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Anyways, Tax the Rich
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @shanne_smith I’ll come by to hold it 👀 @inspected On my way (tomorrow) ✨✨✨ @inspected Is there a code or will it automatically be applied? @kaleva_aalto Ahhh thank you brotha! @kaleva_aalto Wait I need that adapter that’s genius @JAXXDAFISHWORKS @LO99official I hope so.. @Wuki @Skrillex @boysnoize @courtneyroxanne We were looking fly as hell on that red carpet brotha @valiantvgbond Hello I’m right here friend @JAXXDAFISHWORKS @LO99official I need to get outta the US and see the nihomies :/ miss you Jaxx!! @soundsofneda i don't see myself in this picture @JAXXDAFISHWORKS @LO99official THE BAG IS SOOO TIGHT @JAXXDAFISHWORKS @LO99official WAIT I WANT PLS
@lihcaS @DJByronScott Appreciate ya sharing bro @TaeYoroshiku 👀👀👀SoCal friends, go get some free boba and listen to some friends play music!! 💖 his best commercial ever. The perfect capper.
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @IamNuushi it's time for @DackJanielsDub and the @40ozcult to see ya ✨ @officialsenza NICE!!! @hunnuhn I still don’t have one lol
watched food wars (the good seasons) and now i'm like "what's the music that only I can make? that i want to make? what is my specialty?"
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルI miss bass in my motherfucking face 😢
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @T_ffanyttn Yep :/ and trash @MitchNarito @AsunaVice no meat shields, you're gonna carry @YvngJalapeno gotta support the homies!!! @bbyxlb oh no.. why.. @kittysnake it's raininggg :( @kittysnake so much lol it's so cold here @kittysnake this looks very familiar haha
@JayKayEl_ A man's like JayKayEl also
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @vaironp @misserinkim why even respond.. hunter is a weird one for thisit’s funny how people clown you for things they end up liking later on
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルYou’re either winning or you’re learning and even when you’re learning you’re still winning.
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @zhngjnette Cobra Kai is goooood 💪🏽 @thecodemiko @jfutorii @uhsamanthaaa As a Japanese American I am going to veto this decision
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @DackJanielsDub Yesss the tacos w/ ranch combo is *chef’s kiss* @b_garc @jfutorii @misserinkim I want all of it, in my mouth pls @treevalds The holy trinity @_elizuhbethh @yeu_lashes @auriesce @bbyxlb yes from my homies at @yeu_lashes @thetitanperses Got a whole bunch @AllenMockMusic @LocantMusic @Herbalistek @broshibeats @FoxenKRZ @throwinschade dont understand how liberals jumped on the Bernie train over some mittens but not over Medicare for all.
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @pimpdaddypaula @zhngjnette Sounds like a good day ✨ @imyetep Loveeee this
@yeu_lashes @auriesce @bbyxlb @_elizuhbethh𝔾𝕀𝕍𝔼𝔸𝕎𝔸𝕐 𝕋𝕀𝕄𝔼! 💓 We’re very excited to announce our first giveaway to THREE lucky winners for our special care pack…
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル“we’ll figure it out together” is a love language
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @noizu Proud of you 🤘🏽 bumping summer 91 all day todayIdk what I did to deserve to be on this list but I am thankful for @eeveevision she is one of the most thoughtful a… @eeveevision I am thankful for you!!!Dog water is the new term for ‘nectar of the gods’ least that’s what I tell myself cause everyone I play with… current side project is trying to keep myself together as I struggle to navigate living in a hellish global pand…
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルThe thing about this is that he KNEW she would volunteer put her hands up. That was the risk he took because he KNE…
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @bbyxlb pls shareee @Clamders Miss you n love ya brotha
@IamNuushi Wooo!!! @bbyxlb hi @bbyxlb the ultimate simp playlist LOL @bbyxlb super simp - but also you might like this playlist @hunnuhn @Mattchiuz ALL OF THEM @hunnuhn @Mattchiuz no wonder i get so many tiktoks ✨ @bbyxlb wtf.. dudes are weirddd @HarrisTakesPics LOL imagine just sounds above you while you're listening to a track HAHAwhat kind of workouts have you been doing during quarantine? i'm working on creating a fitness plan for my homie…’m trynna wake up in Tokyo
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@underd0ge @TeamBandL @waveracermusic @AudiusProject @QuasarMedia_ i wanted to go to jack la so badly.. still thank… @blankemusic been drinking that water i told you about, feeling hydrated af :)Wait I might be onto something here.. you’ve heard of left and right panning, but what about above and below where… @joshpan I call apartment music @Nawkse @sluttybeanz Same, insomniac and space yacht 🤘🏽 @akashordy I am a jealous cough drop @itssmokeyyy_ @blankemusic @dimension_uk @HOLYGOOF_UK YESSSI just wanna give you the world ✨(PLEASE RETWEET) On January 15, 2021 6:30AM, an unidentified man broke into my parent's restaurant, The Crew (in Su…
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル"lets get loud" except its me to my bong later
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Anthony Davis has always been BBQ chicken for Steph Curry
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルworking with a group of friends who rlly support u all the way and want to see u win is 100000% better than working…
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she’s so beautiful inside and out ✨
@SourPlumms ooooof spectrum is rough :/In my head I’m holding her hand :/
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @GRIMECRAFT 🙏🏽 I’m glad.. that’s scary afshe can wear my jersey if I get her hoodies 🤔 @GRIMECRAFT Wtf!!! You alright? @bbyxlb This QT features a qt 👀
@beatsbybuns @sanholobeats is this your final form @bbyxlb this. but being rich would be nice too 👀the goal isn’t to be rich, the goal is to be able to pursue my passions without worrying abt basic necessities.
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @blankemusic Hi momma blanke and charlieee 💖 @endvrsmedia SAME! I just wanna sleep in.. @JERICHO Mornin Tucker ✨ @serenabobiina Ok I can play Jett haha @serenabobiina You got the skills, I know ya do! @bbyxlb I wonder when we’re getting cuffed 🤔 @yuckyybg But dim sum is good at every hour @bbyxlb Wait I just ordered heart diffraction glasses 👀 @serenabobiina Jett is great! Haha