess up one Frank Ocean Iyric they not eating @tlop444 @bluefaceniloc taste buds of a toddler, but they good or whatever @tlop444 @bluefaceniloc you are, sorry to break it to you 🤷🏾‍♂️ @BigDILF01 aight 😐 @JuiceGawdHidden i need her as my substitute teacher🥵 @caminhiding Yuno will run the Spade kingdom Asta get the Clover Kingdom 🤷🏾‍♂️ dan foreseen vision @chiefteefsosa tried “cacti” ofc ** @chiefteefsosa you tried it too @jjoe_p i dont @iaintevenjay imma just assume thats what it tastes likeTHESE SHITS TASTES LIKE WOLF PUSSY @g5briela the salt n vinegar chips waiting to enter my mouth the 6th time this week @JuicemanVss @g5briela @chiefteefsosa tonight?? again @Sadcrib @lolstzjo @lnterstingFuck this is what its like fisting someone @TheJitNextDoor disrespectful, but anyways she got them buns for my dogg🥵 @shinijojo yes @antlovesmilfs @YeDropYandhi hmm, maybe i said enough @jinsakai_katana @YeDropYandhi 😭 pls tell me we not making me into memes @YeDropYandhi not even my chihuahua laced with crack and heroine with vicious sharp tiger razor claws 3x as bigger… @buhlenci @AmaniCapaIot maybe @OTFRayyan @YeDropYandhi @BlackkTarantino @popsmokewife1 @luvharabella yes she is, so we can know what emoji turns her on?? @chiefteefsosa to keep me quiet ofc😅** @buhlenci @AmaniCapaIot when?? @LilSteve35_ @TheJitNextDoor steve remember me if i get got🤧 @jinsakai_katana @voolxn @TheJitNextDoor 😭😭😭 @AmaniCapaIot i could carry you 🥱Vanessa Hudgens was the first hairy coochie i ever seen @flept i be deceased before i ever get the joke out @chiefteefsosa yea i need a dick shoved down my throat 😭🤞🏾 @Koii_nova @vxltyx 😿 @itspromee @Sadcrib @Tskbee you can be flagged for spam, if this all you tweet 😹 @Koii_nova @vxltyx should i spice it up @TokyosVz fr tho free him @ihyjuju this be her entertaining multiple ppl at the same time @ihyjuju just followed goat 😎🤝 @AmaniCapaIot nostalgia hurts so bad @ReformedSM they banned all the goats @g5briela @bluefaceniloc no fr tho, i dont even eat cereal anymore thats for ppl who dont know how to wipe they ass @Sadcrib @caminhiding boy you know damn well, you didnt delete ur bookmarks... @regular_hoe tuff out here in these streets fr @buhlenci what i do? @CommentPeasant she looks like she beat niggas up😭 @ReformedSM LMAOOOO😭😭 you too quickhow tf you go from pickled pig feet to a snickers💀 @_yelsew___ thanks wes @ReformedSM @caminhiding @Sadcrib bye bye bozo @Fl0ATD 📸 @UndercoverPain smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ayooo ??? @Koii_nova download??? @demondessy thats a nice circle dessy @manthedab no 🤐if bookmarks is getting publicize then i might aswell just save tweets to the notes app atp 🤷🏾‍♂️ @sheluv_mymeat you know too much 💀 @thebitchtas 😭😭 @iaintevenjay hmm how did yall find out bout my “up to no good” lists?? 🤨 @Sadcrib what the... how you know @sheluv_mymeat @Sadcrib hmm it seems you found my lists 🙇🏾‍♂️ @antlovesmilfs @Sadcrib @Sadcrib why tf they need to publicize my bookmarks nothing but tweets imma steal & porn @ItsMeLoukas just bc i look different, dont mean imma be different 😂💯 @bestmane_ @ReformedSM words be playing tricks on the mind 🤣 @smoovaic a lick, a grasp, a wiff 😩“i thought you were different...” me: “i aint never teIl you no shit like that.” @y4nny11 Gm Yanny 🇵🇹🥸 @voolxn Gm OG, hope you have an amazing day today @itsmewpie gm Mary, ik its a sad world we live in 😢 @coolin_david Gm David☄️ @krabbeh_ gm Gabe 😜 @ItsMeLoukas gm Loukas @GodfatherOG2 gm, lmaoooo😭😭 yo @Vylocs fax, its tuff out here in these streets @nolimitleviii yes i am 🙄 @clowwned 🥵 Gm brodieme anytime i tweet “good morning” @slattw0rld who owns this acct?? @buhlenci yep yep yeppty @YeDropYandhi thanks Rahz, happy juneteenth @Xxcat_nava793 Hi Cat 🙋🏾‍♂️ @yuIi_uzi ✌🏾