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This is macaframalama second account they suspended my other one so I’m back my favorite fuckers..Cannabis activists,RN4L ,Giants,Whiskey,420,No Known Cure

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Somebody get Vince McMahon on the phone, it's a Karen battle royale!
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😂 you guys a new mask😝 wtf 😝 @BThanNothing Yup 😂I told ya 🔥 can make any street name gangsta if you say it right!!!!Keep cAlm and wash your fucking grubby paws !!!!Frfr😝 @_ruebstar_ I’ll drop a 💯 0 shit that all I bumpDr Miami is a raw show I can’t view that shit and women that do that to have fake shit frustrate me , be happy what…ño cream cheese bagel is going to be fire in a few minutes @Sophie_MJ @GreenbudSeeds @GiftsGreenwood @Apez140 What strain @GrabEmByDzNutz Fatter 😝 yes and I’m ok with it @honeybunhead1 @JaeHolm35919267 Best album @MargaXxxxxxxmj I’m just waking up 😝😂😂
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Retweeted by TherealmacaframalamaWe’re all weirdos, if we weren’t, we wouldn’t be wasting all out time and energy yelling into the twitter void.
Retweeted by TherealmacaframalamaYee are over rated so take them off , fuck it❤️✨Body of the Day✨❤️
Retweeted by TherealmacaframalamaI fly with @Nehareeka15 ❤️
Retweeted by Therealmacaframalama @She114r @LyfeOfRyley Simple as that💚Portrait 💚
Retweeted by Therealmacaframalama⚜️ ℙ𝕦𝕣𝕣-𝕗𝕖𝕔𝕥 ⚜️
Retweeted by Therealmacaframalama🎭 🐈 P̥ͦU̥ͦR̥ͦR̥ͦ-̥ͦf̥ͦe̥ͦc̥ͦt̥ͦ 🐈 🎭
Retweeted by TherealmacaframalamaBecoming a porn account
Retweeted by Therealmacaframalama @SarahR_82 What @Nope_No_way_FU Well I don’t finger bang i tounge fuck so you missed out 😝 @MargaXxxxxxxmj Morning @BThanNothing Hey now @SarahR_82 Ted Bundy he was a Sagittarius and we are cool 😝 @JaeHolm35919267 7 😝I love how the media makes snitching cool and making people famous that’s why society is fucked up rats 🐀 are going… @specialblend326 Whatever granny done with season 2 @DoubleA33 @julcasagrande YupSourdough bread and cream cheese is hitting good right nowJust know. if you ever bring me a plate of hot ass watermelon we gotta fight in the parking lot immediately.
Retweeted by Therealmacaframalama @specialblend326 😝 @specialblend326 I do have to be in work by 6am @Accalia54662022 You do it to julyer 😂I care about each and every one of you fuckers !!!! Wishing all you good fucking health well this shit gets figured out!!! 💯 bed already wtf train wreck got me on stuck🤣 did it broads
@yourgoodgirl2 @blonde_opinion My favorite color is black like my heart 🖤 @Nope_No_way_FU Welcome to the fuckery peepsMounts mikes pizza is better than round table !!!! Fuck youHa
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Retweeted by TherealmacaframalamaYou stopped scrolling, didn’t you? This is why we’re friends 😏
Retweeted by TherealmacaframalamaJesus fucking Christ do you know how MANY infectious micro droplets of viruses bacteria and other shit floating aro…
Retweeted by Therealmacaframalama @avaspitfire Well I’m glad I made the cutHElP, my legs went numb on the toilet and now I’m late for work ugh🤣 @BandalotO Morning bro ✊ @lanni_1503 @four20somewhere @Whoizthatbitch hey happy Friday🏴☠️🏈👊🏾
Retweeted by Therealmacaframalama @herprettybones @Lilblack_heart I fucking new it happy Fridaygirls that think spiders are cute hold blood rituals in the forest on full moons
Retweeted by TherealmacaframalamaNutella on a waffle fuck you @RachieRach429 @_nessajuli No way natural is better 👍 @FiestyHotCheeto @SarahR_82 Wow @sub_demon Hey now happy Friday @MuffinTopMomma @boss_mayne_shyt 😂This is gold. Thanks @MaxPatzel
Retweeted by TherealmacaframalamaWaking up in the morning to bay slaps makes this Friday go smoother !!!! @velvetwords1 @McClaneJohn2 Dope ass pictureRight woke up smelling like whiskey 🥃 and pussy right now and it feels knew it @Stiffster1216 @BandalotO @AllegiantStadm 😝 @Hammyinmiami Hey I have that comforter