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⚡️Jay⚡️ @JayKnY Shimousa Province, Japan

I like MHA, Reborn, Fate, and KnY. That’s all you need to know.

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Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @BronnysAlt Whole Lotta Mid cannot compete with this album @BronnysAlt Cole aint do me like C***i this moment real soon 😍 #MHASpoilers #mha312 #MyHeroAcadamia #BokuNoHero
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️Regressing into my Medusa phase this isn't good @drkRose11 YO THAT'S ME @Mattdapringle I’m sitting here trying to figure out the point of the tweet do you want us to say about thisあっ趣味です
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @Saibahrs例のコラボ
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @chizuru_uwu @chizuru_uwu You’re my goddess don’t worry about it you take priority over them all have a wife and 3 beautiful sons story in 4 pictures
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@chizuru_uwu @Overbro_ those of you who think you know me!🎬❄️🔥💥💣🥦🐇
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Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @chizuru_uwu your people getting stranger and stranger every day Quirk practice!
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Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️another attempt! Big Titty Demon Gf in the shower
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Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @Toxic_Moon__ These screenshots are our glint of hope man @QuartzTkg We're not getting anything past S2 Guaranteed lmfao, the only dupe we'll probably have is Hinokami Kagura Tanjiro @Toxic_Moon__ I didn't even think of this yo wtf @QuartzTkg We've seen screenshots of Demons in game so safe to say they're playable, so Akaza def in @BronnysAlt I’m gonna be sick if my mans ain’t playable on this, what I'm thinking the announcement cycle will be all the slayers (+ Nezuko), and then the demons. Ki…縦長サムネ
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️Looks like it was Atsushi’s pawns who packed all these boys up. They must be stopped no matter the cost. @AnikiSmashFSP Was it the oomfie side of the MHA fandom?Rt to help me find my old mutuals i guess...
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @BronnysAlt @mawarichan They got pineapple too and many other’s I’m gonna put a stop to this @BronnysAlt @mawarichan Who did it to you @Toxic_Moon__ You are as well brother The anti uzui movement is in full motion Joins the Demon Slayer Hinokami Keppuutan Character Roster! Credit to @DbsHype for the Scan! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @Toxic_Moon__ We literally don’t lose in the KnY fandom like ever Praying they add every Hashira but Uzui’s comment from this week’s Jump (#24): “I learned that you can bend trajectory from Wanted (movie). Tha…
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️原画展には隠れエリちゃんや隠れトロトロキくん等がどこかにいます。テーマパークみたいにしたいという僕の幼稚園年少さん級の提案を制作チームが汲んで下さいました。他の方の迷惑にならないよう、脇見程度に探してみて下さい。パンフに全て載って…
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105日目 黒死牟
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @chizuru_uwu @QuirkSensei @hirinkagero If they try for the Heavens Feel Format, the last 2 arcs can be moviesThe passing of The Rengoku Hilt Manga spoilers
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Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @izubitch I want him dead anyway fr🦍Hope it’s Camie too´-`).。oO(らぐぅ) #ドラゴンボール
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Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️Crazy how the best chapters in the last year of MHA have all been Deku focused
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️How @JayKnY and @Plasma26817816 became friends n shit idk
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Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @chizuru_uwu For now literally stopped spending money on gacha.... @17TBNR Bro.... @chizuru_uwu @hyperactivy I solo DB what
In a fight... Me and Ayleen vs Taco and Ani Who yall gotHow we feeling Kamado: Character overview/analysis
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️nothing better than pokemon mommies
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Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️It would be SUSSY and it’s an L cus it’s my son🦍 Horikoshi fumbled even close to the way Isayama did TWICE I’m never reading manga again word to my mom. @C_hazz266 Never reading Manga againEREN WENT OUT SO SORRY LMFAO MIDORIYA COULD NEVERWe didn’t forget this shit AOT Hive come on out here SHIT WAS FORETOLD IN THE ANCIENT MANUSCRIPTS AND WE DIDN’T NOTICE beating the shit out of Shigaraki #Animation #MHA285 #MHA #BokuNoHeroAcademia #Deku
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @JustAngelHere stop this @Strat2005 who tf is eveWho the fuck hurt this man? 😭 @Plasma26817816 Please understand brotherAlright you Mf’s yelled at me for not being serious so here’s the actual one. Do what you will with this informatio… @Marty271gam3r I mean.... Pendragon〔Alter〕
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @Marty271gam3r The first panel you sent implies she likes him, but has shut the feelings away until she gets where…【参加しやがれ】 俺たちのポスターを5人に額装してプレゼントするか💥 けどなぁ… RTが2000増えるごとに劇場サイズから50%ずつ小さくしてやる👅 額のサイズはそのままだから安心しろよ。 🍫参加方法🍫 俺たちをフォロ―&この…
Retweeted by ⚡️Jay⚡️ @drkRose11 Happy BDAY king @MajinBlueRT pure bias not narratively whatsoeverPersonally, I think Toga is gonna be the main force on Ochako's side to fess up about her feelings. I think she, Iz…, so I'm like 800% sure that they're canon. With all this discourse that's been happening, I wanna switch it up… @XoxoMika_213 Oooooh!!! @colinbunbun5 link!! @XoxoMika_213 ahhh I really wish I bought one now😔
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