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@imyetep @itsVincent_ Hawaii eh I go to the bay this weekend for @mikey_the_lad’s first show? 🤔🤔🤔
@rikivelazz Leggo idk where imma use the bathroom or eat but leggo 🤘🏽 @JayKayEl_ *now adding day 2* 24 Hour JayKayEl Marathon Set
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? @rikivelazz Jesper ryom over JayKayEl I see how it is riki @RobertFrausto @Chris_9Five @666lucyfur But don’t try to take the hood off the man’s head cause he’ll fight youEveryone’s going AHHHH over the porter album / song coming out tomorrow.. meanwhile I’m still waiting and hoping… @mrcarmack @somehoodlum and @CubbyCramer are tighttt @ayywtf Finally scheduled a massage for myself, with a 30 min foot massage I’m hyped @RobertFrausto Wait til you hear this new @LocantMusic shit 🤘🏽 @courtneyroxanne @Wuki Great seeing you and kris right before going into the after party! Y’all looked great ✨ @Chris_9Five @RobertFrausto @666lucyfur Yooo this is so good 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 @JayKayEl_ @RobertFrausto @666lucyfur I been busy but here it is
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? @d00i @_EXILER_ Same @d00i Proud of you bro!!!
@theadorejenks @AllenMockMusic Interesting.. you haven’t followed me but half my tweets are about him and @Herbalistek 🤔 @dotmvsic Great seeing you!! @daItoncsmith @eliminatemusic 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽This is a PSA everyone needs to listen to
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL?the world needs a @throwinschade x @rosaliavt collab 👀
@itsnaderi @oskimusic Hundred percent 🤘🏽glad I got to connect with you guys while you were both in la! Now we need… @BillyKennyMusic A billy kenny x @noizusound collab would blow people’s minds.. @DillonNathaniel would be incredible too!! @Mitomoro Love you Mito!! @FoxenKRZ Soundtrack to a death? @Mitomoro Haha I’m just going to the Grammys to work, not up for an award but appreciate the Goodluck!! @Nawkse Smhhhit didn’t hit me til tonight..but i’m so thankful i get to share a music milestone with my parents tomorrow.. happy… @Nawkse It’s the worst when you can’t say hi to friends.. or 18 + shows 👀 @themattmeadow Literally every time I see you is great, even if sometimes they’re shorter than we’d like, but the m…
Someone pls photoshop a @RobertFrausto as a devil and @666lucyfur as an angel on my shoulders ✨ @666lucyfur It’s still early 👀 @yehme2 @gladiator @RickyRemedy Hyped to see the gladiator boys @yunghershey @dj_danl 🤘🏽 @spaceyacht @Dombresky @nostalgixmusic @LBHouseMusic @SkiiTour @Celebrities_Van @Blueprintevents @nostalgixmusic this will be our first event in Canada. we've invited some of our favorite performers to soundtrack the…
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? @jinjuuleee Literally beautiful inside and out friend ✨
See you there Sydney Bassheads <3
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? @alllitson It’s tough to find but once you find people who aren’t there just to exploit you, it’s amazingit’s so cool that i get to work with some of my best friends on a daily basis. the music industry can feel like it’…
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Everyone should add @throwinschade to their lineups, just sayin 🤘🏽 @bot106 @_EXILER_ says my japanese isn’t bad but I agree with this statement our accents are the worst @FreeFallsf While someone else is saying “hold onnn” @spaceyacht @ANGELZOFFICIAL @stupidtayy @broshibeatsINTRODUCING: THE HYPER-LIMITED SPACE SUIT these items are available for pre-sale on our website NOW. skrt over to c…
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@TaeYoroshiku Weighted blankets are my thing bro 🤘🏽Pre-save my new single "Tectonic" on Spotify: (powered by @distrokid)
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? @TaeYoroshiku Random but have you tried a weights blanket? This thing helps me sleep like a baby 🙈 @frontallobedrvr @kikkujo Steph curry did 🤘🏽 @FreeFallsf What let’s go 🤤🤤🤤 @FreeFallsf @throwinschade @MorganStoneee @adrianjxmes @ScottiePimpin93 @NEYxMISSMAK @mikey_the_lad @myshdws @FreeFallsf @throwinschade @MorganStoneee @adrianjxmes @ScottiePimpin93 @NEYxMISSMAK @mikey_the_lad @myshdws @MorganStoneee @throwinschade @adrianjxmes @ScottiePimpin93 @NEYxMISSMAK @FreeFallsf @mikey_the_lad Hey you’ve earn… @throwinschade @MorganStoneee @adrianjxmes @ScottiePimpin93 @NEYxMISSMAK @FreeFallsf and soon the homie @mikey_the_lad !!
sPaCe yAtCh returns tuesday february 11 to los angeles
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@_EXILER_ @hotelgaruda ooh aseem would love Tokyo @Nawkse I’m all about the google cal broyoooo shout out to the boys @LoTempDubs for rinsing our ID called “Frenetic” at @wakaanfest 😭🙏🏻 💯
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL?Track produced by the one and only @Carpainter_TT , cover art photo shoot coordinated by yours truly 🙋🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? @_EXILER_ @Carpainter_TT ooh proud of you honey!! @d00i Not true, you got @libbyyli @_EXILER_ @breier_t and myself bro @rikivelazz I’ll take a California team any day lol @seimei1992 @broshibeats boutta send some heat @RobertFrausto But sleep feels so good @DillonNathaniel Hmm 🤔
@nostalgixmusic Yesss very soon 🤘🏽and whenever I come up to Vancouver you’ll be the first to know @nostalgixmusic Not this time.. I saw flights for 190 and then the next minute they jumped to 260 :/ BUT SOON!! @Ndifrek31427752 Thank you @s8nNvm gonna save money for another euro trip instead 👀 @thanksjacket @abigailawest @GetSpectrum Oh no.. y’all still in echo park?do i have any friends up in Vancouver? might be there for the 1/31 @spaceyacht x @Dombresky show 🤔🤔🤔
@noizusound Bone Apple teeth @MartinBossCoss @pazpaz Great mentality, it’s honestly so much more fun playing for friends vs playing for just anyonewhy don’t we have a second chance with the 2020 asian version of JFK without the infidelity - andrew yang -
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? @noizusound @WaxMotif @Malaamusic @Friendship The squaddd @WaxMotif @Malaamusic @noizusound Ship is too much fun 🤘🏽 @sober_rob @HASHI__co squad: @AllenMockMusic @broshibeats @LocantMusic @Herbalistek @FoxenKRZ 🤘🏽 @not_cheska Traaaaaash @GregGerschenson Wait we’ve never gone and I’m close by there 🤔🤔🤔 @promnite But the dj’s at ultra asked to see it 🤔 @not_cheska Watch out.. some of these men out there are rotten @not_cheska Ooh you’re giving away fruits?! @jinjuuleee I was gonna say 🥺 @jinjuuleee Whaaaaaa @nlozano4117 @WHIPPEDCREAM @AllenMockMusic @Herbalistek @oskimusic @LocantMusic My man 💖 @LUCALUSH Yes 🤘🏽 @itssmokeyyy_ Boat life is different ✨
@gabri3l_97 Out here modeling @gabri3l_97 Nah @BLoweLow Seen some fire, excited to see what you come up with 🤘🏽
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? @noa_herbalistek @RicoActMusic For real.. between this and the “don’t date a man whose name starts with J” I’m screwed lol @noa_herbalistek @RicoActMusic Fucking Jason 🤦🏻‍♂️ @Kengo_Aranck @Wuki Kris, if you’re going I’ll be there 🤘🏽 got some homies I need to introduce you to! @Friendship @destructoamf @diplo @Charnizard
@master_yota0 What about la @Friendship Tweeting it into existence, I’mma play next year
@theadorejenks @AllenMockMusic The hardest 👋🏽 @awaynotfound Serial killers who also practice cannibalism @Herbalistek @VISIONTOKYO Sickkkk!!! ❤️Complete honesty - it’s so easy pushing @AllenMockMusic @Herbalistek @broshibeats @FoxenKRZ and @LocantMusic’s trac… @MorganStoneee mine is 9, but with traffic it’s an hour away 🙈