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Lmao guy guy @ace__rbk Lmao @KacyWhyte @anee_mara Always @akanisey @Kwabena_OS Lmao @Kwabena_OS @jayanaman Please be like @jayanaman
Retweeted by Career Wheel @anee_mara @KacyWhyte is your person erhn. Hmmmm @asforafriyie @fdaghana @Kesewaa_Omari 😆 @dashy_gal My doc that 🚀 Pure facts @desmond185 No yawa. I go dm you @desmond185 So wherever you are 😅 @el_edmn 🥸 @fosuaah_ Lmao true. They should be exposed to coded music then? 🤣 @desmond185 I lef kraaa. But it’s an excellent product o deddy🥲🥲🥲🥲 @MsBawoni That’s also fair. We are assuming that these were stated in the job description. Maybe I’m biased but I h… @jayanaman Welcome bro. 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Career Wheel @ace__rbk Lmao @GreyFynn Okay. That’s fair. Thanks for pointing it out. @Empress__Wu Ei saa🤣 @desmond185 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You Dey owe me Neurobion prescription boss @Ella_odee Ala @jayanaman
Retweeted by Career WheelMark was transparent about key requirements and asked her to feel free to contact. He didn’t reject her. I don’t s…🥺🥺🥺Mummy has raised a brilliant son and she absolutely deserves a hamper. She really deserves a life of goodness.
Retweeted by Career Wheel🚀 my mum get a Kidney Transplant
Retweeted by Career Wheel20 years of memories, 20 years of experiences & 20 years of friendship together in #FIPYPG. This Friday, we are hea…
Retweeted by Career WheelWorth a Retweet #programming #100DaysOfCode #techtwitter #Denojs #frontEnd #css
Retweeted by Career Wheel @desmond185 You den who?🤣 @Ella_odee Lol dem no Dey play @youngcephas Congrats broThe best-social capital is actually to the school. I’m pretty sure parents would love their wards to attend “GraceL…
Retweeted by Career WheelGo and buy your Jet 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Career Wheel @miss_amable Same @jayanaman No doubt
Retweeted by Career Wheel @jayanaman Thanks chairman
Retweeted by Career WheelThe way the kiddies Dey fit sing the lyrics Dey mean say you for watch the kinda songs you expose them to. E be wil…🤣 tap into Oswald ein blessing because this be serious.
Retweeted by Career WheelLmao please, the young man wants to go to the Shire not Mordor
Retweeted by Career WheelSee the way you’re hailing the Accra Aca boy ❤️ Tax anaa to apply for the @CheveningFCDO Scholarship? Here are some of the events happening in a few days that will…
Retweeted by Career WheelFor a day’s ride please 🌚 my mum get a Kidney Transplant
Retweeted by Career WheelNational cake no aba @jayanaman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Career Wheel😂 @Vickyhagan_ 🤗 @af_ia_blue 🤣 Accountability paaaahnAny politician e want pull up move on Oswald, please take note. @asemota can contain her. Call my +44’s turn #OurDay into #OurMonth for Mrs Appiah. Free bolt rides on us throughout August 🥳
Retweeted by Career WheelYou may be blessed with an Our Day gift and take several trips ... More for Capricorn birthday senior man @Lovingasibey @Dr_Awua Wosop @Edinam233 Hahahaha @BlvckThought 🤣 @Adzoy08 yo dmLmao is @boobsoverbooks saying mini @_shorshor?👀💀 party go jam 🤣 Dazzryt kid asked his mom, not the TL🤣 quicker you realize that success lies in relationships, the smoother your path will be.
Retweeted by Career WheelFior our day, with love.
Retweeted by Career WheelYou be foolish boy🤣🤣😄 !!! I know this woman. She’s called Auntie Tina and she was actually my studies teacher. Nah the world is…
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@wofa_slayzie Lmao cydm @mistameister 🥲Edwin and I pretending to be the new French teachers in the school
Retweeted by Career Wheel @mistameister LmaoOmG twitter 😻😻
Retweeted by Career Wheel @virginelikem Ei senior manLmao, put your our days on Friday waiAllow these babies to keep their innocence. What ever they decide to do as an adult is on them. Sex gay or str8 sho…
Retweeted by Career WheelLmao Ashesi all come inside? Smyly really set this kiddie for life
Retweeted by Career Wheel @wofa_slayzie national cake no aben straight from oven Boss open tender make the cake people bid people say make @productivityopt no do magic give am make she move 💀 @Jux_Larry You’ve got this. Just read wide on it and start earlyI’m applying next year on God ✊🏾💪🏾
Retweeted by Career Wheel @benacq44 @buabaj_ LolYou write your mama a letter to let you have Pringles and Fanta for Our Day and you end up having enough food to fe…
Retweeted by Career WheelMan goated long time 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Career Wheel @buabaj_ Vim @buabaj_ We go set am neat.