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Stars fan, bass player, master chef, awesome dude...and I have a day job. I love my puppy girl. Dallas til I Die! #MutantFam

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@_datmusicaddict And the song I guessed @_datmusicaddict Of course my friend. Theme from Nightmare On Elm Street 3 @_datmusicaddict One of the better hair metal bands I think... @_datmusicaddict Aaaaaargh!!!!!! @_datmusicaddict George Lynch is an amazing guitarist 🤘 @_datmusicaddict When I guessed Gimme Fuel haha @_datmusicaddict You might like some of their songs. I like the better than GnR haha @_datmusicaddict Ahhhhh dammit, I was close the 1st time. @_datmusicaddict In My Dreams? I know you like Dokken lol @Ali_StarsGrl91 Thanx homey, I'm looking for other options. It shouldn't be this much of a hassle. @_datmusicaddict Use The Man? @_datmusicaddict Keep guessing? @Cigargoyle_ \m/><\m/ @_datmusicaddict Gimme Fuel? @_datmusicaddict Interesting. So no cheating and push the translate button haha @Cigargoyle_ Sorry about that dude. I feel ya, last year started great and we see how that turned out lol Hopefully… @Ali_StarsGrl91 Seriously! I feel like throwing my crutches, but then I'd have to try and make my way across the room to retrieve them lolI'm ultra friggin pissed that I can't watch my Stars games unless these guys cut a deal. It's such bs!They pull this crap with every cable and streaming company every friggin time the contract is up. The NY Rangers ha… might as well switch back to directv if I'm gonna pay that much, but I'm not. So it looks like I'm sticking it ou… the cheapest package they have is $84.95 a fees and taxes. That's an extra $20 a month for 1 frigg… AT&T Now tv is no longer available to new customers. I got on a chat with an AT&T agent and even though I've bee… to switch from @hulu_support to AT&T Now tv just so I can get @DallasStars games, a thread @Ali_StarsGrl91 @Megan6663 Awesome, enjoy! @RickWrightNow Pretty close. The devil went down to Hazard County lmao @RickWrightNow It's Uncle Jesse! @FreddyInSpace I watched it last night. There was a lot I didn't know about the case. That was one fucked up individual. @Littlesara84 Nice!
Last night's Cigargoyle Lounge #podcast #Nightcap- "I'll Be Fine" A movie review of Shadow of the Moon; customer…
Retweeted by James Price\m/><\m/ #EverbodyIsAwful @sammyhagar Anton Khudobin @Matthew_N_Day What's a porg? I've never heard of such a thing 😉😂🤣 @_datmusicaddict Hmmm I've never heard of that one before. @_datmusicaddict Yes indeed. I have to buy a pre- ball of dough haha. But my Marinara sauce is really good, I can d… @NHL @GrittyNHL There's your pops @__bailevDamn that IS crazy!! @tweetgrubes @leviweaver Country Emo Rap? In the words of the great @ImDanaDeLorenzo What The Actual Fuck!!?? @Cigargoyle_ Thanx man, I appreciate it. That 1st week of the new year was a doozy lol @ReturnofR Maiden and Niko, Clive was great too tho. @skisum doesn't get near enough credit, Anthrax and S.O.D. bot… @_datmusicaddict When we were talking about language I should've mentioned I cook pretty good Italian food. Cooking… @breannimator That's how you party right there! @_datmusicaddict Exactly! Especially when I saw the new Borat film and he was at the State Fair lmao @_datmusicaddict Oh that sucks. When it's safe you gotta get out and do some traveling. I really missed the Texas S… @RickWrightNow Ahhh I don't remember the movie, vaguely remember the show haha @RickWrightNow I thought that was a tv show. @_datmusicaddict It's not as fun right now lol Hopefully it'll turn around soon. I'm dying to see some live bands. @squarerootof9 As soon as Trump got elected all the closet racists came out. It's like they all said "Well the pres… @Jonathan_Hoover @MDeFranks Damn that really sucks. Not just for the team for the man too. @_datmusicaddict Hell yes 🤘😆🤘 @MDeFranks Has anything been said about Johns? @_datmusicaddict 🤘I finally came back to work today for the 1st time this year lol My knee is still pretty swollen but it doesn't hur… @angiebulkeley @KevOuter Oh damn, that sucks! I'm sorry to hear that. @dtf1947 @UndercoverIndi Exactly! what really sucks is I can't use the "Ok" sign anymore. That one came out of no where for me lol @Littlesara84 🌮🌮🌮🌮 Looks like a good day for a taco picnic! @Littlesara84 Haha she lives the good life. Tacos for everybody! @UndercoverIndi Obviously things have changed, it makes me sick to see idiots use at as a symbol of hate. @UndercoverIndi For those of us who grew up in the south, the flag never represented hate, racism, or slavery. It w… @Littlesara84 This really isn't news....but Sasha likes tacos! @_datmusicaddict Thanx! Austin is fun too, just a lot different. @_datmusicaddict I was born in Dallas, moved around a lot as a kid, graduated in Austin, then moved back to Dallas haha That's home.
@_datmusicaddict I'm used to the Mexican dialect since I'm in Texas. @_datmusicaddict I think you are correct. @_datmusicaddict Oh I didn't know that. It makes sense though. Mexican Spanish is not quite the same as Spanish in other countries. @_datmusicaddict Haha good guess. I know there are a lot of words and phrasing similar to Spanish. I can speak Span… @_datmusicaddict A little. Mostly in movies. @_datmusicaddict Siiiiii ahahaha @_datmusicaddict That's funny I wrote it's getting there lol @_datmusicaddict I think you might, I know some Spanish but that is all. @_datmusicaddict Haha yeah, I used google translate 🤣 @_datmusicaddict Grazie amica mio, sta arrivando.Me all day every day the past week:
Retweeted by James Price @_datmusicaddict Very good. I messed up my knee so I've been on crutches moping around lol I'm gonna go back to wor… @_datmusicaddict I haven't been on here much lately but I would still notice.
Pitbull is love 😍😍
Retweeted by James Price @StarsTakeTheCup @caotk Yeah man. @caotk 🙏
@brain_outside 🤣😂 @brain_outside I think that's supposed to be the "Sexy Chebacca in bikini" costume. @Ali_StarsGrl91 All of a sudden I'm not laughing at the Browns anymore. @_datmusicaddict Lol I saw he was selling his place in Montana. Idk why, that place is awesome! @WaynezWorld214 @dumbledoresgirl @KrakenCountdown @DallasStars @SeattleKraken Say it with me, Sarcasm. Look at her profile.
#USA #USAHockey #WJC2021
@_datmusicaddict Haha 😂🤣 @_datmusicaddict I can't wait lol#ThankYouSam
Who else got a 2020 carry over already? I totally jacked up my knee Friday after noon, probably gonna have to see an orthopedic surgeon. @nhlcrisis Good luck Bailey!
#Hauschmaker New Year @Cigargoyle_ That's what you call a #TexasConey Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage on a steak roll with bbq s… you didn't know it was like that? Wait til I fire up the deep fryer! @_datmusicaddict And he wrote most of this album before he left for Metallica... @_datmusicaddict Plus he had the honor of being apart of this all star line up 🤘😠🤘 @_datmusicaddict That being said, Dave is known for Megadeth. Jason was in Flotsam and Jetsam before Metallica, the… @_datmusicaddict That one is very close. At least Megadeth had the bass turned up so you can hear it. They are both… was like Oh you lit the grill? Happy New Year I'll see ya in a little bit. says she's coming over lol @OffSeids Happy New Year Emily!