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PASSION DRIVEN..... Little by little we would eventually get there ! Out on YouTube...
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @Dr_nuellie_ ❤️ @jayanaman Thanks Jo☺️
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•The Institute for Energy Security (IES) has space for internship. The space is open for analyst with a background…
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•"Confidence is as much a skill as it is an outlook. To succeed in business and life - it's important to avoid confi…
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Happy birthday next big step looks pretty huge. Automation needed though. If I figure it out, that’s it @jayanaman 💯 ✊🏽
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Values are everything! really needed to see this.
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•I will normalize saying this to my kids. Trying again doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. It’s just a principle of… @jayanaman It's past 10p.m. Anytime you see me tweeting, I am either reading articles online (and sharing with y'al…
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @MomentsWithBren They say women are better multitaskers. I used to argue that out till I grew up to become a man an… my good people with back problems
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Tips for Effective Self-Promotion "Positive self-appraisal is a major reason many workers advance to higher positi…
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Almost tweeted do you sleep Brenda? Then I remembered the time zone difference. The modified questions is Do you re… am I thinking Runsto - Village edition? kiddies dey mad😂😂😂😂 #faceoff
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @jayanaman @Kesewaa_Omari I call it "adding value to yourself." Then you go where u will be valued at your worth .
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Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @kukuamissa 👀 @jayanaman @Ghog_ Completely agree👌🏾
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•I can’t count the number of time competence didn’t get me somewhere. It was just Character and #Grit. Use that Grit and be Great!Guess what? GRIT WILL GET YOU BEYOND THE POINT OF SUCCESS. Use that #Grit. #GRIT will get you to say no to “This is… helps you see every move as a learning curve. It helps you to hope for the best but expect the worst. Start a… is knowing when to quit yet not quitting easily. Hope this makes sense. It’s really the differentiator. Grit… @jayanaman Ei! Saa? I'm calling my series plug now 😂
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Wise words
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @Gal_Dede Lmao you will get angry at ArturitoBeen saying yes for the past 5 years. I haven’t regretted because I have discovered a lot about me. @jayanaman 🤝
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Mint Dey go fitrip,Ei! The 700ghc a month gym no @Gal_Dede Lol arturito is like a tick @Ghog_ 😉 First 5 years to discover Next 5 years to solidify In these 10 years you balance between learning and ear…👏👏👏 wise words. 10 years imo tho.
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @jayanaman Lol. Her "hot-headedness" always brings unnecessary problems
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @Gal_Dede What?Say Yes to everything and discover your passion and competencies. Dear Young Graduate, Let this be your anthem. Us… @jayanaman Here be roadside
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @karlapeakubi Huh @Senam_Z Yes. They are at a liberty to provide professional advise. Not choke their clients with their opinions. @Senam_Z The idea is to have them advise their clients. Just so when they face efficiency issues later, they can pu… Arturo would never get over how this man has been rebranded as the kind firm father figure when so many families haven’t…
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Weekends are ride days and ride days are fun days..... Tema - ‘sombo 🚴🏾‍♂️🚴🏾‍♂️🚴🏾‍♂️🚴🏾‍♂️🚴🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Ei your picture with the hashtag #CPSVision2025 and get featured in a photo collage of community pharmacists in…
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Can someone kindly explain this new trend I am seeing here on Twitter and LinkedIn - one job with multiple positio…
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Well said Bren. Split those jobs, employers! Recruiters should also be advising companies on best practices. @lipa_Sam Summary? @ABYalley Lol how do you pronounce that? The last wordAny Netflix movie recommendations? @ABYalley Leave us alone.Kaish🙄🙄🙄 @TheMintSauce 😃Money man! You sef you no find am easy the future you want to enjoy. Nobody will. @AlexTackie I’m sorry please. You de3 help me get this if you have any plug. E be ma personal personI need a dell laptop, high performing but affordable. Any plugs?You don’t to have to worry if you have the connects @Khojo_1 vibes paaa cost $0 to retweet my small business & help it grow 😌
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•if y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Community pharmacists are the front door of healthcare! @FIP_CPS needs your help for our new Vision 2025. We’re ma…
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @AlexTackie 👊🏿🙄 year @cobimensah happy birthday bro @KwekuBaah_ Een hair e know say e fit shave and but clout ntiEish! announcing the sad disappearance of their relative, Ms. Theresa Dwomoh. Ms. Dwomoh is 41yrs old and was last s…
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @ABYalley I think you misread his tweet. Your response sounds as though he disputed what you said. Ne ho na edwiri noPharm D graduates too @jayanaman Thank you chairman
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @KwekuBaah_ E Dey like attention too muchCongratulations @mr___asare You spoil there @1realdopekid AhCatch a recap of our 26th June discussion on the role of Pharmacists in managing drug abuse and addiction to commem…
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Sing up! You can beat the deadline. #Mentorship #FIPYPG
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @1realdopekid LolFull name anaa?
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @jayanaman Yes, yes, yes!
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•Go for it!
Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos• @its_trqp @faroukand84 @LittleMsMills Does he have a name?🤣Have you registered for our next webinar yet? Find out more details about DDM, New Medicines, and NGPS #SIG and ge…
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Retweeted by •Versatile Baldwin Bezos•I think you should check this out guys. Certainly will put a smile on your face Very nice to watch. @Ntiriwaa_ Ok. That’s understandable @StephanieBLive thank you 😘 @Ntiriwaa_ Disagree?👀