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JD5 @JayD__5 San Bernardino, CA

Arizona State University |#AGTG |Philippians 4:13

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Deshaun Watson plans to go down as the best ever. So he's meeting with Kobe, watching film with Verlander, turning…
Retweeted by JD5The first-ever Mahomes vs @DeshaunWatson showdown went the @HoustonTexans way, thanks to some long drives and one h…
Retweeted by JD5.@deshaunwatson’s got his legacy mapped out ✊
Retweeted by JD5No favors. I rather work for this
Retweeted by JD5I miss my girl :/
Retweeted by JD5Dear Lord, Today, thank You for being my peace when at times it's difficult to relax. You give me life and strengt…
Retweeted by JD5Open to see the secret.
Retweeted by JD5if she plays soccer she’s a wife 🙊
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Dear Lord, Today, I pray that this day is filled with breakthrough, deliverance and supernatural set-ups. Let oppo…
Retweeted by JD5Y’all help me out here !
Retweeted by JD5Don't just pass by, Retweet if he has never failed you
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If you're reading this... You will be successful... Don't quit.
Retweeted by JD5Dear Lord, Today I pray for supernatural supply to every need right now! Let the favor of God be released on me -…
Retweeted by JD5real love just don’t “go away”...
Retweeted by JD5me when i get a notification from my favorite person
Retweeted by JD5ONE thing about GOD when he SEE u TRYING.. he GONE HANDLE THE REST🤞🏽
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happy with who I’m rocking with
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FINAL: @deshaunwatson and the @HoustonTexans take down the Chiefs! #HOUvsKC #WeAreTexans
Retweeted by JD5.@deshaunwatson does it himself! #HOUvsKC
Retweeted by JD5Ride da WAVE!
Retweeted by JD5Facts. 🥶 @JayD__5 🤭 5!
Retweeted by JD5Jayden Daniels was cold blooded on this game-winning TD run 🥶 (➡️ @CoorsLight)
Retweeted by JD5Looking strictly at P5 players—can easily say that @JayD__5 is having one of the best seasons among the Freshman QB…
Retweeted by JD5Both Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes competed on college football Saturday's before they entered the NFL in 2017…
Retweeted by JD5😴
Retweeted by JD5JAYDEN DANIELS IS THE TRUTH. 😭😭😭😭😭 screaming like a lil fan girl rn at home LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Retweeted by JD5My guy got a whole nother set of levels he can tap into. @JayD__5 Stay Tuned 🔱
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Dear Lord, Today, I pray that Your power will be revealed & Your glory will be manifested in my life. I declare th…
Retweeted by JD5If I did it for you it came from the heart..
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What would the NFL look like if the 2017 draft was redrafted? @SeifertESPN turned back the clocks ⏰ (E+)…
Retweeted by JD5I seen All-american talent fall victim to the streets 💯
Retweeted by JD5DLo too quick 😳
Retweeted by JD5It's Watson–Mahomes for the first time on Sunday. Bring on the offense 🔥
Retweeted by JD5Don’t sleep on us youngins from San Bernardino, CA📍tune in we up 🔥
Retweeted by JD5Get God's plan before making your own plans.
Retweeted by JD5Dear Lord, Today, I pray for things money can’t buy. remove the uncertainties, the fears and the doubts that try t…
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Dear Lord, Today, thank You for being my peace when at times it's difficult to relax. You give me life and strengt…
Retweeted by JD5ilovemakonnen ft Drake - Tuesday (2014)
Retweeted by JD5Steve Smith Sr too funny😂😂
Retweeted by JD5that face you make when the other team scores and you know you gotta drive the field to win the game. #NoFlinch
Retweeted by JD5🥶🥶
Offensive Players of the Week (Week 5): AFC: @HoustonTexans QB @deshaunwatson NFC: @packers RB @Showtyme_33 (by…
Retweeted by JD5If you’re my dawg I’m not about to let you be average, we all makin it to where we wanna be.
Retweeted by JD5Deshaun Watson’s childhood home was funded by Falcons RB Warrick Dunn. He was a Falcons ball boy at 14. On Sunday,…
Retweeted by JD5😍😘😍😘
Retweeted by JD5my rider 💙
Dear Lord, Today, may You protect my heart & mind from thoughts that are not from You. Lies that the enemy wants…
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The first player in NFL history to pass for at least 400 yards and five TDs with five-or-fewer incompletions in a s…
Retweeted by JD5Christian McCaffrey: 237 scrimmage yards Chicago Bears: 236 yards at Raiders CMC did it ALL today 😤
Retweeted by JD5Class is in session when Deshaun Watson breaks down the Falcons' defense 📝
Retweeted by JD5Christian McCaffrey is an absolute beast
Retweeted by JD5.@deshaunwatson is the 3rd player in the Super Bowl era with 400 Pass yards, 5 Pass TDs and a perfect passer rating…
Retweeted by JD5That’s a dub. #WeAreTexans
Retweeted by JD5HE'S NOT HUMAN 😱😱 @PatrickMahomes
Retweeted by JD5Lamar told TJ Watt to hit the weight room
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Inside look of Drake $100,000,000.00 mansion. He bought the land for $8 mil in 2012 and spent $100 mil building a f…
Retweeted by JD5Watson. Fells. Touchdown! #ATLvsHOU
Retweeted by JD5I’m crying 😭😭😭😭💀
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My girl: *accomplishes her goals & is prospering* My supportive ass:
Retweeted by JD5This week’s uniform combo 😈
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Tonight we retired #5 in honor of Jayden Daniels accomplishments!! We appreciate your hard work Jayden @JayD__5
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my header is my boo, my slime, my everythinggggg :)
Retweeted by JD5Dear Lord, Today, remind me that life is too short to let what happened in the past keep me from the great things…
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the game needed life, i put my heart in this Lord, Today, I pray for Your guidance, help me to accomplish set goals. Whatever I lack in my life, may You s…
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Dear Lord, Today, bless this month ahead of me. I pray that this October—my spirit is refreshed, new entryways are…
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Dear Lord, Today I pray that this week is filled with timely breakthroughs, protection & supernatural set-ups. I d…
Retweeted by JD5Deshaun Watson dissecting the Panthers' defensive scheme is fascinating 😯
Retweeted by JD5After the Texans tough loss today, Deshaun Watson went back onto the field hours later to work with QB coach Quincy…
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Deshaun did the Mutombo finger wag right in Jermaine Carter's face on his way to scoring a TD 👆 Savage. (via…
Retweeted by JD5QB1 🔥 up the 💪. @deshaunwatson | #CARvsHOU
Retweeted by JD5Dear Lord, Today, though I have been through many disappointments, and life has thrown me a hammer—I pray for a bu…
Retweeted by JD5BYE WEEK MOOOOD 😃
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Look what we found in Berkeley 👀
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Dear Lord, Today remind me that mediocrity, good enough & getting by is not my portion. Teach me to be content, bu…
Retweeted by JD5Personality is everything
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You are the CEO of your life. Some people need to be hired and some need to be fired.
Retweeted by JD5Deshaun Watson in Afternoon & Late Games in his NFL career: 202-289 (69.9%) 2,738 yards (274 per game) 27 TDs 5…
Retweeted by JD5Gainesville raised. Clemson made. Texans paid. Keep being legendary, @deshaunwatson #ClemsonNFL // #ALLIN
Retweeted by JD5Dear Lord, Today, I pray that entryways of chance and elevation be opened up for me. all entryways of lack, strugg…
Retweeted by JD5If I love ya then I need ya!! I fw you like Martin fw Gina!!!!!
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“It's my story…I'm trying to get back to that kid in the basement. To say what he has to say.” 6 years ago,…
Retweeted by JD5... Patience.
Retweeted by JD5351 yards, 3 TDs, 1 road win. @deshaunwatson is up for @FedEx Air @NFL Player of Week 3! VOTE »…
Retweeted by JD5Dear Lord, Today, I want to pause to thank You for all the things that You are doing in my life, big and small. Yo…
Retweeted by JD5Weekend was Great in Pullman 🔴⚪️#GoCougs #JoinTheHunt
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Dear Lord, Today, bless this week ahead of me. may I stand solidly on Your promise, that all things work together…
Retweeted by JD5👀👀 no look! For a TD ..
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.@DeshaunWatson is a downright magician. Unreal TD to Jordan Akins 😱 #HOUvsLAC 📺: CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports…
Retweeted by JD5INCREDIBLE. @deshaunwatson | #HOUvsLAC
Retweeted by JD5Watson. Fells. SIX! @deshaunwatson | #HOUvsLAC
Retweeted by JD5L A M A R U N R E A L (via @thecheckdown)
Retweeted by JD5QB1 takes the field. @deshaunwatson | #HOUvsLAC
Retweeted by JD5That man has a family, @AlexMattison22! 😲😲😲
Retweeted by JD5Lamar 😂😂😂
Retweeted by JD5Mahomes hid the ball to sell the fake 😂 (via @thecheckdown)
Retweeted by JD5ANKLES (via @thecheckdown)
Retweeted by JD5Lamar Jackson sparing no ankles 👀 (via @thecheckdown)
Retweeted by JD5Dear Lord, Today, thank you for showing me that even in the midst of chaos, You are still God. Keep me challenged…
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