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A relationship should be 50/50, you both make each other happy, you both show loyalty, trust, and make it work
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルa relationship should be 50/50 i tell him wht i want to eat, n he makes it 🥰
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A relationship should be 50/50. She exists and I adore her
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルHonestly, it’s so satisfying to see your friends win
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルcashmere cat come back plz
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @davidknyc Proud of you @hannnog OOFwho i used to be seems like worlds away maybe i’ll find myself again some day what we used to have seems like world…
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @tarannicole It was kindreda relationship should be 50/50, she finesses drinks at the bar and i drink them
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @kittysnake @tonymcguinness @aboveandbeyond @abgrouptherapy @Anjunabeats I’m with Patrick and we miss you @libbyyli @BrettBlackman @breier_t We miss you too brett @carwallaby Same @its_pooj @cszhu wants Taco Bell @srrydari Ayeee @Nawkse I don’t wanna think about it hah
@happythinkingg @lycheethings is dopeee @casandrajaye Can I send you an email to go lay on the floor? @imnotnabil YOOO!! Yes 💖I love your tunes 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽super excited to announce LOST IN BASS! i’ll be playing a twitch set with my brothers* @kylelee_22 &… my second Livestream Event: Shelter 'N Bass: Lost in Bass! October 10th, 2020 @ 6pm…
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルdid something creative and made a mix for @lst_mnt ✨✨✨ feat the homies: @AllenMockMusic @broshibeats @FoxenKRZ
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Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルBig party energy. EP28 FT. @JayKayEl_ 🔥
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @ImJoseReyes @lst_mnt @AllenMockMusic @broshibeats @FoxenKRZ @Herbalistek @LocantMusic @Robotaki @itsVincent_ Thanks bro!!did something creative and made a mix for @lst_mnt ✨✨✨ feat the homies: @AllenMockMusic @broshibeats @FoxenKRZ
@hannnog what a lame prof.. @hannnog i see nothing wrong with this 🤘🏽Everyday I grow more pessimistic about the state of our country/world. Absolutely disgusted and ashamed to say I’m an American.
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @libbyyli don’t delete 👏🏽 @chrstinatran LOL so innocent 😇 @ScottiePimpin93 ayeeewhen all this covid bullshit is over im deadass going to japan just to eat ramen who’s coming with.
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルWANT IT REMIX OUT NOW! Stream here:
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルI can’t wait til the world realizes @AllenMockMusic is the future @JAXXDAFISHWORKS @Wuki Everyone needs wuki in their life @chrstinatran Oof just tell her “yep I will” LOL @oaklindca he wears that mask like a boss, wish people would also wear masks @cheunglindaa Ahh drunk Linda, hope to meet you in person one day hahaIf you treat me well, I’ll treat you better
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@Jizzmun and you're going to get through it and kick today's ass @officialsenza Yaaaas you looks great! @PabloGelato Let’s fucking goooo 👏🏽 @spukemusic @LouisTheChild Proud of you!!so BIG NEWS!!!! I won the @LouisTheChild remix contest and basically won $500 😭!! kept this a secret because I was…
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルlate night valoranting with some friends aka @kylelee_22 @iam_andge Oooof trash @spicypom Baby goats?’ @helloneet @TREKKIETRAX Wow I can’t read 🤦🏻‍♂️ @toreno__ Forreal he has gameee @dnz_media Dude that’s 👌🏽 @helloneet That @TREKKIETRAX hoodie 🤘🏽 got mine, but it’s way too hot to wear rn
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @NIGHTMODE @jveronephoto @insomniacevents sickkkkAaaand kouraku now accepts credit card & Venmo!!!! they’ve been rly struggling (like more so, with the owner having…
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @kfook OMG THE GRAVY COVERED OMELETTE FRIED RICE IS MY FAVORITE @libbyyli Same @natevogelphoto @carwallaby oooh for me it's the hashbrowns on ship.. i'd take some out of the buffet and just watch a set with a plate LOL @SamHippOfficial Time to become a pygomologist? @serenabobiina Nah you do you! @Mr_Faizon Yo, hope this turns it around 🤘🏽 if i was killed cause of a gundam, my life would be complete ✨ people enjoy shit
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @FreeWavez And those are the people we don’t keep around 🤘🏽Fone a Friend 021 with @brettblackman for everyone always asking "what do artist managers do?" he's worked with…
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @srrydari oh DAMN @christinavchao me with valorant lolshooting blanks in valorant w/ @Leedottv @zhngjnette Ya haha I have some friends from there and they are so happy they moved away @zhngjnette tracy is just a crazy town @itsVincent_ OMG CONGRATS BRO!! @ayywtf can you come deliver me some one-ups plssomeone's effort is a reflection of their interest in you, don’t forget that.
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルmy love language: @vindata so hyped to hear new vindata!! miss you guys @master_yota0 @AllenMockMusic Hahaha @master_yota0 @AllenMockMusic Oh no 🙈 hope you don’t have much to do today!! @master_yota0 @AllenMockMusic You get enough sleep LOLtalk to me, I love that sound
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Tap the like button it’s so cool #WearAMask
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @christinavchao same :/ we'll get through it and realize we are more than enough for people! (and if they can't see… @girlurl I’ve got one coming up n I’m recording it off my xdj rx 🤘🏽a boy is born on a spaceship.
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエルThere's is NO ROOM for unsupportive family & friends.
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @kataokamusic @illGatesMusic Yeppp! @illGatesMusic Here’s a playlist full of dope Japanese and asian artists :) @misserinkim Not true at allsomething can be in front of you clear as day, but when you’re looking through a dirty lens, you can’t see it -Dick Gregory @kittyxcn You’re pretty af!streaming at 7:30 pm!
Retweeted by OMGisthatJKL? / ジェイケイエル @YvngJalapeno Happy birthday bro! @cheriehu42 Forreal :/ @dreammboi Faster @hotelgaruda Truth @hotelgaruda @mrcarmack Ooh let’s play some valorant some time boys 🤘🏽
@kittyxcn I hope you never have to use em but good to have!! @dj_danl i've been going to the one on valley cause i heard dodger stadium was a long wait but i feel like both are now super short waits @spicypom nice 👌 @spicypom ahhh those are the best days, got a spotify playlist? @sumimasorry_ holy you have pretty eyes 👀