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Say it with me! I do not care if Trump says the words "I disavow white supremacists/conspiracy theorists." There is… @JasonChoe14 obama AND Biden should both be confronted about their inhumane deportation policiesPathetic!amazing how everyone can talk about 'systemic racism' and how racism is embedded in government action but when it c… @_Zeets yup us alphas gotta stick togetherthe number of questions asked during these debates about QAnon and charlottesville and 'disavowing white supremacis… @_Zeets the funniest part is that they always say this obvious shit with a bit of bass in their voice like its the…
@realfakemc Yeah good thing. Sorry to disappoint you, anger man @realfakemc that's not what I said but you can be a weird asshole if you want. @jasongay watch this space for the most outrageous explanation possible @chrislhayes nfl and baseball aren't down as much. I do think time of year stuff matters the most which I don't rea… @vcunningham hm yeah - it felt like a fun one off and then it went on for 3 months @MontyWoseley Can he play more than 20 games without getting winded!? @itsmejmg I guess. I just want someone to be able to actually tell me that young ppl are watching instead of years… @freemaneric I mean I wanted to turn off my tv when I saw them but I won’t speak for the entire dark webi only ask Bc it’s occurred to me recently that maybe Americans don’t really love the nba as much as we think they… @bmichael No it’s not a false narrative. Of the major sports it had the worst performance. @bmichael Huh? You said all sports were down and i said football wasn’t down as much and you said ‘so’ @freemaneric No kyrie and the suppression of the nickname ‘playoff rondo’ @MiamiCondoLaw Football and baseball aren’t down as much @tomscocca Yeah I do think I have noticed an internal clock with people - it’s hard to understand but it seems like… @bmichael Football didn’t get hit as badly @redford I did want to watch bagley sitting in a suit @Mark_Kawada Well football didn’t get hit as badlyWas there ever any reasonable explanation for why nba ratings were down so much @techbasset Hm we don’t have either over here it’s true @beenwrekt I think it also reflects the entirety of joe Biden’s life @techbasset Join the Kang drop out movementRemember when Biden wrote a couple papers and every egghead politics media person screamed ‘ANYONE TO MY LEFT WHO Q… @Sean_Melinn_7 Well mannix covers it. I agree there’s a generational aspect to it for sure but I also see kornheise… @Sean_Melinn_7 oh really? name some? @MontyWoseley Always‘Nobody I know watches boxing’ My man, every person you know wrote delicious satire for the Harvard Lampoon and no… 5000 in ‘Boxing has never been dead. It’s just not watched by most white dudes who become sports writers.’ of what we discussed comes from this great paper by @JasonPetrulis - this moment of an ‘asiatic hair embargo’ e… talked to Jenny Wang Medina about the korean wig/beauty care business and how it grew out of Cold War restrictio… @KnowlesAdkisson I’m Gen X Buddy but your point still applies @davehill77 My parents should have stayed in Korea I could be running an internal newsletter for Samsung right nowHow did I end up in an industry where people type the words ‘occam’s razor’ without a shred of irony? I am very talented! I deserved better! @nkulw How dare you talk about my korean brother tim pool like that
@freemaneric Yes! @ItsTheBrandi I didn’t make the rules! @mollylambert @DPD_ Can’t see have been blocked for yearsBeing scolded by liberals who just want to go back to Obama levels of deportation, school segregation and corporat… @Bernstein What kind of child still eats chocolate. You gonna drop milk takes next? @cejarvis *courteney @alexscordelis lol is it really that hard to go to cal football games. @katienotopoulos I’m just trying to see which one of my followers doesn’t understand life @marklisanti The whole span @Bernstein What is this sjw shit, joe? Just let the question live @tomscocca Self love is important but it ruins the spirit of the game here @JamesSurowiecki This is why you are the way you are, Jim. Never change. @CTWritePretty I woke up and was watching a YouTube video and mister Jones was in the recommended videos. This is how ppl get radicalizedThese results are insane. Clearly it’s better to be adam duritz than any writer in the world! It’s not even close! @MattZeitlin I drove by his childhood home the other day lol. Not on purpose but I definitely did look it up at some point on purposeWould you rather be adam duritz or your choice of any writer in the world and magically that writer is now as rich… cardinals should be the only team that still follows the unwritten rules. Like Cody Bellinger is watching his h… my kid to scream ‘YOU SHOULD HAVE RETIRED’ at all the little kids in Berkeley who are going to dress up as…
Can’t think of a single good piece of writing that didn’t exist to swell the ego of the writer and show how funny a… the ninja turtles voted except for Splinter who was deported in 2014 (thanks obama). Donatello voted for Jo Jor… is tonight, 9pm ET. I'll be moderating the opening panel. Please join us!
Retweeted by kang👎 @avikorine Perfect gameplan and just got bigger in the 12th. So good23 year old from Brooklyn doing that in the 12th? Smiling while unloading on a legend? Lets goooooooooooooooo! @dannychun I had Lopez up 2 after he crushed him in the 12thWOOOOOOOO BROOOOKLYYYYYN. That is a bad man.Loma might walk into one real soon. Can tell Lopez just measuring up these lungesLopez’s game plan lol: ‘don’t let him circle, be bigger and faster and calmly beat the crap out of this little dude’ Love him!I’ve seen most of Loma’s fights and idk... I get he unloads late but he’s getting worked by a faster bigger dude wh… wait for the 9th round when the announcers are saying ‘he’s down 8-0 and has thrown 4 punches but he’s a geniu… @seungylee14 *msg
@AlexYablon @MattZeitlin Maybe she lives on the Nevada side of Tahoe? @AlexYablon What @MikeIsaac Yeah you’re gonna like get to nina Simone’s jazz albums and maaaaybe a couple famous miles Davis albums… @MikeIsaac It’s too late bro.eminem was the original hillbilly elegy and also the original ‘as the father of a daughter guy’ and he sold a billi… @d_walters237 Shut up @unclehairdoo Who says I don’t understand song structures? You think everyone in the world agrees that endless song… @d_walters237 Sounds like you think listening to a lot of Dylan is some soul bound bl virtue that makes you a better person than me. Sad! @unclehairdoo Who cares? Why would it matter if I play music or don’t? @DamonBruce I think those are all great songs. I’m just saying the trajectory of his career where he became famous very fast @Steven_Hyden That isn’t true but I do think he’s never written as good of a song as ‘April 29 1992’ @marcatracy Hm I’ll read. Now that I’m done w all the Jonestown books I need something to read @jasonnobleIA People never change @marcatracy B is correct in addition to A and C also being correct @johnlevenstein Ha I’m stealing this gif @ConnorSouthard Yeah and there’s nothing wrong with it! @JaLouNav Everything I stated is a fact @itstellertime @_beewilly He was fine in theory but now that everyone is adam dunn this does feel like his fault @found_anon Yeah feels like if ozuna doesn’t jump early there this game is different but also maybe if he stays mookie gets him @_beewilly Also we disapprove of some bat flips, specially bad bat flips or ones when you’re down more than 4 runs @_beewilly Gonna put up some shrines to joe Morgan and join the mlb dark web @found_anon Yeah and you have no idea where the fielders are so you can’t figure out if the ball off the bat has a shot @found_anon Yeah good call. All players need to stay within the general range that they are supposed to be in. @freemaneric You don’t think Kiké qualifies? @mtmeyers It only took Ji Man doing a bat flip in a loss and my troll wish for the Astros to win the seriesMy only suggestion would be they need to ban the little cards the players have that tell them where to stand for th… makes the catch, seager goes yard, mookie starts the rally in the next inning. Momentum, clearly and if you…’s really nothing wrong w playoff baseball. Every pitch matters; players fired up. All the fun bullshit narrat… SMITHI’m absolutely riveted