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Jay Inslee @JayInslee Bainbridge Island, WA

Governor of WA. On a mission to defeat climate change. Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and organize. Let's go get ‘em:

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For 30 days leading up to the Washington state legislative session and for every day during session, our campaign c…
Washington just got a little more wonderful with our newest citizen, Anne Hazel Inslee — Trudi and my fourth grandc… State, Best Governor - I'm happy to tell everyone that @JayInslee @washdems
Retweeted by Jay Inslee“Turns out Washington isn’t just good, it’s the best.” I could have told ‘em that. #DemGovs are providing their constituents with resources to thrive. The Trump administration? They’re doing wh…
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“I was honored to attend today’s historic announcement. Judge Montoya-Lewis is a respected jurist who will be a tre…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeCongratulations to newly-appointed Justice Raquel Montoya-Lewis, who will be the first Native American justice on o…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeToday, I was proud to appoint Judge Montoya-Lewis to the WA Supreme Court. She embodies intelligence, courage, comp…’s simple: Reproductive rights are human rights. Period.
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I want to be very, very crystal clear: He’s lying.
Retweeted by Jay InsleeThe Trump administration wants to gut the #ACA, jeopardizing health coverage for hundreds of thousands of Washingto…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeSen. @KamalaHarris has fought resolutely for justice her entire career, and her environmental justice plans raised…, here’s your environmental impact report. No president has wreaked more havoc on our air, water,… want to be very, very crystal clear: He’s lying. like Governor @JayInslee are committed to protecting and expanding voters’ access to the ballot box.
Retweeted by Jay Inslee“Climate change is the most extreme human rights challenge of our time, and a human rights-based approach is needed…
When we fight and we vote, we win. Well said, @StaceyAbrams. put footprints on the moon. We were the first in flight. We invented the internet. Don’t ever doubt the Unite…
It’s simple: Reproductive rights are human rights. Period.World War Zero will mobilize Americans across the political spectrum, proving that we can find common ground to tak… right to vote is the foundation of our democracy. Here in Washington, we’re protecting and expanding voting rig… Kerry is using his political capital to solve the climate crisis. Thank him
Retweeted by Jay InsleeThe kids are (more than) alright.
Washington is the first state in the nation to protect #NetNeutrality. Because whatever Donald Trump does in the ot… know what you call a solar spill? A nice day.
Retweeted by Jay InsleePresident Cauce sure knows how to clutch an #AppleCup trophy to prevent fumbles. Congrats to the Dawgs. (And go Cou…
The Husky band played the Cougar fight song in honor of the Cougar band playing “Bow Down” last year. A united stat… change is a winning issue for Democrats. Climate change is a winning issue for Democrats. Climate change…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeA house divided. #AppleCup
Our annual Thanksgiving game produced many touchdown passes — but not enough for my team to take the win! I hope… our family to yours, we’re wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving full of joy and gratitude (and of course…
Bill Ruckelshaus was a pillar of integrity. His unwavering commitment to the Constitution, his deep concern for the…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeThis week, we're offering a special extended cut of our interview with @JayInslee. Listen now:…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeHere in Washington, we’re proud to be protecting voter rights and our democracy. Do your part, too, and register…“Voters have a right to know who is influencing our elections. While the Trump admin is taking action to reduce tra… finance transparency: Dark money has no place in our state’s elections. That’s why I was proud to sign t… Voting Rights Act: Every voice deserves to be heard in our elections, but communities of color often don’t get f… day registration: Here in Washington, everyone can register to vote all the way up until Election Day. And tha… for 16 and 17-year olds: Young Washingtonians can pre-register to vote so that the day they turn 1… voter registration: When you get a license or ID card here in WA, you’re automatically registered to vote…“Washington state is leading the pushback against national moves to curtail ballot access.” When we protect voter… polluters knew the reality of climate change long ago. They spent millions to hide it. They must be held res…'re less than three weeks away from our legally mandated fundraising freeze. On December 14th, we have to stop f…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeClimate change is a winning issue for Democrats. Climate change is a winning issue for Democrats. Climate change… from Governor @JayInslee👇👇
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We have no time to waste to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. The @EPA’s unwinding of regulations on big p… democracy is stronger when more people participate. That’s why I was proud to make universal voter registration… than 80 environmental rules and regulations have been rolled back since Trump took office. Now, more than ev…
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“The reason we’ve been so successful is because we have elected so many women to the Washington State Legislature.”…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeWe're less than three weeks away from our legally mandated fundraising freeze. On December 14th, we have to stop f… Washington, we’re making publicly funded long-term care a reality — and that’s not just great for seniors, it’s…
“We’re in a deep hole over the climate crisis and we need to stop digging.”
Exactly. And that’s why, here in Washington, we’re making publicly funded long-term care a reality. nation’s farmers, the people who make sure we have food on our plates, are bearing much of the burden of climat…
Apples have long been a core part of the Washington story. Glad to see these folks preserving a slice of “homestead… know what you call a solar spill? A nice day.
One question is better than none — but it’s still not enough. It's clear to me that the candidates are ready to ta… Pride. @CristianRoldan x @GovInslee
Retweeted by Jay InsleeAs @saritasgupta said, “We have really been trying to help people go from seeing care work as an individual burden… health care workers, and the essential services that they provide, are consistently undervalued. We’re changin… care is not only a huge step forward for taking care of seniors. It’s also a step in the right direction… care, at any age, is a right — not a privilege. But long-term care is out of reach for most people. But sta… one should have to go bankrupt to get essential care as they grow older. That’s why earlier this year, I sign…
It’s long been clear. But it’s never been more more clear than today: Donald Trump is unfit for office. He must b…'t "hope" for a climate question. Demand a climate question. (Or better yet: multiple!) #DemDebate
Retweeted by Jay InsleeThere were zero questions about climate during the last debate. And certainly not enough time focused on climate in…
Governor @JayInslee is expanding paid family leave and making it easier for hardworking Washingtonians to take care…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeI’ll take, “If I’m going to be mistaken for another governor, I’m not mad it’s @GavinNewsom” for $500 please.’s a lot of talk around the country about free and reduced college tuition. Here in Washington, we’re making i… is what it looks like to live in a climate changed world. We have no time to waste — we must take action.
Innovative new legislation signed into law by Washington’s @JayInslee will create the nation’s first social-insuran…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeEach and every one of us deserves time off to take care of ourselves or of others. And none of us should have to gr…“It is baffling that the Trump Admin. continued to work so hard to allow domestic abusers, felons and terrorists ac…
To save our oceans and stop climate change, we must leave dirty energy in the past where it belongs. to Gov. Edwards and the DGA for a hard won fight. As of January 2020, Democrats will hold 24 govern…
Climate change is not just lines on a graph — it’s a justice issue. We have to ensure that people with disabilities…“When Americans age or need help with the basic tasks of living, they often have no one to turn to but their family… @JayInslee talks impeachment with Q13's @BrandiKruse: "We expect our president to work for all Americans, not…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeScience shows what Trump is doing to our environment is dangerous and wrong. So what does a man without any moral…
“Voters are ready to support a president who uses executive orders to protect the environment.” Our next president… in Washington, we’re proud to have the nation’s best paid family leave program. Because every single one of…
Privilege to hear @JayInslee speak today in Yakima. Was able to talk to him about opioids, chronic pain and opioid…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeWhen @CalebHeimlich still can't answer the same question @BrandiKruse has been asking him since June, it's because…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeIn 1994, I voted to ban assault weapons while representing Washington’s 4th district. I lost my seat in Congress… was glad to be back in the Yakima Valley today, where Trudi and I raised our three boys. Talked with community le…, we have to stop raising money. Here in WA, we have a "legislative session freeze" that keeps any state offi…
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Here in Washington, we’re loud and we’re proud. Go @SoundersFC! scientists have been sounding the alarm for years — while Big Polluters have done everything in their power…"Personally, I find the leadership of @VarshPrakash and the @sunrisemvmt to be some of the greatest sources for hop…
Retweeted by Jay InsleeThanks to Governor @JayInslee, affordable higher education is now a reality for more of Washington’s hardworking fa…
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Soon, we have to stop raising money. Here in WA, we have a "legislative session freeze" that keeps any state offi… #HomeIsHere things are true: 1️⃣Mitch McConnell is not a man on the verge of an epiphany to work with Democrats. 2️⃣Cl… me be clear: Washington will remain a place of safety and security for those fleeing persecution and violence.…
Today, beautiful Washington state turns 130! (And it doesn’t look a day over 129 if you ask me.) we honor our nation’s veterans — their service, their sacrifice, and their patriotism. Thank you. #VeteransDay
Go @SoundersFC! win the #MLSCup! Proud to be a Washingtonian today and every day. delivered donuts to the Toronto box and their families as an act of Washington welcoming. Let’s bring home the…’s game day! I’ll be proudly rooting on the @SoundersFC for the #MLSCup. Let’s do this — time to bring that troph…